Supermarket Sweep

ABC (ended 2003)


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  • supermarket sweep

    Bring this TV show back I love this show I talk about this show all the time and my kids be looking at me like I wanna see it when do it come on
  • Bring this show back!!!

    Me and my husband both loved this show growing up and we both have always wanted to go on it. This show always looked like so much fun when we were kids and were so disappointed that it went off the air before we were old enough to participate. Please, please bring it back on air!!!!!!
  • 90s Game Show

    Few ep (98)
  • Love and miss this show

    I think this show should come back on and that there should be an app for it.
  • Love this SHOW!!!!

    I'm 25 and I grew up watching this show I love love love it... I always sing the catchy phrase and my partner just laughs. Put them on DVDs and I will buy.... So please bring it back!!!!!!!
  • This gave new meaning to hard core grocery shopper.

    I really loved this show when it moved from Lifetime to Pax TV. Once that happened, I was able to watch every show as long as I can remember. I tell you what, this show just gave new meaning to hard core grocery shopper, with the limited amount of time they had to get as much stuff as they can, and then the end when they had to find products with clues, and hopefully win $5000. I loved the bonuses too with the mascots for cereal and other things like that. Wow, the '90's game show era I thought was lead by this show. I really enjoyed this one episode where all 3 teams had the same amount of time to get as many products as they can in their carts before the time ran out. I wish they could bring it back, or at least show some of the re-runs once again on syndicated television.
  • I miss watching this show!! Bring it back!! At least on the game show network.

    I miss watching this show!! Bring it back!! At least on the game show network. I dreamt last night I was a contestant on the show. I think that this show was good fun! If Price is Right and Family Feud stay on as long as they have this should definitely make a come back. Please... please bring back Super Market Sweep!! I would watch it on DVD too, but I think I would really like to be on the show and run around grabbing expensive things. Anyone know how come there was never alcohol in the super market? I could really rack up the expense there. :)
  • this show was all about shoping and getting money with your partner....

    okay so this show was the funnest show I've ever watched. it was a classic and it needs to be brought back on t.v it is awesome and oh my goodness i just freaking love i say... BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its fun its up beat the people on the show are awesome and they should have it for kids to though. but this show rocks and i wanna watch it again. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • Supermarket sweep need to air AGINA

    hello my name is christiana and i love watch our t.v show and i just think if our can put supermarket sweep back on air and it will be nice is our do my husband and i are so crazy about that show. so if our do please let me know or email me back at we are lookin forward to havin that show back on the air and please let me know when and i love that show so so so so much if not i do understand that our is not able to do so but please let me know, thank you agina
  • I love this show!! I hope they put the show on DVD, I would so buy it

    This show is the best game show I ever seen! I remember whiching this show when I was a baby. I have always wanted to be a constant on the show. I can't wait for it to come out on DVD or even on TV! This show is exciting, it makes you want to go to your grocery store and run down the aisle grab whatever you can possible grab in a nick off time. This show can never get old or boring. Supermarket sweep is the best!! heres an episode I found on you tube. Thank God for you tube
  • AMAZING Game show.

    This is definitely one of my all-time favorite game shows. In this show, 3 duos compete and answer food related questions and race around a super market to win money by finding certain items. It sounds simple, and it's amazing fun to watch. This is one of the best shows ever. It should definitely be on the Game Show Network, or Food Network even. It's not only uber entertaining, but actually educational in a way. I can't say much more. It's just super depressing that this show got canceled. It's a shame. It needs to be brought back!
  • Please conider bring this show back on air!!!

    I remeber this show from when i was a kid growing up. I used to watch it all the time and it became one of my favorite pastimes. I love this show, and recently miss it more than ever. There is nothing on television these days. I think it would be best if this was brought back on air. I think it would draw all kinds of people, because EVERYONE LOVES A GOOD GAMESHOW!!!!
  • AMAZING!!!!

    This show was one of the best i watched growing up. It was great because it was a family show and there isnt alot of good on T.V. so havin a show like this was nice. It was funny because when you where shopping you kinda found your self playing a mini version of it. So in closing BRING IT BACK!!!!
  • Cultural understanding

    I saw this show as a kid on german satellite Sky Channel, and it was, together with the hilarious "Wife of the week" our favourite show in the afternoon. I think this show, more than Beverly Hills 90210, influenced my cultural image of the US in my youth.
    Now I know that I might have missed something (a lot!), but my knowledge on american washing powder and shampoo bases on this show. And as I lived in a small town with a small supermarket, the series forever taught me how a supermarket should reallybe like: Huuuuge!
    But to commment this show I sadly have to admit that it lacks in new ideas if you've seen it twice. I've seen dozens of times, with the guilty pleasure of seeing people running around the supermarket like King Arthur in search of the Holy Grail. Funny, but kind of sensation-seeking in a mean sense of the word.