Season 2 Episode 21

All Hell Breaks Loose (1)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 10, 2007 on The CW

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  • Part one of the finale.

    In part one of season twos finale Sam is taken to a isolated and abandoned town with all the other special children. Ava is there and we also meet Jake.

    Jake has super strength and he came from the war. Just went to sleep half way across the world and woke up there. Ava seems to think she has only just got there too but Sam tells her she has been missing for months.

    Dean on the other hand is now with Bobby and looking for Sam. They go to see Ash because he calls and when they get there the bar is blown up and Ash is dead. The only survivor is Ellen.

    Dean gets a vision from that guy that I can't remember his name but he is awsome! He sends Dean a vision on a bell with the tree on it. Bobby figures out what it is and where to go.

    Back to Sam and they have already lost a girl. Hanged.

    Sam arms Jake and the rest with wepons to protect them from spirits. Sam figures out that it's Ava doing all the killing and creating the ghost girl. Ava dies, I think Jake kills her. Then suddenly it's down to Sam and Jake (oh and by the way they have both been visited by the YED) and there is a fight in which it looks like Sam has won. Then Dean and Bobby show up and Jake comes up behind Sam and stabs him in the back. Sammy dies....
    Dean catches him before he hits the ground...
    Bobby runs off after Jake.