Season 9 Episode 7

Bad Boys

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 2013 on The CW

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  • A tear and then a smile :)

    For Dean, Sam trumps any girls, first kiss(?), school dance, normal life, second chance.

    Sam: Dean... thank you. For always being there, for having my back. Look, I know it hasn't always been easy.

    Dean: I don't know what the hell you're talking about.
  • Ghost story.

    We find out a little about Deans past when he returns to a children's home to fight a ghost.
  • Worst Episode ever!

    I'm sorry, but "Let's make up some secret past-item so Sam and Dean can repeat-bond" OLD & monster-of-the-week has been done before, also.

    Two months that Dean was at the home and he got on the Wrestling Team and won a championship! That was just one of the many poorly written "plops" devices.

    The young Dean had the mannerisms, etc. down perfect, though.
  • This was a bittersweet episode

    Dylan Everett did a wonderful job, the study session definitely paid off.

    The episode gave so much insight into why Dean is the man he is today. It explained even further how it's possible that Dean didn't turn to John - a bitter callous shell of a man. It's because he had several examples in his life to show him that just because shit happened to you doesn't mean you need to harden up and stop giving a damn about others.

    It also explained his attitude towards relationship. Because his first love taught him that when you get close to people you get hurt. So he stopped getting close to people. Except for Sam. And i think he didn't go with John because he was afraid John would hurt Sammy but because he knew if he stayed Sam wouldn't have anyone. Because neither of them had John since the fire.
  • loving it....

    So glad they went back to hunting. What a great episode ....
  • This was good...

    I don't understand the reviews below here that say this was just an "alright" episode or not worth it at all. I was attracted to Supernatural because of the "supernatural cases". I have to admit I'm also a Criminal Minds fan and that's pretty morbid of a show so you can probably take a guess what other books and movies interest me. I thought at first it'd be like that, revolving solely on the victims and background stories but the brothers grew on me in a way that no other characters have before and sooner than I realized, THEY were the ones I came to watch the show for.

    But I still love the atmosphere that season 1 and 2 gave with the "simple" case plots. I mean it was also interesting with the angels and demons but after a long while of that (seasons 4 through 9 now), come on! I like the chilling or heartbreaking tales behind every individual victim they come across and it's nice to see that without some bigger picture plot going on. Sometimes simplicity is good and overly complicated not so much. And I dislike (because hate is a strong word) the people that say that Supernatural would lose fans if they reverted to the old ways. Just. No. Criminal Minds has WAY more fans and they've stuck to the same template for years.

    In fact some people left BECAUSE of all the angels and demons plot. Supernatural has always been about two hunters that happen to be brothers fighting monsters and ghosts. Angels and demons was a nice bonus but in my book they've long overstayed their welcome.

    I'm also particularly happy about this episode and the season in general because Supernatural needed more Dean oriented episodes or sub plots. This was actually my favorite episode by far this season.
  • Okay I'm sorry

    I was hard on Supernatural last week. I'm not saying that I was wrong, but I was hard. I stand by my dislike for human Cas, not because of the fact that he is human, but because his being human is so dull. What was once the most powerful, interesting and imposing figure on the show has now been reduced to a bloke who can't even tie his own shoes. Dean once compared Cas without his powers to a "baby in a He's right. Cas isn't a hunter, he isn't a fighter without his powers. Hell, I bet even Kevin could kick his arse at this moment in time. Human Cas was always played for laughs before, or to show that things were really hotting up in the Lucifer arc. Here? The thought of it being the full season character arc for Cas has grated on me, I'm afraid. Hell, it might as well be considered the main arc, as it's so intricately wound up with the Fallen Angels stuff.

    vivzvl's review below is ridiculously harsh. No episode of Supernatural deserves a 1 out of 10! I suppose, when you reach season 9, things will seem tired. It's not like the episodes have been bad or anything... it's like the series 7 of Doctor Who syndrome. The episodes were OK, but the series promised much better and didn't deliver. What I saw was al right, but nowhere near as cool as stuff the characters simply talked about but didn't show us. The same has been true for Supernatural season 9. Episode 1 promised a human Cas who would travel and try to help his brothers. So last week, we looked in on him working in a shop. The Man of Letters plot last year was so welcome as it enabled the show to practically re-invent itself, which they were doing beautifully in some of the best fillers they've done. That is why I actually enjoyed the Oz episode a few weeks back. But alas, here we have another filler, showing us what we kind of already know: Dean and Sam's childhood was pretty bad.

    And yet.... I did enjoy this one.

    Supernatural is always very good at pulling on your heartstrings, even if this type of stuff was tired back in season 5. To see a young Dean get a glimpse of a normal life, love it and then be forced to leave it was still pretty heartbreaking. Young Dean was both very well written and well acted, and it's such a treat to see a teenaged Dean again. You get the sense of how driven he was, and of how much this has ended up costing him.

    I'll come out and say it: John Winchester was a dick. Yes, he was a brilliant character, yes he was an awesome hunter, and yes he was even a hero... but as a father? He was just... a dick. This episode simply proves what they've hinted at from the start: John put his obsession with finding Yellow Eyes above everything else. Yes, he trained his children to protect them, but it was more than that. Check out how they refer to him as "Sir" in Season One. He needed them to very much fall in line while he was out hunting and when he came home to discover Dean had screwed up, as 16 year olds tend to do, he left him in the Boy's Home to punish him. The good thing about John was that he did redeem himself in the end, but his priorities were very questionable during Sam and Dean's childhood.

    It's good that the flashbacks were so touching, because the rest of the episode was... average. No, it wasn't bad... we've just seen it all before. We've delved into the past of the Winchesters, and we've dealt with Ghosts looking out for loved ones. I say again: MEN OF LETTERS. We don't need to be re-visiting old ground when they have so much there to use!

    Season 9 has been very hit and miss for me. When it hits, it hits great, but human Cas is kind of spoiling it. I guess I wanted more Angel action, and an Abbadon who wasn't yet another hot, sexy, trying to be scary and failing villain. Hell, I was even hoping we'd see Bobby taking on Metatron in Heaven, along with some other dead characters. But I am loving the Zeek plot, and the fallen Angel stuff does have potential. Things are nowhere near as disappointing as season 7. I just really don't want them to return to that.
  • Hmm...


    I think the best series is hitting a boulder of loves, ghosts and cliches.

    Stop it. Stop it now.

    Get some serious stuff back.

    Give you some ideas:

    1) Sheriff Miles

    2) Demons. I take any demon story vs the crap i saw today.

    3) Angels. Earth's full of angels, packed up with hatred.

    4) Set up a story in Heaven with some Metatron in there.

    5) Bring up a Leviathan. They cant be all dead.

    6) Bring up Abaddon. She's a beauty and any line of her is worth to see.

    7) C'mon, only Abaddon is so strong down there? Where are other stuff like Asmodeus, Belial and the so called Dukes of Hell?

    8) Where's Garth?

    9) You started with Greek Titans and you end it in an episode? Really? how smart. You could continue the story of Prometheus as he's trying his chances in Mount Olympus against other gods. Meh, too expensive.

    10) BRING ME THE WRITER OF "Hammer of the Gods" back! I don't know who is he but i know he's not working anymore by watching that crap.

    11) Merge "Men of Letters" and Nazi occult archeological excavations to set up an Indie like episode. What? it;s expensive? Of course it is, but i don't care.

    12) Michael and Lucifer. Really?

    13) Any line of "Death" is worth a crappy season of episodes. Bring up an ancient evil that only Death can only deal with him.

    There, i gave you enough to make a lol on me and continue to cliches, thus ending the series in Season 10 for good.

    There are thousands of ideas and yet your writers are trying to convert the series into a more hardcore "Ghost Whisperer" with some special funny episodes in it. STOP IT!

    I'm nearly of stop watching that otherwise super serie until season 8.

    PS. That was the second time that i watch with fast/forward clicks in between. The first one was that IDIOT love story of Sam in previous seasons.
  • Some real pathos in this episode

    This was an excellent episode particularly with Dean. Jensen Ackles gave an exemplary performance as did the actor portraying a young Dean. The back story fit in well and the story line with the boys at the house was well written. The only thing that I would complain about at all would be that the ghost didn't end up being that frightening, not bad but just not that frightening. There have been some episodes with some very scary monsters. But still a great story with a great back story giving us a bit more background about the brothers.