Season 7 Episode 11

Adventures in Babysitting

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 06, 2012 on The CW

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  • Really good overall, but ...

    Most of this episode was pretty great. How they finally let us know that Bobby is gone, was poignant and well-acted and the first scene with the hunter and this week's baddies was well-acted as well. The best moment though? Dean in his technician uniform and hardhat. We all know Jensen is hott ... but wowee! =)'

    For me, the problem was with the annoying extras.

    The old guy and the girl just made me want to grind my teeth. Why do they have to be so over the top? Actually, I like over the top, so I guess the better question is why do these characters have to have such annoying personalities? Also, the scene meant to be the climatic meeting of our heroes and monsters was either so badly acted or so badly edited, that it took away from what otherwise could have been a much better story and episode overall. Oh, and the ending scene where Dean and Sam are in the car? What was it with the lights flashing by them? They were distracting and did not look at all like anything real or that I have driven by. This does not really make for bad TV I guess, it's just that I once expected so much more from every scene in Supernatural.

    Nice try, and much better than recent episodes, but still not quite the SN of Seasons 1-5.
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