Season 7 Episode 11

Adventures in Babysitting

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 06, 2012 on The CW

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  • Annoying child.

    She was annoying the whole time she was in the episode and almost got Sam, Dean and her dad killed. +rep besides the annoying child.
  • Going strong

    We still mourn Bobby, but it was a decent episode.

    Loved Kriisy and I would definitely like to see her again!!!
  • keep on going

    The monsters of the week in this one were okay, just the right thing to get back to "regular work" after Bobby's death, and a break from the Leviathans; plus some family issues for Dean to deal with and relate to getting a glimpse of hope that those two will turn out better.

    The ending was great, and awfully sad Dean trying to keep it up, to keep going and hide the pain and desperation... :-/
  • Good episode

    Did a good job showing the transition from grieving (and still grieving) over Bobby, to getting back to helping others on the side. My favorite part of this episode was the teenage girl, Krissy, because we finally got a glimpse into the next generation of Hunters, and to see the parallels in the different generation of hunters (Dean and Sam, Frank, Krissy's dad and herself), and how different events have shaped them into who they are (or who they could/will grow up to be), makes for a very compelling episode.

    I also liked the funny banter between Krissy and Dean. It was sad to see Dean so worn out when talking to her, yet funny at the same time because of the girl's strong personality and impertinent youth, which served to rankle Dean.

    Ended with a hopeful note for the girl, and a bittersweet note for Dean when he's driving in the car and struggling between crying and smiling.

    Episode had a great plethora of things (plot, character development, humour, emotions, action, twists, etc.)
  • Really good overall, but ...

    Most of this episode was pretty great. How they finally let us know that Bobby is gone, was poignant and well-acted and the first scene with the hunter and this week's baddies was well-acted as well. The best moment though? Dean in his technician uniform and hardhat. We all know Jensen is hott ... but wowee! =)'

    For me, the problem was with the annoying extras.

    The old guy and the girl just made me want to grind my teeth. Why do they have to be so over the top? Actually, I like over the top, so I guess the better question is why do these characters have to have such annoying personalities? Also, the scene meant to be the climatic meeting of our heroes and monsters was either so badly acted or so badly edited, that it took away from what otherwise could have been a much better story and episode overall. Oh, and the ending scene where Dean and Sam are in the car? What was it with the lights flashing by them? They were distracting and did not look at all like anything real or that I have driven by. This does not really make for bad TV I guess, it's just that I once expected so much more from every scene in Supernatural.

    Nice try, and much better than recent episodes, but still not quite the SN of Seasons 1-5.
  • The beer! (Spoiler)

    Dean's full bottle of beer suddenly becomes empty. It is a ghost. Bobby has chosen to become a ghost! Oh Bobby! Overall, a very moving episode. It is even more moving than when John died. I hate the writers toying with our characters like that. Not only that, the funny moments, the sad moments, the thought-provoking moments and the witty dialogues all blend so well in this episode. It seems that Supernatural has just started to get better! Bravo!! =)
  • Interesting

    It's always good to see an episode of supernatural. Sam decides to help a girl find her father that is also a hunter, this is when Dean and Sam split up and Dean is looking for Dick Roman. Pretty cool to watch some vampire haven't seen those as much, but I had thought it to be great writing and the show was good.
  • What a disgust

    sara gumbe is back.

    She killed bobby

    she kille d the impala

    she killed the rock 'n' roll

    i'm thinking she really wanna kills supernatural as well!

    Same old story, without a meaning, with one of the wrost character EVR (the stupid inuseful girl kid). " One of the wrost series retourn ever.
  • Baby Sitter's Club (Spoilers Ahead)

    After Bobby's departure from this world it was to be expected that this episode would be a little depressing but Supernatural managed to balance the character development rather well considering. The episode followed Dean's search for the meaning of the numbers Bobby left them from Dick Roman's files as well as a re-teaming with Kevin who gets much more development beyond just being crazy this time around. Monster of the week wise two creatures called Vetala's from Hindu mythology grab a hunter who has a daughter who calls Bobby's number but since he's dead Sam decides to go out and help the girl's dad. Sam tracks the case her father was working but finds himself captured as well. Dean and Frank's number decryption leads them to a field in Wisconsin where Dick Roman is supposedly building something. Dean is brought into the mix of Sam's disappearance when the young girl calls with the number Sam told her to call if he didn't check in. Dean begrudgingly goes to rescue them with resistance from the girl. But the two establish a mutual rapport that makes her kind of a cool side character. When Dean gets in over his head with the Vetalas she comes to the rescue (a little trope-ishly I might add) with the whole "ooh she had a knife bit" and a side note how many times are the brothers going to use the whole "motel closet behind some clothing as a way to make it look like research has been done on a big job" trick as a reveal. Anyway they save the day and Dean tells the father to get out of the life to try to live a normal one. As bleak as Supernatural is, it is still hopeful even though now the brothers have no old friends or any friends really to fall back on at all with Cass and Bobby having bitten the dust. They are now truly alone with one another. But the father agrees to get out and Sam and Dean hit the road again to fight the Leviathans and whatever else comes their way. The two most striking moments of the episode dramatically was when Frank told Dean his back story of his family's death and how to tell yourself that you're fine till the end of the week then to do it again the next week which is a hell of a way to suffer but also what it takes in the life the brothers lead. In closing this was a very good midseason pickup from where we left off before the break. Great stuff and hopefully the second half can continue to being Supernatural as a great level.
  • Getting back to basics: Dealing with death and admirers

    There was some good acting and scripting for all here. This is a great entrance episode for someone new to the series to get introduced right away and not feel too out of it. It's great to see Dean wanting to kick arse and to be vengeful for Bobby's murder and to kick ass against the Leviathans. Bobby is going to be a hard person to replace so I'm looking forward to seeing how they're going to put together all the knowledge and "who to call" when they can't work something out. This might actually lead to more exciting episodes of trial and error by the guys as they can't find out the info that they need.

    There's some strong cameos, especially the young girl who quite obviously has a crush on Dean. The sucked nearly dry hunter is someone they ought to bring back. I loved his accent and attitude. He was kinda set up to be someone who could be someone helping but is retired, but obviously has to come in a out [with the girl in tow] to help them out.

    The repairman Dean moving up and down like an idiot in the repair crane was just hilarious, and something you'd expect in Austin Powers. Bring it on!
  • Great start of the second half of season 7

    This episode seemed to me to be getting back to Supernatural's roots. This was like an episode from the early seasons but did throw in the current story ark concerning the Leviathans. The two monsters were great and quite frightening. I noticed the hunter they captured at the beginning was the actor who portrays Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde in Sanctuary. The story also was enjoyable with the other hunter's daughter and she played the role nicely. Finally, Dean's adventure with Frank was a hoot. I really liked Frank's cynical ways and the way they bounced off each other was fun. So once again, a great way to start off the second half of the season.
  • Adventures In Babysitting

    Adventures In Babysitting was a superb episode and great return of Supernatural. I really enjoyed watching this episode as the brothers mourn Bobby and come across different ways of dealing with it. There are some new characters introduced who are also hunters and it was interesting to see how similar their lives are to that of Sam and Dean when they were growing up. The story was fun and intriguing. There was action, humor, drama and character development. There was some minor development on the Leviathan front but only that they bought a parcel of land to build some thing in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Curious and curious....

    I confess that last scene of the dean smiling, but at the same time felt unhappy worried me, because I thought we overdid the Jensen, but seeing between the lines I realized that this is the way to our next blonde, even bleeding inside, so I do not know how long . The death booby continue with the same opinion before I found unnecessary, as the empty beer already in the one direction that this booby around sooner or later (of course, will depend on the extra work jimy). The monster was kind of hybrid of the year nothing more than what we have seen before in hope that supernatural creatives improve these monsters. Returning to leviatnas dick, I think the farm is only the beginning of a new generation of leviatnas. Sam was always sam thanks god. Leaving my remarks for last: the girl was the hunting party which made the eps get better (do not know about you guys, but he remembered well the jo in a second test, of course the way these girls leave the dean sick freak). and final stand by my opinion was a median eps, I will not say bad wire pitiful, but for the standard supernatural deserved more.
  • Really good mid season comeback

    Great episode to come back to! Supernatural has been my favorite show on TV ever since season 1 and this episode certainly lived upto expectations.

    I am really going to miss Bobby and his eccentric ways though. Hope they find some way to bring him back. Dean and Sam were very good as usual and good performance by Kevin McNally as Frank. Funniest scene though...

    Dean: Frank, I'm not a Leviathan.

    Frank: Oh, sure. You're not a Leviathan. Dick Roman is not a Leviathan. Gwyneth Paltrow is not a Leviathan.

    Dean: Yeah?

    Frank: Trust me

    Dean's expression here..priceless!!

  • So... fake it.

    What an incredible ep to come back to!

    *** Spoilers ***

    Our boys are reeling with the loss of Bobby. Shock turns to action, action turns to obsession, at least for Dean who can't make heads or tails of the numbers Bobby left them. He even paid to get some geektastic help in the form of that quirky, bi-polar, conspiracy-theorist, nutjob who just happens to not only lose track of time, "days, weeks..." *shrug*, but apparently dispenses with some good advice upon occasion.

    This ep moved the story forward, but brought some fire and fight back to our boys too.

    The next generation of hunter was introduced in the guise of a 14 year old girl who can still have a normal life, if her father quits and gets her out of the game too.

    Oodles of character growth in this ep for Dean in particular. Still a little curious about Sam (loved how he drew the wrath down on himself to save the dad, it was obvious but necessary).

    There was so much emotion and depth entwined with the despair over our loss that it's almost got me speechless.

    Great job from this writer, phenomenal job by our boys!

    I can only hope that there are still many eps left in which either memories of, or Bobby himself does appear.

    Thanks Kast and Krew for all your hard work.

    Special love as always, to Jensen and Jared.
  • Farewell to Bobby Singer ?????

    I have followed Supernatural since the first episode and fell in love with it just like everyone else. I can honestly say that it is my favorite show on TVright now. I will truely miss Jim Beaver aka Bobby Singer. I think he really helped make the show and some stability to the lives of the brothers. We can only hope that the boys find a way to bring him back as the show may not be the same without him. I am a permanent fan of the show reguardless of who comes and goes but I really hope that Jim Beaver will return from the dead.
  • Heartbreaking demonstration of the horrible toll hunting takes.

    That week-by-week montage of grief at the beginning was really well done. I loved how it escalated from them being paralyzed by sorrow to gradually working themselves up to revenge.

    It was a good idea to introduce a character as crazy as Frank. You just know hunting would attract paranoid conspiracy theorists like him. And it adds a colourful dimension, in the same way Walter does on Fringe, to have an insane but insanely smart character around.

    You can tell just how beaten down Dean is in his interactions with Krissy. He's usually so sweet with kids, but it's like he has nothing left to give.

    I was afraid Krissy would turn into a whiny teen who messes up because she won't listen. But it turns out she was actually a good actress as well as a good hunter, and was only pretending to be a whiny teen. She was pretty awesome in the end. And it was nice she and her father retired. And I always like seeing the boys develop some kind of relationship with the victims/hunters of the week. I liked how Sam provoked the vetala into feeding on him so she wouldn't kill Krissy's dad.

    The theme this week seemed to be how the Supernatural brutally plunges families into grief and revenge and condemns them to a lifetime of hunting. At least Sam and Dean and Krissy and her dad have each other. The fact Frank was left with no one probably helps explain why it drove him to such craziness.

    I also love when the episode ends with a night driving scene in the car. The boys trying to look out for each other, but both of them so broken. It was sad that right after talking the father-daughter hunters into retirement, their response to how broken they are is to just keep on working. And Dean's attempt to take Frank's advice about pasting on a smile was nothing short of heartbreaking. Great acting by Jensen, to show the forced smile warring with the need to break down and cry.

    I was sad when the episode was over, I don't want to wait another week for more.
  • Why so sad

    Why so sad when people die (Bobby). Everyone seems to come back to life anyways and if not they know how great heaven is. They have been there.
  • Sad but great

    Great episode, the boys mourning Bobby :(( and then slowly going on again working in different ways.

    They're not fine, they will not be for a long time, but they're trying to survive.

    Great chemistry between Dean and the girl and also great scene when he's not able to decide where to start saving hostages. Yeah, the girl saves the day!

  • Sad but highly entertaining

    My List of Awesome for this week:

    - Sam and Dean sitting side by side looking at each other when the other isn't looking.

    - The mysterious disappearing beer. I don't think Dean drank it.

    - No car can ever fill Baby's brake shoes, but that Buick Skylark will do nicely as a temporary fill in.

    - "It's not easy digging this deep into reality when you're a paranoid schizophrenic with delusional hallucinations." Oh Frank. You are one interesting character!

    - Gwyneth Paltrow is a Leviathan. I knew it! Who else would name a kid "Apple" unless they saw humans as food?!?

    - "I'm actually awesome." Yes Dean, yes you are!

    - Those two vetalas were very convincing, both when they were pretending to be harmless and when they were scary!

    - The sucking on Sam's neck was pretty sexy! And the goading her into it to save Chambers ass was pretty heroic.

    - Dean in a hard hat riding a cherry picker!!!

    - What the heck are the Levis up to in that cheeseville field? Inquiring minds want to know.

    - Chrissie is one badass fourteen-year-old girl!

    - Sam: "Should I even ask?" No Sam. No you shouldn't. He's just going to say he's fine.

    - Dean: "I'm fine." See Sam? What did I tell ya.

    - Two great tunes: Riding the Storm Out by REO and Dear Mr. Fantasy by Traffic.

  • Another great episode

    wow can't believe bobby is gone so sad will miss him what will happen to sam and dean now that bobby is gone sam and dean will not be fine for along time what will happen next for the boys can't wait for more