Season 8 Episode 12

As Time Goes By

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 30, 2013 on The CW

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  • This episode divides the supernatural fan base into 2 groups

    There's the fans that started watching after season 5 and those who have watched in from the beginning. How do I know this, because anyone who watch supernatural from the beginning (like me) hated this episode. It was like watching your favorite book get turned into a movie that doesn't follow the book at all.

    You can't just change 7 seasons of information with one lousy episode. This episode just cannot exist in the supernatural universe. I could deal with the fairy episode not following the storyline because it was funny. But this draws the line for me. And no Castiel, or angels and yet time travel.

    Storyline was predictable,boring and took away way way more than it added. Ending was laughable when Sam referenced how Cupid got their parents together(like they were even pretending to follow any previous episode) what a laugh

    I was thinking maybe alternate universe with the way time travel and the demon killing everyone,maybe they could have made it work, nope. This episode was a big middle finger to true supernatural fans.