Season 8 Episode 7

A Little Slice of Kevin

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 14, 2012 on The CW

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  • Cas is back and he is bad!

    This was an excellent episode dealing with Cas, Crowley, and Kevin. Of course the primary story revolved around Crowley kidnapping prophets to be so he could use them when the previous prophet was killed to interpret the tablet for him. Crowley also kidnaps Kevin from his mother and tortures him to interpret the tablets information. Meanwhile Cas returns to Dean and Sam and they are contacted by Kevin's mom and figure out how where Crowley is so they can rescue Kevin and the other innocent future prophets. Cas is still weak from his time in Purgatory but is recovering and saves the day in a big way at the end. While I haven't been a huge fan of the long story lines and this episode was part of the current tablet series it was simply a great episode with a great story and of course, the return of Cas in all his glory.

    as a fans of sg1 and atlantis and sanctuary it was fun to see her on this series...i could not help thinking maybe this is the form of supernatuals ever elusive "god",who has been dead,just gone or simply never in the picture...for obvious reasons...but for whatever reason that was my thought. cass doing and checking in for "god" and not knowing it....??? god in woman form,as played by amanda tapping..think i like it!
  • Dean didn't look for Cas the same way Sam didn't look for Dean, and this is all making less and less sense to me.

    I'm criticizing the writers, not either Sam or Dean. Dean has been out of Purgatory for 7 episodes now, that's a couple months, and he hasn't tried to find a way to save Cas. Instead, the writers wrote him as lying and telling Sam Cas was dead. Meanwhile, the writers are condemning Sam for not trying to find a way to save Dean, while Dean doing the exact same thing is not even acknowledged by the writers. I'm not even sure if they realize they wrote this giant double standard, and assassinated Dean's character as well as Sam's. I love both brothers equally, and I am doubly pained by this.

    It looks like they wrote Dean as not even looking for a way to save Cas after he escaped from Purgatory without even noticing it. Through Cas, they completely excused Dean of all guilt, and didn't even mention his lie or his inaction once back on Earth.

    Both Sam and Dean are heroes who constantly risk their lives and sacrifice everything to save complete strangers. They are the complete opposite of men who would leave loved ones for dead. Even if they had no obvious means of getting them out of Purgatory, they would have tried, and they would have tried hard. Dean, for example, met and spoke with Samandiriel, a friendly angel sympathetic to Cas. We know angels can save people from Purgatory because they did later save Cas. Dean at least knows angels can save people from Hell because Cas saved him, so there would be every reason to believe such powerful beings could also save someone from Purgatory. Why in the world would Dean not ask Samandiriel if he could help get Cas out of Purgatory??? It's the easiest thing in the world. All he had to do was ask a question. The friendly Cas-sympathetic angel was literally dropped into his lap!

    On top of writing both Sam and Dean so out of character, there is an enormous discrepancy in how the two are treated when they acted the same way. To top that off, the writers keep insisting in interviews that there is nothing more to Sam's story, no supernatural twist that could explain why he acted contrary to his character. And they don't even seem aware they have also written Dean as a man who would leave a loved one for dead. So how am I supposed to believe they will redeem either of them? I was super worried about Sam, but now I'm even more worried about Dean. At least they're aware of what they did to Sam, but if they're not even aware of what they did to Dean, how can I have any hope they will ever fix it?

    None of it is making sense to me. To top it all off, they're ripping each other's hearts out at the end of last episode, nothing is resolved, and yet for the first time since the season began they are actually acting close and caring again at the beginning of this episode. It doesn't compute.

    Characters are the most essential part of any show I watch. If you ruin the characters, I can't watch the show anymore. The way they are writing Sam and Dean is overshadowing everything else. The rest of the episode didn't even really register. Except that, while I got a big kick out of Kevin's mom in the first episode, in this one they wrote her as being ridiculously over-reaching. And once again instead of getting a strong female character who adds to the fight constructively, we get a female character who screws things up for the male characters.

    I was on the fence, but now I'm going to stop watching. I'll pick up again if and when I hear the writers have fixed both Sam and Dean. It'll break my heart less to stop watching than to see them written as guys who leave loved ones for dead.

  • How Cass Got His Mojo Back

    In a particularly well executed episode of Supernatural this week Cass has escaped from Purgatory but he doesn't know how and Dean was seemingly hallucinating him up until the third time he appears since Cass wasn't at full strength yet. Meanwhile in Demon-land, Crowley has abducted several future prophets, Kevin is the current, and like Highlander there can be only one at a time. He got the names by torturing the angel that he captured from the second episode of the season when the God Jupiter was selling the tablet and Mrs. Tran was going to give up her soul. Crowley wants the tablet to be able to be read but since they can't be prophets while Kevin is around they are useless to him. The whole concept is really rather cool and goes back to the Season 5 Whore of Babylon episode where Castiel mentions that every Angel knows the names of every potential prophet. The best moment of the episode humor wise was Castiel watching the tube and his admission of "I've missed television." Dean has flashbacks to how he escaped Purgatory and his traveling through the gate. After putting Benny in his arm and dealing with two Leviathans he goes to the gate and Cass trips and gets left behind. Dean is utterly perplexed and he is guilt ridden that he let Cass down by leaving him there but in the end of the episode Cass telling Dean that Cass never intended to go with him and that he remembered it wrong with Cass yelling after him, "Go!" Kevin and Mrs. Tran hire a witch to build more demon killing bombs because they need the supplies. Finding one on Craigslist was humorous and when she arrives and Mrs. Tran drenches her in holy water was funny and Kevin yelling at his mom for doing it every time he comes back to their place of hiding. Crowley manages to turn the witch Delta against Kevin and break a salt line in the window so that Crowley can invade their location. Hopefully Delta pops up again later since her character is interesting and witches aren't really dealt with in this show except for in a few one off episodes, the last I can remember being the one in Season 3. Mrs. Tran brings a demon she holy waters to Sam and Dean and he gives them Crowley's location and they attack. Kevin continues to read the tablet to Crowley, having broken after Crowley removed one of his fingers. He mentions the demon gate again and how this was imported by the Archangel Metatron and that there are other tablets beyond Demon and Leviathan and for potentially all other sorts of nasties in the world. Cass is truly back in action and Crowley asking which Castiel it is, the megalomaniac one or the powerful one was a good reference to arcs past. This is truly the first time the Winchesters have worked with Cass without him being up to something on the side or mentally incapacitated since season 5 which is a great turn of events and given his past with Crowley it is fitting that his angelic wing showing and busting the tablet in half happen in his homecoming episode. The tablet is broken and Crowley now has half, Kevin is saved and the Winchesters are reunited with Cass. The most interesting part is that Cass was busted out of Purgatory by fellow angels and his being transported to Heaven to report to a head angel who is interested in what the Winchesters are up to and that he will not even remember that he is spying on them. This adds a totally new angle because Cass is not a free agent as we would have thought there are strings attached to his release and many angels must've died further decreasing the numbers and as Crowley put before in the episode, "The power in Heaven is up for grabs" or something like that since the war in Season 6 killed so many. Bringing back the Heaven and Hell dynamic is good for business in Supernatural and hopefully will be on its feet for the rest of the season now that Dean's flashbacks are played out. Seeing character insight that is so true is rare to have take place in a Season 8 and Cass pointing out that Dean, "Can't save everyone." This may surely play out in the second half of the season. The best is that Cass is back and that's enough to rejoice with him collaborating as the third man again in the Winchester family.
  • Woke me up for the first time after season 5 finale.

    I was waiting for something like this since season 5 ended. We finally had a great story, suspence and action. And the return of Castiel makes this just perfect - there is no more Supernatural without him. The ending was also the first thing after a long time that brough back mystery to the show. Amanda Tapping fits perfectly as this new mysterious figure Naomi.
  • Boys are Back!

    Finally! The return of the Supernatural that I know and love. A great episode that brings back character dynamics and awesome suspenseful story telling.
  • If I can't even enjoy a great ep like this one because how cavalierly they assassinated Sam's character is ruining the show for me, it's time to take a break.

    There was a lot of awesome stuff in this episode. Sam was finally acting in character again, being caring and concerned about Dean. Purgatory is always kickass. Crowley is still the best bad guy ever. Cas is Cas again, and we even got to see his wings. I'm even more in love with Tiger Mom, she has the best arsenal of supersoakers, demon bombs, bucket traps and turkey basters. And last but not least, AMANDA TAPPING!

    But Sam "leaving Dean for dead for a girl" isn't just a storyline I don't like. For me, as well as being an assassination of Sam's character, it's a betrayal of what this show stands for. Supernatural is about brothers who would die for each other, not brothers who would leave each other for dead. That relationship is the heart and soul of the show. It is not just Sam who is out of character, it is the whole show. So for me, Sam leaving Dean for dead taints the whole show.

    ETA: Just saw this excellent question on twitter from Carina MacKenzie, TV critic at "I'm confused. If Dean didn't see Cas die why didn't he look for a way to get him out like Sam was supposed to look for a way to get Dean out?" I'm really not liking this theme of leaving brothers/friends for dead in season 8.

    I was enjoying this episode just fine, I was happy and relieved I was enjoying it, until the bigger picture reared its ugly head. You see, I knew showrunners Jeremy Carver and Robert Singer had said that basically they would level the playing field between Sam and Dean, that Sam could no longer be condemned for not looking for Dean once how Dean escaped from Purgatory comes to light.

    Singer said: Dean "is keeping a secret about how he got out, and who he got out withAnd the fact that he's being judgemental of him is probably not all that fair to Sam, given what Dean's not saying."

    And Carver said: "Right now, Dean is piling on Sam somewhat. So what happens as these brothers start to discover more of what they've done in the past year, and might those tables turn, in terms of who has to answer for what? I think everybody will get their licks in. No one's going to be a beaten dog for too long."

    But now, we know how Dean got out of Purgatory, and he was his usual heroic self. So what is Dean supposed to have done that's so bad? He trusted a vampire? They have both trusted or worked with supernatural beings on many occasions. He briefly kept Benny a secret? They have both kept secrets on many occasions.

    And the showrunners think this is comparable to Sam "leaving Dean for dead for a girl?" I thought the only thing comparable to that would be Dean leaving Cas for dead in Purgatory. But what they think is comparable is ridiculous. Do they seriously think Dean befriending Benny magically makes it all better than Sam left Dean for dead? Do they have no clue how seriously bad it is to leave your brother for dead? Do they not care how much it vilifies Sam's character or how much it damages the brothers' bond? And if they don't, then I've lost all faith in them, and stopped hoping Sam's arc will have any kind of resolution I can live with.

    Some say, it's not bad writing, eventually Carver's big plan will be revealed. Due to what the showrunners have been saying in interviews, it doesn't sound like there's a reveal. They say it's a "straightforward, what you see is what you get, human story." But even if there is a reveal, it's bad writing either way. If so many of us feel like it is bad writing and have lost faith it's leading up to something that will make it all right, then that's not good writing. Even those who are still enjoying the show, they say they're just ignoring it, or they're fanwanking all kinds of rationalizations and theories to make Sam's arc bearable, or they're just waiting it out. I have yet to see anyone say they love Sam's arc.

    I did a comparison with the Soulless!Sam arc. In the first two episodes, I was wondering "what's up with Sam?" In episode 3, we saw Sam act uncharacteristically cold and amoral while paying off a prostitute, and I knew for sure there was something wrong with Sam. In episode 6, thanks to the Truth Goddess and Castiel, we find out he came back from the Cage without his soul. In 6 episodes, we already had the answer, and before then, we knew there would be an answer. In episode 11, Sam gets his soul back, and all is right with the world. Happy hugs all around! Quickly knowing there would be a reveal and a resolution, and not dragging it out before we got that reveal and resolution, allowed me to just enjoy the ride. And it was a really interesting ride, and not a boring soap opera, like Sam's time with Amelia.

    But in this case, I quickly lost hope there would be a reveal or a resolution. There will be nothing like the lack of a soul to justify Sam's actions. In seven episodes, we have gotten nothing but Sam saying "I found something I never had before" in the first episode, and the quick throwaway line to Amelia "My world imploded and I ran" in the sixth. In this episode, there was absolutely nothing, even though it had been dragged out into the open at the end of the last episode. That's it. Next to no forward movement in seven episodes. And the brothers seem to have put it behind them, so for all I know, that's all there is to it.

    I can't afford to waste the emotional energy waiting and worrying all season in hopes of a reason that may well never come. And it's ruining otherwise awesome episodes like this one for me anyway. So a friend will let me know if there is a resolution, and I'll catch up then. It pains me, Supernatural is the only TV show that has ever meant more to me than a TV show, but there's no point in watching a TV show that just upsets and frustrates you, no matter how much it means to you.

  • Pick of the season. Have a guess why

    First off, didn't get to review last week's offering. So I'll say quickly: Garth = good character who I really like and want to see more of. Sam storyline = starting to grow on me but still makes no sense. They soo needed to show us Sam doing everything he could to get Dean out before finally giving up. Episode = pretty damn good actually. A nice good filler while working out some of those issues the brother have had since the start of the season. It always tends to be Sam not quite being the man Dean wants him to be. Trouble is, I do think Dean's always expected too much of him. Almost like he feels he owes him for practically raising him.


    This episode was fricking brilliant. It took each storyline they've been building up so far and exploded it on us. Wooo.

    So, let's address what everyone's talking about: Castiel's back, and he's awesome as always! It was nice to finally get an ending to the Purgatory storyline as well, with a welcome appearance of Benny, turning into another treat. Benny for his part revealed that someone told him where to find that portal. It seems that Benny knows a little something about people with the power to break out, which brings up a host of mysteries for the season to now address, not to mention the potential Big Bad for this year. We haven't quite got one yet, unless you count Crowley.

    Castiel for his part was back to the season 5 Cas we all know and love. Fiercely loyal to the boys, still completely socially awkward... and carrying mental and physical scars from purgatory. In the 1,298th way the writers have found to neuter him, he's now suffered terrible injuries and cannot use his full power. In another welcome return of Leviathans he got pretty damn beat up. But hey. I'd rather have him like this than not at all, such as season 6 Cas, who had full power and thus was barley in it. Plus, as it looks like he's sticking around for a while, I have no issue with this at all. And he was very kick ass in his battle with Crowley. It looked like he was attempting to combust, taking everything with him! I loved seeing these two characters together; there is a lot of history there and the writers clearly haven't forgotten it. I think it's time to get some Leviathan guards, Crowley.

    So... who was that woman at the end? Obviously the new big wig in heaven, now Castiel, Raphael and Michael are out of the picture. The start of season 7 painted the picture that a hell of a lot of Angels are now dead... or at least all the powerful ones are. Clearly, this is not the case. So... who is she? Is she working for the as yet unseen Archangel Metatron? I thought it was Supernatural canon that only 4 Archangels existed: Lucifer, Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. So, if the unmentioned before Metatron is around, is he this seasons big bad? Hmmm... after Lucifer being the big bad in season 5, I do doubt it. But there is a definite hint he has a part to play. Plus, I was a little bothered by her assumption that a host of Angels could "break into" Purgatory, and I hope they address this later on. Raphael and Castiel couldn't do it; in fact that spent an entire season trying to open the door.

    So, Cas aside, there was plenty more to enjoy here.

    Kevin, and even more so Kevin's mum, were very entertaining tonight! I loved how tiger mum overpowered that massive demon and delivered it trussed and tied to the Winchesters. Plus, it seems they are now being babysat by Garth. Another nice little tie in to this year's overarching plots.

    Smart! As usual, Supernatural is never really predictable. Though with the reveal of Kevin as a prophet comes the news that Chuck is dead. Though we kind of all guessed Chuck's story had come to an end, it was nice the writers finally addressed this. Although, as Billie Doux says, if you don't see a body, don't believe it! I'm still under the assumption Chuck was God, but we shall see. Maybe.

    As for Crowley and the Word of God sub-plot... entertaining as always, if anything to see more Crowley. Like Klaus over on Vampire Diaries, he improves an episode just by being in it. A character that fits the actor perfectly. So. there are more tablets than the ones on Leviathan and Demons, are there? Well, the Leviathan one told us how to get rid of them, the Demon one said the same for Demons... so what's the bet there is a human one out there telling us how to dispose of them? Or an Angel one for that matter. Or one for Vampires, and other creations of Eve (though, as God didn't make these, I doubt it). It seems the race will be on to figure out a way to get rid of demons, before Crowley figures out a way to get rid of mankind!

    Phew! A lot going on in this episode, which didn't really focus much on Sam and Dean. Dean's Purgatory flashbacks helped to highlight his guilt over leaving Cas behind, as well as how much that place had effected him. Am I alone in thinking this whole storyline has been superb, and in fact is how they should have handled the hell storyline back in season 4? Having Dean return pretty damn balanced for someone tortured (or doing the torturing) for 40 years straight kind of doesn't make sense. As for Sam, his storyline wasn't addressed this week. There just wasn't room for it. This isn't a good thing or a bad thing for me at the moment; I'm indifferent. We'll see what the future weeks bring. I also loved how the writers are really not lazy when it comes to these guys in action. They are PRO demon hunters now. I loved how, after so many times being tricked by demons into thinking they are innocent victims, Sam muttered an exorcism under his breath while pretending to be on his phone. They are seriously bad ass, and it's brilliant.

    So... fantastic episode, in what is shaping up to be a very enjoyable season and an improvement on the last! To be fair, any episode that begins with the names Mischa Collins, Mark A. Sheppard, Ty Olosson and the long name of the guy who plays Kevin I can't remember, turns out to be a good one.

    Roll on next week!
  • Welcome Back Cas

    There is something really off with the storyline. IMO! I do love that Castiel is back. He is so underused. I also think the same for Crowley. I was hoping that God brought Castiel back. Of course, it is sad to know that Chuck is dead. If they decide to kill off Catiel, then maybe move Misha to Arrow. That is a great show! He can have a little reunion with Katie Cassidy/Ruby.
  • Castiel levels up !

    God I'm such a Castiel fan! I just love the fact that he's back to his non-mental self. I was tired of weak and crazy Castiel. The scene where he levels up is just awesome and badass, like we haven't seen his true powers yet. I also like the fact that we get to see what's going on in Heaven, who's taking charge etc. But in that scene, something strikes me: is it okay for the Prophet to see Angels in their true form? Because Kevin didn't get his eyeballs burned.

    It's funny to see how from season 1 to season 8 I've transfered my feelings from Sam/Dean to Dean/Cas bromance. I just don't get why Sam would let Dean in Purgatory. I mean come on I know we said we wouldn't look for each other but that's just talk! How can you live a peaceful life with some chick you've just met knowing that your brother is experiencing worse than Hell?

    Anyway, I liked the episode and can see the two tablet halves plot coming so I'm looking forward seeing the rest.
  • A Little Slice of Kevin

    A Little Slice of Kevin was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Supernatural. I enjoyed watching because the story was awesome and featured Kevin, his mother, Crowley and Castiel. It was great watching Dean flash back to purgatory trying to figure out what happened to Castiel who later told the truth about the scenario. Crowley was behaving badly in order to learn the secret of the tablet containing the Word of God. It was sweet watching Castiel go All Mighty on Crowley to save Kevin and it was awesome when he was transported away by Naomi (guest star Amanda Tapping who is my absolute favorite!) who seems to be pretty powerful. I liked how every thing played out and look forward to watching more episodes!!!!!!!!!

    i thought the episode was amazing 10/10 i just didn't like Kevin's mum she is ok in friends but doesn't really fit in this ..and she is the reason her son got kidnapped being foolish even Kevin warned her and then Sam told her at the end and she looked pissed off like he shouldn't have but she needs to be more careful... I also didn't like the death scene of the future profits looked cheap ..Douno what to think of Naomi yet..LOVED ! the start of the episode with the wind and stuff the effects were good ...Cass and dean scene were awsome and cute loved the emotional speech ...And cass woooooooooow blue eyes were so EPIC! ... Crowley was soooo evil but funny with the wind wheel .. Loved that dean and sam were not fighting and we actually saw emotion from sam when he patted dean and told him it wasn't his fault..But have a feeling that it aint gonna last from what reading that sam gets martin to track Benny ..But amazing episode!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wow another awesome episode

    wow where to start this episode had everything can't wait for more supernatural first like to say welcome back castiel we really did miss him well done to the cast and crew of supernatural and also the writers go supernatural you rock