Supermarket Sweep

ABC (ended 2003)


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  • This gave new meaning to hard core grocery shopper.

    I really loved this show when it moved from Lifetime to Pax TV. Once that happened, I was able to watch every show as long as I can remember. I tell you what, this show just gave new meaning to hard core grocery shopper, with the limited amount of time they had to get as much stuff as they can, and then the end when they had to find products with clues, and hopefully win $5000. I loved the bonuses too with the mascots for cereal and other things like that. Wow, the '90's game show era I thought was lead by this show. I really enjoyed this one episode where all 3 teams had the same amount of time to get as many products as they can in their carts before the time ran out. I wish they could bring it back, or at least show some of the re-runs once again on syndicated television.