Superman: The Animated Series

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Sep 13, 1997 on The WB

Episode Recap

Radio Shock-jock Leslie Willis is making it a habit to badmouth Superman on air, as it raises her ratings and garners her attention, both good and bad. Reporters Clark Kent and Lois Lane interview Leslie on air, during which Leslie asks Lois about the nature of her and Superman's "relationship." Clark hears a moving crane beginning to collapse and excuses himself. Leslie continues to make comments about Superman, like how he's never there when you need him, while Superman saves the crane's operator, and keeps the crane itself from landing on innocent citizens.

That night, Leslie is holding a concert in the park, which looks more like a riot, considering her following. Clark, Lois and Jimmy are there when it begins to rain, making for a dangerous situation since there is so much electrical equipment out in the open for the concert. When the police arrive and are driven back by the mob, Superman appears and tries to calm things down. While Leslie is giving Superman crap for being such a boy scout, a bolt of lightning strikes the stage, zapping both Superman and Leslie at the same time. When he recovers, Superman carries Leslie to a hospital.

As a result of the exposure to the lightning bolt and Superman's own mysterious body, Leslie's skin has turned blue, and she discovers that she can control electricity, and even turns into a bolt of energy to escape the hospital via the power lines. Drunk with power, Leslie renames herself "Livewire" and begins to attack the city for fun, shutting down all power. She later restores some power and appears on TV, telling everyone why she is so great. While on the air, she begins losing control of the power grid and excuses herself. Superman saw this and believes that she is losing her "charge" and needs a refill.

Livewire attack the hydro-electric plant, and begins to suck up power. Superman arrives and the two begin to battle. During the course of combat, they break part of the dam, and Livewire is short circuited by the rush of water. Later, Leslie is back in the hospital, hooked up to a variety of machines, and we learn that Lex Luthor has "generously" offered to pay for her care....