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Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 22, 2005 on The CW

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  • Sam shot Dean. SAM. SHOT. DEAN?! But, but, he's not even possessed!

    And the angst is upped a notch this week as the boys receive a mysterious text message with coordinates from their still-absentee father. Dean, of course, immediately asks how high John wants them to jump while Sam wants more information first. It is at this point that the picture of the Winchester family dynamic really begins to come together. You've got John - the stern taskmaster and leader. You've got Dean - the loyal soldier. And then you've got Sam - the rebellious questioner who is never quite happy to blindly follow daddy's plans. I don't blame him. Why is it that John can text but can't call? You can track a text message just as easily as a normal phone-call, you know. That just doesn't make any sense.

    At least it gave us the rather hilarious revelation that John Winchester, hardcore hunter, can barely work a toaster. I really want to know the story behind that comment.

    True to the title, this episode is set almost entirely in the old Roosevelt Asylum of Rockford Illinois. It's a dark and gloomy episode with a grey colour palate and some of the best jump-scares and creepy moments that the show has ever produced. If SPN was begun with the intention of bringing horror themes to the small screen and putting them into a suburban atmosphere, this is a place where they succeed. Majorly succeed. There were a few points in this episode where I found myself squirming and looking away. Not because it was particularly gross or anything like that (I think the worst thing we ever see is the old formaldehyde bottles in the doctor's office), but because the atmosphere is so overwhelming. The empty corridors, the ghosts that sometimes even Sam and Dean don't notice, the constant whispers and creaks, the shadows, the way the shots are set up, the whole bloody package is just wonderful.

    I don't know why anyone would ever try to spend the night at a place like that. Even on a dare. As Dean observes - doesn't anyone ever watch horror films? Even if you're not a blond, petite female it's probably wise to avoid any place marked 'Caution' and with a reputation for possible paranormal activity.

    This episode was a bit of a mixed bag. I loved the atmosphere, all of the Jack Nicholson references, and a few of the twists and turns - but at other times the story seemed frightfully generic and predictable. I enjoyed all the bits with Sam and Dean interacting and it was good to see John finally get in touch with them. Ten episodes is long enough to draw out the AWOL father plot-line. They needed to do something new with it. If you're a fan of dark atmosphere, then this episode is definitely a must-see.
  • 110-"Asylum"

    Sam and Dean receive a tip from their father, and travel to Rockford, Illinois, to investigate the haunted Roosevelt Asylum, where criminally insane patients rioted in 1964. One of the riot's victims was the chief psychiatrist (Norman Armour). The spirits there try to communicate rather than attack, leading the brothers to discover that the psychiatrist had been conducting cruel experiments on his patients in order to test his theory that provoking extreme anger would be therapeutic for them. The ghost of the doctor then confronts Sam, causing him to lose his sanity and try to kill his brother. Dean manages to subdue Sam and burn the doctor's corpse, stopping the spirit and returning Sam to normal.

    Written by: Richard Hatem

    Directed by: Guy Bee

    my thoughts: it was good it was actually quite creepy but its still not moving the story along so meh

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    2.)"hook man"




    6.)"bloody mary"

    7.)"Dead in the waater"

    8.)"phantom traveler"


  • Review

    When Sam and Dean investigate a mysterious asylum that has a history with abuse, an evil force inside causes Sam to lose his sanity and turn on his brother.

    The episode flowed really well from beginning to end. I liked the storyline inside of the Asylum. I thought the creppy scientist guy was a good "endgame" to the episode and I thought the two teen characters were portrayed very well for their one episode apperence. The ending scene proivided a shocker - with the Dad calling and Sam answering the call. I also liked the beinning scene - really set the tone for the rest of the episode. The opening scene really sets up the "scare" portion of the episode - and this one did a good job at doing that.
  • After receiving coordinates in a text message from their father, Sam and Dean go to the Roosevelt Asylum in Rockford, Ill., to check out rumors that it's haunted by murderous ghosts. Sam makes an appointment with Dr. James Ellicott. Sam prods him for info

    Asylum was a good episode. Dr. Ellicott reveals that the hard core patients were in the south wing. They rioted, and some of the bodies were never found..including his father's. That night, the brothers visit the asylum where they find plenty of spirits roaming the halls. While Dean is quick to pull the trigger, none of the spirits attack them. They encounter a girl, Kat, who's has been separated from her boyfriend, Gavin. It turns out the spirits just want to talk-after Sam and Dean find Gavin, a ghost whispers the number 137 to Kat, and Dean goes in search of that room. Inside, he finds that Dr. Sanford Ellicott conducted cruel and gruesome experiments on his patients, so they revolted and killed him. The evil doctor's voice imitates Dean's voice to lure Sam away, and then it gets into Sam's head, turning him against Dean. But of course Dean saves Sam and burns the corpse. Sam: "It doesn't matter what he wants-"
    Dean: "See that attitude right there? That's why I always got the extra cookie."
  • Dean: "You're not gonna try to kill me, are you?" Sam: "No." Dean: "Good, cause that would be awkward."

    It seems as though the writing is getting better and better every episode. It's starting to incorporate not only more creative scripts, but some humour into the dialogue. Although in the past it would make you laugh here and there, they weren't that creative. Here they were. Before the episodes followed a predictable and pretty dull formula; open up with a person dying at the hand of a supernatural being, Dean and Sam ask some questions, another person dies that leads them closer to solving the mystery, final showdown, and end episode. The show is throwing a couple of interesting spices, like in the manner of how Dean and Sam go about investigating. That little act they pulled to get the officer talking about the incident, that was pretty smart. And how they did the same for the therapist, also smart. And in a way it's pretty clever how all of the little events that has happened throughout the episode tie into the same theme; anger and rage.
  • this was a great ep i thought

    in this ep of supernatural dean and sam go investigate a old asylum that has a history of abus and they start to invesgate and it leads to them find out things and that it leads to people dieing and it leads to sam turning on his brother after losing his insanity it was a very good ep and very interesting ep and a very good ep from the first season thought. and they must invesgate by exploring and going into old rooms of the hosiptal were they keep bupping into the ghost that is haugnting the old asylum i thought it was very interesting like i said before.
  • I predict a riot

    Now that the brothers are in some form of contact with their father it gives this episode a sense of direction. Of course, the text is nothing more than a red herring, but it offers up some interesting spouts between Dean and Sammy. So far this season Sam has lived in the shadow of his older sibling and it's simply down to the fact he's too one-dimensional, especially compared to Dean who has so many layers to him already. Sam comes off too whiny to be likeable, even if he has valid reason for complaint. Jared, at least, gets to have a bit of fun sending Jenson through a wall with a shotgun at pointblank range and you can tell from his performance he enjoyed playing a slightly off-kittler character than usual, when possessed. The overall asylum gig had its moments; the gender reaction swap was smart and proved to be entertaining, with the girlfriend being the one to take charge, but the clichéd jolts and shady characters walking in front of the camera get old real fast. A fair episode, then, and certainly one of the better stand-alones we've had so far this season.
  • An amazing episode.

    Another epic Supernatural installment. This was defiantly one of the episode were I was just super scared watching out. I admit it, it scared me. And I love that Supernatural is capable of scaring me, cause I don't scare so easily when I'm watching a 'scary' movie or TV series. And it doesn't matter that I've seen this episode quite some times before, because even watching it again now, it still scares me. One of my favorites scenes in this episode, was when Sam shot Dean because it brings a lot of drama between the brothers. All in all, a very good and scary episode.
  • Scary

    After "Home", John Winchester's trail begins to become more clear and the brothers receive once again a coordinate leading them to their new case, the supposedly haunted Roosevelt Asylum. However, the fact that John is still missing and insists in communicating with them only via text messages and coordinates start to seriously bother Sam, who feels the desperate urge to find him and hunt the thing that killed Jessica. Dean, on the other hand, is more keen at obeying their father's orders.

    This intriguing, dramatic dynamic culminates when the vengeful spirit of Dr. Ellicott enrages Sam, putting him against his brother. This is the pivotal moment of the episode, and a powerful, emotional one: in "Skins" we get a chance to see a distorted, wicked version of Dean's thoughts toward his brother, and this time around we can watch the other side of the coin, Sam's heightened feelings toward Dean's obedience. Even if this dynamic will be the core of the next episode, "Scarecrow", even in this one the relationship between the two brothers is further explored with the aid of a great script and an effective direction. "Asylum" is one of the scariest episodes of Season 1, and - although the ghost story concerning Roosevelt's riot isn't particularly original or ground-breaking - it succeeds in frightening the view while developing the very heart of the show, Sam and Dean. All in all, a very good episode, unfortunately overshadowed by the following one, that "Scarecrow" which is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful episodes ever.
  • ...

    Just to say it now and get it out, this episode scared me and i dont scare really that easy. The first thing about why this scares me so much was it was 2AM when I saw this and second I was home alone. The worst thing about this was when they showed that guy and his head was spazzing i screamed like it was me in that place. I was a little creeped out towards the end and then they showed that body in the wall and i lost it i turned it off and continued to watch it in the day light. I have yet to watch all of the seasons but I now have learned to watch it during the day when there is some one home.HA
  • You can't go wrong with a mad scientist on board.

    Seriously, who comes up with these titles? Bugs? Home? Asylum? Lack of creativity?

    At least the episode is pretty good. We're talking creepy, good. Some might even be scared. I didn't get scared. No, really. I'm a real man, you see. Either way, the writers totally did it right this round, as the episode is a horror episode, full of scares.

    It all starts with the boys getting a text message from their father, containing coordinates for their next job. As usual, the brothers start fighting on what to do. Dean thinks they should go where their father thinks, and do the job, while Sam is angry with John, their father, for merely sending a message and not calling them to tell them he's okay.

    Something that we can see throughout all of this episode is the anger that sam has built up inside of himself, mainly towards his father, but also towards Dean, who acts as John's sock puppet. During the time that Sam is influenced by the spirit of Dr. Ellicott, he takes his anger out on Dean. And even though a lot of this is because of Dr. Ellicott, everyone knows that some of it is also Sam, showing his anger, releasing it. Brotherly love, eh?
    As I said, Dean also knows that some of Sam's feelings are obviously his owns, and not the spirit. Probably not the part where Sam shoots Dean, and tries to blow his brains out, but all the words are most certainly Sam's. I think. But I wont fill your head with this character development. You probably want to know what went on in the episode. Well, hear this:
    The coordinates take them to an abandoned Asylum with a mysterious history. Teenagers like to spend the night there, which obviously is a bad idea. Spirits of the dead walk around, and it turns out that the people at the Asylum were used as test subjects for a Dr. Ellicott. Sick. The spirits, though deformed and looking really menacing, are nice, and doesn't want to harm the innocent there. That doesn't make it less scary though. I jumped more than once during this episode. Suddenly, a spirit with a deformed face might be standing in front of the camera. You might see something in the corned, and the silence, gah, it KILLS me when the brothers are walking slowly and silently down a hallway. You just know that something will happen.

    Then, as mentioned before, Sam finds Dr. Ellicott. More like Ellicott finding Sam. This is where Sam gets influenced by the doctor, and ends up shooting his own brother.

    The last thing you get in the episode is a phone call from their dad. Funny, how they start and end the episode by the boys being contacted by their dad. Hopefully, this means we'll be seeing more of him, or at least hearing more from him.
  • For being a girl who dosen't watch horror movies I like this serie way too much. This episode scared me half too death. Still I loved it.

    I found it scary enough running around in an asylum in the Shadow Hearts videogame watching it in a tv serie was even scarier...Now I know excatly what type of horror movies I am to avoid at all cost.

    Loved their little argument about obeying dads order in the beging, it's so funny how dean who is the tuff guy type of caracter is the one who always obeys daddy blindly while Sam the goody-goody nerd is the rebelious one Really does show how ehhm excentric their family is huh?

    Liked how the psyologist made Sam talk about his "feelings" instead of just anserwing his questions... and Sammy being in ther for such a long time talking about how he feels about his brother certainly show their is issues...Big suprise there huh?

    Love how the girl is the one who knows how to handel a gun, GIRLPOWER always makes me happy and this is a serie that thus far has had very little of that, but that teenage girl could totaly kick her wimpy boyfriends ass!

    And the doctor being the bad guy brilliant :-)

    Seeing that I've watched lots of Charmed turning evil on your sibling isn't really all that original to me but hey considering how they spend all the time thoghter and what type of show it is it was bound to happen sooner or later. It was a relif to finaly see that doctor burn so they could get out of that places cause remeber people I was scared out of my mind the whole episode...Old haunted Asylums...sedinatly not my thing...they scare the crap out of me...
  • The first episode that drew me on account of its plot alone.

    This is the first time in SPN history that I was actually interested in the story itself not what it meant for the brothers or their reaction to it, which is a good indication of how thrilling and cleverly plotted it was.

    I didn't really care for the argument about orders between the brothers, partly because it was obvious where it was going, the same old "repressed anger" storyline. However I did find it interesting that Sam pulled the trigger on Dean! I guess no matter how good he is or how much he loves his brother, whatever Ellicott did to him was much stronger. And when Sam told Dean he didn't mean anything he said, Dean wasn't buying it, I think he knows that everything Sam's said and done stem from true, deep seated resentment, towards both him and John and their way of life. Next episode we're gonna see how much this hurt Dean, to the point where he … (just watch the next episode :D) In a way Sam's feelings are legitimate, but so are Dean's. I should probably say here how eerie evil!Sam was, kudos to Jared, that boy is amazing.

    A plus point: we got shirtless!sleeping!Dean, that guy is beyond gorgeous.
    … so dad's finally called … wonder what's he got up his sleeve?!
  • This episode is just perfectly right.

    This is the episode where Supernatural really starts to show its worth. The Winchester guys are developed enough that they can hold their own while both crazy and sane, and we get the significance of either. The set is creepy and wonderful, and the back story/mystery is worthy of its own film (hey, there've been big budget disasters based on less.) We get character insight and a bit of development, and the one-liners are fantastic (as usual.) Even the extras had a wee bit of depth.

    I'd been pretty impressed, but this is the episode where I knew I had to keep watching.
  • This episode is crazy good! (Yes, pun intended...or not...)

    This was a pretty good episode. It was dark, damp, and just a little bit crazy! Okay, I swear, I'm done with that pun haha.

    I liked how it was all leading up to the big "Scary Sammy" part. You could tell Sam was getting a little peaved at Dean who kept bossing him around. Even Kat thought he was his boss. Yikes! So yeah, that was a nice little M&M trail to the biggie: Sam gets some psych help from the ghost of the head doctor who used to work there and was killed there by the patients (I don't blame them).

    So, new and improved on his perspective in life, he and Dean rejoined after splitting up, and...well...he shot him with rock salt. Hey, good thing Dean didn't really put bullets in that pistol!

    That's basically what this episode is about. Sam's anger toward Dean and frustration with not being able to find their father just building up until he bursts. So, yes, great episode and I do recommend you watch it. Hey, you might even get the case of "turning-to-see-if-anything's-behind-you". I know I did a few times!

    Now for my favorite quotes:

    Dean: The only thing that makes me more nervous than a pissed-off spirit…is the pissed-off spirit of a psycho-killer.

    Dean: Hey Sam, who do you think is a hotter psychic? Patricia Arquette, Jennifer Love Hewitt, or you?
  • The boys check out a supernatural asylum

    Under a paranormal rage boost Sam attempts to kill Dean. I think Dean could handle that more than what Sam said about him being his Dad's soldier. Sam does apologize for what happened, and told Dean he didn't believe what he said. Dean seems to think differently, and so do I.

    Sam was letting out his frustration and anger about the situation with Dean and his Dad. I think Sam may have felt those things privately but would not have told Dean on his own or without the help the rage boost.

    I like how they are showing a little turmoil in their relationship. After all, there was a reason the two parted company for a few years while Sam was in Stanford.
  • Better then ever

    read some good comments about this show through various sources, so thought I would give it a chance. A big plus to "Supernatural" is that it comes from a lot of really kick a$# people from "The X-Files," my all-time favorite addiction. The pilot wasn't great, but as I've learned you have to keep watching a few episodes. Now I'm absolutely hooked. "Skin" was really good. Reminded me a bit of "Tooms" from X-Files. "Asylum" was one of the best! It's a bit like "Session 9" but scarier. I am a hardcore horror fan, and this one had me very nervous. "Scarecrow" is a bit "Jeepers Creepers" but excellent. You can tell that the writers of this show love horror and you get a lot of great in-jokes. In "Asylum" you get some references to "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," and in a previous episode, maybe "Home," Dean mentions that his brother has the ability to "shine," a reference to "The Shining." What makes this show so exceptional is that the writing is typically good; some twists on some familiar story lines and great character development. I adore Dean. He's probably my new favorite TV character - a witty, smart aleck who's all rebel. Love this show. I hope they keep on getting better!
  • Sam and Dean investigate a haunted asylum where one goes insane. MUST SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Sam and Dean investigate an abandoned sanitarium and discover that when the hospital was open, the patients held a revolt against the cruel and unusual punishments inflicted by the head doctor.

    Roosevelt Asylum, Rockford, Illinois- Night- We see someone enter the abandoned building and cut through a chain locking the doors with a pair of bolt cutters. Shortly after, 2 cops arrive and suspect kids have broken in. Daniel Gunderson, the elder, black cop tells his partner, Walter Kelly that the old place is a local legend. It's supposed to be haunted, and anyone who spends the night there ends up insane. The cops go inside and split up. Gunderson finds 3 kids. Kelly enters 'the boiler room' and his flashlight goes out. Cut to Outside: Gunderson sends the kids on their way, and is about to radio his partner when Kelly appears. He has a strange look in his eye and his nose drips blood. Later That Night: Kelly goes home after his shift and refuses to talk to his wife. Eventually, he shoots her, and then kills himself. Motel- Night- Sam and dean are talking about finding dad once again when dean gets a text message with the co-ordinates 42-89. Dean checks them on their laptop and finds they're to a place called Rockford. He looks up incidents there in the local paper and finds an article about a cop shooting his wife. Apparently, the cop's last shift was at 'Roosevelt Asylum.' The place is listed in their dad's journal. It looks like dad has sent them a job. Pub: Dean enters the bar and approaches the dead cop's partner, Gunderson. He tell's him he's a reporter for the Chicago Tribune and pesters him. Sam appears and throws Dean out, making friends with the cop. The ruse works and Gunderson opens up to him. Outside: Sam exits the pub and meets Dean. Apparently, Kelly was a straight-laced cop- no way was he crazy or a killer. Asylum- Day- Dean and Sam enter the building and check the place out, it's creepy. They find the South Wing and Dean checks dad's journal. There's an entry about 3 kids breaking in to the wing in 1972, but only one lived! The boys go in further, but admit spooks don't come out till night. They'll need to come back later. In the meantime, they decide to go find out more about the chief of staff, Sanford Ellicott, and what happened on the South Wing. James Ellicott's Office- Sam goes to see Sanford's son who is also a psychiatrist. It's obvious Sam has some real-life issues, but he tries to sidestep them to get information about the asylum. The doctor agrees to tell Sam about 'the riots' if Sam opens up his feelings. Cut To Outside- Sam doesn't tell Dean about the misgivings he had in the doctor's office, only what he found out about the asylum. Apparently, back in 1964, some of the hard-core patients on South Wing rioted, and some of the inmates and staff were killed. Some of the bodies were never found, including Dr Ellicott's. The boys agree they need to go find the bodies, salt and burn them. Asylum- That Night- Two teens, Gavin and Kat enter the asylum. The boy thinks it's good fun, but his girlfriend, Kat gets scared and he goes further in on his own. He looks around, and his flashlight goes out. He sees a girl and thinks its Kat in the dark. They kiss, and then Gavin hears the real Kat calling to him. He's just kissed a ghost! Entrance- Dean and Sam arrive. They get multiple spirit readings and go in search of the missing bodies. A woman ghost appears in front of Sam, and Dean shoots it with rock salt. Sam can't understand why the ghost didn't attack him. They hear another noise and find a girl cowering. He tells them her boyfriend is missing and she won't leave without him. They split up to search for Gavin. Kat goes with Dean. Corridor- Dean and Kat talk about 'horror movies.' Elsewhere, Sam finds Gavin on the floor. He had tripped up while running from the ghost and bumped his head. He admits to Sam that the ghost didn't try to hurt him, and that she said something, but he didn't hear what. Corridor- Dean's flashlight goes out and Kat tells him he's holding her arm too tight. However, Dean isn't holding her, it's a spook! The spook drags Kat into a room and locks the door. Dean tries to break it down, and Sam and Gavin arrive. Sam tells Kat to stay calm; the ghosts of the patients are only trying to communicate! Kat faces the spook in the room and it then let's her out. Apparently, it told her '137.' The boys think it's a room number, and while Dean goes to check, Sam attempts to take Kat and Gavin to safety. Room 137: Dean finds the room and looks around. Exit: Sam, Kat and Gavin find all the exits are blocked. Sam suggests there is something evil in the asylum that doesn't want them to leave, and it's not the patients! Room 137: Dean finds a journal behind a secret panel. It's Sanford Ellicott's and it lists all the evil experiments he did on the inmates. Exit: Sam confirms there is no way out, then gets a phone call from Dean telling him to go to the basement. He leaves Gavin and Kat with a shotgun. Boiler Room: Sam goes looking for Dean and finds a room with an exam table. He gets jumped by the ghost of Sanford Ellicott who tells him 'I'm going to make you all better.'
    Exit: Gavin and Kat are waiting when Dean appears on scene and Kat nearly shoots him! Kat tells Dean Sam went to the basement after he called. Dean goes after Sam. Basement: Dean finds Sam who acts normal and doesn't mention Ellicott. Dean tells Sam about Ellicott's journal and how the experiments he did caused the riots. Now, Ellicott is doing the same again from beyond the grave. The boys look for a secret room Ellicott used to use when Sam suddenly turns on Dean! He shoots Dean with rock salt and then tells him he's fed up of always being told what to do. Dean gives Sam a real gun and tells him if he hates his brother that much to shoot! Sam does, but Dean had taken out the bullets. Dean then jumps up and catches Sam off-guard. He knocks Sam out and then continues his search for Ellicott's bones. He finds them stuffed in a cupboard in the secret room and salts them, but Ellicott's ghost appears and attacks him! Somehow, Dean stretches and reaches a lighter just in time, sending the doctor's remains into flames. Ellicott's spirit 'crumbles' and then Sam regains consciousness. Outside: Kat and Gavin thank the boys and Sam apologizes to Dean for what he said and did. It's obvious Dean is still a little annoyed and he says he doesn't want to talk.
    Motel: Sam and Dean are in bed in their room. Dean is asleep when his phone rings. Sam answers and sits up quickly saying 'Dad!' *Fade to black*
  • Un episodio super supernatural. Esta vez los hermanos Winchester deben deshacerse de unos fantasmas en un hospital mental abandonado. Todo el episodio es escalofriante y la locación fue real.

    John Winchester envía un mensaje de texto con unas coordenadas a los chicos. Eso los lleva directamente a un hospital mental abandonado.
    Averiguan la historia del lugar y descubren que los pacientes del ala sur trataron de escapar y murieron algunos pacientes y personal del hospital, incluyendo al jefe del sanatorio cuyo cuerpo nunca fue encontrado.
    Deciden ir en la noche para deshacerse de los espíritus y encuentran 2 jóvenes que fueron a pasar la noche en ese escalofriante lugar.
    Tratan de sacarlos del lugar pero no pueden, así que ahora deben encontrar la forma de deshacerse de los espíritus.
    Este episodio es uno de los mejores, la locación, los efectos, todo es increíble.
    Muy muy bueno.
  • Asylum sees the Winchester brother exploring the Roosevelt Asylum. The abandoned asylum is purported to be haunted, with the most recent death that of a police officer who went crazy after his visit there.

    The asylum is in Rockford, Illinois and as they go there, they are hoping to see their father as their search for him continues. No luck on that score, which Dean takes in stride, almost as if he expected it. Sam gets really frustrated by their father not being there. This frustration is the theme of the episode in a lot of ways as Sam goes undercover to discover what is going on. Through pretending to throw Dean out in the bar, to having a full visit with a psychologist where it is assumed he talks about his frustrations with Dean, Sam's frustration to his brother are very evident.

    Sam eventually has his rage let loose by the ghost in the Asylum, which is hard to watch. I hate that he shoots Dean, and even though he is possessed I was still a little mad at him. Dean continues to be one step ahead of the evil by giving Sam a gun to shoot him with. When Sam does shoot Dean it is shocking that he pulled the trigger, but a relief that Dean is smart enough not to give him a loaded weapon.

    Dean's ability to take these kinds of things in stride and not hold it against Sam is really impressive. It makes me curious about the kind of things he faced with his father. This seems to be business as usual for him and not something to hold a grudge over. Sam feels horrible and tries to make it up to Dean, which was nice to see after the whole episode revolving around his seething frustration.
  • When the brothers Winchester investigate a haunted asylum, Sam gets tapped by the ghost of a murderous psychiatrist and turns on his brother.

    This episode, you guys. I will never fail to be impressed with this episode, because, like the pilot, they WENT THERE. The plot of Asylum had the potential to turn saccharine and Hollywood and they just kicked that possibility in the teeth. In any other show, you'd expect that, with Sam holding a gun on his big brother, he'd come to his senses at the last minute. That his inner goodness and love for Dean would come to the fore and stop him from shooting his brother. But not this show, baby. Sam stood there and pulled the trigger in Dean's face. Three. Times. No hesitation, just cold anger. God, I love this show SO MUCH.
  • "Kinda like my man Jack in cuckoo's nest!"

    For starters, all I want to say is when I watched this episode on TV for the first time, I was so scared! Dr. Ellicot and his weird methods, it was so scary! The next part that really creeped me out was when Ellicot 'drove Sam mental'. If thats how you want to say it...
    The way he shot Dean with the salt gun, and how he said all those evil things!! It was a little too creepy for me. But that didn't stop me from watching it! Might I also add, I loved the humour! I mean all that stuff to do with 'The Shining', was just so cool! Dean was so funny...
    Anyway, I gave this episode a 'ten' simply because there were no bad parts in it! Simple as that.
  • Dean and Sam fly over the cuckoo's nest, except they get no Nurse Ratcheds and all sorts of electrical torture.

    I usually go to bed around eleven because my job is early in the morning, but being the idiot I am, I put this episode in a little after midnight and said "I can go to bed after I watch it."

    I normally try not to do things quite so stupid, but there was a leftover dish of freshly cut pineapple calling my name and I wasn't really tired yet, so even though I knew that the last time around, when I had watched it in the afternoon, "Asylum" had freaked me out...I went ahead and pressed play.

    There's just something deliciously creepy about abandoned buildings, even when it's not something like an asylum. Maybe it has to do with the psychology of ruins, the reminder inherent to them that something humans tried failed there, something sobering…then again, maybe I've just been reading far too many scholarly articles on ruins and iconoclasm in preparation for my research. Needless to say, we don't even need to talk about mise en scène when an episode takes place in an asylum at night. But again, the Boys disregard the first rule of horror movies (of which Dean tried to remind Kat) and somehow survive, no matter how stacked the odds are against them. Oh, the recklessness of heroics. Herbert would have a field day.

    Random note – when the Boys are still in the motel, the camera is on the desk, Dean in the right foreground and Sam in left background. Dean turns to look down at the journal and deliver the line, "Dad earmarked it in the journal..." and I could swear, there's either a tattoo or a hickie on his neck. Well that's a lie, actually. I was just going off of my notes. I went back and checked it again, and now I'm pretty sure that it's just the strap of his necklace. Which is maybe a scarab. We've never seen a close-up that is…well, close-up enough for me to make it out. Scarab would make sense, though, being an Egyptian symbol of sacred. Maybe it'll be important in the future.

    I wrote "sugar nose manikin" down and although I remember what I meant by it, half-asleep as I was, I have no idea to what I was referring. I'll tell the story and hopefully remember in the retelling. In Dali's autobiography, The Secret Life of Salvador Dali, he tries to emphasize his neurotic nature as a child and young man so as to use his love affair with Gala as a spiritual and mental turning point in his life, a "resurrection," as he terms it. To describe the way Gala changed his life, he tells a parable about a cannibalistic king who demands that young maidens be brought to a tower (there's the passive voice of the Devil for you grammar kids), where he watches them sleep and then kills them. One maiden, who is quite clever, conspires with some others so that when it is her turn to be sacrificed, those who would take her away actually put a wax manikin with a sugar nose, which has been made to look just like her, in her place on the bed, while she hides in a closet to watch. The king comes and does his normal trick, falling in love with the "sleeping" beauty, then stabbing it. The exception this time is that the force of his strike dislodges the sugar nose, which flies directly into his mouth. The taste makes him realize that the maiden he "just murdered" was truly his sweet love, and he begins to mourn her death, at which point the real maiden steps out of the closet for him to love, stabbing-free.

    I did in fact remember what the point was while retelling that. I was scared I'd have to watch the episode again. Just like the manikin allowed the king to satisfy his neuroses, Dean's trick allowed Sam to kill him, as per the doctor's orders, without actually damaging him. The look of confusions on PCPed-up!Sam's face is absolutely priceless when the gun just clicks; you can clearly tell that he is not in his right mind. (In case you couldn't before then.)

    And also: just because ghosts of psycho killers can play nice doesn't mean that psycho killers make good playmates in person; remember to always follow the Geneva Conventions when you're working with mental patients.
  • Sam and Dean go to a asylum!

    Sam and Dean investigate a haunted asylum where the ghost turn people into murderous maniacs. They go in where they run into two teenagers. They learn the ghosts are trying to hurt them but help them against Dr. Ellicot. Ellicot makes Sam go crazy and before Sam hurts Dean, Dean knocks him out. Ellioct attempts to take Dean but Dean burns Ellicots bones. At the end of the episode Sam and Dean get a call from their dad while in a hotel.
  • Dean and Sam investigate Roosevelt asylum

    After the events in the episode "home," Sam and Dean investigate an old asylum that killed a cop's partner. Sam and Dean learn that when you enter the asylum, the spirits drive you insane. Sam finds out more about the asylum by visiting psychologist, Sam Ellicot. Sam learns that Sam Ellicot is the son of Dr. Ellicot, who ran the Roosevelt asylum unitl a raid broke out among the patients and Dr. Ellicot was killed and placed somewhere, where no one can find him. A girl and boy enter the asylum but the boy gets trapped in a room. Sam and Dean find the girl and boy but learn that the spirits that haunt the asylum are only warning the people. They are not trying to kill them. The spirits tell them to go to room 137. Dean goes there and finds Dr. Ellicot's journal and figures out about rage therapy that is performed on the patients. Unfortunately Sam is attacked by Dr. Ellicot and becomes insane. Dean finds Sam but Sam shoots himin the chest with rock salt. Dean knocks Sam unconscious and finds Dr. Ellicot's remains and is about to burn them. But Dr. Ellicot attcks him, but Dean grabs the lighter and torches Dr. Ellicot's body, killing the apparition.
  • "The freaks come out at night" - Dean Winchester

    The abandoned Rooselvelt Asylum, abandoned because of violent deaths and supposed hauntings. Sounds like a good place for a date, right?
    Dean and Sammy receive coordinates from their still missing father which point them in the direction of the condemned Roosevelt Asylum in Kentucky. Upon arriving it becomes immediantly apparent to Sam that their Dad isn't there. Sam is getting tired of his father's games.
    As they begin to investigate the apparent hauntings and possession of people who visited the Asylum and proceeded to go insane and kill, they begin to uncover a lot more than they bargain for both in regards to the case and the personal feelings between the two brothers,
    For me this was the scariest episode of Season one, not mainly due to my interest in the history of such places (Asylums and Sanitoriums) but also the atmosphere the decaying and condemned building provides. And also not forgetting the angry spirits themselves as Dean would say, "The only thing that makes me more nervous than a pissed off spirit, it's the pissed off spirit of a psycho killer."
    The end of the episode was perfectly done by the two actors, Padalecki and Ackles, as unwanted feelings and confessions pass between the two brothers and when someone has to make a decision that could kill them both.
    Highly reccommended episode.
  • Amazing episode wher Sam and Dean have to investigate an abandoned mental asylum... *(Some spoilers)*

    Groups of teenagers go inside this old asylum, they spend the night as apparently it's haunted. But when two cops investigate and one kills his wife, Sam and Dean are forced to investigate. They look for strange signs during the day but find none, they decide that whatever is haunting the asylum must only come out at night...
    This is a great episode, highlight of the season. Interesting, tense and at some points slightly scary. Although after a while it was pretty obvious to me what was going to happen (I've seen quite a few horror movies) but still it was a great episode!!!
  • Dean and Sam investigate an old haunted asylum.

    Man, I hate this show! Don't get me wrong, I love it, but I hate how it can really scare the crap out of me! This episode was another example. Sam and Dean investigate an old haunted asylum where people were tortured years ago and their spirits have haunted the asylum ever since, turning the people that go in there into psycho killers. Dean and Sam of course go in there and some *very* scary things happen. I hate this show because it scares me so much, but maybe that's why I keep watching. In my opinion this is the scariest episode so far.
  • One, Two, he's coming for you Three, four, Run! lock the door Five, Six, its you he picks Seven, eight, you can't escape

    Sam on the verge of evil... maybe a glimps into the future? maybe not. ... and that's what i would have said if i hadn't already seen the whole next season. :P

    Great episode. It really showed how Dean trusts Sam, even though he was possessed by an evil docter attempting to cure the world of its anger even in death, Dean knew it. He obviously knows his brother well to realize right away when its sam, and when its not. The whole riot idea was awesome. It was a lot like House on haunted hill.. but i won't talk about that movie because it ended with the house eating poeple. Let's just say supernatural, Asylum, was much MUCH better. I actually really liked this episode. I didn't think i would but it really showed a different side of the guys i hadn't really though about. Dean having to use force on his brother to save himself was cool . Sam going all dark-side was also interesting. I think i kindof like Sam better Angry and evil, it saves us from his serious deep thinking self. The comedy was also very strong. I liked the line about the gun being loaded with rock salt and how it wouldn't kill dean. Sam replies " yeah, but it'll hurt like hell" There were many more awesome moments in the show like Dean advising the girl to listen to the horror movies and stay OUT of haunted places. It was actually kindof odd to see them interacting with younger poeple for more than a minute of heroicness.
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