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  • When will there be real families for this show?

    So I love this show. But....every time I watch it...I notice that the homes and families seem like they are "well off families". Oh poor rich Jane that can't keep her kids under control!! Sorry for the sarcasim. Let's send Super Nanny to house that REALLY needs help!

    I would love to so Miss Nanny go to a house in the projects or a house in a normal, middle class family to help with their children. These are the homes that REALLY need some of Super Nanny's help! Considering that the nanny is so good at helping the parents learn how to organize, schedule, etc. I think that the "real families" in need should be addressed. It might not be such a "pretty picture" on tv...but it would definately be more productive and entertaining at the same time!

    I think that if the show took this would also have a bigger viewing audience.
  • If your a parent and need help with your kids behavioural problems i would reccomend this show.

    This is a great show to get advice for your kids behavioural
    problems (if they have any) or a show for kids to watch to see how discruptive some other kids behaviour is, Jo Frost is qualified Nanny that can handle kids with discruptive behavioural problems. She intentianly works with kids and there family's to help them over come there bad behaviour. She sets out a plan and examine's the family after teaching them everything they need to know to help there kids, some people need to understand that kids act like this because they feel unloved or petrayed, there for it isn't the kids fault. These behavioural disorders can become way out of line, thats why there is Super Nanny. If you do have young kids who do have behavioural problems this is definately a show for you.
  • The Supper nanny show last night, January 2, 2008

    I watch the super nanny shows last night from 9 to 11 P.M. I always liked the show, except last night's episodes where spoiled by all the commercials. 15 minutes of the show and 45 minutes of commercials. Unless you get rid of some of those commercial times, I will no longer watch the show.Jo is wonderful and she really knows her stuff. The parents on last night's show from 10 to 11 where absolute idiots, should not be parents and Jo should have reported them to the local Social Security immediately upon arrival for child abuse. Even the girls knew that the parents were only acting for the cameras. As soon as Jo left and the cameras and video were gone, the parents went back to their old habits. Those parents should never had brought children into the world to only use as child labor.
  • This show is awesome! I love it!

    This show is all about a Jo Frost and her helping of families. When ever a family gets out of control or gets reckless, or anything else you could think of, Super Nanny steps in to help. She helps the parents have better stragtegies for handling their kids' behaviors and also gives them advice on what to do. The parents eventually learn the errors of their ways from the past, and at the end of each show, they show a family update. In that family update, everyone usually looks happy and has a better life. Super Nanny has always been there for other families, and will always be.
  • the nanny helps parents with their problem child

    the nanny helps kids who do bad things and she helps the parents to understand why and it's sometimes funny and sometimes crazy and the show and it's great, the show really helps some people, and sometimes it's very interresting to watch and that's it's a very good show. it's great.
  • super nanny is a show about kids who are bad and supernanny straightens them up

    i think super nanny is ok all it has is a bunch of white kids acting bad if there was a black super nanny she would woop those kids asses like a good arent should!Maybe black people should come up with a show called woop your ass so for white familys that can\\\'t control there kids a lesson so the parents can learn how to whoop there kids often black familys get mad because they know they dont need super nanny maybe white people cant control there kids or they dont want to hurt the child or children whith abusive methods so super nanny is an ok show but i still think they should come up whith a blacks one
  • I watch this show to give me some good tips to get my kids in control. I watch this show for many reasons as do my kids. They see how other kids act and they dont like to see that.

    I try to watch this show every Friday. It helps to know my husband and I are not the only ones that sometimes feel like pulling out hair, or taking a serious happy pill. I think the supernanny is awesome and I would like to have her in my house and help me in ways I feel I need them.
  • Crapfest

    Sure, it seemed like a good idea at first, but now its been turned stupid. This show needs to be thrown in the toilet and flushed down. It is absolute crap. This show is as funny as watching a can of soda for 30 minutes with commercials. I don't know why this show was even thought of. Its just stupid.
  • eeh...

    This show is isn't the best one out there. There are the times where I will laugh because the kids are just so crazy. Jo is doing a good thing by helping these families, but I am not sure it is the right thing for a tv show. They should come up with some way to jazz it up or something...
  • Super Nanny needs more fans.

    I rate this an 8.4 and I think it will get more popular over time. It's just in its second season. Hopefully more people will come to know and watch it. I think its very informative and gives parents an idea that there are worse kids out there than theirs. That theirs aren't as bad as the kids on the show. I think that part is a bit over done for dramatic effect but may be not. Looks real.

    I prefer it to Nanny911 as I like to watch Jo and how she handles the kids. You get to see her every week instead of a different nanny, which tends to get confusing. I was a nanny so I do know what it's like in real life. It isn't easy.

    Good luck to all the families in season two.

  • cool

    This show is funny but when the kids are all good thats when it gets boring and the super nanny speaks to the parents like a child. The children are unbelivebul funny sometimes. this show is just to funny to miss noone should hate it its a classic soooo funny
  • supernanny is too informative to miss even once!

    this is the show I was never blessed with when I was raising my now grown son- wish she was around for me back then- could have really used her- this show is what tv is all about -entertaining [very] -funny- sad- educating- and gives hope and very much gives help to all of us parents who are doing so good but could do much better after watching this- thanks jo frost for this tv show that in reality is a blessing- I will keep watching for as long as it is on- which better be a long long time-lol-- and I have been an avid tv viewer for all my life- am 48--
  • pfft.

    This show is so boring most of the time. I do not like it much. It's weird how no matter what happens Nanny cures the family. There's never a family who defies the power of Nanny. It would make the show a lot more exciting. Thumbs up to the coolness of the Nanny. Thumbs down to the repetitivity.
  • Worn it's welcome!

    I definately think this show has worn it's welcome. It has been on the air for a long time and I dont think the number of viewers are there. The nanny herself is really weird. Not only does she talk to infants as infants but she also treats parents like infants. SHe'll be talking to a Dad and saying "now, now Matt Smith, you must not hit your child, that is wrong. Go sit on the time-out stair." It is even pretty sad that I know Nanny Jo uses a time-out stair. Anyways, I dont think the show is relevant to everyones child-raising problems. As well, I hate all the new Nanny shows like Nanny Yvette! What's with her anyways?