Superman: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 3

The Last Son of Krypton (3)

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Sep 06, 1996 on The WB

Episode Recap

Starting with brief recap, relating how a teenage Clark Kent discovered he was the sole survivor of the planet Krypton, and how as an adult, he got a job at the Daily Planet, met Lois Lane, and tried to stop international terrorists from stealing LexCorp's new Battle Suit while dressed in a bright blue costume and red cape.

We continue with one of the terrorists blowing off the wing of an airplane filled with passengers, which plummets toward the city. Our hero tries to catch the plane by the tail and it, of course, breaks off in his hands. "Nice one Clark!" he berates himself. Putting on a burst of speed, he out runs the falling airliner and, exerting a tremendous amount of force, tries to steer it away from the buildings. As the citizens flee in terror, he finally lands the plane in the park, using his own feet to grind to action to a halt. As the stunned on-lookers watch in amazement, the blue and crimson-clad hero steps out from under the plane, and, after catching his breath, soars majestically into the sky under his own power. The crowd stands in awe, but one man manages to video tape the stunning exit.

Cut to the office of Perry White, editor of the Daily Planet. He is watching the tape with his staffers Lois Lane and Clark Kent. Intern Jimmy Olsen is there too for some reason White can't seem to grasp. White makes it clear that no one has any idea what this flying man is all about. Looking at the image on screen, Lois quips "Nice 'S'." "Excuse me?" Clark asks. "Right here," Lois says, pointing to the strange Kryptonian shield on his chest, "He's strong, he flies, he's the Nietzschian fantasy ideal all wrapped up in a red cape-The Superman." White loves the name, and insists one of his reporters be the first one to interview this "Superman." When Lois points out that might be hard to accomplish, Perry clarifies his reasoning "Well, somebody better get something on this guy fast! I've never seen the city in such a state. Look at these faxes, if we don't get some answers soon; there could be a full-scale panic." His words are not lost on Clark.

Smallville, Kansas. At the home of Jonathan and Martha Kent, Clark is looking at a scrap book filled with news clippings, all about mysterious acts of heroism all over the world, complied by his mother since he left home. "Every time we read a story about an invisible angel helping someone, we knew our Clark was nearby." Clark remarks that now it will be impossible to keep a low profile, people know he exists and they want to know everything about him. Some are even afraid of him, "Just like Jor-El and Lara warned." Clark fears this means he will have to give up his life as "Clark Kent." But his father assures him that isn't the answer, that he'll always be Clark Kent no matter what, Superman can just help out whenever he's needed. Still, his mother feels it couldn't hurt to let people know a little more about himself, "I don't want anyone thinking you're like that nut in Gotham City." Clark agrees.

Back in Metropolis, Lois is on her car-phone, telling Perry that she's no closer to find out anything about Superman. As she hangs up, Lois hears Superman's disembodied voice ask if he's the one she'd like to talk to. She confirms this and her car suddenly lifts off the road as Superman flies them both to a more secluded area. He tells her that as best as he's gathered, he is the Last Survivor of a planet called Krypton. She finds this hard to believe. He says that's fine, just so long as she tells people that he is only here to help. When she asks what he does in his off-hours, he smiles and responds "I think that's a question for another time," and flies away.

In LexCorp Tower, Lex Luthor is reading Lois' story "Superman Speaks." "Well, an alien in my own backyard, and such a civic minded one too." Lois and Clark enter, and Lois confirms that she believes Superman. Lex claims that great and all, but that Superman didn't get back his Battle Suit. Clark says it's not all bad, since now the US Government will no doubt want Lex to build them an even bigger and better Suit, to combat the terrorists who have his prototype, "When all is said and done, this could net you a multi-billion dollar wind fall." Lex is both amused and annoyed by Clark's words, and promises to remember the name "Clark Kent." In Clark's car, Lois congratulates Clark on being the 2nd person she's even seen tick Lex off. When he asks who was the first, she responds "Me. When I dumped him." Clark says he doesn't think Lex's suit was really stolen, "I think he gave it away."

In the Planet's archive room, Clark shows Lois a photo of Lex with the Reagent of a country called Kaznia, with Kaznia's flag flying in the background. The President broke off diplomatic ties with Kaznia months ago; when it came to light the Reagent might be assassinating his political enemies. Clark theorizes that since Lex couldn't sell the War Suit to Kaznia without it being a deliberate act of treason, Lex made it look like the Suit had been stolen. Lois agrees that it's a good theory and leave to investigate it on her own.

We cut to the Metropolis Harbor, where Lois finds out from an old sailor named Bibbo that there has been a Kaznian ship in port for a week that hasn't moved a bit of cargo on or off, and that they are leaving tonight. Lois gives Bibbo change to call Clark Kent as the Planet and let him know where she is, and for Clark to call Police Commissioner Henderson if he doesn't here from her in 20 minutes. Bibbo gets distracted but a Soda Machine and forgets to place the call. Lois flirts with the captain of the ship, an assistant to the Reagent named John Corben in order to get on board, where she accidentally sees Lex's War Suit. Corben pulls a gun on her. Clark is getting anxious since he hasn't seen Lois in a while. Jimmy is showing Clark photos of a smuggling story Lois took him along on at the pier. Clark microscopic vision picks up the image of the Kaznian flag on a ship in the background. He figures he knows where Lois must have gone. Jimmy looks up and Clark is gone, while Superman flies out the window.

The Kazian ship is leaving port with both the War Suit and Lois on board. As they enter international waters, Corbin gives his men the order to execute Lois. She claims this is a bad idea since everyone in her office knows where she is by now. Corben proclaims "If anyone knew or cared where you where, they would have made a move by now." Just then Superman flies through the roof and lands between Lois and the gunmen. He burns through her ropes with his Heat Vision and tells her to take cover. He turns and catches all the bullets fired at him in mid-air and throws them back at the feet of the gunmen, scattering them. In the confusion, Corben enters the War Suit. Lois knocks out a guy about to fire on Superman with a bazooka. As he thanks her, Corben attacks with the Suit, blowing Superman away with a barrage of high power bullets. Superman manages to grab Lois and fly her to safety back on dry land. The War Suit follows them and Corben radios his people to tell them he's bringing the Reagent his War Suit directly. He and Superman battle through Metropolis as the citizens and police alike watch helplessly. Corben shocks, shoots and even fires missiles at the Man of Steel, who just won't go down. Finally Corben collapses a building on Superman, igniting the ruins with flames to finish the job. But Superman just gets back up and tosses the Suit onto the roof of a building and away from civilians. Superman rips off the suits cannon-arm and it's leg before using his Super Breath to blow to suit off the roof and down several stories onto the hard concrete. Ripping off the hull and yanking Corben out, Superman ask "Shall we go a few rounds without the suit?" Corben whimpers and declines the offer. As Superman carries Corben away, Lois is nearby on a pay phone, "Yeah chief, I think stopping the presses would be a very good idea."

The headlines read "Superman Captures Terrorists." Lex is in conference with a Kaznian official. Lex growls "We had an understanding. All I had to do was arrange for the Reagent's men to take possession and they did. And now because of this Alien's interference you expect me to eat a billion dollars!" The official excuses himself, telling Lex he obviously has bigger problems to deal with at the moment. Lex turns to see a very unhappy Superman floating outside his window. Lex opens the window and tells Superman that he can't prove a thing no matter what he thinks he heard. Lex says "I own Metropolis. My technology built it. My will keeps it going. And two-thirds of its people work for me whether they know it or not." Lex demeanors changes, "But I've often thought, why limit myself to one city? A being with your abilities could be very useful to me on a Global Scale. Why don't you float in and we'll discuss it?" Superman remains silent on unmoving. Lex goes into a rage and shouts "Say Something!!" "I'll be watching you, Luthor." Superman flies away while the citizens of Metropolis sing his praises and shout thank you.

Somewhere in deep space, the crew of an alien space ship discovers a strange satellite floating nearby. They bring it on board. The devices sprouts tentacles and slaughters the crew before plugging itself into the ships console. A familiar symbol composed of three circles in a triangle appears on screen, "Brainiac Systems Activated." The ship jets off into the blackness....