Superman: The Animated Series

Season 2 Episode 4

Speed Demons

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Sep 13, 1997 on The WB

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  • Superman and The Flash race to see who is the fastest man alive. But the Weather Wizard, an old foe of The Flash, has other plans.

    This is a great episode. Superman and The Flash meet for a race to determine who is the fastest man alive. As they race the Weather Wizard takes advantage of this. This is taken from the classic DC 1967 issue, Superman's Race With The Flash. You'll notice the differences between Flash and Superman in this episode. Flash has a large ego and loves to show how fast he is as when he first shows up at the race and runs around Superman in a blur. Superman stops him by putting out his arm. Superman likes to sight see as they run, such as watching whales breach as he and Flash race over the ocean but Flash is intent on the race. Superman and Flash clean up an oil spill after a tanker is damaged in a storm. Flash, with his ego, wants the crew members to know he helped clean up the spill. When he and Superman are frozen solid in an ice storm created by Weather Wizard, Superman uses his heat vision to get out of the ice. When he does he sees Flash already out of his ice prison, smiling at him. Flash had vibrated through the ice and is pleased to let Superman know this.
    One difference I noticed in the episode is that Superman can run over water as Flash does. But in the DC story only Flash could do that and Superman had to swim. I highly recommend this episode.
  • it was okay...

    I didn't see the run of this episode until after JL season one and I think that Flash in this episode was terible. His voice actor was horible and it made Flash seem like a 30 year old man.

    Also, Flash and Superman got along too good and Flash didn't seem as good as he could have been in this series.

    When Micheal Rosenbuam took over his role as flash from Superman TAS, I understand why and if this dude voiced him still, I would hate the name Flash foever.

    Sorry for all fans of the episode, but it wasn't too good.
  • What do you get when you have Superman and The Flash togather in a 20 minutes episode? A race of a Lifetime! Superman and the Flash race each other to see who's the fastest man alive. Can they stop the weather wizard and finish this race in time?

    What a good Episode. I remember how exicted I was when the episode of the Flash first came on. I had no idea that this episode was based on the old comic book story with Superman and The Flash race each other. I really like it alot, and the weather wizard to me was ok. Having him in this episode made this story work. I really enjoy the flash in this Episode. He can have a great sense of humor and annoy Superman at the Same time.