Superman: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 3

The Last Son of Krypton (3)

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Sep 06, 1996 on The WB

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  • pilot episode(s), origin movie

    this basically tells us of how superman comes to be here on earth and actually gives a pretty lenghty view of life on krypton(compared to other medium, ie comics, movies)b4 the explosion and handles all the characters (especially Lex and Lois) quite well. the dialogue sometimes seemed forced but that's usually expected early in any series.
  • From Saving the plane to saving Lois and figth the Lexo suit robot, Superman sure has his hands full! This is the final part of the 3 part Episode of The last son of Krypton.

    Now this episode really top the first 2 part. Because it has alot of action in it. I really like the part where Superman and Lex Luthor met for the first time at the end. Oh and Brainiac return when he kill and take over the alien ship, and head towards Earth! I really like this episode alot. I wish the fight scence between Superman and the Robot could've last a little longer.