Season 9 Episode 7

Bad Boys

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 19, 2013 on The CW
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A man named Sonny calls Dean for help, and Sam is surprised to learn that Sonny and Dean spent time together at a home for delinquent boys. Sonny needs help dealing with a ghost and the Winchesters agree to help investigate. Meanwhile, Dean links up with an old girlfriend from his time in the home.


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  • Ghost story.

    We find out a little about Deans past when he returns to a children's home to fight a ghost.
  • Worst Episode ever!

    I'm sorry, but "Let's make up some secret past-item so Sam and Dean can repeat-bond" OLD & monster-of-the-week has been done before, also.

    Two months that Dean was at the home and he got on the Wrestling Team and won a championship! That was just one of the many poorly written "plops" devices.

    The young Dean had the mannerisms, etc. down perfect, though.
  • This was a bittersweet episode

    Dylan Everett did a wonderful job, the study session definitely paid off.

    The episode gave so much insight into why Dean is the man he is today. It explained even further how it's possible that Dean didn't turn to John - a bitter callous shell of a man. It's because he had several examples in his life to show him that just because shit happened to you doesn't mean you need to harden up and stop giving a damn about others.

    It also explained his attitude towards relationship. Because his first love taught him that when you get close to people you get hurt. So he stopped getting close to people. Except for Sam. And i think he didn't go with John because he was afraid John would hurt Sammy but because he knew if he stayed Sam wouldn't have anyone. Because neither of them had John since the fire.moreless
  • loving it....

    So glad they went back to hunting. What a great episode ....
  • This was good...

    I don't understand the reviews below here that say this was just an "alright" episode or not worth it at all. I was attracted to Supernatural because of the "supernatural cases". I have to admit I'm also a Criminal Minds fan and that's pretty morbid of a show so you can probably take a guess what other books and movies interest me. I thought at first it'd be like that, revolving solely on the victims and background stories but the brothers grew on me in a way that no other characters have before and sooner than I realized, THEY were the ones I came to watch the show for.

    But I still love the atmosphere that season 1 and 2 gave with the "simple" case plots. I mean it was also interesting with the angels and demons but after a long while of that (seasons 4 through 9 now), come on! I like the chilling or heartbreaking tales behind every individual victim they come across and it's nice to see that without some bigger picture plot going on. Sometimes simplicity is good and overly complicated not so much. And I dislike (because hate is a strong word) the people that say that Supernatural would lose fans if they reverted to the old ways. Just. No. Criminal Minds has WAY more fans and they've stuck to the same template for years.

    In fact some people left BECAUSE of all the angels and demons plot. Supernatural has always been about two hunters that happen to be brothers fighting monsters and ghosts. Angels and demons was a nice bonus but in my book they've long overstayed their welcome.

    I'm also particularly happy about this episode and the season in general because Supernatural needed more Dean oriented episodes or sub plots. This was actually my favorite episode by far this season.moreless

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    • Young Dean: I want to be a rock star, but... I also really like cars.
      Young Robin: Being a mechanic seems rough.
      Young Dean: What? No, no. Not at all. Cars are freaking cool as hell. Fixing them is like a puzzle, and the best part is when you're done, they leave, and you're not responsible for them anymore.

    • Sam: Dean... thank you.
      Dean: For what?
      Sam: For always being there, for having my back. Look, I know it hasn't always been easy.
      Dean: I don't know what the hell you're talking about.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Dean: All right, Casper... where are you at?
      Referencing the animated character Casper The Friendly Ghost. Casper was first developed as a series of theatrical shorts. Casper later appeared in comic books, a few television series, and finally a full length theatrical movie.

    • Dean: So give me your best Kung Fu Grip.
      Referencing the G.I. Joe Action Figures. Cashing in on the Chinese martial art movie craze and the popularity of actors such as Bruce Lee, Hasbro introduced the "kung fu grip" to the G.I. Joe action figures in the late 70s. The kung fu grip was essentially a soft rubber hand allowing the figure to "grasp" objects.

    • Dean: We got ourselves a Damien on our hands?
      Referencing the 1976 movie The Omen and the remake, The son of the Devil and a jackal, Damien is destined to rule the world as the Anti-Christ and has supernatural powers as well as a constant creepy vibe.