Superman: The Animated Series

Season 2 Episode 17

World's Finest (2)

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Oct 04, 1997 on The WB

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  • An excellent follow-up

    The second part of the three-part World's Finest is a fairly interesting but it does not live up to its predecessor. Much of the episode is devoted to action. The action is well done, but it does not stand up well upon repeated viewings.
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    The best parts of the episode focus on the developing relationship between Bruce Wayne and Lois Lane. The subtle tension between Batman and Superman is wonderful. Superman is not happy with Wayne when he fails to protect Lois from the Joker, but expresses that dissatisfaction in a passive and realistic manner. One wonders whether his decision to confront the Joker alone was based in part on a desire to prove himself to her. His underestimation of the Joker is also quite interesting in this regard. Is it just ego? Superman clearly does not think that the mentally disturbed clown from Gotham City is a match for him even with twenty pounds of Kryptonite. Does this imply that Superman thinks he a better hero than Batman? Batman warns Superman to be careful, but he ignores the advice and goes in alone anyway. The continued rivalry between the two superheroes makes for some of the best stuff in the episode. I also liked how Lois worried about Bruce's safety. That was a very nice touch.

    The interactions between Clark/Superman and Bruce/Batman were all quite excellent. One subtle touch I really enjoyed was how Bruce Wayne would shift into Batman mode when he is talking to Superman or Clark as Batman. It makes one wonder about whose the real Bruce Wayne/Batman. Which one is an act? Is it the vigilante or the charming bachelor? If neither is an act, how well are these two personas integrated?

    There were several other great scenes. The confrontation between an angry Lex Luthor and the Joker was quite well done. Mercy and Harley fighting in the background was quite amusing. The confrontation between Luthor and Batman was also wonderful. Luthor seemed downright frightened by Batman and that is unusual. Luthor is often frustrated and angered by Superman, but he is rarely scared. It is an interesting difference.

    There are some problems for the episode. The cliffhanger ending is not as compelling as it could have been and I do think that the episode got lost in action. More time should have spent with the relationship between Lois and Bruce. I mean Lois tells Clarke that she is thinking of moving to Gotham City. There needed to be more of a build-up to that.

    As for the animation of the episode, it was excellent, as was the voice work. Hamill really shines in his scenes as the Joker and he is given great dialogue to work with.

    Overall: 9/10
    Best Scene: The confrontation between Bruce Wayne and Superman after Lois is kidnapped.