Season 6 Episode 11

Appointment in Samarra

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 10, 2010 on The CW

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  • WOW !!!!!

    Best episode ever
  • A very good episode where Dean gets to plan grim reaper for a day.

    After half a season with no soul, Dean finally gets Sams soul back...But the question remains will be he the same as he was? And will deaths "wall" really stop Sam from remembering all of the horrors from hell? Season 6 is turning out to be quite a good season. There was a nice appearance from Robert Eugland in this episode and the general primise of the episode was quite fun. Dean having to take over the role of death for 1 day was interesting and fun... he was met with some hard decisions as to whether to take the little girls soul or not and the consequences of messing up "deaths order or plan". This was a good way to end the show for the mid season break however I am excited to see where this season will go.
  • What an epic midseason finale!

    This was such an epic midseason finale. I'll admit, when the season first started, I was worried that my favorite show had gone bad. But, thankfully, it's found its footing (and gave me one of my favorite episodes, "Weekend at Bobby's) and is back on track. This episode and "Caged Heat" were, no doubt, the best of the season so far. Especially this one, though. I loved both Dean and BadSam's storylines. Sam had me constantly on edge (thank goodness he didn't kill Bobby!) and I knew that Dean would end up having to kill a kid the minute he made the deal (that was so sad! That poor dad....) I'm mega happy (yes, I know how lame that sounds) that Sam has his soul back. I had kind of started to like soulless Sam, but I've missed regular Sam soooo much. Can't wait for "Like a Virgin!"
  • Supernatural 6x11 = Charmed 7x05 Anyone who watched Charmed has also ran into this storyline of Death (or The Angel of) recruiting a main character to do his job for a day. Was glad to see Supernatural pull it off...with a great cliffhanger

    So in this episode Dean goes to a specialist (for lack of a better term) to "die" for a few minutes in order to summon a reaper (Tessa) to get a hold of Death. When Death shows up...Dean tries to use the ring as leverage to get Sam & Adams soul out of the pit. Death agrees to get only one (Sam's) soul of the Cage and build a "wall" around his brain so he wont remember his experience in Hell...but only if Dean agrees to wear the ring for a day and do his job. Dean agrees and is awakened by the specialist (Robert Englund)after being "dead" for 7 minutes. When Dean puts the ring on he is guided by Tessa into doing the job. He has no problem until he runs into a 12 year girl with a major heart condition who he refuses to take. This act disrupts the "grand design" and results in the death of a nurse who was supposed to be in the girls surgery but left early. He then realizes his mistake and takes the girl. Her father then goes on a drinking and driving binge and Dean winds up in the passenger seat (with the ring on) and removes the ring trying to get the man to stop the car only for the man to freak out & crash. Since he took off the ring, Dean technically loses his bet with Death but once he realizes his mistakes Death agrees to get Sam out of the cage and alludes to Dean "currently digging into something...and he needs to keep digging". (assuming Death is looking for Purgatory also)

    Sam summons Balthazar in hopes of finding a way to ensure that his soul can never be returned to his body..and the only way to do that is to commit an act so vial that the soul would reject the host...aka Pesticide. Seeing as how John is dead..Bobby fulfills that role and Sam goes ahead and tries that. Bobby puts up a hell of a fight in his rigged house...only to be saved by Dean in the final few minutes of the episode. The episode ends with Sam locked up in the panic room while Death comes in with a bag. He pulls out a glowing orb which is Sams Soul and puts it back into a screaming Sam.

    A great episode with a great A & B plot... and a great cliffhanger for the winter hiatus.
  • Dean Winchester and The Deathly Hallows

    Appointment In Samara-Death agrees to help Dean get Sam's soul back, but requires Dean to serve in his place for 24 hours. Meanwhile, Sam decides that he doesn't want his soul back and turns to Balthazar for assistance. The rogue angel agrees to help, and informs Sam that the spell required needs the blood of his father... or a father figure.

    You know they say "Death is unpredictable" yet this episode was anything but! The idea of Dean taking on the role of Death was pure gold!! We even got some great moments like the deaths of the store robber and the heartattack guy. But as soon as the story took a more serious turn, things got really predictable that the rest of the episode just kinda fell apart. I was surprised that the writers went the whole "everyone must die, no matter what or there will be disastrous consequences". I mean it's the most cliche theme when dealing with Death at this point and I'm am shocked that Dean even had to learn this lesson considering he should have learned it after everything he's been through the past 5 years. Did he really think it would be that easy? Dean just came off really naive when we've seen him much sharper in situations worse than this.

    Another character that came off dense this episode was Bobby. Did he really go down in that basement with the door open? They way he got caught was even more pathetic. Also, I can't stress enough how much I hate this new Sam at this point. I know he has no soul and doesn't care about the people around him without it but killing Bobby!? Really, not even an ounce of respect for the man who's been like a father his whole life? Well, the writers made a point to show Sam at his worst before getting his soul back. Watching Death painfully restore Sam his soul was the true highlight of the episode and presented an awesome cliffhanger as it leaves fans with hope that maybe the REAL Sam may return....or will Death's wall fail and we'll get another "new" Sam? You'd think an episode with such an abundance of quality guest stars/returning characters in Julian Richings(Death), Lindsey McKeon(Tessa), Sebastian Roché (Belthazar) and Freddy Kreuger himself, Robert Englund would be one of the best of the season, but "Appointment in Samara" was pretty average with the chilling cliffhanger that gives us hope the second half will be compelling!!
  • One HECK of a winter finale

    This episode was awesome. It gave me a bit of a let-down (I kind of expected the powers and scope of death's job to be a little more grand-scale in nature [I mean, come on; this is the guy who'll supposedly outlive GOD] and I don't think that the episode did a good job of explaining exactly what happens to people when they die [I mean, if this episode were true concerning that, supposing the horseman took a day off, you'd have a bunch of clinically dead people walking the streets, it'd be Zombieland 2]) but, overal, it did an excellent job on several fronts. First, it made Dean confront an issue that he's been dealing with since possibly season 4- the debate of free will versus divine destiny. This series has badly mutilated the Judeo-Christian religion in terms of the way that the bible says that things will play out, but it does raise a question that humans have harbored since the beginning of time- Do we make our own decisions, or is it really just God pulling the strings and bringing us all to a pre-destined end? And I'm glad to see that some headway has finally been made in that department. How long it'll last before the next emotional conflict makes Dean change his mind and side with free will again is anybody's guess. Second, it illustrates just how badly the Supernatural universe needs God. If that were ever in question, the conversation between Sam and Balthazar removes all doubt. In the Bible, witchcraft is viewed as a terrible sin. So is murder. So is the seeking of revenge. Yet, because there is no God, we're living in a universe in which angels agree to use spells to help humans and endorse patricide, all of it to spite people that they hate (Balthazar agrees to help Sam in order to make Dean angry because he hates Dean). Third, it illustrates just how badly Sam needs his soul back. If THAT were ever in question, this episode removes all doubt. After all that Bobby has done for Sam and Dean in the absence of their father, Sam was willing to kill him without a second thought. Matter of fact, Sam would've been willing to kill his OWN father without a second thought. The only thing that stopped him was that John was dead. That's just scary. I don't know how Dean was even willing to sleep in the same room as that guy. No matter how much Sam tries to Say that he can be a good person, he never will be able to fulfill that promise and this episode proves, beyond the shadow of a doubt (for all Sam lovers) that he needs that soul back. Which brings us to number four. Sam gets his soul back. It might not be in the manner that was expected (and I'd be willing to bet 9 to 10 that the wall which Death so graciously constructed in Sam's head will be coming down by the end of this season), but the point is, he's back. The good old Sam is back (though, if I know him, he'll spend the next few episodes in depression over what he did as a soulless skin-bag). Number five. The series-long question is played up. First Balthazar, then Death. I get the feeling that the value of souls means a lot to this season. I don't know how it'll get tied in with the war in heaven, the search for Purgatory, and the Alphas (or if the latter two will even get coverage in the second half of the season, seeing as Crowley is now extra-crispy), but it'll make for a killer second half. Here's to the next episode (and WOW, Sam and Dean investigate virgins [so we'll get at least a few shots of Dean's tongue on the floor]).

    *On a little side note, the mention of Adam makes me go back to a few issues that I've harbored since the end of season 5. One, though the beginning was excellent and the show confronted the Apocalypse well, the last few episodes were rushed and totally KILLED the season's potential. The last two horseman rings were obtained without any real fight or debate. It was never explained how Castiel lost his angel power when he used his body as an angel-dispelling symbol. And it was never even DEPICTED how Michael got Adam to say 'yes'. After all of the hype about there being a 'chosen' vessel, Adam was used as the choice. That never made sense. Adam told Zecchariah that he'd never let the angels use him in that manner. Moreover, Adam was meant to be a lure. He wasn't even CONSIDERED by the angels as a suitable replacement. Second, could Michael have even won a fight with Lucifer with Adam's body. Sam was Lucifer's TRUE vessel and Lucifer would be at his most powerful with Sam (which is saying something, seeing as he killed several powerful pagan gods with a weakening fake vessel). Michael would be at a disadvantage in Adam because Dean was his true vessel. For that matter, there wasn't even a real FIGHT between Michael and Lucifer. More like a testosterone-fueled staring contest with a little brotherly rivalry thrown in on the side. I'm sorry Iwent off on that tirade, but it just shot out when I thought about last season.*
  • Predictable death

    As much as I love "Supernatural", this is the second episode in a row where I just felt like all the pieces didn't quite gel. Part of the problem is that the writers felt the need to revisit the character of Death, and I'm not sure that it worked nearly as well as it did the first time. The final scenes were up to par, but it seemed a bit too easy for Dean to get his audience.

    The writers did essentially address this in the end: Death considers the Brothers Winchester a means to an end, and that means he will allow that which is usually not tolerated. That it pertains to the matter of souls, and therefore promises to tie into the larger status of Heaven and Hell that must necessarily dominate the second half of the season, is a nice touch. And I'm curious to see if the wall within Sam's mind becomes a ticking time bomb.

    Dean's plot thread in this episode seemed like the perfect example of missed opportunities. I already mentioned that less is more with Death. But other guest characters felt wasted or one-note. Lindsey McKeon is always nice to watch on screen, but as the reaper Tessa, she didn't seem to do much more than chide Dean on his lack of understanding. And I don't see why they needed to cast Robert Englund if they were only going to use him for a glorified cameo.

    Dean's tenure as Death was about as predictable as it gets. It was clear that his mission would start out smoothly, and then place him in a morally and psychologically difficult position. So why was Dean so shocked and appalled by the notion? He had to know that Death wouldn't make it easy for him, and while it was noble of him to sacrifice his bargain with Death to correct his own mistake, it seemed too quick and easy. The fact that Death expected it, and was just trying to teach Dean a lesson, doesn't really take away from the lack of originality in that plot thread.

    Sam's side of the equation was a little more intriguing, because it fits what we've seen so far. Sam's lack of a soul means that he acts according to his interpretation of the cold equations, and since he doesn't want his soul back if it means likely annihilation, Bobby's life is a necessary sacrifice. It plays on the well-established notion that Bobby is the closest thing the brothers have to a father figure, which is always nice to see.

    But there's just one problem with that plot element: it would never, ever happen. Sam's one saving grace thus far has been that he has yet to cross a moral line so severe that he cannot be redeemed or forgiven. At worst, he's tread on the familiar ground that Normal Sam found himself on during his descent in the fourth and fifth seasons. So there was no way that Sam would have actually killed Bobby. These sort of empty threats are a staple of dramatic storytelling, but once Bobby was brought down, it was just a matter of time before Sam was thwarted.

    The restoration of Sam's soul is exactly the sort of plot element that one would expect at the mid-point of the season arc. The difficult re-integration process will likely carry through the rest of the complication phase, which would typically last another four or five episodes. I would also assume that the writers would start to explain what Death was talking about, and how this "matter of souls" connects to what was seen during the first half of the season. All of that is promising, but the past couple episodes have left me worried that the early success of the season may not quite carry through the whole.
  • Dean visits Death to get Sam's soul back

    So far, Season 6 of Supernatural has been great, and it's not as if we didn't have our moments to worry. The season started off shaky and it seemed as if it wouldn't really have a direction to move in. Now, it seems as if we're figuring out what the writers have in store for us, and even though I have a new-found confidence in the show, I can't help but admit that there have been some missed opportunities along the way.

    First off though, I've liked this "Sam having no soul" plot, and I was surprised to see it resolved the way it was, but that's a testament to how Supernatural can keep you on your toes no matter what. It'll be interesting to see whether or not the spiritual "wall" that Death put inside of Sam holds up. The entire plot with Dean as Death was amazing, and it showed that Jensen Ackles really is a fantastic actor with wide range. He's not just the jokester; he can be serious when we needs to be. And it's always nice to see Bobby make a return visit. The plot involving Sam trying to kill him was particularly tense, especially since it showed just how awful Sam can be without a soul to guide him.

    All in all, the winter finale was good enough to keep me intrigued, but it has me wondering: what about the purgatory that Crowley was looking for? What about Samuel, the grandfather who is suddenly on the loose? Is he still doing jobs for Crowley now that Crowley is actually dead? I'm a little confused at how those plots will resolve themselves, but I have faith in the show again. After the first two episodes, I was hesitant, but it's tough to stay that way when you're given so many consistently great episodes.
  • Death takes a holiday... ooh wait, that title was already taken... Still, the point is the same, ish.

    So, Dean makes a deal with Death, again. He'll do Death's dirtywork for 24 hours in exchange for Death snagging Sam's soul back out from the cage and putting it back (with those debilitating memories of exquisite torture behind a wall he dare not scratch at). The question is, can Dean do it? The answer is, no. But truly anyone who knows Dean knows he couldn't arbitrarily stand by and take life. Dean needs reason, he needs justice. And he learns that it's not so easy or arbitrary a thing, the taking of lives. In the eyes of Death as an incarnation, it's a puzzle, and every piece has its place. Whether or not Death knows what the puzzle's end picture is, we are left presuming.

    What I really wanted to know was, when Death accepted the deal and Dean asked why... I think Dean should have asked Tessa "What did Death say when I asked why he was up for it?" (I have a feeling it could be important... if I were writing eps it certainly would be). So... Dean declines to continue as Death long enough to put things back on track after stopping a death and starting a domino effect of destruction... but Death, believes he's gotten his point across and decides to honor his end of the deal anyway, retrieving Sam's soul and locking the memory of his torment behind a wall that the youngest Winchester dare not claw at lest he fall to the torments of a soul undone... so here's something interesting and totally personal, What I find most intriguing (and this bit is purely personal), is that in terms of likening our boys to ancient deities, if in the Sumerian pantheon Enki was indeed the God who knew all, and as such was the champion of the human race, (his brother Enlil who was commanded to be the High God of Earth was a vengeful and bitter God who lamented the bestowing of every gift that Enki gave humans) The parallels would be; Dean = Enki, the first born son of An who was robbed of his rights to the throne in favor of Enlil, his brother who was born of one of An's mistresses = Lucifer (who bestowed knowledge on man against God's very wishes); Sam = Enlil = God (who was constantly at odds and defending his supremacy against his brother [who was credited with the creation of 'man' as replacement workers for the Anunnaki who toiled tirelessly with pain and lament under Enlil's rule] for supreme Godhood)... So... at least on one hand, and with one deific correlation, I was right. Alas... if you know what I'm talking about, then you know what I'm talking about, and if you don't, that's okay too. To the Kast and Krew, thank you for your hard work on our behalf. To Jensen and Jared, thanks for all your hard work boys. Love and gratitude to you both. Merry Christmas! Happy New year! May the new year bring blessings of every kind, health, prosperity, love... all the great things!
  • Setting up center stage with some life lessons from Death.

    When Death comes, I rejoice. Not strange words for a Supernatural episode, I think many agree with me when I say this. The actor is to be applauded for the fact that whatever scene he is in, he makes it a slam dunk. I like the premise of the episode from the beginning, Dean being Death for a day, and Death's half-solution to Sam's soul. I find it striking sometimes that Dean gives out great advice and always lives by a strong moral code, but never when it applies to himself. He just does what he wants to do. The difference is, Sam doesn't moan about it anymore, he just does his own thing. Yay for great character-changes. And finally, heaven and angels are being thrown into the mix. I am aching to know what heaven's part is in this toss-up of loose (but yet promising) threads.

    Just on a sidenote, why is patricide the greatest sin in heaven? I'm simply wondering. It is ofcourse a recurring theme in Classical literature, but heaven's based on Christianity. Ofcourse I'm not saying patricide is ever good, but this show is known for its extended, very well researched and interpreted mythology. Ofcourse we would find Dean in pain over death-touching people, I'd call it a little predictable. Just as the mentioning of Adam as a second option, already made fans realise that this failsafe was going to be another option down the line. When patricide was suggested to Sam, this would be connected to Dean's Death-day and the soul-option. This episode did not make for a surprising train of thought. But still, it made for interesting television. Sam has always had troublesome relationship with fathers, blood or otherwise, soul or not. He has never been one for family, except his brother and that also not in the way Dean exibits. I would have gone for more doubt in Sam. Soulless does not necessarily mean turning into a Stephen King character (a bit too obvious a joke, but hey, Supernatural is known for that too). Being Death for a day did give us a new thought to think over; the natural order of things. It was stressed time and again by Tessa (I love the consistency in bringing her back everytime throughout the show), how important it is to follow the predestined path. Ofcourse, we could see it as an echo of last season where no matter what they did, Sam had to accept Lucifer and someone had to accept Michael. They found a small loophole, perhaps, but still. We can also see this as something pertaining to the future, which I'm guessing it will. I wonder if Death is going to be a player this season, after the holiday break, now that Crowley is dead and gone.

    One last thing to comment on, is that Death and Dean both share a love for "cheap food". They keep meeting around food as well. I think they are one hell of a combination, with Death showing Dean some things he needed to know, and I think Death respects Dean for being able to stand up to him and not being afraid of him anymore. I thought the episode was well written, well shot (dark and slow, the way Supernatural should always be), and had the overall feel of the show I had been missing so much in the beginning. With this, it is right on track. But I really do miss the surprises, the inventive ideas, the twist on mythology that I assume came from Kripke. They are still drawing on what he established, but I would like some new material. The throwing in of the loose threads of heaven, souls and what not, is a good start, but it needs to come together now. But I was surprised at the end, when it really was Sam that got his soul back (I'm gonna do it again, refer to Buffy. Didn't anyone else think it was classic Spike-getting-his-soul-back material? I loved it). Also, I don't think Adam is mentioned in vain, so I'm curious to know what is going to happen next.

    This is a good episode, a strong one, so I hope that they keep on this track and make it into something extraordinary. I'd be terribly disappointed if I see slacking off during the second half of the season and fillers are only allowed if they are connected to a major storyline. But since I'm starting to have faith in a possible renewal for a seventh season, I think they're on their way.
  • That was some seriously awesome stuff right there!

    Dean struggling with life and death questions, Sam playing cat and mouse with Bobby. This was Supernatural at its dramatic best.

    Being a spoilerphobe, I had no idea what was going on when Dean went to the skeezy quack to be put down. Dying to ask Death for help getting Sam back was one ballsy move, and allowed the writers to delve into some deeper issues as Dean is forced to make one Sophie's choice after another. He really waded into a moral quagmire when he let his compassion get in the way of the "natural order."

    In stark contrast to Dean wrestling with moral issues, it became clear just how completely amoral Sam really is. He didn't hesitate for a second when Balthazar told him he would have to kill Bobby to exile his soul forever. The two parallel stories really highlighted how the brothers were at opposite ends of the spectrum. And both Bobby and Tessa were awesome as usual as the supporting characters, as was Death as the apparent antagonist.

    I was glued to my set the whole time, never knowing where they were going with it next. Once Dean had lost the bet with Death and Sam had tried to kill Bobby, it seemed like such a dead end, like there was nowhere left for them to go. They couldn't get his soul back, and they couldn't let him go on without it. And then Death came through unexpectedly. With a cryptic message about "souls" that has me more intrigued than ever.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing Sam resouled. And I'm really hoping we will not only see the true Sam again, but also the true brotherly relationship.
  • Good mid season final!!

    So glad they brought Death back. He was probably the best thing about season 5's final. It was nice to explore his charactor furthur. Could I see Dean's anguish coming a mile off? Yes I could but at least it was consistant to his charactor. The writers on Supernatural are just so... good! Very consistant which is something that other shows I watch only seem to grasp at. Sam has really gone over to the dark side now. A perfect moment to end the storyline of him having no soul was him about to kill Bobby. We've seen him building up to it for a past few episodes and this was the culmination. Was also good to see Balthazar again, and Tessa. Hopefully Balthazar will become more involved in the second half of the season. Death has also raised an interesting point regarding souls. What does it mean? Does it have something to do with the search for Purgatory (I'm still hoping Crowley isn't dead)? How does this tie into the whole Castiel v Rapheal thing?

    I'm very excited for whats going to happen next year. That was one hell of a cliffhanger as well. No doubt Sam will be back to normal but I do think the Wall will be a ticking time bomb. Let's see where they take it. Counting down the days!
  • Being Death for a day...that's easy right?

    Death and Robert Englund in one episode? This must be Christmas! I was very interested to see how this epsiode would go down and part way in I came up with my own theory. I had figured Dean would've performed his duties but had to take off the ring at the last minute to save Bobby this ruining his chance in getting Sam's soul back. As we know this didn't happen and what did was waaay better then what my mind cooked up. First off, I loved seeing Tessa again. It's always nice when Supernatural brings back charcaters like this. Once again Julian Richings brings another great performance as Death. Hopefully we can see him again down the road. It's interesting to see that he's just as interested to find out about Purgatory as everyone else. And his final scene with Dean was very chilling. It'll be nice to see Sam with a soul again but you have to figure that he'll scratch that itch that Death warned him about at some point and all Hell will possibly break loose. The first half of this season has been great so far and I can't wait to see what they bring us in the new year. Have a Merry Christmas everyone!
  • This episode's been a roller coaster ride. The best thing ever to end the year with, a cliffhanger-end of the episode followed by a scream (I actually awakened my sister O_O )

    This episode was amazing. I was literally gasping the entire time.

    The ambivalence between Sam's and Dean's story lines torn me. Dean is trying his best, killing himself and agreeing to kill others, to save his brother's soul. While Sam, on the other hand, is trying his best to resist having it back. Who would have thought that one day Sam would ever try to kill Bobby, not to mention, hold a weapon in his face.
    I wasn't able take sides specially when I appreciate both of their situations.
    While Dean's situation is understood, Sam's is explained when he told Bobby "He'll kill me to get that other guy back." ,Awe heart wrenching.

    Death's deal was not about making Dean kill people while vacationing, it was about teaching him to something, in my opinion it's to respect death. That's why though he took off the ring, he earned his prize.

    Now to Death's talk about souls.. Does it have something to do with why both angels and demons have so much interest in them? This makes me wonder if Balthazar is going to be the new villain, specially after saying it loud and clear to Sam, which sync with Crowley's death. If that so, I think there will be a bigger part for Cas to play. Saying this brings to my mind the war up... Would the boys' new mission affect it in anyway or would it be irrelevant?
    Mentioning Crowley, Does this new soul-related mission include Purgatory's souls?

    The Continuous warning of the fragility of the wall to-block Sam's experience in Hell assures me that eventually it will break. Honestly, I hope so. We've been teased about that since we knew Sam's soul was still in the cage, besides, it will be a great opportunity to see some more magical acting from both Jared and Jensen.

    Now I wonder how it's going to be between Sam and Dean? How would Sam react to the fact that Dean forced him to get his soul? Is going to be water under the bridge or will it accumulate with other stuff as they always do?

    Just a teenie-weenie reservation, to me the episode, or at least Dean's part, didn't really start to heat up until he took the ring off. when he did, I was like NOOO. but this maybe because the storyline of the episode was still being established or maybe to cool down Sam's hectic part.

    I'm missing bad Sammy already but excited to see our old Sammy back.

    Amazing job everyone at SPN, specially Jared and Jensen.
  • what happen now?

    all eps that mark the first stage of the season is fantastic. by the awy "Abandon all hope" was the most shocking to me, but this episode was also distressing. Seeing that the sam "android" that would kill Bobby, I think that nothing would stop him. But back to the episode once more time execelent participation of death, something tells me that she also wants to know where is Purgatory, but strange death does not know? good participation of the immortal Freddy Kurguer "gave a special touch in the episode.

    you know sometimes I think the dean carries so much guilt in conscience that someday el no longer walk, why kill the poor thing girl was really hard. Returning to the evil sam is that this barrier will work? because doubt whether in the way something does not happen for him not to remember everything, not to mention that as Lucifer and were without their favorite prey michaiel probaly ahhahaa killing themselfs.

    But in the end that will last a long hellhiatus January and it is soon!

    kiss cau
  • Appointment in Samarra

    Appointment in Samarra was a perfect and classic episode of Supernatural. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it featured Death, who taught Dean some very valuable lessons. I thought it was awesome how Death was portrayed to operate outside the realms of Heaven and Hell, and have Power over them as it were. It truly is an eternal force and this episode touched on that perfectly. I really look forward to finding out what all the fuss is over "the souls" and why or how they are very valuable. This episode had a lot of character building and a great ending. I can't wait to watch what happens in the next episode!!!!!!!
  • 611

    The last episode of the year definitely did not disappoint with this absolutely outstanding episode. It was just as good as the last episode and all I can say is Supernatural is definitely back. Dean becoming Death for a day was just a great plot and I loved how it all played out and was related to destiny and then went off a few tangents. The main plot wasn't the only thing that was perfect about this episode. Supernatural has officially had a very successful story arc with Sam losing his soul. Things should be getting back to normal next year, now that Sam gets his soul back at the end of the episode. Sam trying to murder Bobby was a very heavy story line, and sad in some ways, I was literally at the edge of my seat. I cheered for joy when Dean punched Sam in the face in the end. After Dean walks a day in Death's shoes, regardless of failure, Death gives Sam his soul back. Wow, what a perfect cliffhanger and could definitely hold me over until after the holidays. Supernatural has really evolved this season, and I'm finally starting to see it was for the better. Supernatural's mid-season finale is the best I've seen by far this year.
  • Death and Dean equal a great episode

    **************SPOILER ALERT************************
    My feelings about this season have been mixed so I didn't know how I was going to feel about this episode . I am happy to say that the first half of season six ended with a episode that I really liked. It ended with a lot of questions that will be good starting points for the second half of the season. I was glad to see Robert Englund on an SPN episode. I wish he would have been in the episode longer but at least he didn't get killed so maybe he will return in a future episode. I loved Dean and Death's interactions in this episode as I did in Two Minutes to Midnight. Watching Dean being Death for a day was painful and watching Sam trying to kill Bobby was scary. Bobby came so close to being killed in this one. The writers had me wondering whether this episode was going to be his last. Luckily Dean arrive just in the nick of time. I still keep thinking about two things that Death said to Dean that everything you do has consequences and it's all about the souls. I am sure that both of those statements will have something to do with how the second half of the season plays out. I am glad that Sam finally got his soul back but I am wondering how the re-souled Sam is going to be and how long it is going to be until the temporary drywall breaks in his mind? Is it the end of January yet?
  • Fantastic fantastic fantastic episode! Just when we thought all was hopeless... (Mainly talking about the end and its significance, etc. Definite spoilers follow)

    Although it was a very good episode, I was thoroughly depressed by the end of the 2nd to last episode, Caged Heart. Everything seemed so hopeless! They find out it will be nearly impossible to get Sam's soul back, and even if they do, it will cause major emotional and psychological trauma for poor Sam. Then Sam decides he doesn't want it back anymore! What more could possibly go wrong?? I was expecting this episode to be pretty depressing, considering how they left things at the end of Caged Heart. But boy was I wrong! Things had been sort of trickling downwards in Caged Heart. Sinking, sinking sinking. Everything was getting worse and worse. But in Appointment in Samara, things suddenly shot upwards! And at a very very rapid pace! So there's a lot of discussion regarding how Sam will react when he gets his soul back and that's the main element of this episode that I want to address. Some people believe that he's going to be angry at Dean! I don't think this will be the case at all! On the contrary (assuming he remembers everything excluding his time in hell)I think he'll be grateful to Dean. Soulless Sam couldn't quite grasp the value of a soul and how important it was that he got it back. He understood on some level but not fully. Now that he has his soul back, I feel like he's going to understand why Dean did what he did and will once again truly realize how crucial it was that he got his soul back. The one thing i'm not too sure about is how Sam will feel about the past few weeks. (assuming he remembers) Will he feel guilt? Remorse? Will he simply be glad to have his soul back? The emotions that one would feel after going through something like that, going from not having a soul for so long to suddenly having a soul again, are no doubt going to be very very complex. And the writers would have to do some deep thinking to really get his reaction just right. That's why I'm slightly worried that the director/writers are going to chicken out and simply have him forget everything.

    That would seriously be the biggest cop out ever. And I would be very very upset. I absolutely hate when writers do that. Ugghh

    Howweverr.... it would be (annoyingly) understandable if they had to have Sammy forget everything. Death mentioned that if Sam even scratched against that wall, it could come down. If Sam remembered what happened when he had no soul, then he would remember the significance and the cost/risk of getting back his soul. Which would mean that there's a greater chance of him (even inadvertently) "scratching" at that wall. Which would be baaad. So I sort of could understand if Death put all of the memories of him having no soul behind that wall. But I'd still be annoyed ~.~ I want to know how Sammy would react to something like that!!! I don't want him to just wake up and be like "Woah. What happened? Last thing I remember was falling into hell!" LAAAME!!! Please please please directors/writers/whoever makes that decision. Be kind ^^ Show us some love.
  • FANTASTIC!!!!!

    Wow, what a way to finish this half of the season.

    This episode was perfect television. It was fast paced, well written and ridiculously gripping. From the moment it became clear what Dean was doing at the beginning of this episode the world began to rush by in a blur as forty minutes of television vanished in the blink of an eye before finishing abruptly on the most brilliant cliffhanger I have seen in a long time!

    This episode brings Death back to our screens reminding us just how brilliantly this show has been cast since the very first episode. Dean has rightly guessed that if anyone could get Sam's soul it was Death but the price to be paid was that Dean would learn a lesson first. To learn that lesson he had to put on Death's ring and be death for a day.

    Dean was great as death, I particularly liked how he worked with the armed robber. But as expected it was not an easy task and as the day goes by he is eventually faced with having to take the life of a twelve year old girl. Of course Dean can't do that and by not killing her he sets off a chain reaction of unnecessary deaths.

    This was the lesson, that disrupting the natural order of things has a terrible knock on effect on the rest of reality. This was a great lesson as it adds meaning to death again in Supernatural. They have all died and come back now so many times that seeing them in mortal danger had lost some of its drama. But now there is this domino effect that means that though we can be pretty much sure that Sam and Dean are going to be OK, we are left wondering who will go in their place.

    The other story arc was Sam trying to find a way to stop his soul from ever getting back in his body. The only way he could do that was by doing something that would make his body repellent to the soul. The suggested method was patricide which sent Sam in search of the nearest thing of a father figure he has left, Bobby. Bobby had some great lines in this episode as Sam was hunting him, but my favourite was when Sam broke down the door with an axe and he said "You'd better not say here's Johnny!" It's lines like that which manage to cut the tension so brilliantly that makes me once again sit in awe of the quality of writing on this show.

    The episode finishes on a brilliant cliffhanger as Death puts Sam's soul back leaving me dying to see the next episode to find out how Sam is going to react now that his soul is his again.

    That wasn't the only thing that makes me excited for the next episode though. Death said to Dean that they are digging at something important and they need to keep digging. The quest for Sam's soul was so overwhelming this season that this had completely passed me by and this thing that has Death so interested as to break his own rule and bring someone back is really intriguing.

    Overall, this first half of the new season has proven to be just as awesome as all the rest and I have no fears left any more that the show would peak when they were fighting Lucifer. I'm starting to think that the best is yet to come!
  • Deans name is Death and the end is near, for a select few anyway.

    After last weeks failed attempt, Dean makes one last play to get Sams soul back which involves making another deal with Death. Death agrees to help Dean out if Dean can take on Deaths cosmic duties for 24 hours. Sam however feels he is better off without his soul and makes a power play of his own that involves the rogue angel Balthazar and a spell that involves the blood of a father figure. Run for the hills Bobby!! What a great episode and a satisfying yet suspensful way to end the halfway point of the season. Season 6 has gotten off to a shaky start but it is all starting to piece together in a rather interesting way. Applause for the Robert Englund cameo. It was great to see another classic horror movie actor enter the SN universe. I also have to give props to Jared Padaleki, who's awesome acting has turned souless Sam into souless predator Sam!! Dean was great in this episode. Seeing him struggle to "reap" the human souls was really sad and the scene where he came to claim the terminally ill girl was heart breaking. I also enjoyed Dean and Tessa pulling a Batman and Robin like team up. My one complaint was the casual mention of Adam who is presumably trapped in the Cage with Lucy and Mike. As much as I have been hoping for a mention, it just seemed a little forced, though I have a feeling Deans choice to save Sam may cause problems if and when Adam makes it out of the pit. All in all, a great way to wrap things up for the time being. Can't wait to see you next year boys!!
  • Exciting episode. Watched this with lots of friends so this review is based on a group commentary. Lots of twists and turns coming together in this episode, plus some good old heart wrenching stuff. But ...

    I watched this episode with about thirty friends who came together for a SN party. And yes we all enjoyed it. BUT there were lots of comments about this becomming a little cliched. Ya know - Dean the good guy who can't make a wrong step and Sam the pathetic bad guy who can't make a right one. I noticed that our fan group has lost almost three quarters of the Sam fans over the last two seasons and the general concensus is because of the good guy bad guy thing. A lot of us are gonna hold our breathes for the next lot of episodes in the hope that Sam dosen't go Freddy Krugger - I mean the writing's on the wall for it.
    We all agree that SN is doing great things with mythology and legend, but many of us are interested more in the brotherly connection between Dean and Sam and feel that it's almost irreperably damaged. I'm drifting - Dean in Death's shoes - heart wrenching and sad stuff well portrayed. Sam hunting down Bobby to kill him - edge of seat stuff.
  • This show needs and deserves a bigger budget. (spoiler-less review)

    I think the potential of this episode was underutilized. It was great, but lacking. And when you have a limited budget, in a Supernatural world like this one, you go around lots of ideas and possibilities when writing, because you just can't get them on the screen.

    The ideas presented in this episode were great and I was very surprised by them, but they're not pushed forward enough for my tastes. What Dean goes through seems too straightforward and underdeveloped. Maybe its just how I think on grander scales. It was still very realistically done. (relatively speaking, of course). I guess this is just an "I wish" thing.

    All that jumbo asides, this is a great episode that ends the first half of the season, and of course, something at the end that makes use want to see the next episode really bad. (which is 1 month and a half away).

    In fact, I think the 2nd half of the season has a lot of potential.
  • We get Sam Back yea. Finally Good Episode

    I am so glad we got Sam's soul back, I just can't believe death gave it back to him even though Dean failed the test. It was an excellent episode. At least in the end Dean came and saved Bobby and the day, knocking Sam out was awsome. And now we get him back, I can't wait for January 28th to see how Sam reacts to getting his soul back even though he didn't want it. He probaly won't remember what he tried to do. And the look that Dean and Sam gave eachother when he was in the panic room. Dean was so dissapointed in Sam. It hurt me a little to see that.
  • Dean Almighty

    Dean goes to a doctor to make him dead to make a deal for him to get Sam's soul out of Lucifer's cage and Death agrees on the condition that Dean can be him for a day by putting on the ring but if he takes it off he loses the bet. Sam asks Balthazar for help because he thinks that he will die if his soul is returned so he is told that if he kills a father figure (Bobby) his soul will never be given back to him. Dean's journey is heartbreaking but oh so necessary with the whole "natural order" thing that he learns and Death ultimately holds up to his side of the deal because he doesn't want Dean to go deeper against the universe to try to get Sam's soul back. He returns the soul at the end of the episode making us wonder what will happen when the show returns after the holiday. A superior episode and seeing Death try to teach Dean about the bigger picture is an intriguing premise. Supernatural should keep delivering this but since we're only midseason I wonder what will happen next.
  • yeah about time sammy got his soul back what will happen next for sam and dean cant wait for more seven weeks is sure along time for next new episode i was so excited watching his soul enter sam's body yay welcome back sam winchester we've missed you!!!!!

    wow about time for sam to get his soul back can't wait until janurary 28 its so far away seven weeks loved watching sam get his soul back was cheering for sam even though he kept saying no don't too bad robo sam your gone soul sam is returning and about time so happy sam has gotten his soul back we've been waiting for this for so long and sam earned his soul back how long will it take for the wall to break and see what sam man tonight was awesome freaking awesome can't for more go supernatural you rock