Season 8 Episode 12

As Time Goes By

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 30, 2013 on The CW

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  • Got Bored

    I ended up ignoring a bit of it out of boredom. I just let it play in the background, while I got a few things done.
  • A little late catching it but what a great episode

    I just finally caught this season 8 episode and am very glad I did. The idea was novel and the time travel scenario played out perfectly as well as explaining the disappearance of Sam and Dean's grandfather. The reactions of Dean were right on as well as his change of heart as the episode developed. The demon and the story behind it was very good as well. And the ending really had a pathos and gave the demon what it deserved. Definitely worth catching and so glad I did.
  • Good episode, but very frustrating.

    A fan since the very first episode here. I really liked this episode actually, finally a few good ones in this quite mediocre season overall.

    However, I found myself becoming more and more frustrated by the fact that Henry never got to realize just how much his grandsons had actually done! Where the heck was Castiel? Where was the Dean speech: "Hehe yeah, but you know what? Sam had Lucifer inside him. I was to be the archangel's meatsuit to face him. Also, I spent quite some time down in hell. I've also spent a year in purgatory, and both me and Sam have been to heaven. But yeah, grandpa, you have your

    From the second that Henry fell out of the motel closet I was waiting for this moment where he got to know what his grandsons had actually accomplished. It was very frustrating to see him die, and as a viewer, think that all he thought his grandsons were was two semi-experienced "hunters".
  • This episode divides the supernatural fan base into 2 groups

    There's the fans that started watching after season 5 and those who have watched in from the beginning. How do I know this, because anyone who watch supernatural from the beginning (like me) hated this episode. It was like watching your favorite book get turned into a movie that doesn't follow the book at all.

    You can't just change 7 seasons of information with one lousy episode. This episode just cannot exist in the supernatural universe. I could deal with the fairy episode not following the storyline because it was funny. But this draws the line for me. And no Castiel, or angels and yet time travel.

    Storyline was predictable,boring and took away way way more than it added. Ending was laughable when Sam referenced how Cupid got their parents together(like they were even pretending to follow any previous episode) what a laugh

    I was thinking maybe alternate universe with the way time travel and the demon killing everyone,maybe they could have made it work, nope. This episode was a big middle finger to true supernatural fans.
  • Season 8- As Time Goes By

    This shouldve been an 11-episode story arc for the second half of the season, and end of the series. One episode was far too short. Its a fantastic episode. But it doesnt make up for all the crappy episodes of this season. :/ and where the hell was castiel.
  • Much, much better..........

    Enjoyed this episode a lot more - the writing was far better and it had more of the old Supernarural vibe. I have to say though, all this carry on about who's the bigger/truer Supernatural fan bores me silly. I've been watching since day one too and consider myself a huge fan but I don't think I have the last word on the subject. A lot of Supernatural fans just need to chill - relax, enjoy the show for all it's ups and downs. For me, even when there's been one I haven't liked so much I still want to see the next one. Just keep it in perspective people! Peace:-)
  • Supernatural comes alive again

    well this is what made the show , the best of the best, havent missed an episode ever and bringing back a demon more powerful than yellow eyes(knife couldnt kill her) and also linking the story back to john and winchester family with the spice of magic and men of letters , i see the show is starting to get back on the THE SUPERNATURAL road after a bit of a bumpy ride through the bushes, episode rocked guys, keep em coming and plz dont let this series end. I see lucifer coming back
  • Avid watcher dug this a lot

    I've seen this from the beginning. I own all the shows. Whatever narrow minded reviewer thinks he speaks for all long time fans is sadly mistaken. This was an inventive episode that offers a new twist to a show that has been on the air for a long time. The introduction of a new faction and long lost family member explored a side to the guys' history and family lone we haven't seen before. They aren't phoning it in, the producers are continuing to invent and create new paths. If you are a new fan or a longtime viewer you owe it to yourself to watch this episode and make the choice for yourself.
  • Wow , breathtaking episode !!!

    Didnt enjoyed an episode like this for a really long time !

    main event episode , cuts right to the heart of the real "what supernatural is really about" .

    the last seasons was taking all the viewers out of the point , its time we all get an episode that could really easily blend in in one of the first core seasons of the show !!!

    and for - "kingofrouges" : ive been watching this series since day 1 , really loved the episode since its messes with the real story and cuts out all the bullshit we got to know in the last seasons (really good and enjoying bullshit , but yet)

    i can only say - WOW !
  • Time and Punishment

    Supernatural really vamped up its writing this episode with a middling season thus far by taking adrenaline and stabbing it into the very heart of the season arc. Enter Henry Winhester from 1958, given a mysterious box by his Order the Men of Letters who are slaughtered by the demon Abaddon and he makes a spell that propels him into the future (a blood spell which takes him to his nearest kin in space and time). He lands in a motel room in Sam and Dean's time in modern day and he asks for John. Abaddon gives chase and the brothers try to stab her with Ruby's knife which doesn't do anything but piss her off. The brothers take Henry with them and Abaddon does this cool supernatural "I can make you show me what you've seen" and tracks them down. Henry learns that they're his grandchildren and introduces himself. We learn more about the Men of Letters and how John was supposed to be part of the Legacy of passing on Men of Letters down the male bloodline but he became a hunter instead which is seen as a brutish knuckle dragging profession as if Dean had told Henry his son had grown up to be a drug dealer. Apparently the Men of Letters are the elite Supernatural knowledge collectors who pass their information only onto the most elite of hunters. John's journal tells them that Abaddon's a Knight of Hell (one of the original demons made from the first Fallen loyal to and created by Lucifer after the Fall from Heaven) who doesn't go down easily and is apparently the last of her kind. The building Henry's Order was slaughtered in had been turned into a comic book shop as of late and Henry's out of place period-ness makes him somewhat like Castiel in the modern world. After learning that one of the Order members survived in modern times and is 127 years of age after a cloak and dagger sleuth. The Order member tells Sam that the key that was given to Henry opens up a library or a collection of knowledge of every creature since creation and to throw it into a void or whole that will hold the key forever to prevent Abaddon from getting to it. Abaddon had possessed the man's wife and kills him and takes Sam hostage and offers Dean a trade of Henry and the key for Sam. Dean's caring for his brother proves to not be his downfall this time but the touch of the Devil's Trap marked on the bullet and Henry sacrificing himself was a great touch to decapitate Abaddon and bury her in small pieces making her wish she was. His line about being proud of meeting them and being proud of John although not knowing him as a man was a great family drama moment that Supernatural handles well. Nice topping on the already dropped seeds of the Winchester legacy being deeply loaded in the world of the Supernatural and the fact that John's diary was his father's was a nice little token moment that added even more depth. What they'll do with the key from here is a mystery. Now with that and tablets there is a lot to juggle which much the better typically the time travel episode doesn't add this much and simply is Sam or Dean stuck in time and having to get back so it was nice to have someone come to their time rather than displacing them which is the norm on the show. Abaddon was a nice baddie that certainly didn't go down easily at all and I would like to see more of if possible and the whole Knight of Hell thing was a cool mythology expanding thing that gave us more of the universe. Maybe the key will prove to be useful in deciphering the tablets later on. Henry was well written and acted . Noire's Jack Kelso) and his bookish collegiate-ness was a nice juxtaposition to Sam and Dean's more down to earth and working class gruffness. Fantastic episode that gives me much hope and faith in the writers and this season of Supernatural that makes me see a glimmer of the old Supernatural in there.
  • Not sure how I feel

    I'm not sure how I feel about this episode. I Liked the story as it was and do feel they are adding a lot this season. Its an interesting twist to say the least. Who agrees with me they need to bring Jeffery Dean Morgan back in some way!
  • i loved this episode!!!!!!

    I really liked this episode!! It had a great plot and was a good filler episode. The last scene made me cry. I thought this episode was well thought out with mixing together other previous episodes. I wonder though when they will mention castiel but other than that it was a good episode.
  • I know an Angel who could have help!

    During the entire episode, I was just waiting for someone to call Castiel to help. I really expected it to happen. It definitely seemed right up his alley. But Noo. We don't invite Cas to any of the parties anymore. But overall I liked the episode, and they added another layer of the supernatural world that will be interesting to explore.
  • Another time travel episode really?!!! Oh and one that adds nothing but takes away alot!

    Time travel rarely works at all. Supernatural struck gold with the classic 4th season episode that had Dean realize his sweet old mommy wasnt so much the homemaker as she was an asskicker. Not only that but we saw how Yellow Eyes became interested in the family, because of her fighting spunk. The next one was in season 5 and besides serving little purpose but to kill Anna the renegade insane angel was still a nicely told story and we got to see Sam and the woman he never knew; mom.

    Then we had lousy time travel episodes one from last year with Elliot Ness as a Vampire Killer well without some nice exposition besides I came across one one time and poof realized they were among us this episode served no purpose. The same goes with this one, although while I could argue that the previous seasn 7 time travel farce wasnt really harmful to continuity and was for the most part a fun episode this onw had the audacity to push it's way into the mythology by revealing that Sam and Dean and their father John were supposed to be legacies. Who or what is a legacy? Well Bobby didnt know or if he did kept it quiet and that's all I care about. The show's eighth year should not be devoted to establishing new bit of character revelations, because they go against continuity from past seasons. This one is no different here Sam guesses that angels picked the Winchesters because of legacies and hunters working together. Hunters were loathed but neccessary pawns of leagacies. So finally coming together was the ticket to start an apocalypse. Ummm NO!

    Sam and Dean were chosen because of the Winchester bloodline pure and simple that was the bloodline chosen by the forces of good to stop that of evil. It wasnt some pairing between cults, or people in general. They wanted Winchesters, because Sam would be chosen by demons to lead their army later Lucifer's vessel and Dean would be chosen because his time in hell and breaking that seal of the apocalypse guaranteed only he could stop Lucifer because he's the one who initially started the whole thing. Like breaking a head off a statue you want to fix it before some big wrath occurs from your parents.

    By learning of this Sam and Dean rebelled against the forces of heaven not wishing to bow down to them and let their bodies be used as heavenly battlesuits. SO there was team will. Well this episode by introducing legacies ignores that it could be speculated that the angels wanted brilliant tacticians to avert the apocalypse well that would mean Sam and Dean were nothing more than pawns of heaven the entire time so there was no team will. Sam and Dean were puppets from season 5 and on. Angels wanted their bodies not their minds Sam and Dean would not be in control only the angels controlling them.
  • As Time Goes By

    As Time Goes By was the perfect and very entertaining episode of supernatural. I really enjoyed watching because we get to me Sam and Dean's grandfather in an awesome story with action drama and suspense. It was intriguing to learn that the Winchesters true legacy was behind the books. the guest actors were amazing in their roles. Dean and Henry pulled off an amazing Houdini to save the day. the ending was awesome and I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Backwards' to The Future Supernatural Style Jumping the Shark!

    Lettermen jacket wearing looser Granpa Winchester from the past reverse back to future'd himself to Sam and Deans time to belittle the boys for being Neanderthal like hunters and take the entire cannon of the show into exile! Oh yea and their was some demon slaying but that was more of a side gig. This episode takes the entire canon of Supernatural bends it over and treats it like a fresh prison inmate. The mythos created around the show's main story is a delicate balance of fantasy and reality so when you take a secret fantasy masonic like organization and throw the Winchesters in it this takes the small thread of believability the show had and puts it in front of a leviathan for snacks!

    To appreciate this episode of Supernatural is to appreciate a plane full of new born babies crashing into a tar pit. Ya ok the wind screeching past the wings as they grasp to hold their place in the sky, or the intense heat and blinding light of the fuselage bursting into flames might grab a few moments of attention but whats left is sad and no longer entertaining. With the loss of Kripke It had been a long time coming and it was amazing the show kept its life this long but sucked dry its now time to move on.
  • brilliant episode

    LOVED this episode. everything about it. this show is getting better and better :)))))
  • Finally, a good stand alone episode!

    While I enjoyed the last episode of Supernatural "LARP and the Real Girl," this episode was, in my opinion, a better, well rounded stand alone episode. The plot was simple: Henry Winchester, the boys paternal grandfather, travels forward in time to stop a powerful Demon Knight (one of the first demons, similar n strength to Alistair and Lilith) from grabbing a key that would unlock all knowledge of everything supernatural. What I like about this episode is that essentially this could've been placed in any season after season 5 and it would still make sense. There was only one reference to the main season (Dean calling Garth instead of Bobby) but other than that, EVERYTHING about the episode was self contained, while still expanding the Winchesters personal mythos. We know now that John Winchester's life was miserable even before Mary died, mainly because he believed his father abandoned him. We learm that, although John was a bit of an a-hole father, he still did everything to make his boys not go through what he went through: fatherless. This episode was more of a homage to John than anything, much like the episode "Jump the Shark" with Adam. So after 9 episodes of overly-long flashback crap episodes, Supernatural has produced two good ones. Question is: can they keep it up?