Superman: The Animated Series

Season 2 Episode 20

The Hand of Fate

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Oct 11, 1997 on The WB
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When the demon Karkull transforms the Daily Planet Building into his evil fortress, Superman must enlist the aid of the retired mystical superhero, Dr. Fate.

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  • Enter Dr. Fate...

    In this episode we are intoduced to another hero from the DC universe....Dr.fate. Superman goes to dr. fate for help because a magical being by the name of karkul has emerged. Superman goes to him for help because Karkul's magic can hurt superman. It turns out dr. fate has retired so he gives superman a special stone to help. Superman loses it and dr. fate decides to come out of retirement and together they defeat karkul. I thought this was a great way to introduce dr. fate and he is in some later justice league episodes. I have this episode on the superman the animated series volume 2 dvd set. later...moreless
  • Good example of the Timm continuity and a nice story.

    Superman must battle a powerful entity released in Metropolis, one spawned by supernatural forces.

    I've always loved Superman: The Animated Series because of its interesting take on the character, its willingness to not get involved with comic "fan boy" disputes on pre-Crisis or post-Crisis continuity and its fun approach and hybrid references to classic DC comics. This episode offers a good example. Superman is out of his element battling Karkull (a nice reference to Ian Karkull, an old enemy of the Justice Society of America) and turns to Dr. Fate for assistance. The episode features interesting allusions to Fate's intitial reluctance to help, Superman's lack of power in the face of magic, and just goes ahead and introduces the characters of Fate and his wife without worrying about any conflicts with any particular comic continuity. And its a nice adventure against a powerful villain with the outcome in some doubt.moreless
Jennifer Lien

Jennifer Lien


Guest Star

George DelHoyo

George DelHoyo

Dr. Fate

Guest Star

Cree Summer

Cree Summer

Psychic Girl

Guest Star

David Kaufman

David Kaufman

Jimmy Olsen

Recurring Role

Joanna Cassidy

Joanna Cassidy

Maggie Sawyer

Recurring Role

Joseph Bologna

Joseph Bologna

Dan Turpin

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (4)

    • Thief: (reading tablet) "I am power beyond your dreams. Call to me. Karkull cum siva co, Karkull cum tamba say." Yeah, right, singing 'Polly Wolly Doodle' all day!

    • Superman: What made you change your mind?
      Fate: You.
      Superman: Something I said?
      Fate: Something you did. You went back. You didn't stand a chance and you went back. Til then I thought it was only the forces of evil that wouldn't give up. I was wrong.
      Superman: [hands Fate his helmet] Your helmet.
      Fate: I'll be needing it.

    • Jimmy: Holy...!
      Lois: Bad choice of words, Jimmy.

    • Jimmy: But when I showed Perry the photos, he said they just weren't front page. What I'll need a picture of? Luthor kissing a donkey?

  • NOTES (5)

    • Prior to Karkull crashing into the Daily Planet lobby, you can see Arnold Rundle coming out the elevator into the lobby. Arnold had previously run "a fowl" of the Penguin in the Batman episode "The Mechanic", in which his reward for giving Penguin info leading to Earl the Batmobile Mechanic was a to be flushed out to sea on a giant rubber duck.

    • Superman already knows Dr. Fate and Inza before the viewer meets them in this episode.

    • First appearance of Dr. Fate in the animated continuity.

    • Karkull is a reference to Ian Karkull, a DC comics supervillain with shadow powers who battled Dr. Fate and the Justice Society in the 1940s.

    • Dr. Fate and Inza would later appear in the Justice League two-part episode "The Terror Beyond". Dr. Fate would later become an active member of the League in Justice League Unlimited.


    • Dan Turpin: (to Psychic Girl) Ok, 'Tink', back to Neverland
      A reference to the fairy Tinkerbell from the book 'Peter Pan'

    • Psychic Girl: I read about him in this book we sell down at my store, "The Dancing Hobbit"
      Hobbits are a race of humanoid creatures appearing in the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, including "The Lord of the Rings"

    • Jimmy: Holy...!
      Lois: Bad choice of words, Jimmy.
      An allusion to Batman's sidekick, Robin. In the 1960's TV series he would often exclaim "Holy {insert noun here}, Batman"

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