Superman: The Animated Series

Season 2 Episode 22

The Late Mr. Kent

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Nov 01, 1997 on The WB

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  • A page right out of Batman TAS

    The Late Mr. Kent is a great detective yarn that you think that you are watching a Batman TAS episode. Superman's remark that he is Clark Kent and he needs to be Clark Kent is the opposite of what Batman will say. With the villain being the corrupt police Detective was a great touch that you don't need a Supervillain like Lex Luthor or the Joker.
  • A nail-biting episode that was like the CSI of cartoons.

    How do you make a simple crook a threat to Superman? Easy have the simple crook put an innocent person's life in danger. Were not talking taking somebody hostage, were talking about this person is on trail and has been convicted to death. So what does Superman do when he suspects something is up? He does some sluth work! Only after he finds out the conivted man isn't guilty somebody plants a bomb in Clark Kent's car! Looks like it's up to Superman to prove someone innocent, but how? I won't ruin the episode for those who haven't seen it but it's awesome! Mainly becasue in this episode Superman says he is willing to reveal his identity to save one man. It's suspense loaded and a must see!
  • An exceptional Superman episode. Interesting narrative and excellent plot. (This review contains no spoilers, whatsoever, unlike at least one other review of this episode.)

    This is an exceptional Superman episode. This episode is head-and-shoulders above most episodes in the series; it definitely belongs in the coveted group of "top tier" episodes.

    This review will not contain any spoilers, but this is an excellent episode due to writing. The plot immediately hooks you in, and it does so using an interesting narrative. There is a tight balance between action and story development, and there are several scenes that capture the Superman mythos nearly perfectly.

    This episode maintains a strong quality right up to the last seconds. A must watch, even for someone who is not the biggest Superman fan.

    This episode stands on its own as excellent television (animated or not).

  • One of the best episodes from "Superman: The Animated Series" Period

    I've started watching Superman a couple of weeks ago, and I'm about to finish Volume 2. I've just finished watching "The Late Mr Kent" 5 minutes ago, and I couldn't help it but to make a review.

    The episode is so shoking, it has very much suspense, the story is extremly well told. When Lois cries in Clark's apartment, so far, it's the most emotional moment of the show. Made me sad.

    I don't know how much it took for the show makers to write this episode, because it has so many good stuff, clever stuff on it that I'd have never think of. It was nice to have Clark Kent involved in the story for once, instead of having Superman all the time. One of the most shoking moments it's when Lois founds the bomb at Clark's apartment. The music serves good purpose there, and I literally got scared, really! And of course, the end scene, with Bower finding Clark is Superman... but can't do anything about it. It was the creepiest thing ever made!

    Now, there were 3 little things I didn't like.

    1) Why would a Pizza shop save adresses from 5 years ago? Do they plan to do something to them with Pizzas?? I don't know, can't think of any valid reason.

    2) Detective Bower was exposed too easly. He appeared and I said "Oh, it's him". It doesn't do anything to the main plot itself, but a little fooling around wouldn't have been bad.

    3) Why, but WHY in a modern time city, they still convict people to death!? That's the most weird thing I've ever heard! Besides, it was for killing 1 people. That crime deserves a life time prision.. but death... that's too much.