Supernanny (UK)

Channel 4 Premiered Sep 01, 2004 In Season


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  • If your a parent and need help with your kids behavioural problems i would reccomend this show.

    This is a great show to get advice for your kids behavioural
    problems (if they have any) or a show for kids to watch to see how discruptive some other kids behaviour is, Jo Frost is qualified Nanny that can handle kids with discruptive behavioural problems. She intentianly works with kids and there family's to help them over come there bad behaviour. She sets out a plan and examine's the family after teaching them everything they need to know to help there kids, some people need to understand that kids act like this because they feel unloved or petrayed, there for it isn't the kids fault. These behavioural disorders can become way out of line, thats why there is Super Nanny. If you do have young kids who do have behavioural problems this is definately a show for you.