Superman: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 7

The Way of All Flesh

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Oct 19, 1996 on The WB

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  • Oh how I despise you Luthor.

    If you want to see somethig creepy,sympathetic,and profound then this is an episode you must see.The whole plot to this episode is about a criminal named John Corben (see Planet of Krypton Part Three) who is tricked out of his life by the manipulating and cold caluating Lex Luthor,he is told that he has a viral disease and that the disease is terminal,so Lex suggests to him an 'experiment' he might want to try.The experiment is the only shot Corben has to survive so he takes it,the experiment is to transform his diseased human body into a walking,talking machine or in other words a robot.The operation is successful he is now a robot disguised as a human,everything is artificial.Persuaded by Luthor he is set out on a mission to destroy Superman once and for all.He rivals all of Supermans powers perhaps even more so.

    This episode is alot like "The Terminator",an invincible machine set out to destroy!The creepy parts of this episode are slowly revealed as you see John Corben's experiences in his new body,he figures out that he has lost the ability to touch and feel,the loss of hunger for food,and all the senses that make you human.He starts to realize that he misses his human body and goes back to the doctors and scientists that did this to him but they tell him its irreversible then he goes to the man behind the operation,Lex Luthor and demands him to turn him back into the man he used to be.Picture yourself in his position,you're an artificial human you go to sit down on something nice,warm,and comfy but as you sit on it your ass can't feel it just cold numbness,you don't have to eat anymore,you don't have to sleep anymore,but most importantly you lose everything that made you a living and breathing person.That to me is truly Hell!

    But out of all the things that make this episode absolutly superb is how profound it is,a man who had been a human for all of his life suddenly becoming this thing that can't even feel the lips of a woman.No man or woman deserves this kind of punishment.We figure out that Lex Luthor devised the whole thing it was all setup.I was absolutly shocked how far Lex Luthor would go to get what he wants their is no limit to how far he will go to destroy Superman,he is an actual villain not a cartoony villain but an evil,sadistic,uncompromising,and just a plain cruel bastard.From start to finish a superb episode especially the ending,it left me with an eerie and unsettling feeling.The moral of this story is to never make a deal with the devil.
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