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  • Season 7
    • Evans Family
      Evans Family
      Episode 15

      Because her own mother passed away from cancer, Supernanny Jo Frost can certainly sympathize with the Evans family children who lost their mother due to the disease. The father of the three young boys is doing his best to parent them on his own and as their mother would have wanted, but the whole family finds its situation overwhelming. Can Jo help this family settle into its new shape?

    • Federico Family
      Federico Family
      Episode 14
      A woman really wants to be a fun mom but has trouble accepting Jo's advice in the process.
    • Froebrich Family
      Froebrich Family
      Episode 13
      Erich and Beverly Froebrich have their hands full with 5 children ranging in age from 1 1/2 to 11 years old. Daily drama has brought everyone's stress levels to an all-time high, and they need help. While Mom does little to discipline her brood, Dad smacks the kids when they get out of line. Can the Supernanny bring calm to all the chaos?moreless
    • Demott Family
      Demott Family
      Episode 12
      Jo tries to help a New Jersey cop and his wife with their unruly 4-year-old triplets and 11-year-old son.
    • Merrill Family
      Merrill Family
      Episode 11

      Beckie and Chris Merrill have 4 adopted children, two biological cousins ages six and four, and two recently adopted children from Ghana, a biological brother and sisterboth four-years-old. Four young children are a lot for Beckie to manage at home while her husband Chris, a Marine, is stationed overseas. Beckie struggles to balance affection with discipline. Can Beckie, with Supernanny's help, teach the children to respect her as an authority figure and bring them all closer together as a family?

    • Potter Family
      Potter Family
      Episode 10

      Parents Chris and Joy Potter have four children, ten-years old and younger. The Potter family children are unruly, and their parents' marriage is seriously strained. Is Chris too strict with some of the children? Or is Joy wrong to criticize his disciplinary methods? Supernanny Jo Frost must help them find some answers in order to resolve their family discord.

    • Columbo Family
      Columbo Family
      Episode 9

      The Colombo family has three small children, age four and under. Joe, their father, works long hours while his wife, Danielle, stays at home with the children. Danielle wants to put a stop to her boys' misbehavior and improve her time with her one-year-old daughter. Danielle used to be a parenting educator herself, but could she benefit from a lesson from Supernanny Jo Frost?

    • Miller Family
      Miller Family
      Episode 8
      Jo helps a couple establish boundaries and consequences for their six out-of-control children.
    • George Family
      George Family
      Episode 7

      The George's are raising five young daughters and a granddaughter. All of which have behavior issues. The family is so overwhelmed by their large family, that they must call in Super Nanny Jo to help them sort out their differences and come together as a family that is both functional and loving.

    • Fernandez Family
      Fernandez Family
      Episode 6

      When it comes to their children, Maria is often overwhelmed and Jerald is too ready to check out. Their children, 12-year-old Desiree, five-year-old Elias and three-year-old Eulisis, are not shy about throwing tantrums or showing some attitude to get what they want, whether at home or in a store. Can Supernanny Jo Frost calm some misbehavior and develop some discipline in the Fernandez family?

    • Van Acker Family
      Van Acker Family
      Episode 5

      The Van Acker family is made up of parents Jessica and Kevin, 6-year-old Emma and 3-year-old Dylan. Dylan is difficult for his parents to discipline, frequently behaving disrespectfully and engaging in tantrums. Dylan's dietary preferences and refusal to potty-train aren't good for him either. Can Supernanny Jo Frost help Jessica and Kevin discover some parenting strategies that will improve Dylan's attitude and his health?

    • Young Family
      Young Family
      Episode 4
      The Youngs have moved to a small island off the coast of Seattle and after worrying how their frequent moves affect their three boys, they've decided that discipline isn't as important as a happy household. However, the kids are out of control. Can Jo help?
    • Swift Family
      Swift Family
      Episode 3

      Jenny and Tony Swift plus their five children, ranging from 9 months old to eleven years old, make up the Swift family. Jenny is a stay-at-home mom who enlists the help of a nanny and her mother to care for the children. Tony feels that his parenting decisions are undermined by having too many people in charge of childcare, but Jenny is still exhausted by her children even when sharing the duties. Supernanny Jo steps in, observes the children's misbehavior and develops a plan to make the Swift household run more smoothly. Will it work?

    • Peterfreund Family

      Supernanny Jo Frost visits the Peterfreund family in Arizona. Parents Keith and Sonya are finding that their three boys, ranging in age from two to five, are too much to handle when coupled with the newest addition to their family, newborn Myles. Their inventive home remedy for discipline isn't cutting it anymore, and they're getting distracted from providing proper care for their newborn. Can the Supernanny help them better manage their children?

    • Atkinson Family
      Atkinson Family
      Episode 1
      Four years into their second marriages, Jennifer and John Atkinson of Glen Ellyn, Illinois, are at wits end trying to blend their previously existing families with each other and the two children they had together.
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