Season 8 Episode 7

A Little Slice of Kevin

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 14, 2012 on The CW

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  • How Cass Got His Mojo Back

    In a particularly well executed episode of Supernatural this week Cass has escaped from Purgatory but he doesn't know how and Dean was seemingly hallucinating him up until the third time he appears since Cass wasn't at full strength yet. Meanwhile in Demon-land, Crowley has abducted several future prophets, Kevin is the current, and like Highlander there can be only one at a time. He got the names by torturing the angel that he captured from the second episode of the season when the God Jupiter was selling the tablet and Mrs. Tran was going to give up her soul. Crowley wants the tablet to be able to be read but since they can't be prophets while Kevin is around they are useless to him. The whole concept is really rather cool and goes back to the Season 5 Whore of Babylon episode where Castiel mentions that every Angel knows the names of every potential prophet. The best moment of the episode humor wise was Castiel watching the tube and his admission of "I've missed television." Dean has flashbacks to how he escaped Purgatory and his traveling through the gate. After putting Benny in his arm and dealing with two Leviathans he goes to the gate and Cass trips and gets left behind. Dean is utterly perplexed and he is guilt ridden that he let Cass down by leaving him there but in the end of the episode Cass telling Dean that Cass never intended to go with him and that he remembered it wrong with Cass yelling after him, "Go!" Kevin and Mrs. Tran hire a witch to build more demon killing bombs because they need the supplies. Finding one on Craigslist was humorous and when she arrives and Mrs. Tran drenches her in holy water was funny and Kevin yelling at his mom for doing it every time he comes back to their place of hiding. Crowley manages to turn the witch Delta against Kevin and break a salt line in the window so that Crowley can invade their location. Hopefully Delta pops up again later since her character is interesting and witches aren't really dealt with in this show except for in a few one off episodes, the last I can remember being the one in Season 3. Mrs. Tran brings a demon she holy waters to Sam and Dean and he gives them Crowley's location and they attack. Kevin continues to read the tablet to Crowley, having broken after Crowley removed one of his fingers. He mentions the demon gate again and how this was imported by the Archangel Metatron and that there are other tablets beyond Demon and Leviathan and for potentially all other sorts of nasties in the world. Cass is truly back in action and Crowley asking which Castiel it is, the megalomaniac one or the powerful one was a good reference to arcs past. This is truly the first time the Winchesters have worked with Cass without him being up to something on the side or mentally incapacitated since season 5 which is a great turn of events and given his past with Crowley it is fitting that his angelic wing showing and busting the tablet in half happen in his homecoming episode. The tablet is broken and Crowley now has half, Kevin is saved and the Winchesters are reunited with Cass. The most interesting part is that Cass was busted out of Purgatory by fellow angels and his being transported to Heaven to report to a head angel who is interested in what the Winchesters are up to and that he will not even remember that he is spying on them. This adds a totally new angle because Cass is not a free agent as we would have thought there are strings attached to his release and many angels must've died further decreasing the numbers and as Crowley put before in the episode, "The power in Heaven is up for grabs" or something like that since the war in Season 6 killed so many. Bringing back the Heaven and Hell dynamic is good for business in Supernatural and hopefully will be on its feet for the rest of the season now that Dean's flashbacks are played out. Seeing character insight that is so true is rare to have take place in a Season 8 and Cass pointing out that Dean, "Can't save everyone." This may surely play out in the second half of the season. The best is that Cass is back and that's enough to rejoice with him collaborating as the third man again in the Winchester family.