Superman: The Animated Series

Season 2 Episode 16

World's Finest (1)

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Oct 04, 1997 on The WB

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  • One of the finest half-hours of the series

    The first part of the three-part World's Finest is one of the best half-hours of the entire series. In this episode, Batman heads to Metropolis after the Joker steals a twenty-pound statue made of Kryptonite. The interplay between the characters is wonderful.
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    The confrontation scene between Superman and Batman at the end is absolutely fantastic. Each superhero behaves completely in character and each superhero is made to look good. One potential problem with crossovers is that guest characters can sometimes detract from the main characters of the series. This, however, does not happen in this episode at all and that is simply due to great writing. Superman and Batman bring out each other's differences and each makes the other look all the more impressive. The boy scout meets the brooding vigilante and both end up looking the better for it.

    Another great sequence in the episode is the confrontation between Lex Luthor and the Joker. The Joker plays well off of Luthor's manipulative and greedy image. Both men have their enemies and both of them take their enemies very seriously and with a certain amount of respect. The Joker's lines about Batman say a lot about how he feels him about it. Luthor clearly does not like the Joker and this will be developed as the three-part episode continues.

    Of course much of this episode is about contrasts and comparisons. The episode pretty much hits the nail on the head for all of them: Superman vs. Batman, Clark Kent vs. Bruce Wayne, Lex Luthor vs. The Joker, Bruce Wayne vs. Lex Luthor, Harley Quinn vs. Mercy Graves, Gotham City vs. Metropolis. There are plenty of contrasts to be made: "body scout" superhero vs. brooding vigilante, a shy reporter vs. a confident playboy, a wealthy corporate villain vs. insane and highly instable villain, a responsible corporate executive vs. a greedy corporate executive, etc. Many of these contrasts would later be developed more fully in the other two parts of the three part episode.

    This episode also features the start of a romance between Lois Lane and Bruce Wayne. This romance would later be developed in the next two parts of the three-parter. I think this plot line may be one of the best Lois plot lines in the entire series because it really brings Lois Lane to life. It also allows you to see a side of Bruce Wayne that was rarely seen in either Batman series.

    One question that might arise on the course of this episode concerns the relationship between Wayne Enterprises and Lex Corp. How on earth could the two companies be in business together? Why doesn't Bruce Wayne see through Lex Luthor's facade? Eventually through the course of the three-part episode, Bruce does see through Lex's facade and breaks off relations between Wayne Enterprises and Lex Corp. But as to why "the detective" was working with the shady Luthor in the first place is something that one could wonder about. Perhaps it came out of necessity. Perhaps Bruce Wayne simply didn't notice how sketchy Luthor and his company are.

    The animation of the episode is quite good. Standout scenes include the aforementioned confrontation between Superman and Batman in the dance club and the closing sequence outside of Clark Kent's apartment.

    All in all, an excellent episode that I highly recommend.

    Overall: 10/10
    Best Scene: The confrontation between Batman and Superman in the dance club.