Superman: The Animated Series

Season 2 Episode 18

World's Finest (3)

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Oct 04, 1997 on The WB

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  • A pretty good conclusion

    The third part of the three-part World's Finest fails to live up to the quality of either part one or part two. This does not mean that it is a bad episode. It's just that the episode pales in comparison to the other episodes. Just as episode two is a step down from episode one; episode three is a step down from episode two.

    The episode neatly wraps up the loose ends brought up in the previous two episodes. The Bruce/Lois relationship is wrapped up after the surprising discovery by Lois of Bruce's alter ego. Sadly the potential character development here is pushed side in favor of more actions sequences. Lois and Bruce are only given two or three scenes together after Lois discovers the truth and none of these scenes really has the dramatic punch that the plot line deserves. This is incredibly unfortunate because this relationship made for some of the most dramatic scenes in the previous two episodes. The end scene at the airport between Lois and Bruce was somewhat of a disappointment. I was hoping for a scene with more emotional impact, what I got felt a little flat.

    The scenes between Superman and Batman, however, were quite well done. The early tension disappears, but it is replaced by a welcome camaraderie between the two of them. By the end, you really can believe that the two of them have gained a lot of respect each other.

    The episode really revolved around several fight sequences. The robots were well animated and the fights ended up being quite inventive. One of the more amusing sequences featured a robot using the tied up body of Mercy as a shield. The Joker's attack on Metropolis was also impressively animated. Lex and the Joker really played well off of each other in this episode. The sequence where Lex attempts to have the Joker killed is quite good. I must also say that the Joker's "demise" was also quite good. I liked the image of the Joker confronting his doom with hysterical laughter. It is quite fitting for the character.

    In the end, I think this episode should have spent a little more time on the characters and less time on action.

    Overall: 7/10
    Best Scene: Lois discovering that Batman is really Bruce Wayne.