Superman: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 8

Stolen Memories

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Nov 02, 1996 on The WB

Episode Recap

Lois and Jimmy trace Lex Luthor to a distant mountain installation where he's rumored to be meeting someone important. Suddenly, through stormy skies appears a huge spacecraft overhead. It halts and projects a holographic image of a robotic creature with a triangular pattern on its forehead. It says its name is "Brainiac" and at that Lex offers it a CD with basic information about our planet. The CD and image vanish and then the giant craft sends down a floating chair. Lex boards it and vanishes into the craft. Later the military is grilling Lex at a meeting where Superman is present. Lex claims exclusively on any benefits Brainiac may grant in exchange for information about Earth. He also tells the committee that Brainiac wants to meet with Superman. When Superman later flies into Brainiac's massive ship for the meeting, he is surprised to see a plaque written in Krypton, but he's given no time to ponder this mystery, as suddenly triangular shaped flying robots burst from the ceiling and attack him.

With pulsing beam weapons and huge arms, the robots beat Superman to the ship's deck. But he then rises and dispatches them in a flurry of super strength and heat vision. Then Brainiac appears and tells Superman it was just a test of his powers and his interest is that, like Superman, he too is from Krypton. Brainiac takes Superman to a vast chamber on the ship filled with thousands of floating, glowing, softball- orbs. He explains that each orb contains all the recorded information from distant planets, and one of the orbs is from Krypton. Superman touches the orb for only an instant, but in that moment he sees his Father. Brainiac tells Superman his father Jor-El helped him escape Krypton's destruction, and he should now leave Earth and roam the galaxy with him and in exchange Superman can use the orb to learn about his native planet, Brainiac gives him some time to think about it. Later on that night, as a residual effect from touching the Kryptonian orb, Superman has a vivid dream where he sees his father Jor-El warning the council on Krypton against trusting Brainiac about Krypton's imminent destruction. He then sees Brainiac proven distrustful as the robotic computer flees Krypton leaving its people to their dooms.

Lexcorp is busy getting ready to download information from Brainiac's ships computers when Superman arrives to warn Lex to be cautious. Lex explains he has missiles targeting Brainiac's ship should he try anything. Superman returns to Brainiac's ship as Lex begins downloading. He returns to the orb room where he touches several more globes. Each tells of horrific attacks and eventual destruction by none other than Brainiac himself. Brainiac denies nothing when Superman confronts him, claiming that knowledge is only valuable when fewer possess it. He also attacks Lex's computers, taking them over. The missiles won't fire as Brainiac now controls them too, but Superman attacks Brainiac and causes systems on the ship to lose power. When Lex's missiles are freed from Brainiac's control, he immediately fires them, causing the giant craft to crash to Earth. But Superman has escaped the blast with one orb, the one from Krypton. He takes the orb for safekeeping to a vast underwater cave he's found in the Antarctic. Later, Lex's technicians tell him they've found a strange bit of alien code in the systems. Lex tells them he's had enough of aliens for one day. But we see on the screen that it's triangular shaped, so we know that one day Brainiac will return.

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