Superman: The Animated Series

Season 4 Episode 2


Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Feb 05, 2000 on The WB

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  • superman

    Supermam is aumsome
  • Zac proves once again that he's a moron.

    I'm not a regular viewer of Ghost Adventures. I find Zac and his crew to be incredibly annoying and unprofessional. I gave the show a chance a few months ago when I watched one episode (the one where they went to Bobby Mackey's and Zac was "scratched" by a…) and although interesting, did not find it credible nor convincing. I swore off Ghost Adventures after that until I saw that they went to Poveglia Island, which in itself sounded like a recipe for a great episode.

    Oh how wrong I was. Everything from Zac's "possession" to the unconvincing look on Aaron's face as he says, "The camera just stopped recording… out of NO WHERE" turned something that was supposed to be scary into a Comedy Central stand-up Special. Are you kidding me?

    Most of, if not all the "disembodied voices" did not give me that "paranormal" vibe (but more something explainable), and the panic-attacks by the investigators that occurred every five minutes did nothing for me except an involuntary response to roll my eyes. The black mist was interesting, reminded me of the movie "The Grudge", but I am still skeptical as to what it could have been.

    Saying that, there is no doubt in my mind a place like that is haunted. But who can tell what is going on when all you are hearing is Zac's constant babbling? The guy needs a Xanax, and a nap. And I'll stick to my Ghost Hunters as after having watched all the other Paranomal shows out there right now, TAPS seem (to me anyway) the most credible.

    I give this episode a rating of 5, which is pretty generous in my opinion. This is based on the interesting location and the interesting black mist that appears.