Season 4 Episode 2

Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2008 on The CW

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  • "Nicki Aycox" Was really convincing.

    Right this episode was a little better then the first. The reason being I adore the whole plot between the characters. Old familiar faces were interesting to watch as they manipulate. They're being haunted by the spirits of the people they couldn't save, which is called "The Rising of the Witnesses", a sign of the upcoming Apocalypse which connects to the main plot really well. It answer some of my questions which were burning inside, why Dean? The progress of his character development revealed to me as a personal reference that he is no saint. The acting abilities of "Nicki Aycox" Was really convincing, very emotional aswell. It was great to see her in action. My only negative is that the plot was not portrayed well. I wish it had more of a flow more of unity. The end scene. This information was a powerful source to the main season plot, I personally wished more time was given to tell us more about the plot. I know Castiel is a great character too show atmosphere but I really dislike that he reappears and disappears.
  • Bobby, Sam and Dean all fight some unpleasant truths from some ghosts of their past while trying to figure out how Dean got out of Hell and what the heck is going on.

    Ignoring the usual ghost battle, this episode adds in a horror that the viewer could only imagine because it tells us of the horror these regular people faced at the hands of demons. Meg's family being torn apart from her disappearance and death, Agent Hendrickson's torture-death at the hands of Lilith abnd Bobby's guilt at being unable to save two children. Add in Dean's confusion at being saved and why, and you have a shocked, confused and horrified Dean. Heavy stuff for someone who usually just points, shoots and asks questions later. I look forward to the growth of Dean's character. As far as Sam goes, it didn't surprise me that he beleives in God or Angels but it did shock me that he looked extremely guilty at Meg's accusations. And on a side note, Bobby's panic room- I agree with the boys. He is the MAN!
  • Season 4 gets better and better

    After discovering he was saved by an angel, Dean starts doubting about religion. Then, it is revealed that many hunters have been dying, ghosts killing them. Bobby reveals this is called "The Rise of the Witnesses". Castiel reveals Lilith's plan and the 66 seals, and Lucifer trying to break free.

    This episode was awesome! The witnesses rise, including Meg and Henricksen, the 66 seals are being brken now, Lucifer tries to walk free, Dean has his doubts about religion, this episode is so great! Season 4 is one of the best, after season 2, with all that Angels VS Demons and the 66 seals. This episode is awesome!
  • The Raising of the Witnesses and a deeply emotional episode that is the perfect retinue for "Lazarus Rising".

    "Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester" not only has one of the best titles to date, but it is also - as in the tradition of Sera Gamble's episodes - a multitude of interpretations, levels and layers and it's the best possible retinue for the mythology-intensive, action-packed, mind-twisting season premiere.

    Let's start with the first layer. Is there a God? Are the Angels the real deal? If there's a God, how come that he allows that demons and other monsters tore good people to shreds? Is there a purpose, a finality? Or there is only chaos and darkness? These are immortal questions, sprung to life around the same time manhood developed philosophy, in Ancient Greece, and they are still well-alive and kicking even nowadays. "Supernatural" had touched them only peripherally in Season Two, with the episode "Houses of the Holy" (2.13), written always by Gamble. What's interesting is how the characters reacts to these questions: Sam has no problem believing in God and Angels, and thus in a transcendent order and purpose (Sam = Christianity, faith), while Bobby maintain a down-to-earth approach, a pragmatic one, in that he's more interested in the facts that in the theological speculation (Bobby = Agnosticism, suspension of judgment). Dean, on the other hand, doesn't believe in a superior good and bases this belief in the widespread argument of the motivation of evilness and absence of goodness (Dean = Atheism, empiricism).

    The second, more subtle, layer is how these three characters react to the Rising of the Witnesses itself. Sam appears to be less touched by their appearance, since he is now accustomed to treat the supernatural the same way John did. He has been changed by Dean's death (we caught a glimpse of this in "Mystery Spot", 3.11) and Ruby's acquaintance, and - out of three of them - he is the most practical about the witnesses. Bobby and Dean, particularly Dean, on the other hand maintain a more humanistic approach and they appear to be extremely touched by the people they failed to save: it's not by a total fluke, I reckon, that Bobby and Dean are the only ones that the Witnesses try to directly kill by stroking their heart, whilst Henricksen only beat Sam's head on the sink. Dean in particular - changed by his year of impending doom (Season Three) and by the months spent in Hell - is now more shaded and layered: he spent time talking to Ronald and Victor and he continuously questions his moral, his actions and his motivations.

    The third layer is magnificently represented by Meg: instead of exorcising her right away, the boys threw her out of a four-stories window and - when they finally exorcised the demon - the girl it was wearing died. Once again Dean is the one mostly shocked by her appearance, but in this case Sam is more relevant, because Meg raises an interesting point: Sam isn't thinking of the girl Ruby is riding, of the pains and troubles she is forced to aknowledge while possessed. Why didn't he exorcised her? asks Meg. The answer is clear: because Sam thinks to be able to use Ruby for his own purposes and yet again he demonstrates how driven can he be, while Dean has, once more, a more human, ethical approach. How greatly the characters changed over the course of four seasons and how magnificently the mythology continue to grow and deepen is a testament to the writers' brilliance and the two opening episodes of Season Four are amongst the best Supernatural delivered.
  • Well, now that we know Supernatural is about to go all epic on our asses, it's good to see the production staff getting down to business and actually, you know, delivering.

    Well, now that we know Supernatural is about to go all epic on our asses (you don't get much more gargantuan than Heaven vs. Hell, angels vs. demons and that), it's good to see the production staff getting down to business and actually, you know, delivering. And who better to get the ball rolling than Sera Gamble, eh? His A* track record on the show is certainly well documented and he doesn't disappoint here; 'Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester', as well as being one of the most pleasingly ludicrous titles in the show's four year history, is also a cracking episode, perfectly marrying some deft, and important, character beats (Dean questioning his new found destiny, Sam's issues with his brother's return) with an obligatory 'supernatural occurrence' narrative that, pleasingly, is well woven into the season-long mythology and, just to sweeten the pot even more, is a continuity fest for fangeeks to die for. Agent Henriksen? Meg? Larry, for Chrisssakes? Wonderful, well-missed characters all and a delight to have back in a role that doesn't seem contrived and works to bolster the on-going plot. Keep going like this Supernatural and you may just be the best damn thing on TV right now.
  • amazing episode!

    we find out that Lucifer DOES exist and a lot of old characters are back as spirits
    Officer Henriksen, Meg & Ronald
    the only reason they are bad it's because Lillith is summoning them
    and we find out that of all the 600 seals it only take 66 to free Lucifer.
    And it looks like there's some secret between the new Ruby and Sam

    Cassiel tells Dean that the Angels are Warriors of God and that they are also fighting against the freedom of lucifer.

    Bobby has a "Panic room" built with Iron walls and on the outside a devil's trap against the demons and spirits
  • review.

    Sam, Dean and Bobby are being haunted by the angry spirits of people they couldn't save. Bobby becomes emotionally disabled when the ghosts of two young girls whom he couldn't save begin to haunt him. Dean and Sam think they are going crazy when the ghosts of FBI agent Victor Henrickson (Charles M Whitfield) and Meg Masters (Nicki Aycox) appear and accuse the boys of failing them. In the end, Castiel reveals that the ghosts rising is one of many signs of a coming apocalypse in which Lucifer will walk the earth. This was a bit better than the premire I love the direction the show is going really enjoying the new series. The religion theme is cool. Cant wait for the next episode.
  • A new episode and a new story, the show is starting to get back to the routine I enjoy.

    A new episode and a new story, the show is starting to get back to the routine I enjoy. A format where we get a new story to chew on as well as tie-ins every episode to the main story. The story laid out this episode was a very interesting one as it brought back a lot of familiar faces, just not in a good way. Action, bullets and familiar faces is a good way to describe this episode, and the episode delivered it all and more. This episode sheds light on a huge battle that's going to be taking place in this season, the battle between good and evil so to speak. And it's not a small scale battle by any means, we still have actions of previous seasons to factor in, like how there are many demons loose. At the end of this fantastic episode we find out that we have a lot more to worry about then just Lilith, as there is a more powerful enemy that could be unleashed that we can't even imagine.
  • They're back...

    Well it turns out Ruby isn't a big fan of angels when she says she is leaving Sam forever cause an angel saved Dean. These two actresses who have played Ruby act totally different. I like how Genevieve is doing it but I don't think the role Ruby is for her. She gets so emotional. Agent Henrickson & Meg return. Well they're spirits do. Had some character development cause of Castiel, and how they never seem to run out of ideas for Supernatural. I like how Bobby was incorporated in to the episode. Lillith is still out there. I wonder what happens next...
  • The ghosts of creepy past...

    Not quite as solid as the premiere, this episode still manages to pack a few punches. Rife with plenty of pay-off for long-term fans, seeing Meg and the other tragic victims that were caught in the crossfire between good and evil added some nice emotional depth in an otherwise typical episode of the series.

    Dean's little dream sequence highlights just how willing the writers are to go out with a bang. Bringing the devil himself into the arc is a tenacious move, but one has to wonder if the series can pull it off. As revelations go, it's a doozy, but with budget cut-backs, can the series accumulate to a satisfactory end without succumbing to cheesy effects?

    Shallow, I know...since the shows success has largely been down to consistently strong writing, intriguing arcs and, of course, layered development of the brothers. But, y'see, with the introduction of an alleged apocalypse, I worry it might some how lead to an anti-climax.

    But that's neither here nor there: this episode has wonderfully intense moments, replete with some gory visuals and, as I mentioned above, some welcomed guest appearances from some of the shows better characters.

    So Lilith is trying to bring back the big honcho of hell. It's an awesome plan and it was a good move to have the heroes of the piece lose the first seal to the demons. But with 66 seals and only 22 episodes, lets hope they don't string this out for the entire season.

    Overall, a competent follow-up to the premiere. I'm not a fan of the show when it dips its toe into stand-alone material, and until the final few moments, it felt very much like such a story. I'm glad it was all part of a bigger picture, but it would have made it all the more satisfying for me if it were routed with the main arc earlier on in the episode, as there wasn't really any threat factor.

    At least something good has come of it! It looks like new Ruby has left town. No more dodgy line delivery!
  • an exciting but typical episode

    For some reason, this episode didn't really interest me. It's probably just me since I've seen Supernatural since the first episode and I have a pretty good idea of where this season is heading to. That's not to say this episode isn't still exciting. Dean is still in shock over his benefactor being an angel and he doesn't believe that God has chosen him for a special mission. Dean doesn't believe in God, period. This conflict has been known for the last three seasons. Dean believes in demons because he's seen them, he knows they exist. He's always had a problem believing in God. Dean's theological conflicts have to be put to the side for the moment because something nasty is picking off hunters one by one. Ruby is keeping her distance from Sam because she's heard the angel's in town and she's scared of how he'd react to her. So, Sam's training has to take a backseat too once the hunter threat comes for te brothers and Bobby. Turns out it's a threat of ironically Biblical propotions as the boys are being attacked by The Witnesses, the first sign of Armageddon in Revelations, spirits manifested as the people Sam, Dean, and Bobby couldn't save. For Bobby, it's two girls he couldn't save in time. Poor Bobby. Luckily, he didn't die. Bobby can't die. He's been with the series too long. For Sam and Dean, the spirits comes as a human Meg, as she was before the demon took control of her body, and Agent Hendricksen who informs Sam that Lilith took her slow, painful, torturous time murdering the people shown in Jus In Bello. Sam, Dean, and Bobby somehow make it out alive and in good time when Castiello shows up to havea few words of revelation with Dean. More and more angels are coming to Earth to ward off the demon invasion that's getting worst due to the fact that Lilith is breaking the hell seals, which if all breaks, will release Lucifer, and yes, the Apocalyspe is coming, whether Dean believes in it or not. Castiello leaves with a blunt warning to Dean to shape up, get in the game, or else, and the episode ends with Dean beginning to reveal to Sam what's going on. It's odd that Castiello doesn't talk to Sam but there's a reason for that and I think I know why. And with the Demon War getting worse and spilling into Revelation, of course, Sam has a part in this. Exactly what, is still up in the air. This episode was a little predictable for me and still kind of slow but it's leading up to what is sure to be a power revelation about Sam and how he does play into the Apocalypse.
  • People from the past come back to haunt the Winchester's.

    Awesome episode! I loved how the people from the past came back to haunt them. The guilt trips were hard on Dean, as we all saw. I wonder how well Dean is going to handle being brought back from the dead and being the Angel's b!tch. haha. I LOVED THE ENDING! When Castiel was standing in the kitchen and Dean walks over to him and starts yelling at him. I think I watched that ending 7 times. Not joking. When Castiel said that Lucifer was coming back goosebumps rose on my arms and a bucket of fear washed down my spine! I'm starting to wonder if Castiel is wanting Dean to kill Sam...

    Great job Cast, Crew, and Writers. It was amazing. This time I am giving MAJOR hugs to the actor who plays Castiel (Angel from the Lord).
  • So Dean is important in the upcoming fight against the apocalypse.

    I know some have called this a filler epi, but I don't quite agree... This episode gives us some very important information about what's to come (and I guess what we can expect for the rest of the season)... I love that we get a new long-term storyline to follow. So the apocalypse... That's a pretty big deal, and they have to stand together in order to beat this. Just too bad that Lilith has found a way to get rid of a lot of hunters with the ghosts... She is one bad-a$$ demon, much more of a threat than we thought at first as she is trying to cause apocalypse. Right now I'm not sure why Dean is so important to the fight and not Sam. He has allready proven to be untouchable to Lilith, but as I have stated before, I can't help but worry about Sam's new abilities...
    Can't wait to see what happens next!! :)
  • Dean Gets a Reality Check!

    Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester-Ghosts of children Bobby couldn't save cripple him with guilt and Sam and Dean must save him. However, they must also ignore the spirits of Meg and Agent Hendricksen, who have come back to accuse the brothers of failing them.

    Unlike "Smallville", the writers of Supernatural know how to write a filler episode with enough quality that it moves the running storylines of the season in the right direction. "Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester" (great title!) does exactly that, as it starts off like your typical supernatural threat of the week but then soon reveals some key plot lines for the season.

    At first, the episode reminded me of an episode of Charmed, "Death Becomes Them" when the sisters were attacked by the innocents they couldn't save. The writers take the same concept and make an episode that just as impressive...maybe even more. Its great watching Sam, Dean, and Bobby being haunted by the ghosts of victims they couldn't save. There are some truly effective scares and creepy moments through the episode, especially the ones including the return of Meg and Agent Hendricksen. Both actors give excellent performances in their former roles like when Hendricksen describes to Dean how Lilith killed all of those people left in the bank. I really felt bad for Meg though when she revealed what being possessed as a demon is like and how she lost her sister. The comedic moments were great as usual like when Dean's line, "You forgot the pie?" and when Bobby reveals his ghost panic room to Sam and Dean and Dean telling him his "awesome". The only real downside is the climax fight with Sam and Dean just shooting ghosts all over the place until Bobby banishes them. It just wasn't as intense as it was suppose to be compared to other climatic battles. But what really makes this episode intriguing are the plot developments for the rest of the season. First, Bobby talking about the upcoming apocalypse is exciting and will be great looking forward too. Then there's the excellent scene between Dean and Castiel. Jensen really excels in that scene with Dean's hidden fear and anger over God that he just doesn't wanna belief even though he knows deep down his wrong. Misha Collins is really turnign out to be an impressive addition to the series with Castiel. He was pretty awesome in that scene and his delievery of the line, "I dragged you out of hell, I can throw back in" gave me chills. Even Dean's reaction really sold that scene as for the first time he was put in his place! The mythology of the series is getting stronger with it's refreshing portrayl of angels and the introduction of the 66 seals...not to mention Lilith planning to release the deveil himself has me very excited for the rest of this season. This episode was solid filler episode with some heavy developments, strong acting and stunning gore.
  • if you say mysterious ways so help me I'll kick your a$$

    I liked the idea of supernatural getting back to its roots and fighting, but of course a few things popped out at me. For example the idea that a ghost killed so many hunters...hunters that are trained in ghost killing just seems odd. Also when it comes to the whole there is a god thing, I liked how they portrayed Dean and Sam's reactions, of course the question of his parents is still to come. However, the fact that six angels are killed baffles me. How do you get killed when you're already dead. If God was simply a powerful force I'd understand, but mortals who die go to least in this reality, so where do angels go? How is there a war? Also, if Lillith, the most powerful demon, is scared of one angel, then what managed to fight and kill 6 others. I just don't get it. I love the show and I feel better about the situation then I did last week, but c'mon. Finally I'm predicting a battle between Sam and Dean with Sam turning evil with all these psychic powers and I really don't like that either.
  • More like it!

    I watched this one on my laptop a bit late, but alone and at night. And boy did it bring back the memories and heebie-jeebies. And I was thoroughly entertained by it all.

    The Lucifer angle: Hello! Finally, we have a confirmation of God and Lucifer. Not to mention the angels reappearing after thousands of years to do battle with Lilith. And this begs the question: what *is* Lilith?

    Seals: We now have an over-riding story line to follow! FINALLY! Please do stick to it this time.

    Guilt: The boys and other hunters are plagued with the guilt of those they could not save. Bobby's demon twins were an interesting story that I would like to hear more about.

    No more Mr. Nice Guy: Angel finally gets tough talking with the God-doubting Dean. Also - why Dean and not Sammy "special powers" Winchester? Or is it just because Dean dies when Lilith came about?

    Sammy and Ruby: Are they the new bad guys?

    Pulling out hearts: Oh yes. More gore. Open it up!

    Good story, FINALLY some horror, and generally everything to watch for now. Keep it up!
  • Great

    This episode deals with people of Sam, Dean, and Bobby's past. At first, we see a hunter who sees a ghost and tries to get rid of it, it keeps coming back until it gets rid of her. Sam and Dean look up hunters in the area and find out they all have been killed the same way. While at Bobby's house, Meg comes back and tells Dean he didn't save her, Henrickson comes back and tells them the same thing. Castiel appears to Dean in a dream and tells Dean some very improtant details about why the people were brought back. This is a very good epiosde that I would reccommend.
  • How to fulfill your mission while simultaneously taking out your enemies…

    What better weapon? The one thing Hunters can't face – their own failures. Our fears are laid to rest, Castielle is the Real Deal and Dean is slowly coming to terms with being the Chosen One. Add to that some great guest-stars, we've got a stellar episode on our hands.

    The biggest concern I had was the reaction of both Dean and Sam to Castielle's bombshell and obviously I should know better – Supernatural has never screwed up character continuity and this is no exception: Dean and Sam pick up their arguments from 'Houses of the Holy' without skipping a beat! Sam is overjoyed and delights in pointing out that Dean just got his proof. Dean's point about why no hunter has ever seen an angel is answered by Castielle – angels haven't walked the Earth in 2000 years. Dean makes the same arguments we did – that this could be some sort of elaborate trap. One thing bothered me – Sam states matter-of-factly that Lilith is afraid of Castielle – how does he know that?! And Dean is too distracted to question it. A wonderful scene, played beautifully by all involved. Bobby – who is acting more and more their father by the day! – calmly breaks up the bickering. Dean looks at the picture (an angel grabbing someone by the arm and pulling them out of Hell) and absently touches his shoulder. Very subtle. Predictably, Dean's reaction to being singled out as special is the same as always: he's freaked out. The thought that something so powerful would take such a specific interest in him makes him extremely uncomfortable. I notice when Dean is saying how his saving lives cancels out his 'sins', he very blatantly ignores his more serious crimes, like the people he's killed, which is very relevant in this episode.

    After Sam's chilling behaviour in 'Lazarus', we see here that Sam hasn't transformed into a psycho killer and here is the boy we feared was lost. So much so that he's developing Dean's almost split personality: his normal self and the terrifying Hunter. A much greater relief is that Sam and Dean's relationship is back on track. In 'Lazarus', you got the horrifying impression that except for his initial joy at Dean's return, Sam was not glad Dean was back - that Sam had moved on with his life, that he'd given up on Dean completely and Dean being back was just a complication, someone who would get in the way. Thankfully, that behavior has worn off, maybe we can just write it off to the trauma of losing Dean and the shock of Dean's miraculous return. Though I suspect we'll be seeing a lot more of that dark Sam from now on.

    Subtle as it is, Sam's encounter with Ruby is very important. Naturally, she's scared to death of Castielle, which gives us an idea which is reinforced later about angels, "smite first, ask questions later", but she also warns Sam. We know how angels feel about Dean, we don't know yet how they feel about his brother… and let's face it, with Sam's demon blood and whole dark destiny, who knows how Castielle will treat Sam? I must say that Ruby is far better in this episode, more like the old Ruby. How did she and 'everyone' hear about the angel?! I guess from what Castielle said later, the angels must be making their presence felt, not to mention what this implies for the entire 'evil' community about Dean being that special.

    As they head out to Olivia, Sam automatically assumes he will drive before Dean shoos him over. Given Sam's possessive behavior last week, I would have expected more attitude from him about that. Olivia's house ain't pretty – that's one of the nastier deaths we've seen, and especially for a Hunter. She's not the only one, more than 20 others are also dead – given the small size of the Hunter community to begin with, it's a stroke of genius by Lilith – take out your enemy before they even know something's wrong, reducing their very limited numbers. Lilith also shows her sense of humor – she had to raise 'witnesses' to unnatural events to open the Seal, and who better to kill Hunters than the people they tried to save? Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

    The choice of ghosts is great – most obviously Meg and Henricksen. What a pleasure! Always loved Meg and we've always wanted to know more about the real Meg and here we get it - her past, her family and how the demon possessed her. She is, surprisingly, as sassy and tough as the demon who possessed her, she would have been an amazing woman to know. As always, the actress does a fantastic job. Henricksen is almost as interesting, and given his connection to the series mythology, fills in some fascinating gaps about what happened at the police station. What a horrifying way to die, not to mention watch. Dean once said that spirits only see in black and white, not in shades of grey and the ghosts lash out, not caring if they're being fair. Dean and Sam did not know until it was too late that Meg was possessed, but seeing it from her point of view, she's got every right to be angry. She certainly touched a nerve with Sam – her comments about Ruby, calling him a monster – Sam shot her in the face! Meg's got a point, has Sam ever considered the girls trapped inside by Ruby's possessions? All in all, some truly impressive sequences.

    Bobby's panic room: what's to say but wow! Bobby displays the same type of creativity as the late great John Winchester. That room is so cool! Loved when Dean picks up the automatic rifle, "You're awesome!" What we already began speculating about last week has come true: it really is the Apocalypse (we should have been tipped off by the raising of the dead) and seems Lilith is trying to release the Big Bad himself: Lucifer. My, my, isn't she ambitious?! I knew it was only a matter of time before an actual prophecy raised it's head! The legend about the Witnesses is very cool. Loved Dean's reaction – road trip! He seems to really want to go to the Grand Canyon since this is the second time he's mentioned wanting to go! We noticed it last week and here it is again: Dean really has matured and mellowed with his time in Hell.

    The final scene really is awesome. I love Castielle already! Castielle's dropped his more unearthly behaviour since we last met and is acting more Human. As he explains what's going on elsewhere, the bigger picture, you actually become embarrassed by Dean's self-centered rantings. Castielle is tolerant to a point, trying to explain but even angels only have so much patience. Dean actually threatened an angel?! Loved the look on Dean's face as he realizes what he just did! Castielle puts the record straight – he's not Dean's guardian angel, just a soldier delivering a message in a time of war, a liaison if you will. Castielle lets slip that he's not the only angel down here and that the combat's been going on for a week, maybe more? – Dean's only been back three days so his resurrection wasn't their first priority. Castielle is dishing out the info in small doses, obviously taking Dean's personality into account. He gave Dean three days to accept that he was an angel, then does the next bit: Lucifer. "Three days ago, you thought there was no such thing as *me*." Dean just doesn't know when to back off and finally Castielle gets irritated. Amazing how Dean has that effect on people! If only Sam had woken up right then! Bobby could see Castielle, so Sam must be able to. Can't wait to see how Castielle treats Sam!

    Last thoughts:
    - And yet again, pie is bad! What has Sara Gamble got against pie?! Loved the argument on the phone and Dean's crestfallen hurt look when the bag contains no pie.
    - Finally get to see the boys making the salt rounds.
    - Kudos to the special effects guys! Some great moments, like the iron chandelier falling through Meg!

    Though not as intricately detailed as 'Lazarus', one of the more impressive episodes, very very strong. Answered all our questions about Castielle and the reason for Dean's return, as well as introducing us to some gone-but-never-forgotten old friends. A definite winner.
  • great episode, not one of the bests, but it revealed some secrets

    it was awesome seeing Meg, Agent Hendricksen, and the dude from the lazier eyes
    the episode contrasted with the other episodes from the previous seasons because now Dean was the one who showed to be carrying the guilt of letting them die, and Sam was the one who just shot them, just trying to ignore what happened to them.
    at the end of the episode Castiel also reveals that these ghosts of people who died were released by Lilith. Until now, I always thought that Azazel had a great plan and Lilith didn't, she just walked around killing people. But this episode proved me wrong, Lilith do have a plan, and the ghosts killing the hunters was part of it.
    Another great thing about this episode was that Castiel also told us that Lucifer was free. When I watched the episode Sin City I had a small idea that Lucifer, the Angels and God would be real in the series because since there was a Hell, there should be a Heaven, and Lucifer wouldn't be mentioned if he wasn't real. and if Lucifer was real, God should be too.
  • Ghosts of the past come back to haunt Sam, Dean, and Bobby.

    Finally saw the episode last night and I must it did not disappoint. It was great they brought back Meg (I really missed her I thought she did a great job) and Hendericksen back from the dead to haunt the boys a little bit. I liked the fact that the new Ruby seems to be really scared about the angels coming down finally and helping out it really makes everything more interesting now. Also I am really glad they tied what I thought was a minor plot hole in Lilith, for I was wondering what she was up too, now we know she is the one responsible for all the nastiness that happened this episode and soon the rest. I wonder why she hasn't sent anyone after Sam or anything, is she really that scared of him? I am also liking the running parallel that seems to be developing, we have Sam developing demon-like powers in order to stop demons and now we have Dean being saved by an angel who seems obsessed with helping him out, just thought that was pretty interesting. Anyway this coming Thursday's episode looks great can't wait!
  • The road begins to take shape.

    While I didn't enjoy this episode as well as the season opener it was a solid Supernatural episode. I could have done without Hendrick telling deal how Lilth tortured them for 45 minutes before they died, but it's those detail that make Lilith all the more monsterous.

    Cassteil proved he was a warrior, and not the typical benevolent angel. Angels threatenign to send people back to hell. That is certainly different.

    I'm with ghost Meg, what excactly is Sam doing with Ruby? While she lives she is occupying some other poor girls body. I guess Sam overlooks that has a long as he is saving people. He seems to be playing God.

    I wonder if Sam's road is taking him closer to the devil?
  • Another great episode!

    Season 4 has started off the best out of all 4 seasons, even better than season 3. We see meg and henrickson back in this episode to make sam and dean feel guilty and they try to kill them cuz they coldn't save them from dyin, and the same thing happens to bobby with 2 little girls that he couln't save, as well as other hunters. And we see ruby again in this episode and she tells sam that she's scared of angels so she wants to get away, and we see the brilliant angel castealle back in this episode and we find out a bit more about him and what this season is gonna be about, and i cant wait, every season gets better and this season is only gonna keep gettin better and better, next weeks episode looks awesome and revealin, so roll on thursday. Supernatural rules!
  • Not my favuorite, but still good.

    I must say, personally, I really don't like the whole 'Angel' plot, so I must say that this episode having Castiel in it, I did't like that. I don't like Dean talking to an Angel while Sam is sleeping and all, but... I really liked the idea of the show. Having people they once knew and couldn't save, like Henriksen, was brilliant! I loved seeing Henriksen, because he was my favourite good/bad guy. I liked Meg but only when she was a demon. Ronals was so awesome. I was actually kind of sad he died even though he now knew about the supernatural and wouldn't have lasted very long, but still... he was awesome. I love how ghosts of children Bobby knew were coming back to haunt him. it probabaly made him regret not having children on his own. This was jsut a very emotional epiosde. I also must say I loved the iron room in Bobby's(?) basement was wicked. lol. I really did love this episode but not one of my favourites. I think Sam is being pushe out of the picture too much and its all about Dean and his 'angel' sidekick. Still good though because, I mean, it is Supernatural, but not the best. :D:D
  • Proselytizing cuts uncomfortable swath across Super natural".

    Although I really have liked this show, I have hated points with the first two episodes this year. All this "2000 years ago", and "the man upstairs" stuff is really annoying. There's a way to bring in God and mythology without the blanket assumption that Christians are absolutely right. I hope this plot thread is changed or mercifully over soon. I can really do without the proselytizing. A number of people have noted a similar thread on Heroes this year, with talk about the "second coming". I have to think that someone is trying to aapease all the comp,aints from the far right.

    And who says God is a man anyway?
  • Guilt can kill ya, Dean and Sam find out as they try to get to the bottom of how Dean came back, and what's happening to fellow hunters.

    Last week's episode blew me away and I wondered what Kripke and the gang would do to keep up the momentum that was started in Lazarus Rising, and boy did I get my answer.
    I liked that despite the information that Bobby managed to find out, that Dean was still skeptical of Castiel. Sam was more open to the idea that Dean was saved by an angel. He almost seemed happy about it, as if it were proof that God exists and also because he thinks it means that there aren't going to be any grim consequences to Dean's return - which of course there will be. Dean on the other hand felt not only disbelief but guilt at being the one saved and angered at the thought that there were plenty of good people dying without any benevolent intervention from the powers that be. He doesn't want to believe because he's afraid of what it might mean.
    I also like that Castiel isn't a fluffy winged cherub in a toga playing the harp and speaking in parables, nor is he a guest star from "touched by an angel". He's an angel from the book of revelations - the soldiers of God. The speech that he gave Dean about what he is and the realities of what he does was fantastic. It almost sounded like a speech that Dean might give if he was in Castiel's place. In fact, it was like Castiel was saying that he does what Dean does, except on a more otherworldly level. I also like that he isn't sappy and put Dean in his place when he needed to because he had to tell Dean about what was happening.
    Another amazing episode that gave us another tease as to what the rest of the season is going to be like. Loved it and can't wait until next week's episode.
  • Hunters around the country are being killed by ghost of people they couldnt saved

    Lilith found a way to eliminate the hunters: she did a spell that brought ghost of the people hunters couldnt saved..and they are not happy.

    And we also learn that did spell is one of the 66 "keys" that keep Lucifer in hell.
    Bobby is the best ! That iron panic room was amazing! And he found a spell to sent all those ghosts where they belong.

    I thought that comment Meg made to Sam about Ruby was very important,because it might help him realise that he should not trust her..shes a demon!
    But my favorite part was that talk between Castiel and Dean.They gave us important information about whats going on with that war.And that Castiel has the power to send Dean back to hell..

    This season might be the best one!
  • Bobby and the bros face blasts from the past

    Yep, this season is truly starting off with a bang. Actually, more like a cannon. Our second foray into Year 4 of SN lands us with a very intriguing character study piece. And not just Sam and Dean, but a few choice past characters we have come to know and really enjoy, as well as for our new character and fellow angel, Castiello. (Since the closed captions and other online sites spell the name this way, I'll run wit it).

    Okay, so maybe "character study piece" is stretching it a little, but in a way it isn't. For starters, take our old friend Meg - the young demon woman from way back in season 1 who was part of the main plot arc at the time. It is 3 years later and we finally get a little more on her background. I, along with many a lot of folk out here, have always wondered about her and her origins. Without going into any details, I'll just say that it was horrible what happened to her when she became possessed and what followed after her death and leave it at that. There's a tad more important stuff to dabble with her character showing up here anyway, so bottom line is: it was really great to see this character again even if it was a ghost. The importance of her visit was the juicy tidbit on her part. She had 2 very interesting scenes with each brother Winchester. The one with Dean was pretty straightforward as it seemed she really laid on the guilt trip about his "failing" her, thus his negative feelings about himself that always seem to surface. (More on this in a bit, however). Her scene with Sam was a bit more informative as Meg mentioned Ruby to him. There seemed to be a tad of foreshadowing and concern in this one particular moment when Meg threw it in Sam's face about how he could let a demon like Ruby live and keep on possessing people while other poor, innocent souls like Meg have to suffer. And then she proceeds to call him a monster. I hate to say it, but Meg's not wrong.....totally. There are 2 angles to look at this from. Looking at it from Sam's perspective, he knows Ruby is an asset, demon or not, because she knows of his powers and obviously what he is capable of. And again, even though she's a demon, she has at least proven a few times now that her intentions are to help Sam strengthen his abilities to ward off Big Bads like Lilith, which can all be considered to be for the cause of good. And this is probably why Ruby gets so much flak from other demons and nasties. It is seen as a betrayal on her part to them. Furthermore, after everything that has happened to Dean, Sam naturally is gonna use this as an advantage to himself as well as to others he loves (such as Bobby, and a newly resurrected Dean) because he sees it as good. On the other hand, Meg's referral to Sam as a monster may not be completely out of line. Yeah, it's a bit harsh (what do you expect from a malevolent force?) but for a while now, Sam has displayed some seriously wicked behavior. First off, he's hiding his secret meetings with Ruby from Dean and Bobby. Of course, this is understandable since Dean just know...came back from Hell, literally, so that pretty much takes precedent over....well, everything else for the moment. But Ruby was right last week - Dean will be not very pleased with Sam if lil' bro doesn't spill the beans soon. Secondly, starting last year we've seen a darker side of Sam come out - a violent, angry one, but usually only during the moments when Dean is in peril. And that counts his killing the crossroad demon in cold-hearted fury - the same kind of cold-heartedness he uses when he shoots Meg in this ep. So the question becomes one of whether or not Sam's journey into heightening his powers will be an uprise for the triumph of good - or his own downfall, and potentially anyone else with him....a descent into the dark side, so to speak.

    Ol' Victor Hendricksen is back in spirit form, too, and I gotta say it was great having him back also. Hendricksen's spectral visit was insightful also, if only in the sense that we get a little more info into the police station explosion incident last year in 'Jus In Bello' that Lilith caused. According to Victor, Lilith had a little "fun" with Hendricksen and company before putting the big whammy on them. It was chilling the way he described how Lilith killed that poor Nancy girl (the virginal secretary), making it all the more hurtful to Dean, who was devastated by that anyway last year.

    Whereas Meg and Victor were each recurring characters, our third "major" visitor was dear old Ronald Resnick from season 2's 'Nightshifter'. Even though he wasn't recurring (well, after this ep, can't really say that anymore, can I?) I absolutely adored him back then, he was so funny and made a huge impression on me. He was also very innocent in his own "special" ways back then, which made him a delight to watch. And this made his death back then the more tragic. However, I do have one slight problem with him "returning" here in this ep. According to Bobby, all these spirits coming to them died from supernatural-related deaths. Victor was killed by Lilith's magic explosion; Meg was possessed and died from a broken body that was eventually exorcized violently; even Bobby's ghostly little girls were eaten by a monster. But if I recall correctly, Ronald died from a policeman's sniper rifle. Sure, he was helping to chase a shapeshifter, but nothing really supernatural actually happened to him. Then again, as I even mentioned way back in my review of that ep, Dean was kinda responsible for Ronald's death (albeit indirectly) because the police were technically after Dean at the time and Ronald happened to get in the way. And all of that WAS because of their tracking a shapeshifter. So looking at it from that respect, I guess it makes sense now. Any case, Ronald was very welcome this week in my book.

    If there is any major character study in this ep, it most def is Dean. Man. Could the dude have a lower opinion of himself? Sure, it's always been pretty obvious that he has in the past, but this time? Wow! I mean, so for real! Asking things such as "why me?" and "what's so special about me?" when it comes to wondering why God would choose to save him from the pit! It may be silly, but listening to him wonder about these things just broke my heart this time, even reminding me of what Castiello said to him last week about Dean thinking he doesn't deserve to be saved, and then breaks my heart all over again! Dean really needs some tough love - and this is where Castiello gains mega points on my Tickle Bone scale. I LOVE this guy! I so cannot wait for more of this angel. (No pun, I swear!) And what his plans are for Dean. But what's most interesting to me is how Dean's faith will be challenged and tested as it seems now that both Bobby and Castiello have stated that the Apocalypse is very much nigh. And how his and Sam's parts will play in this battle. After all, Castiello said it himself - that Dean has a purpose, and a darn tootin' good one if the command came from God Himself. Aside from discovery of the overwhelming reality that angels and God do exist after all, there was another trait to Dean that I saw this week. One that is particularly worrisome to me. It was subtle, but very much there all the same. It was Dean's own version of his "dark side". Meaning, he seems to be a bit more bossy and harsh than usual. More tense and a wee bit more argumentative. This is where I believe his experience in Hell may begin to catch up with him. I know it wasn't really touched upon that heavy in the ep, but that doesn't mean it ain't there, waiting to erupt. I think we'll being seeing a dramatically changed Dean in the future - not necessarily bad, just different.

    The last scene of the ep with Dean and Castiello was the high point this week. It was scary, hands down. Disturbing. Very much. Oh yeah. The good angel pretty much lays out that an epic something or other is about to hit the fan in a most major fashion - the result being in the freeing of.....(wait for it)....Lucifer! The very devil himself, ladies and gentlemen. And it seems Lilith is helping to make that happen by playing the biblical cards, and playing them right as it seems even some of God's own angels have gained casualty status in the fight. What was scarier, however, was Castiello's warning to Dean about showing him respect, even going so far as to remind Dean that he can easily be put back in Hell as he was pulled out. Dean, honey, better wake up and smell the manna.

    Bits and Pieces:
    - Bobby just keeps surprising me. So he built one heck of a demon-repelling bunker under his house because he had a long weekend off. Too cool for school! Dean summed Bobby up in 2 words: "You're awesome!"
    - I love how Lilith's presence is still a threat even if she wasn't in the ep (much like Azazel in the earlier seasons). Although she's more frightening.
    - Bobby's ghost girl visitors. AGAIN with creepy little girls on this show! Not complaining, mind...
    - Ruby's one short scene with Sam was simple, yet very effective as she seems to bail on Sam because of an angel's involvement with Dean's resurrection. Can't wait to see how this one twists.
    - I liked Meg's long hair look, but think I liked it better back when it was short. Seemed more elegant then. (Sorry. I'm a big hair person).
    - It's a minor thing, but I just gotta ask since it's now been made way too obvious: what IS it with Dean and pie? Don't get me wrong, it's incredibly funny and adorable....

    I'm giving this ep a perfect 10. Next week looks as if we get more Dean and Castiello action, and a trip into the past. I can't wait at all!
  • Wow!!!

    Supernatural continues its 4th season with another fantastic episode. the episode plot was very original and brought back some old friends and enemies of the brothers. the acting is still phenomonal from Ackles, Padalecki, and Beaver. they have their roles down pat. this episode also gives you the main storyline of the season (I won't give it away for people who haven't seen it). the installment had some funny ass remarks from Dean (of course!) and from Bobby. speaking of Bobby, you get to meet a couple of young girls he didn't save, which shows that Bobby isn't as perfect a hunter as you would think,even though he has the experience. this season has instantly become my fave so far, and i can't wait for the episodes to come!
  • While attempting to find out more Angel lore, Sam, Dean and Bobby discover that hunters are being gruesomely murdered. Upon investigation, the three men are themselves targeted - haunted and pursued by the spirits of those they couldn't save.

    I feel as though I will most likely receive a fair few "thumbs down" for this review after seeing some of the scores that other viewers awarded this episode. To put it concisely, I wasn't that impressed. Overall I enjoyed the episode but felt that it could have been summed up in a single scene: Castiel and Dean talking in Bobby's kitchen pretty much was the whole point of the episode. I enjoyed seeing the return of Hendricksen, Meg and Ronald (one of my favourite characters from season 2) but felt that their inclusion didn't really add much to the episode. The plotline of the "witnesses" was mildly interesting but seemed somewhat pointless - sure, Sam, Dean and Bobby had to perform the spell to get rid of them otherwise they would have died but it's not as though they achieved anything in terms of stopping the oncoming apocalypse. I may sound as though I feel the lives of the characters are pointless but this is not the case: I just thought the storyline of this episode (excluding the ending) was a filler. Not a bad storyline at all, just not that appropriate.

    To end on a more positive note: Jensen and Jared's acting continues to impress me. They must be two of the most underrated actors out there. As previously mentioned, I enjoyed seeing the return of some of the series' most well liked characters (I didn't enjoy Nicki Aycox's hair too much though!). Misha Collins continues to impress as the angel Castiel and I cannot praise his introduction enough - I'm really looking forward to seeing where this season is heading - even if this episode could have been covered in about 5 minutes!
  • The past can haunt you...

    I'm not going to say that this episode was better than the premiere because it wasn't. But Iam going to say that tis was a pretty darn good episode. Dean questions his belief in God and why he would order Castiel to bring him back from hell. Meanwhile a few of the people that Sam and Dean couldn't save pop up and start laying down some hurt. It was nice to see those characters back especially Meg and she wasn't even possessed. At the end of the episode Dean learns some very startling news from Castiel-Lucifer could walk free and that is why the Angels are on earth. Anyway, I have a feeling the next episode is going to rock hard.
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