Season 9 Episode 19

Alex Annie Alexis Ann

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 22, 2014 on The CW
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Sheriff Mills calls in Sam and Dean when a prisoner under her protection is abducted by vampires.

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  • Great ep!

    Loved this ep and dean was awesome! And Jody was great!
  • Weak story, strong characters

    the story itself was rather confusing and pretty meh.

    The character moments were more interesting. It was lovely to see Jody again. She is a cool character, she is badass and it's interesting to see how she is coping with her loss.

    Dean is spiraling into darkness fast. And unwilling to acknowledge it. And Sam is noticing and trying to help. In vain so far. This can't end up well.
  • Hmmm...

    Well they certainly nailed the drama, but was it a good move?

    Jody is a great character- she's caring, strong, confident, and has a past with Bobby, so we know we're glad she came back. Digging into her past is something a little newer, and they did a good job, but I think it could have been better. While she's a wonderful character, an entire episode dramatically centered around her was a little much. Everything about it was good- the acting was very convincing, the plot was interesting, and everything flowed. But the just the fact that it was a dramatic episode made it a little weaker. If there had been comedy involved, it would have been great, but unfortunately there was none. I was interested, and I wanted to keep watching, but I felt sort of like a blank wall. We may have needed to see a little more of Jody recently for this kind of episode to work better for her, but I just don't think this was very fitting. They did a good job, but there was just something a little "eh" about it. Otherwise, good job. They did well for the kind of episode they chose to do, it just didn't quite fit.moreless
  • Good filler in my opinion

    Before this episode gets filled with nothing but negative reviews, I'll just put in my '2 cents'.

    I felt like this was a fairly decent filler. I think the main reason everyone seems to complain about it is because this is the 19th episode which is toward the end of the season and people haven't been expecting so many fillers late season, especially with all the breaks they had us on in between. Still Supernatural has been renewed for another season and it looks like it's in the middle of an arc. I know people are expecting big season finales all the time and arcs to be finished up soon but I feel like they're waiting for next season to address most of those. People have to be patient.

    I'll admit I wasn't too happy they dragged the Sam and Dean fight out for so long this season but this season wasn't as bad as people are making it out to be. Honestly though, I like the direction this is all heading in and the pace they set it.

    It's not all about angels and demons and the freaking apocalypse. In fact once upon a time, it was mostly Monster of the Week episodes.

    Anyways personally I enjoyed this episode. I'm glad they brought back Jody and while I was a little skeptical at first with 'Ann' and was really hoping it didn't turn out to be a Twilight plot, I grew to like her in the episode. I liked the mark of cain giving Dean superhuman strength. I also liked that Sam was growing a little worried. In Jared's interview on CW website (it's in the 'Extras') he said Sam saw a little of himself when he was hopped on demon blood in Dean.

    So yeah before all the negative reviews start rolling in (it was at least happening in the community section), there's my view on it. Hoping to keep it positive, guys. And maybe I'm in the minority when I say this but personally I can't wait to see the new character in the upcoming spin off next episode.moreless
  • Supernatural dropped the ball here...

    In a spotty season, "Alex Annie Alexis Ann" takes the cake for most mediocre episode thus far. There were so many problems in this one, so I'll split them up into sections:

    1. Writing. The writing of this episode was chiched and boring, with even Sam and Dean admitting at the end it would have been nice to come up with something better than "Look at me bitch!" From the moment Sheriff Jody Mills asked the question of why change they girl's name from Annie to Alex when they were so close, I predicted the blindingly obvious: the girl was taken to replace someone who had been lost. Jody is one of my favourite characters and it was so disappointing to see her grief being handled so inexpertly by the writer. I would have loved to see a Jody-centric episode that wasn't drowning in false sentiment and unlikely affection for Alex, one of the most unconvincing characters in the series thus far.

    2. Acting. In my opinion, Kim Rhodes stole the show this episode playing the only character who did not come across as wooden. It hurts me to say but this was probably the worst acting offered by both Jared and Jensen in the entire series. Sam was portrayed as stiff in a way that honestly reminded me of Gadreel and I thought it shoddy that while last episode we saw Dean losing himself to what can only be described as withdrawal from the First Blade, this episode he seemed completely fine. I actually wonder if maybe this was aired out of sequence. Until a brief mention by Sam towards the end, I thought they had forgotten Dean's problems. Even this quick mention that Dean didn't seem alright made no sense, as Sam was saying Dean enjoyed the kill too much, and this struck me as odd, because Dean has always enjoyed killing monsters more than Sam. If this line was said in the context of Dean behaving cruelly with no monsters involved, I would buy it, but Dean was acting no differently than how he has acted for the past nine seasons. Perhaps if the actors had done a better job, I would have gained a sense of how far Dean had fallen. Which brings me to...

    3. Directing. I don't often critique directing as it isn't my strong suit, but I have learned that even the best actors will give terrible performances working under directors who don't know what they're doing. The fact that both Jared and Jensen fell apart in the same episode when they have been acting the same characters wonderfully for years leads me to blame the directing (and a decent script would have helped too). In fact, not one of the actors who appeared seemed any good to me besides Kim Rhodes. I found the episode unsuspenseful and predictable, and I think much of the blame has to fall on the director. Some decent music would have helped too; these episodes highlight how badly Supernatural needs a decent soundtrack when you compare it to its most obvious contemporaries, Sherlock and my musical favourite, Doctor Who.

    All in all, this was a dull episode I might have expected of another show, but not Supernatural. I can't understand why they are wasting their time with episodes like this so close to the season finale when we STILL don't know who the season's ultimate villain is: Metatron or Abbadon. Supernatural needs to pick up its game: season 9 has been wildly inconsistent and they need to perform better if they hope to keep the casual viewers into season 10.moreless
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