Superman: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 2

The Last Son of Krypton (2)

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Sep 06, 1996 on The WB

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  • As the rocket went to earth and Land in a small town call Smallville where Mr and Mrs. Kent found the Baby and Named him Clark Kent. Soon Clark grows up and move to Metroplis where here later become Superman for the first time.

    What a good episode. part 2 was even better. Where we see Mr. and Mrs. Kent found the baby in the rocket. and we see Clark Kent as a young boy, feeling a bit scare about his power, and he soon learn where he came from. The was made 5 years before the smallville series was made, unlike the it show, this episode had a very nice fast pace on finding out who he is and where he's from. Now we are in Metroplis where Clark as a young man get's a new job as a reporter at the daily Planet. This part with Lois acting is almost like Clark first met Lois in Lois and Clark: The adventures of Superman. And we finally get to see Superman at the end of the episode when Lex robot suit is stolen. And it would go to part three. The last second of this episode would keep you on the edge of your seat. I think as Always the cast did an excellent job playing their character. I really enjoy this part 2 episode.

    To Be Continued...
  • Clark growing up in Smallville with the Kents, Lana Lang, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, The Daily Planet, and ultimately Superman's first appearance! This is definitely one to remember!

    Continuing from where the previous episode left off, this episode is just as good and more. The Kents find Kal-El and name him Clark, raising him well and we get to see him grow up in Smallville and realise his powers. Fast forward to Metropolis where Clark is a grown-up, fully fledged reporter for the Daily Planet where he meets Lois Lane, and where Superman makes his first appearance.
    Again, it is amazing how so much story is packed into such a short space of time. The scene where the Kents find Clark is very brief but very efffective and the significance of the moment is conveyed perfectly. Clark's youth is also seen but briefly, yet the realisation of his powers is given equal significance, and the scene where he first finds he can fly is spectacular.
    From then on, we fast forward to Clark all grown up, and reporting for the Daily Planet. His first meeting with Lois is classic, and already Lois is the likeable spunky character we all expect to see.
    Lex Luthor's first appearance is well done too, with the ominous tones underlying his scenes. The action is amped up ten-fold in this episode with Superman making his first appearance and taking after weaponised air-craft. It is a welcome sight to see the blue and red costume in action for the first time, and a perfect debut.
    The little news snippets of a 'blue and red angel' which saved a little girl from a falling building were a nice touch, and makes it all the more special when Supes finally does arrive.
    All in all, a stellar debut for the Man of Steel himself, and a great cliffhanger to lead into the last part of the pilot.