Season 8 Episode 12

As Time Goes By

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 30, 2013 on The CW

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  • Finally, a good stand alone episode!

    While I enjoyed the last episode of Supernatural "LARP and the Real Girl," this episode was, in my opinion, a better, well rounded stand alone episode. The plot was simple: Henry Winchester, the boys paternal grandfather, travels forward in time to stop a powerful Demon Knight (one of the first demons, similar n strength to Alistair and Lilith) from grabbing a key that would unlock all knowledge of everything supernatural. What I like about this episode is that essentially this could've been placed in any season after season 5 and it would still make sense. There was only one reference to the main season (Dean calling Garth instead of Bobby) but other than that, EVERYTHING about the episode was self contained, while still expanding the Winchesters personal mythos. We know now that John Winchester's life was miserable even before Mary died, mainly because he believed his father abandoned him. We learm that, although John was a bit of an a-hole father, he still did everything to make his boys not go through what he went through: fatherless. This episode was more of a homage to John than anything, much like the episode "Jump the Shark" with Adam. So after 9 episodes of overly-long flashback crap episodes, Supernatural has produced two good ones. Question is: can they keep it up?