Season 2 Episode 21

All Hell Breaks Loose (1)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 10, 2007 on The CW

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  • All Hell Breaks Lose (1) Come on next week Can't wait

    OMG, that was the best episode ever, i can't believe that Sam is supposably dead, there's no way he will die because then how could there be a third season, i mean come on there will be a third season, well there better be other wise i'm going after Kripke. Even though i live in the UK and he is in the USA. I'll find a way!!! Lol

    Anyways back to the episode - Can't believe Mary knew about the YED, i mean that was so weird, but then again everything is weird. I was crying at the end, it was so emotional with Dean holding Sam and him dieing in his arm, and then him shouting Sam's name

    But i gotta say excellent acting by both Jensen & Jared, this has got to be one of my faviourite episodes and i'm sure next week will be better, roll on season 3


    I will love you forever - but don't think I'm weird or anything like that i just don't have a life other than watching TV!!!
  • Incredible!

    Season finales are always the best, and this part one of a two part finale does not disappoint at all! It opens up with an intriguing start; Sam gets kidnapped and finds himself in the middle of nowhere with power users he's met throughout the second season. And one by one they slowly die off by a demon. The set up played out extremely well that had us guessing what exactly was going on; are the ability users being gathered up? Why are they dying? And then with the demon visiting Sam in his dreams it takes a turn in the road. The betrayal of Ava, Jake playing into the demon's plans, the emotion, the superb acting, the unexpected events, it all just built up so extremely well into...Sam's death. A tragic ending but this being the second last episode, it just makes us even more curious what the real ending has instored for us.
  • Part one of the finale.

    In part one of season twos finale Sam is taken to a isolated and abandoned town with all the other special children. Ava is there and we also meet Jake.

    Jake has super strength and he came from the war. Just went to sleep half way across the world and woke up there. Ava seems to think she has only just got there too but Sam tells her she has been missing for months.

    Dean on the other hand is now with Bobby and looking for Sam. They go to see Ash because he calls and when they get there the bar is blown up and Ash is dead. The only survivor is Ellen.

    Dean gets a vision from that guy that I can't remember his name but he is awsome! He sends Dean a vision on a bell with the tree on it. Bobby figures out what it is and where to go.

    Back to Sam and they have already lost a girl. Hanged.

    Sam arms Jake and the rest with wepons to protect them from spirits. Sam figures out that it's Ava doing all the killing and creating the ghost girl. Ava dies, I think Jake kills her. Then suddenly it's down to Sam and Jake (oh and by the way they have both been visited by the YED) and there is a fight in which it looks like Sam has won. Then Dean and Bobby show up and Jake comes up behind Sam and stabs him in the back. Sammy dies....
    Dean catches him before he hits the ground...
    Bobby runs off after Jake.
  • The best Season finale til now!

    Supernatural Season 2 Episode 21 All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1
    Sam disappears and reappears in a lonely town where other "special children" where gathered by Azazel, a.k.a Yellow Eyed Demon, to fight and find out who will open the devil's gate.

    This episode, and the second part of it, are certainly the best Supernatural Season Finale until now. This and the next episode where so full of action, suspense, and drama! At the end Sam dies and now Dean will have to sacrifice his soul to bring him back. The plot is amazing, the battle between the special children and the devil's gate, and the colt gone... all of this is so amazing! The best Season Finale!
  • Could be a movie, if combined with part 2

    Not the best supernatural episode but is pretty close. Sam is taken be the yellow-eyed demon and placed in a ghost town along with the other physic kids (ever noticed that physic is only spelled with one c but is pronounced si-Kik). Sam stays calm, cool and collective along with this dude from the army who could bench 800 but he wasnt like big that was just his physic ability which is kinda weird bcuz that doesnt seem physic at all but the other three physics (you've seen two of them in previous episodes, Danny and Eva i think sry). The other girl (apparently lesb0) kills people by touching them. The yellow-eyed demon only wants one of the physics and of course he doesn't have an obstacle course and picks the physic who had the fastest time. He makes them kill each other til there is one left. Great episode with a L0TS of suprises. Barely better than part 2.
  • Probably the best episode ever!

    First of all, I will review this two-part episode like a whole, because it's almost impossible for me to coherently divide one part from the other. Moreover, reviewing it after seeing "Lucifer Rising" (4x22), I can't help but take in consideration the whole picture.

    The first thing that pops into my mind about "All Hell Breaks Loose" is that I absolutely adore the Cold Oak set. The fictional haunted town in South Dakota is ghastly and ominous, and Serge Ladouceur's cinematography enhanced the grim, sepulchral look of the town in a way that always send multiple shivers down my spine. It is the best set I've ever seen and the atmosphere was so unearthly and gaunt that every time I watch the episode I feel the urge to grab a blanket. The second thing is that I love the idea of railway-made devil's trap: it's so American, so realistic, so dusty and vivid, do authentically western that I really have to applaud Eric Kripke's imagination. When the Hell's Gate burst open and the legion of demons storms out of it toward the black sky, highlighting with red and flames the railways and exploding the five churches... I was literally shacking with anticipation and emotion. It is such a powerful scene, so apocalyptic and sinister, so suggesting! Kim Manners was really a genius, one of the most talented directors I've ever encountered. And he will be most dearly miss.

    Other two scenes surface: when Sam is stabbed by Jake and Dean runs toward him, to save him, and when Dean - looking over Sam's dead body - told him he can't let him down, he can't let him die. Jensen Ackles' performance, which is always solid and great, was so perfect, so damn touching that I can't help but cry every single time I watch Season Two finale. Not only I can relate to that feeling of necessity that Dean has for Sam, and we all feel toward who we love the most, but also the sense of urgency, of bitter delusion, of frustration, of anger. Kudos to Jensen for delivering such a deep performance. It really set this episode apart.

    And now, I'm at the moment where I have to tell what sets "Supernatural" apart from any other show I've seen: "The X-Files" had an overarching mythology, which was rich for sure, but not very well developed, and so did many other shows, like "Buffy" or even "Lost". But it was from the golden age of "Twin Peaks" that I didn't found a mythology both rich and simple, enthralling and fascinating, labyrinthine and linear at the same time, like every mythology should be - simple enough to ease you through its meanders, but complex and rich enough to awe you. "Supernatural" has it and, having already watched "Lucifer Rising", the Fourth Season's Finale, I'm even more mesmerized by the care that Eric Kripke and his writers put in weaving such mythology: everything clicks just perfectly, and when the Yellow Eyed Demon's masterplan is finally revealed - the opening of the Hell's Gate, the deal with John and with Dean, the raising of the Special Children - all the pieces fall together and the bigger picture is amazing and spell-binding. There are still unanswered questions, but the mythology of "Supernatural" is so solid and strong, so powerful and sumptuous that I have no problem waiting for them. And in the meantime I have masterpieces of an episode, like "All Hell Breaks Loose" to watch. Thanks Eric Kripke, and thanks "Supernatural"!.
  • The beginning to an incredible season finale

    It really is too tough to label Part 1 or Part 2 of this episode as the better one. Both focus on different things that eventually come to connect with one another, and both have truly surprising and shocking moments that change the dynamic of the show once again.

    In this episode, we watch Sam get taken away to a haunted town in the middle of nowhere, along with some familiar faces: Andy and Ava, the two people from earlier in the season that Sam and Dean met. The ones with powers. With them are two new people, both with their own powers. The point of the meeting? To see which one of them can survive the longest. Watching the Yellow Eyed Demon work his magic and screw around with everyone was intriguing and lead to the final moment of the episode, where yes, Sam actually dies.

    It was nice to see a slew of old faces that we haven't seen in awhile. Bobby has always been one of my favorite supporting characters and I really hope we see more of him over the course of the show. Also, Andy is always a funny addition, while Ava was just annoying.

    However, the Yellow Eyed Demon is always my favorite. He is an excellent villain and is in good form tonight. This episode built up the suspense to the point where you didn't think it could go anymore, and then in the next episode, they keep it going.
  • "All Hell Breaks Loose Pt. 1" is one of the best episodes there can be.

    The episode is jam-packed with shocks. Mary knows the Yellow-Eyed Demon. The Yellow-Eyed Demon's way of making infants psychics, and Sam's reaction to having demon blood in him, just goes to show how much he hates the damn things. The end of the episode was by far the biggest shock of the episode. I think that part was actually the most unrealistic. Jake got smashed over the head with a friggin' 2x4, for God's sake! He was knocked out cold, but two seconds later, he was good as new, ready for action, and ready to kill. Saddest part: Sam is bathed in happiness at the sight of Dean and Bobby for about five seconds, and then he is stabbed in the back by a earlier-on friend, literally! Sam's death was definitely one of the saddest moments, with Dean's absolute refusal to accept his little brother's death, until he is forced to accept it. The episode that folows was just as good, but anyone that hasn't seen it, I won't spoil it.
  • Ouch!

    This episode could tend to be a tearjerker in the final scene. The episode was so perfect, now I know why Dean had so much airtime in the last episode. Now it's Sam's turn to have airtime. This episode was amazing cause Ava & Andy return. The war has begun with two new "children". I hated how Lily got killed off so quickly. Ash dying dying, that was also pretty sad. Dean didn't seem to care though. The big twist when Ava was the one killing people was definitely surprising. Katherine was great as Ava. She got killed off two quickly to. At least she had 2 episodes. Sam dies at the end. The war has begun. I cannot wait for part two!
  • It deserves a perfect mark for the final scene alone, the rest of the episode is a 9.

    It was a brilliant lead-in for a great finale merely because of the final twist, it was a hell of a curve ball, and the scene itself was heart wrenching, of course Sam won't stay dead, he's half the show for God's sake! But seeing Sam die this horrible death, in his brother's arms, and Dean's immense grief … it was tragic. And damn it, Ackles did it again … it was all so REAL, his face, his voice, the way Dean was holding on to his brother, talking to him, and reassuring him, even though he must have known his injury was fatal … and then the dawning realization that Sam was gone! I cried …

    The first part of the episode was kinda slow and unexciting, up until Ava killed Andy and we discovered she's "the heavy weight champion"! Poor Andy, I really liked the guy, and the actor did a tremendous job portraying an innocent, severely confused young man. Then it went back to being slow, it did include pivotal scenes, mainly Sam's dream of YED and the revelation that Mary knew who he was. I wonder what YED's plans are? What did Ash know about him and his plan? Why was Sam his favorite? And how did Mary know him? (we'll get the answer to that last question come season4)

    Everything in the episode was building up to that final scene … what a cliffhanger …
  • This episode at the end was so sad!

    This episode is one of my favorite episodes! Anyways, in this episode Sam is abducted along with four other special children to Cold Oak which is supposed to be the most haunted place in the US. Sam and the other people decide to stick together except for one of the people who decides to leave and go off into the woods, but she is killed. Then one of the Andy gets killed by the last girl left named Ava because she can use her mind to control a demon. Then Sam asks her why the salt line is crossed and the demon starts to come but this other guy named jake kills her before it kills Sam. Then they're both outisde and Jake's like the yellow eyed dude says that only one of us can leave, but Sam is telling him that they can both leave and kill the yellow eyed demon, but then Jake throws Sam really far and then they start fighting and Sam hits Jake and he falls. Then Dean and Bobby come and Sam's like "Dean!" then Dean's like look out, then Jake puts a knife through Sam's back, then Jake runs and Bobby runs after him. Then Dean screams "SAM!" but he's dead. Aww, that made me cry for like five minutes!
  • In the first part of the season finale Sam gets kidnapped by the yellow-eyed-demon and Dean struggles to find him. In the end, one brother loses his life.

    This episode will always be a true classic for me. First of all, the writing was just great. It really pains me that Supernatural is so underrated, he needs to be seen more. Great first start to the finale! So much was revealed in this episode. I mean, Sammy has demon blood in him? Okay, that's so wrong. I've always pictured Sam as this puppy-dog little brother who's always righteous and... right. Sam's geek boy, so how can he possibly have demon blood in him? It'll be interesting to see how Kripke will deal with this one. Is Sam destined to be evil like he always fears? Or does Dean truly believe he can save him? Wow, talk about emotional roller coast for these two brothers. Dean was so hilarious in the beginning with his onions! I was all, "I love extra onions too!" LOL. I can't believe Ava and Andy died though. I loved Andy! He was so funny! And Ava, what the heck happened to her? Did she really turn evil or were she just possessed? I mean, it's creepy to think that loveable and cute Ava just turned evil and started killing people. Jake was freaky... and creepy... and he killed Sam! A**hole.

    Okay, let's talk about the last scene. Dean, honey, you broke me. Man, Jensen, you did some great acting there. And Jared really plays dead well. I'm a spoiler freak s I'd read before that Sam was gonna die in Dean's arms but I certainly didn't expect it like that. I admit it, I kind of hoped that Sam would say a last goodbye or something, but the one-sided conversation with Dean doing all the talking was even more heartbreaking! Wow. I will always cry while watching that scene.
  • It begins...

    This episode is fantastic, from the very beginning with Sam's evil shining through to the end with the unexpected finish.

    Sam dying is a tremendous plot twist and more importantly, a pivotal moment in the show, with revelations such as being part demon, the remaining soldier being a leader for who knows what, and the Roadhouse being burned down, with Ash dying and several other hunters.

    The competition is fantastic, with great plot twists and a thrilling conclusion, and sets up the final episode of the season quite well.

    Overall, this is a great episode as the yellow eyed demon prepares for a massive army, and Sam being killed.
  • In the first part of the season finale, Dean loses Sam at a roadside diner, while Sam wakes up in a ghost town.


    Dean spends the majority of the episode looking for Sam and Sam spends this episode trying to keep himself and the other "special" children alive. Unfortunately, there are forces working behind the scenes that are not going to help Sam keep everyone alive.

    This is a great episode, with a hell of a cliffhanger. I don't want to go into too much detail about what happens in this episode, but it opens up all kinds of questions for what season three is going to entail. For instance, in the flashback sequence, Mary knew the yellowed eyed demon. Also there are other "generations" of people like Sam? That will be cool to see more about in season 3.

    I love Andy and I was so upset when he died. I figured he would die, but that didn't make it suck any less. I cheered when Jake killed Ava. What really sucks is that I liked Jake so much throughout this episode, for him to be such an evil character at the end of the episode.

    Goodbye to the Roadhouse!! Nice fire, good riddance. It didn't really bother me that much, but it was a crutch. For anyone who has done writing, you can tell when something is created to make writing easier and while the Roadhouse wasn't entirely a dues ex machine, it was pretty darn close. Either way you look at it, it was cheating. Burn, baby, burn.
  • Sam is captured by the yellow-eyed demon, and ends up in a ghost town.

    This is part one of the season 2 finale. The yellow-eyed demon captures sam. sam then ends up at a ghost town, where he meets other people with special abilities. only one of the special people will make it out alive. sam and jake battle it out to see which one will make it out alive. jake stabs sam in the back. sam has been killed, and now dean must find a way to bring back sam. meanwhile, ash has been killed by the yellow-eyed demon, and he had found out a secret. Jake has now become the yellow-eyed demons servant.
  • Sam's starring in a Supernatural version of Battle Royale and Dean, searching for him, experiences a Staggering Migraine from Hell™.

    I'm actually going to stick with the Battle Royale comparison for most of this so I guess I should explain for anyone who might not have the same references as I do. Battle Royale (you can wikipedia it) is a Japanese movie (based on a previous novel) about a vaguely dystopian Japan in which, due to economic collapse, the populace instituted a law that essentially tithed the younger generations. Except not with money. Each year, one school's graduating class is selected to participate in the Battle Royale, in which they're isolated on an island and fitted with electronic collars. If they refuse to play, the collar kills them; as the game progresses the land on which they can tread shrinks, and they are forced to hunt each other until one remains. It's quite interesting that I enjoy it because it is borderline torture porn – I think the reason I enjoy it is that in addition to violence, there's a lot of thought and care put into showing how the different students react in so many different – and believable – ways to their situation.

    The reason I'm talking about this is because I felt that this season finale was overall not exciting in the way that the first season's was. I've been trying to figure out why, what was missing. I think it boils down to the differences between "All Hell Breaks Loose" and "Battle Royale." In the latter, right off the bat, although you know none of the students, you know that they're in way over their heads and thus fear for their safety. In the former, there were just glimpses of anything that could indicate such hopelessness. The Yellow-Eyed Demon himself stole Sam away in the teaser, which started the episode off quite well, but as soon as the Children of the Corn were all in Spooksville Sam was able to take charge and prepare against everything that came at them. He could even deal with the curveball of Ava turning Dark Side within the span of a minute. Additionally, while I'm not a fan of graphic violence in exchange for intellectual terror, most of the time the two work best together. Like "Croatoan," I would have liked to see more evil I'm complaining a lot more vehemently than I really want to be, it's not that I found the episode bad, I just thought it could be more. I might have liked to see a three-part season finale – in the first Sam and the Children are abducted and work together, in the second Things Fall Apart, to use Chinua Achebe's words, and the third stays as "All Hell Breaks Lose (2)" was. This would allow more time for many things: elaboration on how scared we should be for Sam, time to feel some character sympathy for Lily, more time to see Jake accept the Dark Side, etc.

    Anyway. I guess I'm being a spoilsport and/or have horrible taste; I know someone else who has been watching Supernatural for the first time, who disliked Roadkill for its similarities to 6th Sense, and who thought the second season finale was great. I'm happy to stand up for my opinion, even if it's in the minority, but I want to say again – I didn't think the finale was terrible, but just average. I was so hoping to make more comments about how "apocryphal" isn't a choice in the episode-description drop-down menu, but I just don't really feel like I ever really feared for the end of the world.

    In other news, I am SO EXCITED for the new character developments with Mary Winchester. I was pumped just by the flashback because I was going to count her White Clothing Article of Doom™, but her monosyllabic performance was so much better. "You." Ah, so much can be spoken in so few words. Oh dear, I wonder how slow I am – I just thought of the connection between Mrs. Winchester and another mother whose name is Mary. Great job, there, buddy, only took you forty-four episodes after she died... And if Mary is Mary, but wasn't visited by an angel, does that mean that Sam is not-Christ? He's doing a rather poor job at it if he is. Then again, there's nothing all that Satanic about Damien himself in The Omen, just about the people protecting him. "It's all for you, Damien!"

    Heh. You know – I think I stopped paying attention at the final scene of this episode because I thought it ended with the panning out, which I thought was beautiful because it would of course be symbolic of how little the Boys are in comparison to all of the dark and mud and grossness in the world. Just reading what someone else wrote about it focusing back on Dean crying...apparently my memory was wrong. Oh well. I could check, but I like the way I'm remembering the episode ending more, so I'll just go with it.
  • This is part one of the Second season finale, i give this EXACTLY WHY I WATCH THIS SERIES its AMAZINGLY SPECTACULAR its so good it follows Sam as he is kidnapped by the Yellow Eyed Demon and how he meets up with old friends and psychics die off one by one

    This episode was my one of my favorite i mean it was AMAZING!!! Kripke did a really good job with the second season finale i loved both part one and part two! they were both amazing and it gets you hooked to the t.v. it really is attention grabber specially if you like the show it was sad though how it was the season finale therefore we have to wait til the 3rd season comes in October. Personal favorite, Amazing, Spectacular, Shocking, a HUGE twist that will leave your mouth open! hope everyone loves this episode as much as i do!
  • In the first installment of Supernatural's season 2 finale, Sam is abducted from a diner by the YED, leaving Dean desperate to find him before it's too late. Sam wakes up in a fronteir town...and finds out that YED's organized a survival of the fittest...

    I love Supernatural. I've been a loyal fan forever and have loved every episode...and this, like I said in the header, is exactly why I keep tuning in to watch this series. While the mythology episodes are great, the aspect I loved most about this episode was the fact that it revolved around plot that defined many happenings this season - the Yellow-Eyed Demon's supposed "plans" for Sam and all children like him. We fans have been waiting for this, answers as to what this "plan" actually entails, and here's where we get them! It's also a nice surprise to see characters such as Ava and Andy again, even if the circumstances that led to Sam's encounter with these previous friends aren't so rosy. It's Sammy, Ava, Andy, and two new "spid" ("special [chosen] kids") characters left, in an abandoned town, by the demon that's been watching the progress of each of their special a twisted game of survival meant to pit them against each other and leave only the strongest - one survivor - to act as a soldier for the demonic army set to take over the world. Sound dramatic? It is. Ava has turned evil, kills off Andy and Lily, gets herself killed by Jake...which leaves just super-strong Jake and our very own Sammy. The fight that ensues between them (a desperate Jake, scared for his own survival, against an ever-calm Sam just ready to defend himself) is what truly makes the episode. Sam is stabbed and dies in the arms of none other than Dean in the last 3 minutes, something that left me staring numbly at the screen. The brotherly relationship is so tangible in this episode, and Dean's grief is heartbreaking. Though Sam makes a return later on, this episode is one you will NOT want to miss. It's a perfect 10. The acting cannot be matched by any other show, and that's fact!
  • Well, yet another great season finale part one. All hell certainly broke loose but i enjoyed seeing it happen.

    First of all, sam's not dead. Second of all, Sam's not dead. And third of all... He's not dead. He couldn't be because the show would be split in half. Even though to me Dean deserves more than half im happy to know that next season will be more Dean orientated insted of the mainly focused Sam season we had this year. What a shocker, Ava being evil definitely was a great touch but i can't say i didn't see it coming. Because everyone knows that when someone goes missing then shows up again to find out that another character is dead it is almost always true that it was infact the missing person that killed the dead one. Anyways, it sucks that she had to die because it would have been nice to see her in future episodes after the deamon's defeat. but... not if she was evil. And who was shocked by the betrayal at the end towards sam. Of coarse the deamon will have better luck at convincing people to create violance than Sam will to stop it. Anyways, i loved how the "chosen children" were isolated this episode because it made things simpler and there were less suspects to the murders. Also sam didn't have anyone to help him and had to fend for himself amongst others. He took charge of them and got control of the situation without Dean there. Dean Dean Dean Dean, poor guy. Not only did his father tell him to watch over his brother but he feels the natural sense to protect Sam. So seeing him fall to the groud after being stabbed AFTER loosing him out of a diner must have been beyond tragic. I mean, it hurt me just having to watch it!

    Great first part season finale, great on the egde ending and great everything else!!
  • We’ve wanted answers for two years and we get them all in one episode!

    This episode is a shocker, a ton of information dropped casually in a 5 minute conversation! It takes a while to process afterwards and even longer to realise the implications.

    The biggest questions of the series answered!
    - What was Yellow-Eyes doing to Sam? Now we know why Sam was immune to the demon virus. Then again, the demons didn’t know that, ‘Croatoan’ was a test to show if the children would be. Question is – did this give them powers, enhance existing powers or just mark them somehow?
    - Why did Mary have to die? Mary had some sort of connection with the demon! What the…?! Again he says he killed Mary because of ‘wrong place, wrong time’ which is what he said in ‘Devil’s Trap’ too. An odd thing to say when he killed many other women exactly the same way! Was Mary special to him somehow? Here’s a freaky thought – could Sam have been chosen *because* he was Mary’s son? (Could he be the YED's son, not John's?!) This also explains 'Home' where Mary apologised to Sam and we never understood why. She was apologising for *this*!!
    - Why did Jess have to die? We always thought maybe Jess died as a warning. Never occurred to me that it was to prevent Sam becoming a civilian! I always figured the demon *didn’t* want them hunting him, not that he was deliberately grooming Sam! Yellow-Eyes really creeps me when he starts saying ‘Sammy’ and how Sam is his favourite! It matches his behaviour in ‘Devil’s Trap’ – his warmth toward Sam and his complete lack of interest in Dean.
    - Why did some of the children have nursery fires and some not? If the demon got interrupted, he killed and that started the fire; if not interrupted, he would finish with the baby and leave and no-one would know he was ever there. This explains episode 20 too – Dean’s wish was specific, that Mary never died. To accomplish that wish, the demon could never have picked Sam, or the alternate Sam would have had visions too, which he didn’t.
    - How does a person like Sam become a monster? Sam, Dean and John’s fear was that somehow a switch would get flipped inside Sam and he’d turn. Here we learn the truth – Yellow-Eyes puts them in a situation where they must become monsters to survive. The horrifying transformation of Ava was just so wrong. A person as sweet and innocent as Sam who now thinks it’s fun to kill. If Ava is capable of these powers, that means Sam probably is too. The demon commented how he wanted Sam honing his skills and ability – Sam is the only one who hasn’t! Almost all the others have learned to control their ability with impressive results where Sam has shied from his completely, because of the misconception about his turning evil. Imagine what Sam could be capable of!
    - What is Yellow-Eyes’ plan? Man, were we wrong! But he did admit he planted false information so we shouldn’t feel bad. That ‘other generations’ comment worries me, the only nursery fires Ash found was connected to our psychics so what does this mean? And that comment about already having an army? “Or I will soon.” What are we talking about, mass possessions?! The most fascinating thing he said was definitely that he only wanted just one – a leader, a soldier to lead his army. Now he’s always favoured Sam and Sam is a natural choice given his training, but why does Yellow-Eyes want a Human leading his army?

    The fascinating conversation with Yellow-Eyes also illuminates something else – it confirms Sam’s worst fears, that everyone he loves is dead because of *him*. Now we’d already figured that out but from Sam’s obvious horror, our boy was in denial.

    Great to see Ava and Andy again, I liked them both before and Ava as a killer was a shock, the way she just turned off the tears when Sam confronted her! Andy didn’t deserve to die like that. Lily and Jake, both interesting characters with fascinating powers – both powers which would impress the demon.

    Now, the way they all were taken, Jake from Afghanistan, Sam from the diner where Dean’s radio switched off in reaction to whatever they did, Lily from San Diego – are the demons able to teleport? They would have had to physically be there though, the people in the diner had their throats slit – which is their trademark. And speaking of people dying – what did Ash know that was so important that someone would kill him?! I liked Ash and that is seriously an ugly way to die. The roadhouse is gone, pity but it had become a hotbed of tension about Sam anyway. Wonder if Bobby knows Ellen? Tactically, taking out the Roadhouse is a brilliant move in addition to stopping Ash. And how Sam got taken was awesome and chilling. Very cool!

    Another first - not often that Sam is wrong but boy, was he off about why Lily was killed! But he didn’t know then that the demon didn’t want them all so his assumption was a natural one.

    Last thoughts: The ghost town is very cool – and Dean gets his first vision! Now he knows how Sam feels!

    Last but not least – the death of another Winchester. Off the bat, I know they’re going to fix this, for several reasons: 1) I will hunt Kripke down like a dog if my Sammy is really gone, 2) Sam’s the main character, you can’t kill him, and 3) I haven’t heard anything about Jared leaving the series. I can see why Jake would go after Sam, from a soldier’s point of view it’s a logical move but rather team up than commit murder! Especially of someone who has been protecting everyone and even saved your life! Talk about ungrateful! The fight was impressive and no surprise that Sam didn’t kill him, Sam’s just not a killer, but he should have given what happened next. All that effort for Dean to find him just to watch Sam die. Beautifully written and acted but Heaven help Kripke if Sam’s really dead! Dean’ll find a way to bring him back.

    The way Sam died was just devastating. He beats Jake, shows his superior goodness and doesn't kill him, hears his beloved brother's voice echoing in the dark... and Jake stabs him in the back like a complete coward!! Imagine how Dean felt seeing that! It broke my heart how Dean just kept talking even when Sam's body went limp and then cries out his name! Have I mentioned how awesome these two actors are?!

    Since they got all the questions out of the way here, obviously the last episode is going to be even more traumatic. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is guest-starring and in the photos, Dean has the Colt! Can’t wait!
  • Sam is taken by the yellow-eyed demon, and wakes up in a mysterious ghost town. There, he is reunited with Andy, Ava, and meets two others, all 23 years old with abilities. The demon tells Sam that only one of them is meant to survive and be his "soldier"

    This episode was definitely one of the most pivotal episodes of the entire season. We are slowly learning more and more about the demon's plot, and how Sam and the others are involved. I have to say that it sucked that Andy had to die, he was one of my favorite people that Sam and Dean had met along the way. The dream sequence where Sam and the demon talked was especially freaky. The actor that plays the demon's inhabited body did a terrific job, he was genuinely creepy. The only reason that I gave this episode a lower score was that I think some of the acting from the supporting cast was sorely lacking. Especially Lily and the soldier guy. It just didn't really seem believable. The ending was surprising, and sad. I really don't think Sammy's dead least, I hope not. =[[[ One more to go, then I'm finally caught up.
  • Sam and others are taken by the demon and learn of his plans for them. Meanwhile, Dean searches for Sam.

    Great episode! Sam gets taken by the demon along with Ava Andy, and two others. Sam knows that the war is starting and the demon wants their help as soilders. As it turns out he only needs one soilder. The girl is killed as she tries to leave. Ava kills Andy and then the black guy kills Ava. Meanwhile Dean and Bobby search for Sam. Ash wants to tell them something important. When they get to the roadhouse its on fire. Ellen is gone and they find Ash's dead body. They are able to track Sam down. When they find him, the black guy stabs Sam, killing him.
  • All Hell Breaks Loose Pt 1 did not disappoint, what a brilliant episode! Well constructed with great tension, horror and suspense.

    Thank god the wait is over! After desperately (and not completely successfully) trying to avoid spoilers its here! Some truly horrifying demons, that 'little girl' girl one freaked me out and the Yellow Eyed Demon always creeps me out. The guy who plays him is great he seems to have so much fun with the role and in AHBL is at his malevolent best! The opening scene was chilling as the nightmare Dean and Sam have been dreading begins.
    Dean must have been frantic Sam just disappearing like that, but to his credit (and because of his fathers training and his own resolve) he pulled himself together, focused and got on with the job of finding Sam.

    Even with Bobbys help though he is continually frustrated by the lack of leads. The YED has made sure that he has nothing to go on, no demon activity and then I'm sure the destruction of the Roadhouse was his handywork.
    I guess he didn't count on Andy sending Dean the message telling him where Sam was. Again Bobby stepped up and his knowledge saved valuable research time as he knew exactly where the bell was.

    Poor Ash!! in ashes!!(sorry bad pun) he was a great character. I keep hoping maybe someone else stole his watch and that he is not really dead! I guess that is wishful thinking! His death and the destruction of the Roadhouse before he could give Dean the information was a real blow. He and Dean had a good connection they really seemed to understand and appreciate each other.

    It was a relief to see Ellen in the promos for AHBL Pt2! I wonder if we will find out what happened at the roadhouse and what info Ash had next week? (or was it false info planted by the YED to slow Dean down) Thank God for Andy! Sending Dean that vision but the way he died really sucked!
    That Ava what a b!@#ch! I realise that she probably didn't stand a chance stranded alone in that town, being manipulated by the YED all those months, but the way she killed Andy was so horrific. He didn't deserve to go like that he was such a sweet funny guy.
    I guess the more 'special' children Ava killed the more humanity she lost until she was virtually soulless and evil.

    And Jake, son of a b!@#ch I guess even though he should have been stronger than Ava at resisting the YEDs influence only being there for a short while, he didn't have the benefit of Sams knowledge of Demons and how they manipulate and lie. Also being a soldier he would have more of a kill or be killed mentality that the demon would have exploited. We don't know what horrors he has seen in combat so he is probably more hardened to death and would be thinking only of his own survival. But I still hate him!! After Sam spared his life he still killed him!!!
    That is typical Sam though and just shows what an amazing person he is. I loved that after all the horror and pain Sam still held on to his honour and values and did not kill Jake.

    Sams dream sequence with the YED was a great scene and very interesting, what is the deal with his Mum, at least it goes a little way to explain why she apologised to Sam in Season 1 'Home', but how did she know the YED, did she know him simply as a man or demon?? Did she let him into their lives somehow? or is Sam even Johns real son!!?? I've heard that we will get answers in Season 3, I hope so because my imagination is in overdrive! (and that blood thing with the baby was gross!!!)

    The final scene was so moving after all the months of worry and the burden of responsibility which Dean has bravely shouldered to arrive just a few agonising seconds too late was heartbreaking. OMG!! Poor Sam!! Poor Dean!!
    All I know is that next weeks episode will be amazing!! and that no matter what it costs him Dean will do anything to save Sam, after all anything is possible look what John did for him in IMTOD! He loves and needs Sam as much as Sam loves and needs him. They have saved each other many times and they keep each other sane and hopeful for the future. Without one the other would probably go crazy.
    and Dean will move heaven and earth to exact revenge against the YED!

    Can't wait to see John back too! In the promo he looked like a spirit? I wish he could come back for real. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a wonderful actor and he and Jensen and Jared have a wonderful on screen rapport.

    What a fantastic episode!! Suspenseful, tense, creepy, horrific and the final scene!! Once again Jensen and Jared have excelled and from the look of the promo (thank you channel 10 for not giving away too much this time) Jensen is once again going to get the chance to act his heart out next week! Love this show so much!! Supernatural is seriously the best!!
  • That was just too close!

    WOW! Wow! Wow, I really did not think it would be possible to make such a (as the rating thingo calls it) "superb" episode, yet still include humor(vague), horror(another vague) and drama(whatever the opposite of vague is-clear, I think). Yay! Technically I killed Sam(we have the same name), but in another sense, I swore at the guy who killed sam. OMG! Can't wait till the next episode! I'd include more on the details on my personal life for you hackers/petifiles, but im drawing from the main topic. That Ava girl turned out to be more of a b**** than I origanly thought, and I thought andy might last a little longer-NOT! But seriously, what did you think of it? It's the best ep so far, but I said the same thing about "Salvation", and "Devils Trap", so we will see what I say about "All hell breaks loose (2)". Till next time, see ya!
  • Oh my God!!!

    Sam's dead! Oh my God that was a spectacular episode. I was crying like the little girl I am. Poor Sam. Poor Dean. Poor Ash and Andy. Why did they have to die, I liked them.

    Ok the plot, Sam goes missing and wakes up in a ghost town with some other of the special children. And it turns out that the YED only wants one of them to lead his army so they have to kill each other. Ava, the lady who disappeared at the end of hunted, has been there for five months and can now control demons. Dean, meanwhile is looking for Sam with Bobby. And the roadhouse goes bye-bye.

    Best bit: When the YED shows Sam what happened the night Mary died. How did Mary know the Demon? I hope they answer that at some point otherwise it'll bug me.

    I can't wait to see next weeks finale. It finishes the same weekend as Doctor Who. How the hell am I going to spend my weekends once two of my favourite programmes finish?

    Ten out of ten.
  • Oh My Goodness! Oh No! Oh No No No! Sammy can't die!! He just can't!!!

    This can't happen! Sam can't die!! NOOOOOOO! How could they do this to me!!! How?!?!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Ok, deep breaths....on with the was good...BUT THEY CAN'T KILL SAM!!!!!!!!!!! So I have no idea what will happen next, I have a feeling they will bring Sammy back, maybe not the next episode, but definatley in Season 1 Premire. because what is the show without Sam AND Dean. Not just Dean. I love him but he needs to be with Sam. But I have no idea whats going to happen. but I really really NEED Sam to be alive and hunting demons with dean and being extremly hott. Anyway, it was a really good episode! I cried at the end but other than that it was so good! SUPERNATURAL LOVER FOR ALL ETERNITY
  • Exactly why I watch this series!

    A very long and anticipated episode finally arrived and it was definetely worth the wait, simply because the Yellow-Eyed Demon is back, Andy and Ava are back, two more children are now in the picture, emons running around and for once Sam being the leader of the pack. I loved this episode: I loved the plot, the characters (maybe not Ava) and the death at the end. Sam and other "special children" are abducted by the Yellow-Eyed Demon and taken to a ghost town, while Dean searches for Sam along with Bobby, where the ultimate battle must start and everybody ("special children") suddenly starts looking out for Number 1.
  • Part 1 Season 2 Finale Episode. Hot damn! Sam and Dean get set for the ultimate battle against the YED.

    Wow. Can I just start by saying WOW! And people, that was only part 1. First and foremost, that was an absolutely brilliant episode. Intense would be my word of choice. Sam and Dean commence their journey at a tiny off the road diner. Sam enters alone under Dean's watchful eye in the car. The radio gets fuzz, and before Dean realizes what happends Sam is gone and the inhabitants of the diner are dead, throats slashed. The only clue, sulphur.

    - FLASH - Sam wakes up alone and finds himself in an abandoned American town, straight out of 1890 or something. He soon meets up with Andy and Ava--who seemingly has no recollection of the past five months--along with two other "special children" Jake and Lily. The town is seriously haunted, as we see one of the creepiest and, in my opinion, scariest, spirits on the show. Sam plays big man on campus as he knows his way around all these ghosts, etc. Dean is freaked out. Calls on Bobby (YAY!) and Ash - but not Ellen or Jo! - Ash has serious news, but appears to be killed after the Roadhouse appears to have been blown to high heaven. Oh snap! Ava is revealed to have turned and is playing for the other team, subsequently killing Andy, and Lily. Jake kills Ava. Sam and Jake fighting ensues, fantastic. And then - oh no! Oh no they didn't! Oh Snap, they DID! - Jake kills Sam, just before Dean can warn him. Sam appears to die in Dean's arms, and Bobby chases after that evil bastard Jake. Get him Bobby! Get him!

    - End of Episode - I can't believe I have to wait for next week. Brilliantly written and acted episode. It has been all season. Jensen and Jared throw themselves into their roles and the creative staff are just on point! Episodes - no - seasons and a series like this are the result. This episode had everything I look for in entertainment: I laughed, I cried, I screamed, my interest and curiosity were piqued by certain revelations. I want more! And when a show leaves you sitting on the edge of your seat, and wanting more, you know they've done their job well.

    Fantastic episode and end to the season!
  • Sammy dies in Dean's arms, how sad!!!! great episode!

    Sam goes into a lonesome cafe to get a pie with extra onions for Dean. But little did Dean know that his brother would not be coming back out.
    Sam wakes up in a place where he has no idea wher he is, with a few other of the "special children". Sam already knows that this must be the YED's plans for him, and tries to reassure the other psychics that everything will be ok.
    With Dean sorting to Bobby for help, Sam's friend Andy gets into contact with Dean using his mind and gives Dean a valuable clue as to where Sam is...
    When Dean finally finds Sam, another psychic Jake, walks up to Sam from behind and stabs Sam in the back with a sharp stake, Sam falls to the ground and dies in Dean's arms. :'(
  • The best episode ever!! WOW!!!

    This episode it one of the best episodes ever. I loved it. This one is on my top 5 favorite episodes. I loved that we got to see Ava and Andy again. But, we also got to met some new special children and find out what they can do. We also learn that Ava and Andy have been working on their powers. I loved and hated the ending. It was very well written. But, I hated to see Sam die. I cried forever when that happened. And Dean's reaction to when Sam was dying. That was such a fantastic scene.
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