Season 5 Episode 17

99 Problems

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 08, 2010 on The CW

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  • liked it very much i mean this is the show that people must watch the best show ever.... i don't Expect that there is a show better than this

    i like every thing in this show i mean from the Figures to the ideas every thing is so perfect and my best Figure is sam he is giving the show some flavor he makes the show more gr8est and dean is kind of a playful guy and the idea that they bring the god and the angels is so unusual about cas when he first showed up i thought that he is the strongest angel but he is some low angel but liked him and this time he's showing up drunk i think there some overreacting about it but i am really enjoying the show and hope that this is not the last season cuz it seems like this.......
  • what a cop out to the end of what could have been a great episode coming towards the end of what has been a big part of my life.

    Oh dear, dear, dear, are the writers of supernatural really clutching a straws to find storylines coming to the end of a great show. I think so.... From the very beginning of this episode i was on the edge of my seat, great opening with plenty of action that other episodes have been missing. It was like watching many of the first and second seasons again, before things took a serious turn for Sam and Dean. The whole time while watching this episode, i was thinking whats the catch with this broad, what's she at?. Everything was going great until the end. Where did the idea of bringing Deans 'bit on the side from years ago, and i mean years ago, come from? There has been no mention or reference to this woman or her child, that Dean suspects is his, throughout the majority of these season. She hasn't seen him since wot.. Season 2/3, cant really remember she didnt make an impact on my life, although, her son did, as his chemistry with Jensen Ackles was hilarious. So now after all this time/episodes she's been standing at her doorway waiting for him to come back, what a load of crap. Also, should Dean not be selling his soul to Michael for Sam, his own flesh and blood, whom he has been trying to save all this time? What really was the point of the whole series, if he doesnt sacrifice himself for his brother or vice versa. Please, Please, Please producers, writers, and directors of supernatural i have been a die hard fan since the show started all those years ago and have loved the majority of all the episodes of all the seasons, from the humour between the two boys to the seriousness of losing loved ones. Please don't let the final episodes be rushed and fall flat of what could be a great end to a great show. I am already concerned with what i will do with my life after supernatural as i will be devastated, without the show seeming like it was rushed to get it over. Jules (Dean's wife,,,if i wasn't married already,lol)
  • Sweatin' Like a Babylon Wh0re in Church!

    99 Problem-A minister's daughter turns a town full of citizens ready to fight the Apocalypse against each other. If there is one thing I love about the episode is how it humps right into the action, especially how Sam and Dean are rescued from the town's people. Immediately, we're thrown into this great concept with a town full of hunters and fun watching the brothers interact. Like Sma said, it was nice seeing the brothers have back up, especially during that awesome sequence of the brothers and the other town people slaughtering a house full of demons. The guest stars were solid as usual. Michael Shanks (who recently started in Smallville's "Absolute Justice") is good as Rob, but for such a well known sci-fi actor he's given such a minor role. Johannah Newmarch as Jane is appropriately unsettling, Larry Poindexter as Pastor David Gideon is sympathetic and natural. Lastly, Kayla Mae Maloney as Leah Gideon is effectively creepy after the fact we learn of the character's true intentions.

    Even though it was pretty obvious that something was up with her, it made for a priceless exposition scene when Castiel tells Sam and Dean the truth about Leah. Adding to the hilarity is Castiel's drunkeness through it all. How Misha can pull off playing drunk while keeping Castiel's dry mannerisms is beyond me! He truly can tackle anytime of situation thrown at his character and his delivery is perfection, especially the way he blurted out "wh0re". But what's also great to watch is Dean's descent into hoeplessness throughout. It's hard watching Dean obviously giving up on everything he's fought for. When Dean was able to kill Leah, it was shocking but understandable considering his mind right now. While a pretty good episode, the last scene was really what made this episode for me. Watching Dean visit Lisa and confess his yearning for a perfect life with them was heartbreaking and a beautiful insight into what Dean dreams about but knows he'll never ever have. All and All, "99 Problems" is what you expect from Supernatural: a satisfying episode with good developments and plots moving forward.
  • this was a really good ep

    in this ep of supernatural sam and dean are at this town and they are getting ready to fight the apocolypse and everyone has guns and people die everyday there fighting deamons. but thing is they get the information from the daoughter and they think she is a aprofit thing is they learn from cass she is not a profit at all . she ends up turning the whole town against each other and gets people to turn aginst there friends and family but the preature must be the one to kill his daoughter. and sam thinks that dean is ready to say yes . and at the end he drives away in the car.
  • Dean and Sam end up in a town of hunters where the population is being led by a preachers daughter who is a prophet. Unfortunately things seem to get more and more on edge as the revelations from the angels get stranger and stranger.

    Something is fishy in this little town in Minnesota. It seems the whole town has turned into Demon hunters. Led by a young girl who happens to be the daughter of the local Lutheran Minister. Even the Minister is packing.

    The opening scene where Dean and Sam get helped by the townspeople is action packed and quite well done. At the same time the circumstances were very strange and almost surreal. Sam seems to see this for what it is, but Dean is clouded by his feelings and where his head is at. It is amazing what level headed good people will do when led by someone they think is doing good. As things begin to escalate the deeds this "prophet" requires become more and more ominous. The boys call for Castiel, but he seems pretty out of it with the recent revelations that God is not going to do anything to intercede.

    Dean and Sam rally and in the end figure out what is going on with Castiel's help and formulate a plan which may or may not work. Let's just say there are some surprising results.

    At the end we see some additional surprises and an interesting if not poignant scene with Dean setting up next weeks action. Overall this is a fine example of the work that the writers, production staff, and actors have been putting together for this fifth season. It should be fun to see this season come to an eventual completion. I'm looking forward to it! Thanks for reading...
  • A great epsiode and a great setup for the end of the season

    The episode starts with the boys being chased by a bunch of demons near a town that they go to because of all the demon omens. They are about to get their asses handed to them when Rob, guest start Micheal Shanks, and others stop the demons and save the boys. A little dumbfounded the boys decide to stick around town when they find out that the town is full of hunters and that there is a "prophet" in town named Leah.

    Dean is more curious about the town than Sam, who thinks that something is wrong. In a twist it is Sam who calls Cas to ask for help. BTW Cas is hillarious on the cell phone as always, he should really take a class in human customs at some point.

    So Leah has a vision of where a bunch of demons are going to be and so the boys decide to go help out. While they are on this hunt with the locals, including a bartender who is remarkably like Dean used to be, Paul. They kick some major demon butt as well as getting kicked around, because really when do the boys not get kicked around during a fight? At the end of the fight the locals head out except for this one kid who wants to ride with the boys. Unknown to the boys they missed a demon, who is under the impala and the demon kills the kid. At the funeral Leah says that they need to follow the angels' rules or they will not get to go to Heaven, this includes drinking, gambling, and sex out of wedlock. Sam thinks that this is a little extreme and wonders why Dean does not have issues with this, but Dean's logic is it the locals rules and it is not his place to say other wise.

    So Dean has yet another crisis of faith and talks with Leah and Sam goes and talks with Paul. Later Dean and Sam meet back up and argue about what is going on in the town, and we find out that Dean is getting a lot closer to saying yes to Micheal and we find out that Sam is staying "strong" because of Dean not saying yes. Dean walks out and we find out that Leah says that the angels are angry because Paul is not following the rules.

    Cas finally meets up with Sam and he is drunk. He is very funny drunk. Cas says that Leah is not a prophet. Dean meets up with Paul who is being run out of town by Rob and his wife. When things get ruff and Dean tries to stop the locals when Rob's wife kills Paul. Poor Paul. So Cas and Sam tell Dean that Leah is the "Whore of Babaylon", basically she is just getting as many souls to hell as possible. So the way to kill her is with a stick from Babaylon wielded by a true servant of God, which is not Dean, Cas or Sam. So Leah then tells the people that they need to purge the town of sinners which her father has issues with. So the boys plus Cas, convice the Father to kill his daughter. Before they do that, Cas and Dean have a heart to heart about dead-beat-dads. Rob, his wife and Leah are about to kill all the "sinners" in town, when Rob's wife has a few issues with the killig of childern but agrees to it in the end.

    Leah goes to her room and is met by the boys, Cas and the Father and they start to kill her but then of course Cas gets knocked out of the fight because Leah has some wicked powers. She flings the group away and then tries to get the locals to kill them, which does not work. The Father gets his butt handed to him, while Sam stops the locals from frying the "sinners". Which leaves Dean to deal with Leah and low and behold he manages to kill her in a nice a satisfying stick to the gut stab wound.

    The boys hurry out of town with the injured Father and Cas to the motel of the week. During this time Sam is wondering why Dean could kill Leah. Dean passes it off as luck, and while Sam is tending to the Father Dean runs off to points unknown.

    Now you would think that that would be the end of the episode because of Kripke and Co's love of cliff hangers but no, we get to see one stop along Dean's drive, which is to Lisa's house, the girl that had the cute kid that did not turn out to be evil. He tells her that she is the girl of his dreams and that he would love to be able to be with her and her son Ben, but he has to go do something. Which we all can figure out is saying yes or trying to say yes to Micheal. The episode ends with Dean whispering something into her ear before he drives off.

    Ah I loved this episode, it set up the end of the season very well and shows just why Dean would say yes to Micheal. It is alos a fun episode to see Cas in a drunken state. It was also intersting to see Sam try and take control while Dean and Cas are so out of it. Next episode is the Hundredth episode. I hope it is a good one.
  • 99 problems but a ***** IS one. Huh? Huh? Come on- amiright? Oh, and SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!

    The 5th season of Supernatural has definitely gone to some places that I wouldn't have expected it to, it is in my opinion the best season yet and a testament to the saying "saving the best for last" (I know there will be a season 6, but initially this show was supposed to end after this one).

    One of the things I like with these episodes is the personality change that Dean has gone through. I never figured him for the whining and giving up type, but I guess that every man has a breaking point and hey, drunk Castiel is always good for a laugh.
    Although, I must admit, it IS a bit strange to see the most powerful character on our side becoming what is essentially the comedic sidekick.

    Character "development" aside though, in this episode The Whore of Babylon turns a town against itself by pretending to be the Pastor's daughter who sees visions sent to her by Angels. That's pretty much it and if it wasn't for the final 3 minutes, I would have given this episode a flat 8 and slept peacefully.

    What happens in the final 3 minutes?

    Well, let's just say that Dean decides to do something that Sam would probably not be too happy with... ah, screw it, it said SPOILERS! in my summery so if you're reading this- you've either seen said episode or don't give a crap. If it's the latter: why are you here?

    So yeah, Dean leaves Sam in a motel and visits [insert name here- I forget] and her son, tells them (well, her) that they will be safe no matter what, and drives off to deliver some good news to Michael. Suffice to say, I wish I had a time machine. And some Doritos.
  • From strength to strength

    Every man has his breaking point and it looks like Dean has finally reached his. I loved this episode so much for the last few mins, despite the fact it was hinting at him running off and saying yes to Michael all through the episode. Lucifer said he'd never do it, yet he's about to. Where does this leave the rest of the season? Suffice to say I'm aching to find out more. Drunk Cas was funny but I agree I don't like the idea of them turning him into a comic sidekick. Sure, a bit of comedy here and there but not full on. He's the most powerful good guy. We shouldn't be laughing at him. I liked the hore thing as well. Looks like the end is finally taking centre stage untill the end of the season. I really can't wait to see what happens now.
  • Dean and Sam find a religious cult run by a fake prophet.

    "The whore". Lmao I liked it. The writers do try to do research, I like that when they actually bring in text and figures that are real, or real as far as literature goes. The W-H-O-R-Ee of Babylon is an interesting figure. How they adapted it was interesting with the whole religious cult, the false prophet, and the Angels.

    Dean and Sam get cornered by demons, and a couple of guys save them. They introduce themselves as a religious militia (You know there be bad news following that).

    Dean and Sam meet a prophet called Leah. She says she's working with the Angels, but when Leah's method of aiding the Angels involves murder Dean and Sam know something is wrong here.

    Again liked the ideas here about religious cult, fake prophet, and the whole manipulation of religion very realistic to happen during the Apocalypse.

    A couple of funny moments but mostly a fine drama driven episode dealing with a lot of interesting issues. Big fight coming with Castiel next week can't wait. 100th episode
  • " I found a liquor store , and I drunk it ! "

    When a whole town goes rogue due to the orders of a false prophet , Sam and Dean come to the rescue. Dean is done , he has just given up and as a " true servant of the heavens " he is able to kill the demon. Castiel has also given up and he is turning intoo future Castieal after the demonic virus has been spread. Sam stays strong , he doesn't have much of a choice , is either that or Lucifer. The last scene leads us to believe that Dean is about to do exactly what he refuses , in order to stop the pain. This is a good episode leading us to the end of the season but I would like to see a little bit more about Lucifer he has appeared a couple of times in a season that should be all about Sam and him.I guess they are leaving the best for the end.
  • A big letdown after last week's great episode

    ***************Spoiler Alert**********************

    I have to say that 99 Problems wasn't as good as last week's episode. Granted this episode had action but to me there was still something missing. One could clearly tell from the way Dean was talking and from Castiel showing up drunk that they had definitely lost their faith.I was surprised that Dean was able to defeat the Hoar of Babylon but for me the best part of this episode was Castiel. Misha Collins was so funny in this episode. I think this episode was the first one this whole season which I actually was able to laugh a little through. From the ending, it seems like Dean is poised to say yes to Michael. I hope that Kripke and the writers prove me wrong and that the Winchesters and Castiel can find some other way to stop the apocalypse.
  • The whore.

    Well, another biblical reference from Revelations is used in this episode, the whore from Babylon comes to town to shake things up. She's a false prophet, that's what she sends out when the Apocalypse is near. This episode was kind of creepy, she turned everyone against each other just so they can live in "paradise". And after doing all those horrible things, they realized it wasn't true. When they were going to burn those people alive, it creeped me out so much. Was Supernatural up to par this week? The plot itself was entertaining, the end was eventful, so I would have to say yes, it was up to par. The thing that was so random was out of all the people Dean turns too, he turns to Lisa, a girl that's only been in one filler from the third season. Although it was an emotional scene, it felt forced that it had to be with Lisa. It's like she was the only actress available on such short notice. Could he have done it with anyone else? If they were going to do it like that... probably. Watching Castiel go down a dark hill: Don't know whether to laugh or feel bad for him. He gave up everything for God, and God just gave up. It's poetic in a way. All I know is that Castiel is definitely a good angel gone bad. Dean decides to finally make the decision to be the vessel for Micheal the Archangel, something that he wouldn't do ever. Which brings us to the 100th episode next week. It kept me pretty excited so I would have to say it was a good cliffhanger. Good episode.
  • The Whore of Babylon

    This is one of those episodes that seems to be self-contained, only to take a very different turn by the end of the hour. It is also a perfect follow-up to the issues raised in the previous episode. Matters are coming to a head, and while it's hard to watch, it's precisely where the story has always promised to go.

    At the end of the previous episode, Dean and Castiel had lost all remaining hope. Dean had been hanging by a thread for months, and Castiel had put all of his faith in finding God and convincing him to end the apocalypse. With no conceivable way out of the trap of fate, with no apparent way to save the world, Dean's resolve had to falter.

    The entire confrontation with the Whore of Babylon is designed to hit Dean where it hurts the most. The whole discussion on Paradise, the notion of the "chosen", even just the glimmer of hope in the eyes of the faithful…all of it twists the knife that is already gutting Dean with each and every tick of the clock. Dean has already come to the conclusion that he has to concede to his apparent destiny; this situation just confirms that there is no hope left.

    As much as Dean fights to save the people of the town, the efforts feel hollow. He sees those with the best of intentions and hopes of salvation being led down the path to their own destruction. Having learned that God is allowing the apocalypse to unfold without intervention, the effect of the Whore of Babylon is even more devastating.

    Some will take the actions of the faithful in this episode as a thinly-veiled insult against Christians. They will also be the ones missing the point. Whether it's the Four Horsemen, the Whore, or any of the other creatures out of Revelation, all of them have been using the exact same methodology: taking human weakness and twisting it. The Whore of Babylon, as depicted here, would certainly want to take the hopes and piety of the faithful and twist it to hellish purpose.

    And frankly, there are examples throughout history of the faithful turning on people, even friends and family, out of a desire to do God's work. I'm somewhat surprised that the Salem witch trials weren't referenced in this episode; if there is a touchstone moment in American culture for religious hysteria gone horribly wrong, that would be it. If an apparent prophet is saying "kill your neighbor to achieve salvation" in the middle of the apocalypse, I wager a lot of avowed Christians would take up arms. It's less about criticism of religion than it is a commentary on how trust and faith can be manipulated by those with evil intent.

    But what does that say to Dean, who really needed to see that humanity might have a chance? It tells him that there is no way to avoid his fate. Sam may be willing to keep struggling along, but he was the only one left with any shred of hope at the end of the previous episode. Dean's decision was all over his face, and his conversation with Lisa was just a matter of finding some small sense of closure. (And a nice bit of continuity as well.)

    So it appears that Dean is going to give in to Michael. Unfortunately, it just doesn't seem that simple, does it? After all, there are five more episodes to go. If this were the penultimate episode, it might have been easier to accept that the Brothers Winchester were rushing headlong into the big dance. But there's way too much time left, and that's a clear signal that something more is in the works.

    This once again brings to mind the notion that God, while clearly not getting directly involved in the resolution to the problem, has been well aware of the situation and had already planned for all these eventualities. God knew that the angels would effectively go bad and that Lucifer would rise, and he knew that the Brothers Winchester would be seen as the ones to bring the battle between Michael and Lucifer to reality.

    And that also suggests that whatever else is coming was also foreseen. His message to Sam and Dean may have been less a denial of assistance than a call for patience. From a certain perspective, Sam and Dean were intending to tell God to work on their timetable. If God has it covered, what kind of answer would he give? Pretty much the one he gave.

    This also takes into account the notion that God's true plan requires this kind of capitulation by Dean. If there is some kind of twist coming involving Dean and Michael, and it is enough to change the nature of the situation in some fundamental way, then it could be exactly the sort of thing that would fit into the "God only told the angels the part of the plan he wanted them to hear" scenario.

    Of course, that's the one problem with the "deus ex machina" plot device. Everything that happens, no matter how questionable in terms of logic, can eventually be explained as part of a shadowy, inexplicable plan. When done well, the seams don't show too much and the audience doesn't feel cheated. But taken too far, it can feel like the writers' way of excusing a lack of forethought.

    That said, while this season has been a bit of a step backwards in terms of cohesiveness and overall plot progression, it is still strong enough in the end to bolster my faith that Kripke and company are still working to their own plan.
  • Dean recently tied a knot at the end of his rope. Sadly that knot is slipping, or maybe it's his grip as the boys enter a town where everyone's gone 'hunter chic' and a "child doth lead them" ... to the path to hell.

    What a joy to see Michael Shanks again! You still look beautiful sweetie even when you're being maniacally subservient to a hell bound and grieving wife. Nice job though I have to say wearing that troubled brow that told us your character wasn't so sure about the path he was being led down. But anyway... back to my boys. So, narrowly escaping an apparent sneak attack by a pack of demons, Sam and Dean, bloody and battered (just how we like 'em) find themselves rescued in the middle of the road to nowhere by a band of well armed and prepared hunters who oddly enough don't know who they are. (That in and of itself is quite a shock). Suffice it to say the boys tag along to find out what's what... only to come face to face with a prophet, a strangely pretty child who seems to be tuned in to Angel Radio and assures her fellow townsfolk that salvation is nigh, if only they do as they're told. The perplexing thing here is that Sam finds himself chock full of rebellion or maybe it's just perspective, seeing as how he readily admits that he's also, "White knuckling it..." through their situation. Dean's grip on his little rope however is slipping. Nothing makes sense in his mind or his world. And if they're surrounded by hunters all working to obtain salvation thanks to the word of a prophet well then, he might just well be content. Or full of lassitude borne of a broken heart. So... Sam calls Castiel who wow! Drunk Cas is just really kinda ... pathetic. (here's a suggestion, give him to me for 12 hours, I'll perk him right back up and make him believe in miracles again... maybe not God, but definitely miracles) ahem... what was I saying? oh yeah, Drunk Cas, entertaining and informative just like an angel should be. He and Dean are mirror images in this ep, both reflections of beings who once believed in something and now find that all they CAN believe in is themselves, and are coming up painfully short. Well they find out that lil'miss ain't exactly who she says she is, that in fact, she's sort of a harbinger called the Whore of Babylon, and it's her job to set as many people on the path to hell as possible. And this chick, is doing a bang up job! Well to kill her (cause nothing in the SPN verse is simple) requires a servant of God, and a special stake that Cas is able to acquire, so thankfully the weapon comes easily even if the faith doesn't. The drunken angel and our beloved boys appeal to the local 'father' ... (servant of God) did I mention that he's the Whore's dad? No? Ahhh yeah, well that doth complicate matters a tad when he misses the opportunity to stake her dead. Leaving our Dearest Dean to Do the Deed. Question? Can he do it? and if so... uh oh! We know what that means! Guilt has finally gnawed with those little rat-like teeth through his belly and into his conscience. What's the point Dean? Why bother? How many lives do you have to watch stolen before you decide that yours isn't too much to sacrifice!? Guess we just found out. Licking their wounds in a new motel, in a new town, Dean, Sam, Cas and the Padre hole up. Sam's lemon-pucker-pouty-frown is telling. He's not liking where he's sensing his big brother's going mentally right now. Except that Dean says it's out to the car for some fresh bandages. (But we know better even as the Impala's tires squeal away into the night leaving Sam to hold the fort while Dean pays some long overdue bills). One of which is as close as we might ever hear Dean Winchester come to telling a girl (that's not his mom) that he loves her. "The only time I can picture myself happy is with you. And the kid." What a heartbreaking goodbye, and assurance that he's going to do anything he can to make sure that certain people are well cared for once he's made his sacrifice. A painful goodbye leaving Lisa (gumby-girl, and yes Dean that Still makes you Pokey)tearful in the doorway has us waiting with baited breath for next weeks' ep even if it does bring us closer to the end of yet another season. I'm going to wonder openly right here and now, what if Ben really IS Dean's kid and Lisa just didn't tell him because she didn't want him to feel obligated? I mean... seriously it's a little too... hmmm but anyway, and what a threat the angels could use against Dean if they had to pull it out, threatening to use his son as Michael's vessel if it came down to it. What did you just do Dean? Put the kid on the radar? But that's okay, you're going to make that sacrifice if the demons don't hold you back from it. We'll see. I'm waiting and wanting. Beautiful work to all the kast and krew. and as always, special love to Jensen and Jared. Thanks for all you do just for lil ole' us.
  • dean is really close to say : the big YES!

    Hi guys, do you have all of things to commnet yestarday? because I'm yes!

    Fisrt: start to the end, come on the end so strange for me and surprise, I konow it dean's dreamy about his own family, but lisa? I thougt if he was caming in to cassidy, I undrestood, because she was his firts possible love, but lisa that1s a dreamy dosen't come true for dean. The wiriters needs more be careful in the nex time

    Second: the cute angel cas , oh my, cas drank really funny, the best part of the eps

    third: "hourk" is interesting part of mitology by apocaliypse, I never hear this mitology before.

    Four: Dean is next to say the big yes. Well,is too much for him for all the this time with the guilty in his bag! so the only can be save dean it is dean, that's all.

    I cant wait for more!
  • wow can I say wow another great installment jared and jensen fantastic job wonder what will happen next can't wait for more this season is awesome and can't wait for season six to see what happens next to our winchester boys can't wait for more!!!!!!!!!!!

    wow can I say wow this was episode ninty nine next week is the big 100 episodes congratulations to our favorite show for reaching 100 want to wish congratulations to jared Jensen Jim and misha for reaching one hundred episodes and your fans are so happy that season six is ago can't wait for more this show is special and we can't wait for more jared and jensen fantastic as always misha well done loved this episode last night and can't wait until thursday for this weeks episode to see what is in store for our boys go supernatural you rule
  • Another amazing episode, but one with a different feel then the last. Warning, spoilers contained below.

    The last episode was a lot more cheerful compared to this one. We find out that the so called prophet in the town getting all the people to help kill demons is actually not a prophet after all, but a "whore". She was false profit that gets people to sin so they will be damned to hell. It was interesting to see all those people working together, but a bit depressing to find out it was all a lie. Cas was amazing as usual, I love his character, such development from when we first met him. He has definitely changed since we first met him, but I like the change. Up to the point where Dean kills the "Whore" everything is not that bad. I mean, it was bad, but not as bad as what follows. First off, Dean killing the Whore, that sent a lot of alarm bells ringing. Sam pretty much knew something was up. Only a servant of god can kill the Whore, and if Dean could kill her, that probably means he is going to say yes to Michael. Okay, a bit of a stretch, but apparently not. The end of this episode really adds to the theory of Dean changing his mind about the whole Michael situation. I can't believe Dean would give up like that! But I guess it makes sense, he threw away the amulet that glows when god is near, and he really seemed to have given up all hope in this episode. I really hope he doesn't say yes! I wonder though, what happens if he says yes? Does that mean Sam will somehow say yes as well? So many questions, but at least these last two episodes are touching pretty close to some answers. I feel it boiling to an epic episode, when that will be is the only question, but I have a feeling it will be soon.
  • 99 problems and the b$$$h ain't one. 99 problems and I feel bad for you son.

    I apologize for the 500th time Jay-Z's lyrics have been abused by an obsessive Supernatural fan, but I got to say, our boys have 99 problems and the b$$$h is one. :}. (Yes, I am done now.) After the massive killjoy that was last episode, the scenario doesn't look any less bleak. At the very least, we get a nice humanitarian feel to the episode that's been missing for awhile. We get to see how townsfolk are handling Armageddon. While initially more optimistic than last episode, these people refuse to be trapped into a Matrix-reality that is Heaven, doesn't mean they aren't living a lie. Since this is Supernatural, our own savage natures are brought into light and it isn't pleasant. Sam and Dean are ambushed by demons when they're saved by a town militia quite aware of how to deal with these supernatural parasites and quite aware of the coming Apocalypse. After Sam and Dean prove they mean no harm, they get acquainted with the townsfolk, including the priest and his daughter who claims to be a prophet. At first, everyone is living the good life, peaceful, adequate, doing whatever they want but still retaining human morals and decency. That is, until the preacher's daughter gets a vision that in order to gain salvation, they have to stay in a totalitarian lockdown, cleansed of sin, and all who refuse to obey will be taken out. Sam pages Castiel for answers and it turns out Little Miss Sunshine isn't a prophet. She's the Whore of Babylon, a demonic false prophet who condemns people to Hell. And as "luck" would have it, she's ready to bring the town to its knees. It's a sad reminder of how easily people can be pushed, given the right incentive. Elsewhere, Sam is trying to bring Dean and Castiel out of their funk with little success. Both of them are tired, defeated, and just plain done. Poor Castiel is even starting to hit the bottle, accelerating his spiral seen in The End. He's isolated from his "family", stripped of most of his powers, and been told his Dad's a deadbeat. Can't say I blame him. In a reversal of last year, it's Sam that's holding hope against hope while Dean's stumbling into a spiral of dark destiny. Sam tries to snap his brother out of it, begging him to keep fighting. Because Sam realizes that if Dean falls, he'll fall too. What happens to one brother affects the other. At least Dean's not destined to make the world Hell's playground. But Dean's far gone. He doesn't care when the totalitarian lock-down doesn't feel right, not even angel-'right'. His brother's pleas fall on deaf ears. And the Whore is happy to stoke the flames, digging in that Dean's just sitting there, doing nothing, while the world rots around him. It's pretty sad. As Castiel put it, he's a disgraced angel, Dean's an "impure" servant of Heaven, and Sam's an abomination. :}. Or there's a drunk angel, a guy who doesn't give anything anymore, and a guy who seems incapable of saving the world without the loss of his soul, in more ways than one. A dark situation, only to get even more complicated.
    Dean does the unthinkable. He kills the Whore because Sam correctly guessed, he's ready to be the servant of Heaven. He takes off in the Impala and stops by Lisa's for a brief reconciliation and goodbye. (I will say that scene was just gratuitous and didn't serve a real point. I get it. Dean's giving up. He's going to say yes. No need to drag one of his many ex-girlfriends into this. Sorry. Moving on.) He's ready to face his destiny, at the cost of everyone who doesn't fit the bill of "chosen". And given the Whore's selection of the "sinners", I don't think Michael and the angels are going to be much more compassionate. I liked that the episode was a little more "optimistic" than the last one, if you can call it that. Just when darkness looks to be impenetrable, there are a few patches of hope to bring some light. The preacher was willing to kill the creature who impersonated his daughter, he refused to do her bidding. And I have a feeling Sam will have to be the one to knock some sense into Dean like Dean tried with him. Given how unsuccessful it was last time, I actually hope Dean's willing to listen better than Sam did. Nice episode. Things are only going to get more intense, as next episode, the 100th!!!!, the angels unveil a bigger plan to make their vision of Armageddon succeeds. Uh oh!!!
  • Sam and Dean arrive in a town where everyone has turned into hunters and get tips on where demons are gonna be from a ministers daughter. This girl is supposedly a prophet and gets messages from Angels but turns out to be something entirely differnt.

    Not one of the best episodes but Good overall, the plot is original and is not clich (like all of supernatural).

    The highlight of the episode and its star is Cass who turns up to help drunk (after the events of the previous episode). This episode has drama, action and an intriging plotline. Humour also created by Cass because when asked "What the hell is she" replies - in his drunken state - "A Wh***". This episode also ends with a cliffhanger which annoys the viewer but leaves them wanting more like any good show should. Overall a great episode