Season 5 Episode 17

99 Problems

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 08, 2010 on The CW
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A minister's daughter turns a town full of citizens ready to fight the Apocalypse against each other.

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  • liked it very much i mean this is the show that people must watch the best show ever.... i don't Expect that there is a show better than this

    i like every thing in this show i mean from the Figures to the ideas every thing is so perfect and my best Figure is sam he is giving the show some flavor he makes the show more gr8est and dean is kind of a playful guy and the idea that they bring the god and the angels is so unusual about cas when he first showed up i thought that he is the strongest angel but he is some low angel but liked him and this time he's showing up drunk i think there some overreacting about it but i am really enjoying the show and hope that this is not the last season cuz it seems like this.......moreless
  • what a cop out to the end of what could have been a great episode coming towards the end of what has been a big part of my life.

    Oh dear, dear, dear, are the writers of supernatural really clutching a straws to find storylines coming to the end of a great show. I think so.... From the very beginning of this episode i was on the edge of my seat, great opening with plenty of action that other episodes have been missing. It was like watching many of the first and second seasons again, before things took a serious turn for Sam and Dean. The whole time while watching this episode, i was thinking whats the catch with this broad, what's she at?. Everything was going great until the end. Where did the idea of bringing Deans 'bit on the side from years ago, and i mean years ago, come from? There has been no mention or reference to this woman or her child, that Dean suspects is his, throughout the majority of these season. She hasn't seen him since wot.. Season 2/3, cant really remember she didnt make an impact on my life, although, her son did, as his chemistry with Jensen Ackles was hilarious. So now after all this time/episodes she's been standing at her doorway waiting for him to come back, what a load of crap. Also, should Dean not be selling his soul to Michael for Sam, his own flesh and blood, whom he has been trying to save all this time? What really was the point of the whole series, if he doesnt sacrifice himself for his brother or vice versa. Please, Please, Please producers, writers, and directors of supernatural i have been a die hard fan since the show started all those years ago and have loved the majority of all the episodes of all the seasons, from the humour between the two boys to the seriousness of losing loved ones. Please don't let the final episodes be rushed and fall flat of what could be a great end to a great show. I am already concerned with what i will do with my life after supernatural as i will be devastated, without the show seeming like it was rushed to get it over. Jules (Dean's wife,,,if i wasn't married already,lol)moreless
  • Sweatin' Like a Babylon Wh0re in Church!

    99 Problem-A minister's daughter turns a town full of citizens ready to fight the Apocalypse against each other. If there is one thing I love about the episode is how it humps right into the action, especially how Sam and Dean are rescued from the town's people. Immediately, we're thrown into this great concept with a town full of hunters and fun watching the brothers interact. Like Sma said, it was nice seeing the brothers have back up, especially during that awesome sequence of the brothers and the other town people slaughtering a house full of demons. The guest stars were solid as usual. Michael Shanks (who recently started in Smallville's "Absolute Justice") is good as Rob, but for such a well known sci-fi actor he's given such a minor role. Johannah Newmarch as Jane is appropriately unsettling, Larry Poindexter as Pastor David Gideon is sympathetic and natural. Lastly, Kayla Mae Maloney as Leah Gideon is effectively creepy after the fact we learn of the character's true intentions.

    Even though it was pretty obvious that something was up with her, it made for a priceless exposition scene when Castiel tells Sam and Dean the truth about Leah. Adding to the hilarity is Castiel's drunkeness through it all. How Misha can pull off playing drunk while keeping Castiel's dry mannerisms is beyond me! He truly can tackle anytime of situation thrown at his character and his delivery is perfection, especially the way he blurted out "wh0re". But what's also great to watch is Dean's descent into hoeplessness throughout. It's hard watching Dean obviously giving up on everything he's fought for. When Dean was able to kill Leah, it was shocking but understandable considering his mind right now. While a pretty good episode, the last scene was really what made this episode for me. Watching Dean visit Lisa and confess his yearning for a perfect life with them was heartbreaking and a beautiful insight into what Dean dreams about but knows he'll never ever have. All and All, "99 Problems" is what you expect from Supernatural: a satisfying episode with good developments and plots moving forward.moreless
  • this was a really good ep

    in this ep of supernatural sam and dean are at this town and they are getting ready to fight the apocolypse and everyone has guns and people die everyday there fighting deamons. but thing is they get the information from the daoughter and they think she is a aprofit thing is they learn from cass she is not a profit at all . she ends up turning the whole town against each other and gets people to turn aginst there friends and family but the preature must be the one to kill his daoughter. and sam thinks that dean is ready to say yes . and at the end he drives away in the car.moreless
  • Dean and Sam end up in a town of hunters where the population is being led by a preachers daughter who is a prophet. Unfortunately things seem to get more and more on edge as the revelations from the angels get stranger and stranger.moreless

    Something is fishy in this little town in Minnesota. It seems the whole town has turned into Demon hunters. Led by a young girl who happens to be the daughter of the local Lutheran Minister. Even the Minister is packing.

    The opening scene where Dean and Sam get helped by the townspeople is action packed and quite well done. At the same time the circumstances were very strange and almost surreal. Sam seems to see this for what it is, but Dean is clouded by his feelings and where his head is at. It is amazing what level headed good people will do when led by someone they think is doing good. As things begin to escalate the deeds this "prophet" requires become more and more ominous. The boys call for Castiel, but he seems pretty out of it with the recent revelations that God is not going to do anything to intercede.

    Dean and Sam rally and in the end figure out what is going on with Castiel's help and formulate a plan which may or may not work. Let's just say there are some surprising results.

    At the end we see some additional surprises and an interesting if not poignant scene with Dean setting up next weeks action. Overall this is a fine example of the work that the writers, production staff, and actors have been putting together for this fifth season. It should be fun to see this season come to an eventual completion. I'm looking forward to it! Thanks for reading...moreless
Larry Poindexter

Larry Poindexter

Pastor David Gideon

Guest Star

Kayla Mae Maloney

Kayla Mae Maloney

Leah Gideon

Guest Star

Michael Shanks

Michael Shanks


Guest Star

Cindy Sampson

Cindy Sampson

Lisa Braeden

Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (9)

    • Dean: Whole town full of hunters. I don't know whether to run screaming or buy a condo.

    • Castiel: Her goal is to condemn as many souls to Hell as possible. And it's just beginning. She's well on her way to dragging this whole town into the pit.
      Dean: All right. So then how do we go pimp of Babylon all over this bitch?

    • Castiel: The Whore can only be killed by a true servant of Heaven.
      Dean: Servant like...?
      Castiel: Not you, or me. Sam, of course, is an abomination. We'll have to find someone else.

    • Pastor Gideon: So, Rob tells me you boys hunt demons.
      Sam: Uh, yes, sir.
      Pastor Gideon: You missed a few.

    • Sam: No drinking, no gambling, no pre-marital sex. Dean, they basically just outlawed 90% of your personality.

    • Dean: 'Course, that's if you can get past the velvet rope. Must be nice--being chosen.
      Leah: Well, Dean... you're chosen.
      Dean: More like cursed.

    • Sam: What's wrong with you? Are you... drunk?
      Castiel: No! Yes.
      Sam: What the hell happened to you?
      Castiel: I found a liquor store.
      Sam: And?
      Castiel: I drank it.

    • Castiel: This creature has the power to take a human's form, read minds. Book of Revelations call her the "Whore of Babylon."
      Dean: Well, that's catchy.

    • Dean: And the Enochian exorcism?
      Castiel: Fake. It actually means, "You, um, breed with the mouth of a goat." (the brothers look blank) It's funnier in Enochian.

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Airdates:
      UK: May 26, 2010 on LIVING
      Sweden: August 20, 2010 on Kanal 5
      Spain: December 13, 2010 on AXN
      Germany: February 28, 2011 on Sky Cinema Hits
      Australia: March 7, 2011 on ELEVEN
      Czech Republic: November 4, 2011 on Prima COOL
      Finland: July 1, 2012 on Sub

    • Injoke: Sam's comments, "Wedding, Seriously?" refers to Jared's real-life marriage to Genevieve Cortese only a few weeks prior to the premiere of this episode.