Superman: The Animated Series

Season 3 Episode 8

Superman's Pal

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Feb 20, 1999 on The WB

Episode Recap

As Tina, the attractive new intern, walks through the news room of the Daily Planet Building, Lois Lane can't help but notice how loud her accessories are, literally. The girl wears a lot of bracelets and necklaces that clink and clank when she moves. "What can I say? I like metal."

From across the room, Jimmy Olsen sulks in a corner and watches Tina. Clark comes over to see what's wrong. Jimmy says that he likes the new girl, but that she is too good for him, she's smart, attractive, and she gets to hang out with Ms. Lane all day. Clark suggests Jimmy just ask Tina out. Jimmy says that he already has, twice. The first time she said she was busy, the second time she told him to buzz off. Clark remarks that Tina has indeed been learning a lot from Lois.

On the televisions, reports come in of a high speed car chase that is heading in the direction of the Planet. While everyone runs to the windows to watch, Jimmy runs downstairs to get photographs. Clark slips away and a moment later, Superman joins the pursuit. Superman lifts the fleeing car up off the road and carries it away from innocent people. Two news helicopters that are trying to get in close to the story clip one another, and one crash lands on a bridge. Superman is able to remove the helicopter, but the bridge is about to collapse. Jimmy runs forward to help the injured pilots so that Superman can deal with the bridge.

After all is said and done, Angela Chen, the reporter who was in the other helicopter, asks Superman for a statement. Superman glares at her and says she wouldn't want to hear what he has to say to her. He thanks Jimmy for his help and flies away. Angela pounces on Jimmy and asks to interview him about his friendship with Superman. In front of the camera, Jimmy says that he wouldn't be comfortable with that, "It's not like we're pals or anything."

Later that night, Angela Chen broadcasts her interview with Jimmy, in which she asks different questions and shows re-edited footage of Jimmy's answers, making it seem like Jimmy is saying that he and Superman actually are pals. She then makes references to several of Superman's past adventures where Jimmy was present, exaggerating some of the times Jimmy helped, and flat out lying about other times to make it seem like Jimmy was the one who saved Superman.

As Clark, Lois and Tina watch the broadcast, Lois begins to fume. She points out the errors in the report and then gets upset that she isn't even mentioned, and that she was there all those times too. Clark patronizes her "Oh, don't worry. I'm sure Superman likes you too." Tina spots Jimmy trying to sneak out of the news room without being seen. She catches up to him in the elevator and asks him out for a date. Jimmy is surprised but accepts her offer. Downstairs, several people come up to Jimmy and congratulate him on his friendship with Superman and ask for his autograph. Jimmy begins to like the attention.

That night, Jimmy and Tina walk out of a fancy restaurant, their meal having been free because Jimmy is a celebrity. Jimmy brags to Tina about all the times he saved Superman, and that now he can't get rid of the guy. Several large man walk past and one bumps into Jimmy. He recognizes Jimmy as "Superman's twerp." He says that Superman put his best friend in jail, and so now he is going to put Superman's friend in the morgue. Tina asks how Jimmy contacts Superman when he needs help. "I yell, like everyone else!"

The thugs chase Jimmy and Tina into a dead-end alley. As the lead thug is about to hit Jimmy with a pipe, Superman arrives and scares the men away. Tina is impressed that Superman really does look out for Jimmy. Superman says that yes, they are friends, but that Jimmy needs to clear this mess up about everyone knowing it, as he can't always be nearby to save Jimmy.

The next morning, Jimmy tries to talk Angela Chen into broadcasting a retraction, but she just brushes him off. For the rest of the day, Jimmy has to put up with people who want him to talk Superman into doing something for them. The requests rang from a dad wanting to know if Superman could appear at his son's birthday party, to a used-car salesman wanting to hire Superman for advertisements, to a cook in a diner wanting Superman to knock down his neighbor's wall and tell him to turn down his freaking music!

As Jimmy leaves the diner, a group of girls begin chasing after him, wanting Superman's phone number. Tina pulls up around the corner, and Jimmy rushes into her car. Jimmy says that he can't take much more of this. Tina promises to take him somewhere quiet. She takes him to a scrap yard, and pulls up to a mobile home. She wants him to meet her friend inside. Out from the shadows steps Metallo! Metallo asks who this kid is, and that he told Tina to bring Lois Lane. Tina says that Lois was too hard to trick, but that Jimmy was easy, and she knows for a fact that Superman will come to save him, as she tested it last night. Jimmy runs off and hides in a car. Metallo works the giant magnet used for picking up and stacking cars, to lift Jimmy into the trash compactor. Tina almost crushes him to death, but Metallo stops her, saying that they shouldn't get rid of their bait just yet.

Tina calls Lois at the Planet and says that she and Jimmy were kidnapped. Clark over hears Lois tell all this to Perry White, and that the police traced the call to the scrap yard. Superman flies out there to save them, but when he arrives, a school bus drops on his head. Metallo enters the bus and opens his chest, revealing his Kryptonite power source, which causes Superman much pain. Metallo gloats that he managed to trick Superman into coming out here without his protective lead-lined suit.

By now, Jimmy has managed to escape the trash compactor and heads to the control room for the magnet. He finds Tina there and asks how she could help Metallo kill Superman. Tina smiles and says "What can I say? I like metal." Jimmy picks up a chair and pins her against a wall, before opening the closet and locking her in. Taking control of the giant magnet, Jimmy attaches it to the bus, pulling Metallo up to the roof as well. Superman escapes from the bus while Jimmy dumps it in the compactor. Superman begins to toss cars on top of the bus as well, sealing Metallo in, but jamming the compactor. Jimmy comes out and Superman thanks him again. But just then, Metallo busts free, and begins blasting Superman with his Kryptonite vision. Jimmy sees a pile of old batteries and picks one up, and splashes the contents onto Metallo's chest. The battery acid eats through the wires connecting the Kryptonite to Metallo's body, and both he and it fall into the compactor. Jimmy starts it up again, trapping Metallo's powerless body.

That night, on top of the Daily Planet building, Jimmy is sulking again. Superman flies down and asks what's wrong. Jimmy says that he really screwed things up. Superman points out that he helped put it right too, and that's what matters. He gives Jimmy a wrist watch that also emits a powerful sonic signal with the push of a button, that only Superman can hear. Since they can't undo the fact that everyone knows they are friends now, Superman feels that Jimmy may need the watch in the future. Superman promises to come running whenever he hears the signal, but he jokingly asks Jimmy not to wear it out too soon.