Season 2 Episode 22

All Hell Breaks Loose (2)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 17, 2007 on The CW

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  • The best season finale til now!

    Supernatural Season 2 Episode 22 All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2
    After Sam's death, Dean goes to the crossroad demon and offers his soul in exchange of Sam is borught back to life. He only gets one year. The final battle against Azazel arrives, and the devil's gate is opened.

    This episode, and the previous one, are certainly the best Supernatural Season Finale until now! They're off course on of the best of the season, and the whole show! Full of action, drama and suspense! Dean goes to hell after a year, Sam is brought from death, the devil's gate is opened and Lilith is set free! This is one of the best episodes in the seires, if not is the best!
  • All I can say is WOW!!

    This Ep Rocked!! Dean crying Sammy coming back to life JDM in it again! What else could you ask for!
    I was so excited for this EP and I was not let down I was so on the edge of my seat the hole time. There was so much high points I found like when Dean was screaming "What am I going to do. Then he get in the car and drives away I knew he was going to the Cross Roads I was like no Dean don't do it but he did. And that gate that was crazy then the YED was going to kill Dean when John walked up I was so excited I so dont know what to say so
    Bye I guess lol
  • Oh my gosh epic!

    After watching the episode, there were some apparent plot holes, but that really didn't stop this being from such an excellent season finale. First off, the acting and roles. Dean really did such a fantastic and astonishing job playing the big brother role and his little situation with reviving Sam deserves an oscar. I mean it; some thorough and fine acting that really made the situation real. An awesome job of sympathizing with the characters. It's not just Dean too. Bobby was fantastic himself. It's not even what came out of their mouths, the simple gestures and facial expressions made this entire episode feel so convincingly real.

    Enough with the acting, on a smaller scale yet equally as gratifying, the story. Supernatural isn't anything intertwined with plot twists, but if there was a time it decides to show its colors, it was now. We finally get a grasp of the situation and plan the demon was planning, and it wasn't what you expected; it was something more, bigger, and the plot was just well thought out. Saying anything more will just be spoiling it. In one word, amazing. The only thing holding this episode back is that there seems to be some minor plot holes, like why the demon needed to conjure up a 23 year plan to do his bidding when in the end of it all, it could have been accomplished by any normal human in a day. Only thing bugging me but other than that, a damn great episode.
  • Probably the best episode ever!

    First of all, I will review this two-part episode like a whole, because it's almost impossible for me to coherently divide one part from the other. Moreover, reviewing it after seeing "Lucifer Rising" (4x22), I can't help but take in consideration the whole picture.

    The first thing that pops into my mind about "All Hell Breaks Loose" is that I absolutely adore the Cold Oak set. The fictional haunted town in South Dakota is ghastly and ominous, and Serge Ladouceur's cinematography enhanced the grim, sepulchral look of the town in a way that always send multiple shivers down my spine. It is the best set I've ever seen and the atmosphere was so unearthly and gaunt that every time I watch the episode I feel the urge to grab a blanket. The second thing is that I love the idea of railway-made devil's trap: it's so American, so realistic, so dusty and vivid, do authentically western that I really have to applaud Eric Kripke's imagination. When the Hell's Gate burst open and the legion of demons storms out of it toward the black sky, highlighting with red and flames the railways and exploding the five churches... I was literally shacking with anticipation and emotion. It is such a powerful scene, so apocalyptic and sinister, so suggesting! Kim Manners was really a genius, one of the most talented directors I've ever encountered. And he will be most dearly miss.

    Other two scenes surface: when Sam is stabbed by Jake and Dean runs toward him, to save him, and when Dean - looking over Sam's dead body - told him he can't let him down, he can't let him die. Jensen Ackles' performance, which is always solid and great, was so perfect, so damn touching that I can't help but cry every single time I watch Season Two finale. Not only I can relate to that feeling of necessity that Dean has for Sam, and we all feel toward who we love the most, but also the sense of urgency, of bitter delusion, of frustration, of anger. Kudos to Jensen for delivering such a deep performance. It really set this episode apart.

    And now, I'm at the moment where I have to tell what sets "Supernatural" apart from any other show I've seen: "The X-Files" had an overarching mythology, which was rich for sure, but not very well developed, and so did many other shows, like "Buffy" or even "Lost". But it was from the golden age of "Twin Peaks" that I didn't found a mythology both rich and simple, enthralling and fascinating, labyrinthine and linear at the same time, like every mythology should be - simple enough to ease you through its meanders, but complex and rich enough to awe you. "Supernatural" has it and, having already watched "Lucifer Rising", the Fourth Season's Finale, I'm even more mesmerized by the care that Eric Kripke and his writers put in weaving such mythology: everything clicks just perfectly, and when the Yellow Eyed Demon's masterplan is finally revealed - the opening of the Hell's Gate, the deal with John and with Dean, the raising of the Special Children - all the pieces fall together and the bigger picture is amazing and spell-binding. There are still unanswered questions, but the mythology of "Supernatural" is so solid and strong, so powerful and sumptuous that I have no problem waiting for them. And in the meantime I have masterpieces of an episode, like "All Hell Breaks Loose" to watch. Thanks Eric Kripke, and thanks "Supernatural"!.
  • Season two finale part two.

    In this final episode for season two we see Dean in a house with Sam lying lifeless on a bed. Bobby is trying to tell Dean that it is time that they bury Sam but Dean wont have it. Dean finds a cross roads and makes a deal. 10 years and Sam comes back but the demon wont take it. She bargains him down to one. He says no and she tries to leave but he calls her back and makes the deal. Sammy back for Dean's soul.

    Back at the house Sam wakes up. Dean walks in with chicken and explains away Sam's injury by saying that Bobby fixed him up. Sam looks scaptical but doesn't argue. They turn up on Bobby's door step an he looks suprised to see Sam but doesn't say anything. He later takes Dean out of the house and asks him what he did. Dean tells him.

    Sam, Dean, Bobby and Ellen go looking for Jake and when they find him he is in a grave yard and is about to open the gate. He ends up doing it and Sam shoots him. Ellen and Bobby try and close the gate (to hell) but they struggle. John showed up from hell and talked to the boys. Then disappeared. Then the YED has Sam up against a tree and Dean against a headstone. Dean and YED have a conversation and then Dean looks right at YED and holds the Colt and shoots (which looks awsome by the way). Dean ends up telling Sam what he really did to get him back because of what Jake said to him. Sam says they will find a way around it but Dean knows they can't.
  • Dean makes a deal with the Devil

    Part 2, which is just as good as Part 1 (if not better), continues right where they left off: Sam dead, Dean distraught and trying to figure out how to save him, while the Yellow Eyed Man is still trying to achieve a hidden goal.

    One thing that really stood out for me was the deal that Dean made with the devil. This season began with a deal and it ends with one. Perfect symmetry and really a true testament to how well the writers and directors pay attention to their story. Some shows get caught up in all of the plots and forget about things. But shows like Lost and Supernatural always remember things that have happened in the past and refer to it later.

    The showdown between the Yellow Eyed Demon and Dean/Sam/Bobby/Ellen was great. That whole plot, with the Devil's Gate located in Wyoming and surrounded by a Devil's Trap the size of a half a state, was interesting and helped lead to a slew of new storylines, including the consequences of the Yellow Eyed Demon opening it up and letting out hundreds of dangerous demons. Seeing John Winchester was also a perk, even if he didn't have a single line.

    So far, it appears that Supernatural can do no wrong. Despite filler episodes and some moments that drag a bit, the show is consistantly exciting and always stays true to the characters. Season 3 seems to have a lot in store for us.
  • Season 2 topper!

    This episode is one of the best episodes written. A very rare occurence happens in this episode, with both Sam and Dean get a kill in, with sam shooting Jake about five times, once to kill him, and then four times while he's already dead just for pure hatred and revenge. This is a whole new side of Sam we've never seen before. Go Sam! Dean's kill was, however, the better one, shooting in the heart with the Colt,was none other than Azazel himself! This occurence happened when the Devil's Gates opened, a whole army of demons and spirits came flooding out. We then see The Yellow-Eyed Demon torturing Dean with words while the evil keeps coming. He says that what Sam did to Jake was "pretty cool, huh?" and also said "how do you know that what you brought back was a hundred percent, pure, Sam?" which gave Dean something to think about. Then, a massive shock comes, as a black and white spirit of none other than John Winchester grabs Yellow-Eyes from behind and chokes him. The Colt slips out of Azazel's hands, and Dean rushes to get it. John looks at his sons, and vanishes. Then, Yellow-Eyes get back his balance, Dean shoots him in the heart, using the last bullet left. Another two twists: Ellen's return after the fire that occured in the previous episode, and, of course, Dean's deal at the Crossroads. Let's hope that Dean doesn't drop dead in a year.

    Bobby: I hope to hell you boys are ready. 'Cos a war's just begun.
  • Dean makes a deal.

    Everything, all of the season. Season1 & 2. Everything that Sam & Dean have worked for has come to this. they finally kill the Yellow-Eyed Demon. That is just completely nuts, I thought that5 was going to be the series finale. But now so much plots have opened up. Literally, the gates of hell have opened. Hundreds of demons of demons they have to kill. I'm glad Ellen didn't die. Then Dean & Sam's dad gets out of hell & disappears. Not even a hi? Now Dean has one year to live. How is he going to get out of this one. Guess we have to wait & see. Cannot wait for next season!
  • The best conclusion for the best season of the best show on TV. … BTW ignore my previous review.

    I'm sorry but it seems I posted my AHBL1 review here by mistake, hope someone pays attention and deletes it.

    As for part 2, ah … where do I begin? My favorite mythology episode of the show, and in my top 10 list it's only topped by WiaWSNB and Mystery Spot from season 3. IMHO, season 2 was Supernatural's best season, even with all the buzz surrounding season 4 (we're 7 episodes into it) I don't think they managed to top the quality of season 2. And this finale was the greatest conclusion for the best season. It was filled with emotions and sorrow, it was tragic but utterly beautiful. I loved every second of it.

    The amount of emotional turmoil is so big and so complex that I don't really have the time nor the capacity to analyze everything, all I'm going to say is that I FELT every little bit of it.

    So YED's dead … finally, now the boys have a new task: break Dean out of his deal. Will they succeed? We'll probably find out at the end of season 3 (we will) a season long cliffhanger …
  • This episode was so touching!

    In the last episode Sam was stabbed and was dead, now Dean is really mad and sad because Sam is just laying on a bed and Dean is angry. Then Dean goes to a cross road and summons the cross road demon. He bargains until it ends up one year until Dean will die. So he goes back and Sam is alive and he tells Sam that Bobby patched him up and he's fine. Then Sam and Dean go to Bobby's and Ellen is there and she survived the explosion at the roadhouse. Then they figure out that the yellow eyed demon wants Jake to go to this one cemetry that's a gate from here to hell. Jake puts the Colt into this muslium and then all the demons are let out of hell, then Dean trys to stop the yellow eyed demon but he stops him and Sam, but their dad who escaped from hell stops the demon long enough for Dean to shoot him. Then their dad goes back to hell and Ellen and Bobby close the gate. Then Sam and Dean are talking and Sam finds out that Dean sold his soul for Sam to be alive. Then Bobby's like you better be ready because the war's just beginning. But it was so sad with their dad and all... But overall it was an amazing episode.
  • After the fight between Jake and Sam, Dean has to make the ultimate sacrifice for his brother. Meanwhile the Yellow-Eyed Demon has his new servant Jake, a supernatural being with powers such as super-strength, plans to unleash the horrific hordes of Hell

    After the fight between Jake and Sam, Dean has to make the ultimate sacrifice for his brother. Meanwhile the Yellow-Eyed Demon has his new servant Jake, a supernatural being with powers such as super-strength, plans to unleash the horrific hordes of Hell.
    This was one of the best Supernatural episodes ever made as it revealed Dean's promised death and the Yellow-Eyed Demon got shot in the head by Dean.
    In the first scene though Sam appears to be breathing even though he is supposedly "dead". Maybe Sam didn't die at all, maybe he just wanted some attention from his super-cool brother Dean.
    Nevertheless it was a great episode and had a suitable title to the plot...
    All Hell Breaks Loose!!!
  • One hell of a finale!

    All Hell Breaks Loose was one of the most emotional and moving episodes I have ever seen. Jensen Ackles is a star in my eyes. His speech to Sam was so poignant and moving. It absolutely broke my heart! His acting was unbelievable and realistic. I think it was one of the most shocking episodes and it had the most twists than any other episode!
    1. Dean sold his soul and has only one year to live!
    2. Sam might not be real Sam, he might be evil :O
    3. Hells gate being opened and the war beginning!

    This was most definitely the best season finale ever! Old Yellow Eyes is finally dead and John is out of hell! For me one of the best parts of the episode was when Sam discovered that Dean sold his soul. His speech was so sweet and moving! Just hope Dean doesn't end up in hell!
  • Once again, this season shows its focus on Dean.

    This episode pretty much sums up a season that seemed to focus a little more on Dean than Sam. Although there were some Dean-focused episodes in the first season, the show started with an emphasis on Sam and his ability and problems with hunting. This season seemed to be more about Dean and his problems. This episode is a perfect example of that. It deals with Dean selling his soul for Sam's life, while Dean disagreed with his dad doing that for him. It plays on how much Dean really needs Sam in his life, even if his life is going to be one more year. And Dean kills the yellow-eyed demon. The end of this episode (which seems more like a series finale than a season finale) is another good example. Sam finds out about what Dean did, and Dean justs says that they have a lot of work to do with all of the demons out there, ready to go on just as he always does.
  • The best episode of Season 2. This season finale was filled with more suspense, drama, and plot twists than Season 1 finale "Devil Trap."

    This episode is definitely one of best episode of Supernatural. It had me on the edge of my seat. I was shocked when Dean made the deal with the demon from Crossroad Blues in order to bring Sam back from the dead, but he did it because he knew he couldn't live without Sam in his life.

    After Sam revival, Sam, Dean, Bobby, and Elle went the graveyard where Samuel Colt biggest Devil Trap was. There they found Jake and tried take him but he used his new power: mind control on Elle which prevent them from him opening the Devil Gate. YED also was in the graveyard to stop the boys. Dean went after him but was put under a spell. While he was under the spell, YED told him that Sam wasn't himself cause of the deal. As YED tried to kill Dean, their father spirit came to their rescue and that is when Dean shot YED with the Colt.

    After killing YED, Sam realize that Dean made the deal and told that he got to save him. They also realized that they have stop the demon army. Season 3 is going to be great season!
  • They should have ended the series with this episode. At the exact moment the YED collapses. End it RIGHT there.

    DAMNIT! The Devil's Gate erupted! But at least only about 200-300 demon's got out. And here I was thinking that more than a couple of people had died and gone to Hell in the history of Wyoming. My apoligies for the time it took me to write this interview, but I have a good explanation for this: I just couldn't remember. So Dean gets more screwed up than my math homework, Sam dies, Dean sells his soul, Sam is not Sam I Am and ding dong, The Yellow Eyed Demon's (AKA Azazel) dead. So that raps up the season 2 finale for Supernatural-
    See Yas!
  • wow.

    Best ever season finale.

    First of all, Dean selling his soul for Sam, leaving him with one more year? Are you kidding? That part got me so tight and frustrated, I think it creates a huge turn for Dean and Sam's relationship. Sam might go all pity on him, which would suck. Interesting is it how much this family cares about each other. Popa's life for Dean, Dean for Sam. But it got me thinking that maybe selling his soul for Sam would end up being one of his biggest regrets, because although Dean killed the Yellow Eyed Daemon(WOO! for that!), Sam still has daemon blood in him. My guessing is that he might eventually turn evil, because its in him! And how freaky is it that their mom actually knew (or expected) the yellow-eyed daemon to come?
    The whole idea of symmetry having the gates of hell, in the middle of the devil trap created by the rail way was so out of this world. Must love. Most exciting season finale. Next season is going to be great.
  • The brothers battle the yellow eyed demon

    I think this season ender is great. It's what season enders should be like. It answered a lot of questions, promised new ones and gave closures. Sam's alive! Great! But is it really him? As long time demon hunter Dean probably knows the consequences of his actions. Not only that's he's going to hell but also that it might not be Sam a hundred percent. Well, Sam has demon blood anyway. Plus, their dad brought Dean back and he didn't turn out so bad. A little more trigger happy than ususal but maybe that's just the side effects of being brought back to life. We finally know what Sam was chosen for and at the same time ask, how and why did their mother recognized the yellow eyed demon. They finally killed it and avenged their mother's death, also unleashing the army of hell which is good for another season. They also got to see their dad one last time. So did he go to heaven after helping kill the demon? I know Sam already asked that. Sort of. So is there hope for Dean? These brothers got so much baggage it's sad. All in all, I'm satisfied with this season finale.
  • Is this for real?

    I had plenty of thoughts on what was going to happen next. But the scope and the intensity of this episode must be one of the best double episodes i have seen for a long time. When the story starts to connect and when the facts come together, the screen will explode and you will end up in one hell of a rollercoaster ride.

    The yellow eyed demon, the combats, the testings. It seemed meaningless, but the truth is that this seems to be more then just a game. That part is clear when you figure out what it was about.

    The end is nothing you imagined, and the table is set for season three in such an intense way. The only thought you'll have at the end of the season is 'good grief', what next?
  • What can I say from a perfect episode. Yes this is the best season final every so far, because it have everything, great script, great interpretacion. I love it.

    Now season to has end and what a good way to do it.

    this episode starts with a devastated Dean watchin his dead brother. Everything that Dean has in his life is gone now, including the most important person, his brother, what is he going to do know?. At first he wants to give up everything and he doesn't want to hunt anymore, "I'm not going anywhere." But after Bobby's gone, he start to talk with his dead brother. What a great moment. I just can say that this is the best dramatic Jensen moment, I've ever seen during the whole serie. Every time I watch the episode I can't help crying listening to him, "What am I supposed to do?". What a great line.

    From his moment, he decided to get his brother back making a pact with the "Red eyed demond". I suppose at this point he has forgotten his own words, "What is dead must stay dead". But, hey, we're talking about Sammy, he can't let him die this way.

    I love when Dean look at Sam for the first time when he returns to the motel, that "Sammy" quote was so intense, he was so cute, and that hug, oh my god! He doesn't want to tell Sam about the pact, and tries to convince Sam that he was only bad injured. Sam knows Dean too well to know he is lying.

    Bobby was great acting like a father and talking to Dean apart. They were great. As great, as the end of the episode, when they make us doubt is Sam is really 100% Sam when he kills Jake. That reminds me when Dean kills that vampire in Bloodlust, well, back then he was pretty upset about his dad's dead, he has so much inside of him. Maybe this is something similar about Sam know that Jake tried to kill him. Well actually, he kills Sam.

    And what about Dean killing the demond, the moment of pulling the trigger was fantastic, and dad appearing at the last moment. They don't share a word to each other, but It's no necessary, those single tears and the looks are pretty touching to me. And now where's papa Winchester? I don't think this is the last time we're gonna see he him, he has to take care of their boys, from heaven, (I'm pretty sure he is in heaven, because if they has a hell, they must have a heaven too). He will be back. I'm praying for it.

    It's pretty strong the conversation between the brothers, when Sam finally confronts Dean and wants to know the truth. Dean doesn't want to tell Sam and tries to lie to him. Well obviously he can't, because he can pretend whatever he wants with other people, but I can't lie to his brother, Sam knows him perfectly to get to know when is he lying. I love that "Plese don't be mad at me, Sam, don't look at me like this." That was awsome, in that moment Dean seems to be the little brother instead of the older one, trying to get some comfort from Sam. What Sam can do? "I'm going to save your ass".

    The final scene was great remembering the final scene from the first episode of the show, "We have work to do". And I love so far that Dean's smile when Bobby ask them if they're prepared to the demonds army. Everything in this episode was just perfect. And If I have to pick just one thing I get the interpretations. Awsome.
  • Season two ends with a bang... from the Colt gun.

    As the yellow eyed demon says, this episode has plenty of unforeseen turn of events.

    From the very beginning, this is a fantastic episode that has twist after twist, until the fantastic end to the second season, with the yellow eyed demon finally being killed by the Winchesters, Dean passing on his gift of life to Sam, and having one year, which I guess will be the third season, to live, Sam and Dean finally being able to say goodbye to their father, and a whole lot of demons left to kill. Not to mention Sam shooting a dead guy three more times for good measure, to show that maybe bringing him back sparked up more hidden demon evil inside him.

    Bobby's lecture to Dean was great, as was the return of Ellen and the final bullet of the colt being used, aswell as more of Colt's history shining through in protecting the gates of hell.

    This is a fantastic ending to a terrific season, and the third seems all set up to be a great one.
  • After Sam is killed by Jake, Dean is at a loss as to what to do. After a lot of whiskey, he makes a decision that will have repercussions for both brothers for a long time.


    This was a great finale to season two. Dean grieving for Sam is just gut wrenching. Him talking about taking care of Sam as a kid, and shouting "What am I supposed to do?!" was extremely powerful. Also, one of the better scene cuts is Dean yelling what am supposed to do, kicking the chair and then cutting to the Impala peeling out of the parking lot and speeding to the crossroads. Great acting from Jensen Ackles here and great directing as well.

    The scene after Sam is alive and they meet up with Bobby is another powerful one. When Bobby and Dean fight in the parking lot over Dean's decision to save Sam, it is extremely moving. When Dean talks about how now his life will mean something and Bobby says, "And it didn't before?! Have you got that low an opinion of yourself? Are you that screwed in the head??" I just love Bobby. Some top notch acting here by both men. I also like that once Ellen appears he makes her drink holy water just to be sure. Smart one, that Bobby.

    Now to the mythology. The Samuel Colt legend stuff is just great. I love the gun Colt made, and the devil's trap made from railroad lines is brilliant writing. This show is all about American folklore, and what is more American than guns and railroads? I cannot credit the writing enough for this idea, I really loved it. I'm not alone, either, my husband and another friend of mine think this was just brilliant writing.

    From here it is a race to the end, and what an ending! Jake dies at the hands of a deranged looking Sam, the gate to hell is open, and the yellowed eyed demon has a show down with the Winchesters. Through the gates being open, John climbs out of hell and distracts the YED long enough for Dean get his hands on the Colt. The shot of the bullet leaving the Colt and killing the demon is another great piece of directing. This was a monumental moment in the show, and it was directed that way. Fantastic.

    I love that they killed the YED. They didn't keep him around for every single season as the bad guy. The journey the Winchesters embarked on for revenge 22 years ago is at a close now. Dean's "Can check that off the to-do list" was awesome. I also love that Dean was the one who got to kill the YED. It was appropriate to the story. I was sad to see John go, but it looked as if he went someplace white light-y so I am going to take that to me he moved on upstairs. If you can have hell, then you can have heaven and while John may have been a harsh father, he wasn't a bad person.

    The end with the two brothers at the Impala was another awesome scene. Dean wanting to take a few minutes to celebrate, but Sam having to know why he's alive. Sam's ability to figure it out, and to know when Dean is lying is just great. I love that the writers have Dean deny it, but have Sam see right through his brother. So well written.

    Great ending to a fantastic season!! There is so much going to go on in season 3 that I am really excited to see how everything comes together. I have faith that the writers will figure a way for Dean to get out of his deal with the crossroads demon. After all, what is a show about two brothers when one of the brothers is dead?

    I hope the CW keeps this show on the air for a long time as it only gets better and better!!
  • Dean makes a life-altering decision which could have disastrous ramifications, as the Yellow Eyed Demon completes the final stages of his plan to bring about a new world.

    For a season finale, All Hell Breaks Loose (Part II) has a perfect mix of drama, character development, action and plot tie-ups.

    *** Beware Potential Spoilers ***

    It's refreshing and comforting to know that there are still shows out there that can, and do, get it right time after time... The main season 1-2 story arc (involving the Yellow Eyed Demon (YED) and the death of Sam and Dean's mother) is aptly drawn to a close and I was almost as surprised as the Winchester boys when I realised that the YED was dead, unlike many other TV villains who have escaped time upon time. Furthermore, Dean revealed to Sam that he made a deal and only has a year left, once again bucking the TV trend of drawn-out secrets and dramatic irony.

    As for next season, the episode sets it up wonderfully. The seeds of doubt are planted in Dean's mind as to whether resurrected Sam is indeed 100% Sammy, setting up a third season wherein not only will the boys be up against a host of other demons released from Hell, but they will be trying to figure out a way of saving Dean from his deal. Part of me thinks that perhaps Sam (now stood in the place of 'prophecised leader' to the army unleashed from Hell) could become twisted and, despite his willpower throughout the series thus far, succumb to the destiny the YED had planned for him. Dean has only limited time left, how will they save him and, if need be, how will HE save his brother from fate?...

    The episode features excellent performances from the whole cast, but most notably Jensen Ackles (Dean) and Jim Beaver (Bobby), and is very well-written. A wonderful end to a fantastic second-season!
  • He's dead!

    Jeez, I had a dreams about this for a week. I'm not sure if I'm excited over the yellow-eyed demon being dead... because all of season 2 was based on killing him. I just hope season 3 is just as exciting as this past season was. I really hope Sam finds a way to get Dean out of the deal he made... actually, I know he will! Just because Sam can be cool like that sometimes. I can't evenm explain all the good/bad things that happened in this eppisode. The bast part is they let out a buch of hell so we get alot of ghost fighting stuff!
  • I kind of want to build my own Devil's Trap out of railroad tracks and churches now, just for fun.

    When I was in fourth grade, the school guidance counselor came into my class and announced that, unless we made lists of goals for what we wanted to do with our lives, our existence would be practically meaningless. I might be exaggerating a little bit, but it's because even at that tender age I felt like his pronouncement was rather harshly judging our lives before they had occurred. And you wonder why America's youth is obsessed with get-rich-quick schemes. (I had to watch Reality Bites in high school – worst. Movie. Ever.)

    Going back to the lists of, I don't even think that the exercise was based in something logically sound. No matter what the goal is, you never have that moment of epiphany where you say "yes, I can cross this goal off my list" – unless it's something like "hike Mount Everest," which I don't think is really all that worthwhile a goal for something to accomplish with one's life. But I don't want to be judging other people's dreams, you go freeze and get altitude sickness and breathe through oxygen tanks as much as you want. For most goals, though, it's not a momentous epiphany but a series of minor triumphs, an accumulation of minutiae that results in the coup de grace.

    Such experiences have completely filled the entirety of season two. Time and again, episodes have thematically been tied in to three major leitmotifs: the Boys losing, contradictions to the axiom Supernatural = Evil, Good = Human, and Dean's inability to bump off Sam should he become el que no es humano. This all points towards an absolutely spectacular season finale, does it not?

    And we do get some of it. The third motif is repeated, the Crossroad Demon happily sated. The other two, however, went a little bit out the window because the finale bit of the forbidden fruit of becoming episodic. I understand the production history, there was no knowledge about the third season, but just as I thought "All Hell Breaks Loose (1)" could have stood to be further split into two episodes, Part Two could also have split. The more pitfalls the protagonist comes up against, the more wrought with tension the story becomes.

    What if Sam had turned Dark Side? What if an el que no es humano fought against Hell's Mouth opening? (Johnny's ghost doesn't count.) The season one finale was as beautiful as what I'm pretending is the ultimate shot from "All Hell Breaks Loose (1)" but I think is really penultimate; the Boys are dwarfed by the darkness and the mud in the latter, and in the former truly are way over their heads. While the title seems to imply otherwise (and I do suppose literally is true), there was not the same sense of "apokalupsis eschaton" that pervaded the season one finale.

    Maybe I'm being grumpy, but the reason for such grouchiness is entirely Supernatural's own fault – leading up to the finale were episodes beautifully conceived to build thematic intensity about the Boys losing and the question of what is good and what is evil: "Roadkill," "Heart," "What Is and What Should Never Be," just to go back a quarter of a season. Now, I'm scared that the game will reset and Supernatural will become more episodic, hunting the demons set free. I do hope not.

    Then there's Yellow-Eyes's murder. I might just be sour grapes because I miss the thunder and lightning effect we got for the vampire's death in "Dead Man's Blood." I think, though, what I'm having a real problem with is the bullet time. I carped on in my review of "Devil's Trap" that the best part of the car crash was that the cinematography was structured like a nerve circuit – flash, then recoil. The problem with bullet time is that it allows the viewer time to analyze what is to happen BEFORE it happens, which, like when a playwright announces what will happen (e.g. Romeo and Juliet's introductory chorus) deemphasizes the importance of what is to come. Something like the death of the main villain for two seasons should be emphasized in any way possible. I think this is the reason for using the bullet time; I just don't agree with it. To me, it would have been much more emphatically "DUN!" (my onomatopoeia of the noise before commercial breaks) if the bullet had hit Yellow-Eyes in real time, followed by the flickering and lightning effects to allow us to process what had happened. Smoking gun, split-focus from fore- to background, all that fun stuff. But at least Yellow-Eyes is D-E-D dead, to quote Mel Brooks, leaving the A-One protagonist seat open to the highest bidder.

    I feel like I'm being Oscar so I do want to talk about the things that I thought were made of awesome, which were plentiful. Of course I'm happy that Ellen survived, but that's because I'm a selfish viewer and play favorites with my characters. I particularly liked the helicopter shots when Hell was opened, the Churches blowing up and whatnot. There were also some class moments in the standoff against Jake, and I loved the flickers of the ghosts walking between the gravestones. And the tracks torn up, through which Yellow-Eyes himself walked, reminded me of Road Runner. Class.

    And there is, of course, a multitude of ways in which Supernatural's Powers that Be can keep from becoming episode; it is really just weak faith that has me thinking otherwise. There are revelations to explore with Mary's knowledge of Yellow-Eyes, the other Children of the Corn, Sam's similarities to Damien Thorn, the question of what will happen to his powers now that Yellow-Eyes won't be whispering sweet nothings in his ear, the question of whether the demon blood gives the Children powers or whether Yellow-Eyes nursed those who already had gifts, and the possibility that another Yellow-Eyes - or perhaps something far worse – walked out of Hell. Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate. Or exit. Whichever you'd like.
  • Finalmente Dean consegue vingar a morte de sua mae

    Esse foi um espetacular season finale para esse final de segunda temporada.
    O episodio começa com Sam morto em uma cama e Dean olhando para ele, desesperado, Dean se pergunta o que ele deveria fazer, para Sam voltar da morte. Dean invoca um demonio e faz um pacto para trazer sam devolta.
    Novamente os irmãos estão de volta e vao se encontra com Bobby, que diz que tem coisas estranhas contecendo, como mortes de gado e tempestades de raios, eles descobrem que existe uma armadilha demonio enorme, e no meio se citua um cimiterio que é como se fosse a porta do inferno, ou seja, todos os demonios que Sam e Dean mandaram diretamente para o inferno, mas existi uma coisa que pode fazer com que essa porta abra, liberando varios demonios, o que pode abrir a porta do inferno é a arma "colt", que é como se fosse uma chave para para abrir uma porta qualquer, e como somente demonios de sangue puro não podem atravessar, Jake é quem pode abri a porta do inferno. Então, Sam, Dean, Bobby e Ellen vao tentar impedir que Jake abra o portão.
    Mesmo assim Jake consegue abrir a porta do inferno, libertando centenas de demonios, eles tentam fechar o portão, Dean não vai pois ele ve o demonio que matou sua mae, Dean estava com a Colt pois ele que tirou ela do portão, ele mira para matar o demonio mas não consegue atirar nela, momentos depois quando Dean não consegue se mexer, seu pai, que estava no inferno, aparece e desoriente o demonio, Dean se liberta e consegue pegar a Colt, mira para o demonio e atira nele.Finalmente o demonio esta morto.
    Mas mesmo assim Sam e Dean tem muita coisa pra fazer pois varios demonios sairam do portão do inferno.
    É assim o final de temporada de supernatural, foi uma temporada excelente com um dos melhores season finale que eu ja vi.
  • If I wasn't already hooked, this would be the episode to get me.

    What a big brother you are Dean Winchester. How many would sacrifice their lives never mind their souls to save a love one. Many say, few do. But Dean is a doer. The only disappointment I have is in the development of the Sam powers. I mean all the little demonettes could do spectacular things where's yours Sammy. Is it over because the demon's dead? I hope not. I hope his special talents develop throughout the series, but remember Sammy "with great power comes great responsibility" to coin a phrase. The vision headaches are great but it's time for phase II. Jensen (Dean Winchester) Ackles just show up and say something anything and you have my attention. Let's face it these guys can spend a whole episode looking for their keys and I would watch every minute. I can't wait until Sept......................
  • What an amazing episode! Loved every scene! From the beginning to end the performances had me in tears!

    Jared was wonderful, as always, but it was Jensen and Jim Beaver (Bobby) that got to me the most.

    Jensen portrayed Dean’s devastation and helplessness with such heartbreaking vulnerability. Deans whole life has revolved around his family and protecting his little brother. No-one told him to, it was simply what he knew he had to do. The initial scene with Bobby was so moving. Bobby wanted desperately to help Dean deal with Sam’s death but just couldn't break through Dean’s grief and guilt. And Dean wouldn't let him, he felt like he had failed and it was his responsibility to fix things. But even while pushing him away you could see his love and respect for Bobby.

    I loved the scene where he is reminiscing about his and Sam’s childhood, trying to make sense of everything and work out what he could do to make things right. Even though Dean is completely shattered he never gave up. The tears and the emotion in his voice as he spoke Sammy’s name and pleaded with God for an answer broke my heart!

    That damn RED knew she had Dean over a barrel. I am surprised she even gave him 1 year! What a b!@#ch! Poor Dean! I knew he would do anything, including sacrifice himself to bring Sam back, but its just not fair! Dean felt so guilty after his dad sacrificed himself for Deans life that I guess he convinced himself that he should already be dead but now Sam will have to deal with that same guilt. But there was no way Dean would have been able to live with himself without doing everything possible. The thought of life without Sam was too painful to contemplate! His relief when he saw Sam alive was so sweet, he just wanted to look after him, feed him, help him heal properly, build up his strength and most of all keep him away from danger after the sacrifice he made to bring him back. But Sam is as stubborn as his old man and after he found out about the Roadhouse nothing was going to stop him from rejoining the fight against the YED.

    Poor Dean, he definitely didn't want to see Bobby again! He knew as soon as Bobby saw Sam he would realise what Dean had done and tear strips off him! Loved his scene with Bobby it was so powerful and emotional. Bobby and John were such good friends and he loves Dean and Sam like they were his own boys he certainly feels a responsibility towards them and the thought of Dean sacrificing himself, and him not being able to stop him or find another solution, frustrates and infuriates him. The way he held Deans face in his hand and the way they looked at each other as if 'what else could I do' 'this is an impossible situation' OMG!!

    Glad Ellen is alive, Deans relief as he hugged her was so sweet. She, Jo and Bobby are the closest thing he and Sam have to family and he needs that desperately.

    The confrontation in the graveyard was amazing. Love to hate that YED, the actor playing him was at his malevolent best! and great to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan back, even though he didn't say a word, he didn't have to! Love that he is so stubborn, smart and strong that he took the opportunity to escape hell when the gate opened and that he finally got to do what he has been working towards half of his life. Help destroy the YED that killed his beloved wife! Dean, Sam and John ended up doing it together! Yes! Sam killed Jake (at last), John saved Dean (again) and helped weaken and distract the YED and Dean got the honour of shooting and finally killing that Yellow eyed son of a b!@#ch!

    The love and pride on Johns face as he looks at his boys is so beautiful, no words were needed! Hopefully that golden glow as he disappeared meant he was ascending to heaven as a reward for finishing the job. Then again I would love to see JDM next season as well!

    Deans relief that the YED is dead and no longer a threat to Sam is obvious. He was so happy, after all these years the job is done, he just wanted to enjoy the moment. But he can't escape Sams questions, he wants to protect Sam from the facts but of course Sam won't let him and now we will have to wait and see how Sam and Dean find a way out of this mess! Will Sam be able to keep his promise to get Dean out of his deal with the RED? Will Deans amulet be part of the solution? Will the Colt (maybe they can get some more bullets?)? and when will Sam tell Dean about their Mum knowing the demon and work out what the connection was? Then they all realised that they have hundreds of demons on the loose! A war has begun. This doesn't faze Dean, he actually looks like he is itching to get back into the fight, something he knows he's good at and will keep his mind off his deal with the RED! Loved that smile and the way he threw the Colt in the boot a la Sam in the Pilot "We've got work to do" what a great ending! Can't wait for Season 3!!!

    Amidst all these wonderful dramatic moments we were also rewarded with some answers and a pretty definite resolution to the problem of the YED!
    The giant Devil's Trap constructed by Samuel Colt using iron train lines was a great plot device which tied both Seasons together nicely. And now we have new problems and questions which need to be worked through in what promises to be a magnificent third season.

    Most worrying for me is the possibility that after the incredible sacrifice made by Dean we are not totally sure if the Sam he brought back is 100% our Sammy. The look on his face as he shot Jake was unnerving. Dean noticed it, but in true Dean form pushed the image to the back of his mind to be faced another day! The again who can blame Sam for being a little testy after being stabbed in the back! Perhaps a slightly tougher Sam is what will be needed to fight the escaped demons in Season 3. And if he does have any special powers they could come in handy getting Dean out of his deal.

    Sera Gamble (writer) said in an interview that they weren't going to make things easy for Dean next season! So Season 3 should be an amazing dramatic one! as long as he is saved in the end! He has sacrificed so much, saved so many lives, surely God will show him and Sam a way to beat the RED!

    OMG crying again I am so dehydrated!! Brilliant episode!!
  • An amazing season finale and one that creates a phenomenal lead-in for season 3!

    This series never ceases to amaze – just when I think it can’t get better, it does!

    Let’s start with the obvious – Dean. I have been worried about this boy since season 1 when it became obvious that Dean has zero self-esteem and lives only for his family. We’ve seen it countless times when he throws himself in the path of danger to save a loved one, completely disregarding his own safety. He has made highly disturbing comments and several people have commented on his nature, the most obvious being Yellow-Eyes – ‘self-loathing and self-destructive’ which is exactly what Dean is. Dean has always been the emotionally neglected one and this is the result. Sam was always the favourite and because of Mary dying in his nursery, John automatically told Dean that Sam must be protected at all times. John then reinforced this order time and time again until Dean thinks of nothing but saving his beloved brother. How many times have we seen it that Dean will talk about Sam’s happiness and John’s, but leave out himself completely? In ‘What is’, he did it twice - when he was talking at John’s grave, he mentioned Mary and Sam’s happiness, then again at the end when he was talking to Sam, he never mentioned his own happiness, as if it was irrelevant. Look at the demoness: that comment about how ‘tarnished’ Dean’s soul is was vicious, and untrue, but Dean accepted it instantly as truth. Look at how he bargained, she even muttered about the ‘fire sale’. Sam has been concerned for a while, but I don’t think even he realised how deep Dean’s emotional damage ran until now. I was proud of Sam at the end of their conversation – he finally acknowledged all Dean does for him and tells Dean what he should have a long time ago – that Sam would do exactly the same thing for Dean. The look of confusion and shock on Dean’s face when Sam said it showed it had never occurred to him. The problem with this family is they have only started really talking to each other since John died and obviously, the damage to Dean is already done. Sam must start fixing it, right now. Dean is so tough that sometimes even those who love him forget how emotionally fragile he is.

    In 'Something Wicked', Dean said John left him and Sam alone for three days, here Dean confirms that this was a regular thing. I love John but I am well aware he was not a good father. But this conversation also confirms something we already knew: that Dean raised Sam, not John. Look at the difference in Sam in 'What Is' - that is not the sweet, innocent, pure Sam that we know and love. I’ve always known that if Sam died, Dean would follow. His entire life revolves around Sam now. In ‘Crossroad Blues’, I was surprised Dean didn’t make the deal and the only reason he didn’t was because John would have been furious. Dean didn’t do it for John, but he didn’t hesitate to do it for Sam.

    The opening scene is heartbreaking. Dean just standing there staring at Sam. He lashes out at Bobby then apologises! I loved how Dean spoke to Sam and when he spoke of failing his dad and Sam, I was in tears. That little heartbroken smile, I can't bear it! Such anger, such grief, my poor boy! Then the relief and joy when he sees Sam alive, Sam stares at him with confusion, and Dean fudges the truth about what happened. Gotta admit, when Sam was looking at his back in the mirror and hissed with pain, I still wince, Jared's acting sometimes stuns me! Jensen's performance here actually surpassed the magnificent acting he's displayed before!

    I realise Sam was distracted but if he’d thought about it, he’d have realised he must have died. Dean should have known better than to make such a vague wish, knowing how tricky demons are. The ‘new improved’ Sam is scary, the way he killed Jake, that look of hate and rage, and then calmly wiping the blood on his face away. The look on Dean’s face showed it just occurred to him that this might not entirely be Sam. This opens a worrying door – now that the army has been released, even if Yellow-Eyes is dead, Sam is it’s leader and should he turn evil, he’ll have a demon army at his back. The trailer for Part 1 shows a beautiful photo of Sam with the words: 'A leader will rise'. This raises another issue too, if Sam focuses on training his abilities, he could quite possibly control demons too, which would be a powerful weapon… whatever side he’s on.

    Here we really see how close Bobby is to the boys, his look of grief when he realised what Dean had done said it all. I loved that scene, Dean's pleading "Please don't tell him!" That hurt, vulnerable look on his face and Bobby's comments hitting the mark every time! He really does love those boys. But the worst was what Dean said, talking as if his life means nothing.

    This episode also answered a question I was unclear on last week, do Ellen and Bobby know each other? Obviously the answer is yes. Ellen has such class – “Whiskey now please.” I love her. I loved how passionately Dean hugged her, it was so sweet!

    This episode also creates a new secret for next season, this time it's Sam's: Mary knew the YED! And he guiltily evades it when telling Dean what happened and still hasn't told Dean the truth. And we know what secrets do to this family!

    The entire storyline about Samuel Colt was ingenius! I always thought the stuff about the Colt was odd – how would a gunsmith know how to make the Colt a demon-slayer? Here Dean states it – ‘demon-hunting, gun-making Samuel Colt’. He was a hunter! Now that makes sense! The massive devil’s trap was amazing! The double use for the Colt was truly inspired!

    Jake – I almost liked him when we met him last week, but there was just something off about him. Now I hate his guts, and not just because he killed Sam. He justified killing Sam by saying he would get close to Yellow-Eyes to kill him, then he works for him with hardly a protest! He had the *loaded* Colt and didn’t kill Yellow-Eyes! The only reason I’m upset he’s dead is because it was Sam who killed him.

    Now for Yellow Eyes – seriously, what was he thinking giving up the loaded Colt?! The bullet wasn’t necessary, get rid of it! I always enjoy the scenes with him, he’s just so twisted and charismatic. The quest is now complete … which brings us to the last Winchester: John. I adore this man so just seeing him fills me with joy! The best thing about seeing him again was that for the first time, he focused on Dean instead of Sam. He looked so proud! About damn time he acknowledged his oldest!

    I *loved* the last scene between Sam and Dean. These days, Sam doesn’t let Dean get away with his bull, Dean can’t even lie to Sam anymore! There was a time he could but that is long past. Note how Sam’s impressive temper starts to surface but Dean cuts him off and Sam calms. I *loved* that he finally acknowledged all that Dean has done for him: “You save my life, over and over… you sacrifice everything for me – don’t you think I’d do the same for *you*? You’re my big brother, there’s *nothing* I wouldn’t do for you.” About damn time! Now it’s Sam’s turn to look after Dean. Dean can’t save himself or the contract becomes void and Sam dies, but that doesn’t mean that Sam can’t act.

    Could Dean have looked happier about the coming war?! I love that boy! And the season ends where the season began - Dean throwing the gun into the boot, mirroring Sam's action and comment in the pilot. Nice!

    I was expecting the same kind of devastating finale that they did at the end of season 1, but maybe they were worried it was going to be cancelled, so gave it an appropriate ending, just in case. I don’t think my heart could take that kind of finale again anyway. Season 3 is going to be awesome! Demons running rampant, Sam fighting his new dark side, trying to save Dean’s soul – it’s going to be amazing!
  • Sams dead and Dean is desperate! :(

    This episode is just !!!!!!!!!! Not even words can describe how amazing this episode was. The acting was just phenominal! The one bit that got me reaching for the tissues was Jensens monolugue to dead Jared. His performance was amazing and it was just mind-blowing. He pulled it off and made me just respect him even more. The yed has always made me laugh with its sense of humour and again, it provided good entertainmet. Dean making that deal-i did think he might, but when i found out for how long i was like nooooo. ONE YEAR!!! I wasnt expecting that! And Sam found out and said he will save Dean-which i thought was awesome because Dean always puts his life on the line for Sam and now Sam wants to return the favour. I am eager to know how and if Sam does save Dean. As well-they finally killed the demon! But! the army was released so Sam is going to have to fight his destiny alot more. This episode clearly one of the best! the writers have created an amazing show and the actors have just made it better with their skill. I cant wait for season 3 and the storylines that will follow! :)
  • Sams back, Deans deal and much more!!

    There was so many headings that i could of used to describe this episode!! There was pivotal,nerve wrecking and more but i chose exactly why because its exactly what i expect of the excellent Supernatural writers!!! This is the season finale that I've been looking forward to!! It oicks up soon after the cliffhanger and straight away we are brought into the flawless acting of Jensen Ackles, over Sam's body!! He truly deserves an award for this episode!!
    I knew that Sam would have to come back, we all did but Dean making a deal with the Crossroad demon was not really expected!! And dude seriously one year!! Well at least we know what we will be expecting of the plot next season!!
    Sam back but is he really Sam?!! Another plot for next season! He killed Jake without hesitation! Could he be turning evil now!! Hope not!!!
    The ending half was kick-ass!! The whole massive pentegram and fighting to stop gates of hell!! Finally the YED is dead thanks to Pappa Winchester!! He can finally be laid to rest now as he is freed from hell!! It was so good to see Dean shoot the YED as in my opinion he suffered the most from him!! Again another plot for next season, teh demons that escaped form hell, have to be hunted, looks like the boys are in for another rough season!
    Bring it on!!
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