Superman: The Animated Series

Season 2 Episode 22

The Late Mr. Kent

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Nov 01, 1997 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • It appears Bowman actually was a good detective, as he becomes the first person to figure out that Clark Kent is Superman without any inside information to start with. Not that it does him any good.

    • Superman gets shot repeatedly by the helicopter gunship. What happened to the whole "faster than a speeding bullet" bit?

    • When Superman saw the bomb about to explode in his apartment, why didn't he take the bomb outside rather than taking Lois? Lois is still safe and his home doesn't need renovation...

    • Superman flies back into his apartment through a large open window (there are no reflections on the glass, and he passes straight through). As soon as the "camera" angle changes, reflections are now visible on glass that wasn't there before.

    • After Lois and Jimmy view the headline SUPERMAN SAVES CONDEMNED MAN, they speak for a moment and the phone rings. Lois' hand is shown on the paper covering CON in CONDEMNED--When she picks up her hand, CON is missing. making the headline say SUPERMAN SAVES DEMNED MAN.

    • Ernest Walker sat on death row for 5 years waiting to be executed, but the real killer was tried, convicted, sentenced, and put to death in the space of maybe a couple of days? I guess you could say that it was some time later, but the construction of the ending felt like it was a much shorter time. Maybe a title card saying "x weeks/months/years later" would have helped.

  • Quotes

    • Clark: ...So after I swam to shore, I guess I must have found a phone and called Lana.
      Lois: I don't believe it. You're been sitting here in the lap of luxury, while I'm out risking my neck!
      Lana: He was recuperating. Poor thing. When I picked him up, he could barely remember his own name.
      Lois: But he sure remembered yours, and your telephone number.
      Lana: Clark and I go back a long way. Are you... jealous?
      Lois: Yeah. Jealous of his endless luck!

    • Detective Bowman: It doesn't make sense. How could Clark Kent survive that explosion? It was enough to kill him.......HE'S SUPERMAN! (The guard turns on the poison gas)

    • Clark: I suppose I could have flown to the governor as Superman and given him the disk, but that could have raised some awkward questions. Maybe there was some ego involved, too. I wanted this to be Clark's victory, not Superman's.

    • Lois: Who else but the real killer would have done this? He was probably afraid Kent was getting too close!
      Detective Bowman: Kent was a reporter. Who knows how many enemies he had! This might come as a kick in the pants, Lane, but nobody likes you guys!

    • Martha Kent: Well, this is a fine mess.
      Jonathan Kent: It's not like he's really dead, Martha, he just can't be Clark anymore.
      Superman: But I am Clark. I need to be Clark. I'd go crazy if I had to be Superman all the time!

    • Lois (about Clark): I always teased him. But I had so much respect. (shedding tears) And I liked him too, I really did. I wish I'd told him.

  • Notes

    • Stan Berkowitz on a the episode element: Paul Levitz of DC took the writers to lunch and talked about the different kinds of Superman stories that had worked well in the comics. He mentioned that one kind of story they liked were the ones in which a problem for Clark affects Superman. So, I thought later, what bigger problem could Clark have than to be "killed"? (A bit of trivia about the episode: the man who witnesses Clark's death turns out to have bad vision, but in the original draft, I took into account that he was an old man, living out in the middle of nowhere, and wide awake at three in the morning. Why? He was waiting for the fairies to come, as he believed they did every night. Yep, the old guy was crazy, not nearsighted, and Clark discovers this at the very end... much to his relief. But I guess Alan didn't want it to look like Clark was somehow exploiting someone with mental illness. So he suggested the new ending, which everybody seems to be pretty happy with).

    • This episode along with "A Little Piece Of Home", "Speed Demons" and "Where There's Smoke" was released on DVD as Superman: A Little Piece Of Home.

    • This episode is presented in the classic 1940's "film noir" style with the hero narrating in the first person and a detective story plotline.

    • This episode was voted the series best episode in an online poll conducted in 2006 to celebrate the series tenth anniversary.

    • The same group of people, wearing the same clothes and sitting in the same order, sat to bear witness to both executions.

    • Detective Kurt Bowman appeared once in "Target."

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