Superman: The Animated Series

Season 5 Episode 1

Superman: Brainiac Attacks

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jun 17, 2006 on The WB

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  • Mxyzptlk Attacks!

    STAS was a great show, in fact it still is to this very day, even with JLU out. This movie is a BIG exception in many ways, though. In this movie, Superman is traced back to his cliche roots being treated like those generic super heroes you can find in billboard ads, Lex Luthor is has been infected with a Dick Dastardly virus, and someone installed a Happy Happy Joy Joy CD in Braniac's mainframe. OK, that's definitely an exaggerated fact BUT this movie shows watered-down quality of the TV series. For one thing, the drama you used to feel is gone, now you will feel confusion. You wonder why the music sounds different, why Lex acts like a child, and Braniac's ability to laugh. The show actually feels like it was made for newbies to the series, especially the uneducated children whose uneducated parents buy budget-priced DVD's that have Spongebob, Barney, Batman or Elmo on the cover containing only three episodes. In one word, this movie is cheap. A tie-in to the live-action "Returns" movie, and now "Just for Kids!". Sure, the Superman Vs. Braniac moments are interesting but it gets boring and repetitive and the movie's focus is almost more percent about Supes' and Lois' relationship than Braniac's plan for domination. Fans of the series will be disappointed because the show lost it's 1996-2000 luster, its "seriousness". You know...when Lex says he'll kill Superman he'll mean "with a Kryptonite knife and guarantee he ain't coming back ever". Now it's more like "I'll hit him really really really HARD with an anvil and then I'll rule the world while assuming he won't recover!". It's a T-rated video game with an E-rated sequel. All I can think now is...that the Bruce Timm universe, is dead.