Season 3 Episode 5

Bedtime Stories

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 01, 2007 on The CW

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  • It's nice to see the Brothers Grimm done well for once.

    I thought this episode was very clever. I love fairy tales (the real ones with cannibalism, murder, and the little mermaid brat dying) and they translated them into Supernatural very well. I was about to smack Dean at the end when he told Sam to let him go. Honestly if I had been in Sam's position, I would have beaten the crap out of him.

    Best scene of course is the crossroads scene. Very gratifying to see the crossroads demon get what's coming to her. I found it slightly annoying that she referred to Lilith as he. Although I'm still not one hundred percent sure that Lilith ever held Dean's deal. After all, the info came from Bella. And Crowley's the king of the crossroads. Maybe something they'll eventually touch on. Maybe not.
  • The boys investigate a series of murders that apear to mirror the brothers Grim fairy tales.

    Good concept, but bad writing and what has become a stape and bad omen in the series: Cheap jokes at the expense of gay's and Lesbians sink what could have been a very good episode. This is a real irritating episode, its parts are less then the sum but the writers penchant for foregoing good solid writing at the expense of cheap shots at others. Perhaps CW should keep the current writers to come up with ideas, but should hire real writers for its exectution. With a few good episodes and only 1 standout one this season its starting to look a bit ominus for season 3 of this series.
  • A very imaginative episode

    When I look back at Season Three, I can't help but agree with Eric Kripke said about the start of the season: after two great first episodes and after "Bad Day at Black Rock", which is a unique experience, the episodes from "Sin City" to "Red Sky at Morning" are a strange lot. They have little direction and they are fairly inconsistent with each others. The problem was the impending Writer Strike, no doubt, and the little misconceived plot about the demon guerrilla surely didn't help. All this said, "Bedtime Stories" is a good episode, very imaginative and clever: it used fairy tales in a gory, frightening way and it was chilling and ghastly enough to keep me on the edge of my seat. Plus, the musical score, heavily influenced by a sort of Burtonesque mood, is effective and mesmerizing. Cathrin Humphris' writing is powerful as ever, but as a standalone episode "Bedtime Stories" is also a tad weak and rushed. Definitely not one of my favorites, but a good filler.
  • Another unique plot, but still not Supernatural at its greatest.

    Supernatural has been good so far this season, but the one thing I noticed is how little has happened lately. We've met Bela and Ruby and learned a little about them, but other than that, there's not a whole lot being done in terms of Dean's deal that he made with the Crossroads Demon. There's definitely a LOT of focus on how he doesn't care that he's dying, but other than that, not too much going on.

    One thing that I can say about the episode is that it has a very cool Monster of the Week. Well, by monster, I suppose it's just a girl in a coma who's spirit is acting out her rage. She's brutal, but for a reason. I was definitely intrigued by the plot, especially the whole "fairy tale" aspect of it.

    As I said before, however, Dean's carelessness about his predicament has ceased to intrigue me. I want to see Dean just break down.. because, well, I'd be lying if I said that breakdowns didn't interest me. Right now, Dean's in permenant defense mechanism mode, and I'm just waiting to see him break out of it.
  • Very creative.

    Well this episode is another well written unexpected plot for me. I love how they incorporated the Grimm brothers in to the story. Plus Sam still is striving to get Dean out of his deal. he shoots the crossroad demon, shows that he still is indeed going dark side. I guess he will do anything to save his brother. I like how Sm is developing through the whole process. The plot was perfect on Bedtime Stories. I like how it all pieced together in the end. The little girl, the doctor, why it happened. The end was chilling. Poor crossroad demon.
  • Not my favourite episode of the season.

    Fairy tales come to life when the brothers investigate Callie, a young girl who seems to personify Snow White. Poisoned by her stepmother and trapped in a coma, her spirit becomes angrier as more time passes. Callie's father visits her constantly, reading her original Brothers Grimm stories and unknowingly inspiring her carnage. After putting her spirit to rest, Sam meets the crossroads demon named Nicole to "make a deal" - either release Dean from his bargain or die. The demon says that she doesn't have the power to break the deal and only her boss has that ability. She then taunts Sam that letting Dean die will be good for Sam, prompting Sam to kill her. Supernaturals season 3 is amazing but I think this was the worst episode I saw even though Sam and Dean where both very funny in this episode I found very dull. 8.8 is a high rating so it shows how much I enjoyed this season.
  • This episode is so cool!

    Fairy tales come to life when the brothers investigate Callie, a young girl who seems to personify Snow White. Poisoned by her stepmother and trapped in a coma, her spirit becomes angrier as more time passes. Callie's father visits her constantly, reading her original Brothers Grimm stories and unknowingly inspiring her carnage. After putting her spirit to rest, Sam meets the crossroads demon named Nicole to "make a deal" - either release Dean from his bargain or die. The demon says that she doesn't have the power to break the deal and only her boss has that ability. She then taunts Sam that letting Dean die will be good for Sam, prompting Sam to kill her. I loved this episode because it used fairytales in a totally awesome way!
  • Who holds the contract?

    I thought this episode was pretty dull until the end. With Sam killing the demon Dean made the deal with we now have to find out who actually holds the contract. I could live without the fairy tale plot but you have to write episodes with something. I would like to know what Ruby did to the colt to make it a demon killer again, I hope we find out in later episodes. As always Dean did make me laugh in this episode about Sam being anymore gay I guess in a way this was a filler episode but the ending did set up another twist. Who holds the contract?
  • This was a decent episode, it was more filler than anything, it did not really push the story further. The ending was good which did add to the story of the third season.

    The episode starts in a construction site, with 3 brothers being killed by something Supernatural(of course). One brother survives though.
    Good scene at the start with the Brothers in the car, they are fighting over Deans deal with the crossroad demon. Sam wants to summon it and get her to let Dean out of his deal now that they have the colt working again. Dean is shouting at Sam because he does not know that it will work and does not want to risk it going wrong and Sam dying. Dean tells Sam that they will do it his way and Sam as usual is not giving up so easily telling him "your not dad" when Dean tells him to drop the subject. The episode is about people dying like the fairy tales, Snow White, The Big Bad Wolf, Hansel and Gretel and Little Red Riding Hood. The fairy tales are quite interesting when Sam tells Dean about the real storys and not the 'Disney flicks' as Dean puts it. Some of the people who managed to live through the attacks are taken to a nearby hospital. Its in the hospital that the Spirit who is causing the killings is found by Dean and Sam. The doctor who attends to the victims is the father of a comatose girl who looks like she is now in her teens, the girl was poisoned by her step mother when she was just 8 years old. Some of the victims described a little girl who was there when the killings occurred. The girl is read fairy tales by her father, this is why the killings are acted out like fairy tales. Sam talks to the doctor and tells him that the little girl being in a coma was not an accident like he thought, she drunk bleach when she was 8. It was given to her by her step mother. At first the girls spirit was just trying to tell he father that it was his wife who poisoned her, when he did not listen she over time turned desperate and started killing people. When her father finally listens to her she is at peace and she dies in the hospital bed.
    The ending is good, Sam sneaks out of the motel room leaving Dean sleeping in bed. Sam summons the crossroad demon and tells her to release Dean from his Deal, she says she cant because she does not hold the contract, another demon has it, she is only the 'saleswoman'. Sam frustrated and angry at what she is saying shots her in the head with the colt after she tells him there is no way out for Dean "Not this time".
    The scene at the end with Sam and the Demon is the best part of the episode, the interaction and dialog between the two is really good. We see that Sam is really willing to kill to save his brother and we are left wondering just a little bit if Ezechiel(yellow eyes) was right, maybe its not 100% Sam that Dean brought back. Although it was a Demon, it was possessing a human and Sam usually has a problem killing them when it means the human dies to. Great ending to a mediocre episode.
  • One of the weakest of Season 3 (so far of course) but the folklore in this episode is really interesting, which hasn't happened that much of late.

    In my review for Red Sky At Morning (I know, I went backwards!) I said that it was the weakest of the Season but upon watching this episode again, I would name this episode as the weakest so far. It's not badly written or acted, and as I mentioned before, the lore in this episode is really pretty interesting. It's just in comparison to the rest of the episodes, it doesn't quite stand out as much for me. The storyline is centred upon well-known fairytale lore and I find that aspect really interesting, it certainly keeps the viewer intrigued. There are also some really good comedic moments in this episode which add that special something. I can't really explain what let it down for me - possibly the way that the fairytale stuff ended - it was over way too conveniently for my liking! The scene at the end of the episode made up slightly for any previous disappointment though, I loved the dialogue between Sam and the Crossroads Demon - it was witty and fast paced and brilliantly executed. Overall, a good entertaining episode but lacking any staying power.
  • Has enough comedy and drama to keep most fans satisfied!!

    Sam and dean occupy there time by investigating a series of vilont murders. They soon realise they follow the similar pattern of fairy tales. Not the 'Disney flicks' as dean puts it but the old folk law ones that consist of vilonce and death. An interesting idea for the show but some of the murders are a little too vilont and genrally disturbing if not slightly scary, but as the plot develops you'll find yourself getting drawn into the mystery. One of the things the show has successfully managed to do in the third series is set plenty of mystery throughout an episode to keep you interested and answer questions as the plot develops. Some times it feels like your watching a vilont version of a pantomine or a dodgey adittion of a Disney film but the episode still manages to deliver lots of humour considering it can be very dark in places. The story continues with Sam and dean, as at the very end of the episode Sam summonds the demon and tries to reason with it. when this fails he kills it in cold blood (it wouldn't be the first time now would it). Discovering that someone else holds the key to Deans deal. A nice little episode if strangly bizzare but certainly continues in the new and if some what unpretictable direction the show is heading in, but after all thats excactly why we watch it.
  • freaking great

    I just saw this episode and thought it was fantastic. I loved that Sam knew all about the fairytails and Dean didn't. Dean kept calling Sam gay because he knew all about them. He was probably jealous. I noticed that Jared Padalecki's long time girlfriend made an appearance as the crossroad demon. She is really pretty. I can see from watching the episodes progress in season 3 that it's getting more and more difficult for Sam to be around Dean. He feels guilty and blames himself for Deans future death and the deal he made. That guilt is gonna eat away at him until something evil comes out. Can't wait until next week.
  • Sam and Dean seek out the cause of a series of 'Grimm's Brothers' style "Fairy Tale" deaths.

    Loved this ep! Loved that Dean 'aint' kissin' no damned frog!' and even more... Loved that Homage and due was finaly given to the origins of fairy tales... (no offense to Kathryn here but... yikes... what you did to the myths about Changelings... Loved that ep too... cause you know... I dig creative license...) but seriously one beef... 'CEREBROSPINAL FLUID' Kathryn?, I mean really woman... Synovial? fluid?... ahem... PM me next time please? Thanks... but still massive hugs and kisses cause Your Rock! I mean you've written some of my All Time Fave Eps! Seriously! (can I be your b**ch? Please?) what? oh yeah... excellent ep! and anyone that bothers to throw a hissy fit about Dean's 'could you be more gay comment... please just suck my big fat left... ******

    thanks... I needed that. GREAT EP... PERFECT in writing, angst, and execution! Love to all parties involved! seriously...

  • Trances I get but fairytale trances? That's bizarre even for us. -Dean

    People are being murdered in a way that reminds the boys of childhood fairy tales. The first is three little pigs; two of three brothers that are housing contractors are arguing over materials and are slaughtered by a big wolf. The second is a couple gets lost hiking in the woods and is greeted by a harmless old lady. She drugs the apple pie and kills the husband; Hansel and Gretel. They even had a Cinderella. There is a little ghost girl at the scene of every murder.

    Turns out, the doctor who is tending all of the patients that survive the attacks has a daughter. His daughter has been in a coma since she was eight years old. She's been psychically sending out people to murder in a fairy tale style. She is the little ghost girl at every crime scene. Her mother poisoned her and she's trying to let people know about the crime through these killings.

    Sam sneaks off and summons the crossroads demon that has the one- year contract for Dean's soul. He tries to make a bargain to release Dean from the contract. Sam threatens her with the Demon Killing Colt. Prancing about in her FABULOUS dress, she tells Sam that she has a boss and that HE holds the contract, not her. She goes on to tell Dean that even if he kills her, the contract still stands and there is no way out of it. Sam considers this then kills her for good measure.
  • One of those episodes that feels like a filler until you get to the end where it just shocks you.

    I thought this episode was great, but it felt more filler like for the most part. That was up until the end of the episode when we see Sam go after the Crossroads demon when Dean is asleep. This particular scene is a very powerful one, and the way Sam acts throughout this scene makes it even more powerful. You really start to wonder if the Yellow Eyed Demon was lying or telling the truth when he said "What makes you think what you brought back is 100% Sam?". Now before I was sure this was a lie to try and scare Dean into not killing him, but now I am not so sure, I mean, we did see Sam go through a dramatic change when he was put through the test to see who would lead the army of demons. Sam's actions in this episode at the end were pretty dramatic, I mean I know there was another reason for what he did, but I don't think that's the reason for what Sam did. A great episode that makes me worried but excited at the same time, I hope to see more development in future episodes.
  • That's more like it!

    I loved this supernatural version of Brothers Grimm.
    The episode was ever witty and creepy however I would prefer it to be a bit more darker lighting-wise. This episode's tone and exploration of the case so reminded me of season 1. Surprisingly it was Jared's acting I loved more this time around. Not that Jensen's was any bit weaker. I believe Sam is being given stronger dialogue than Dean this season hence some credit lies with the writers too. The girls portraying Callie were both so pretty and Snow-white like. Both actresses left quite a good impression on me without delivering a single dialogue.
  • Ooh creepy fairytales! Thats a good storyline.

    So yes, I did like this episode. Not enough to score it a ten though. There were some parts that weren't so cool. BUT I really like the fairytales. They were so evil and cool! The whole story of it was pretty good. I especially liked the ending with Sam shooting the CRD (Sandra McCoy lol his gf). I thought that was a really good scene. Haha i also like Dean and the fact that he has seen the porn Snow White movie!! Lol, that is so bad, but typical of him... Oh yeah, and Dean going to get the big bad wolf. Which is the weirdest thing he ever said. Lol. So I liked this episode but did not love it. It had ts good and bad points.
  • Supernatural does their take on classic fairytales such as Hansel and Gretel and the Three Little Pigs--with a murderous twist.

    This episode was pretty straightforward when you consider some of the complicated stories that Supernatural has managed to weave over the years. There isn't really a whole lot of twists, turns or surprises, and everything that happens is somewhat expected. However, the ending scene between Sam and the Crossroads demon is what makes this episode a more than enjoyable watch.

    In this episode, the brothers investigate a series of murders that have some weird aspects about them...and try to figure out if something supernatural is the cause. They stumble upon a hospital, where the daughter of a doctor is laying sick in bed with a coma. It turns out that the doctor reads to her every day, as a form of entertainment, since patients in comas can still hear outside noises and such. What does he read her? None other than The Brothers Grimm, unedited and not watered down by Walt Disney. These fairy tales are dark, brutal and murderous. And, naturally, the little girl is projecting her spirit and using it to go on a murderous killing spree, recreating all the stories from the book.

    The brothers eventually get her back in touch with her dad, who confesses that he has seen her spirit and felt her presence before. He convinces her to stop killing, blah blah blah, case solved. Pretty simple. Now, at the end of this episode, Sam (against Dean's wishes of course) decides to go and summon the Crossroads demon. And he does. Armed with the Colt, Sam interrogates her and finds out that she is not the holder of Dean's contract--she is merely a pawn in a much bigger game. He gets angry when she begins to taunt him and kills her, which is a very foolhardy move. If he would've kept her alive, it would've been a lot easier to find out who was behind this whole thing. Sam's sudden willingness to kill demons (and humans) at a whim could be contributed to several different factors, but it's there nonetheless.

    This new development gives the potential for a much bigger storyline this season to be explored, and set up a lot of new emotional conflicts between Sam and Dean as well. All in all, this episode equaled out to be pretty good, but nothing exceptional. The best part is the excitement toward the end.
  • A series of bizarre and seemingly unrelated murders lead the boys to suspect… fairy tales?!

    A delightful episode incorporating the boys' supernatural world into that of fairy tales. And the cherry on top – Sam finally does something about Dean's deal.

    Loved the opening fight – it's been a long time since Sam and Dean have had a real drag-out fight and this is a great one! "You're not Dad!"… "No, but I'm the oldest!" Actually screaming at each other then Dean (incredibly un-subtly) changes the subject, leaving Sam to sulk. This was their most impressive fight to date… with a difference: the source of this fight wasn't the usual personality abrasion but instead the desperate love they have for each other: Sam's intense fear of losing Dean and Dean's terror that Sam will mess with the deal, getting himself killed. Dean's been pretty balanced and calm lately so this display of fury was a hail back to the old days, nice to see Dean's still got his fire! This episode really shows that Sam's grown up, he's mouthier for one but also he's standing up for himself and doing what he thinks is right, no matter what Dean thinks. He's showing the traditional Winchester strength and his intensity and passion remind me of Dean… maybe they're just spending too much time together! He's not our little Sammy anymore, that's for sure.

    Creepy little old lady in the middle of the woods… sounds like a fairy tale and she's probably going to eat you! … okay, just as bad – cut your throat with a kitchen knife?! Three Little Pigs, Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella, Snow White and Red Riding Hood. Very well done though they could have pushed it further!

    I've always wondered about the Crossroad demon – now it's confirmed: same demon, different bodies. She knew it wasn't the original Colt and knows about Ruby (and by that name). And guess what? They don't like her which means (gasp!) she must really be on *our* side! The demons usually use the truth to 'mess with your head' (she was spooky accurate with Dean about John) but this time she's way off – Sam does not want Dean gone and she was fighting a losing battle trying to find a chink in Sam's armour, the man's a saint! There might have been a ghost of truth there but she's way off. He's not 'going through the motions'. Though I did wince when she mentioned the 'broken psyche' and 'needy Dean'. Was interesting to find out that she's got a boss and if Sam wants the deal broken, he'll have to deal with that demon instead. Given the vicious (and untrue) things she said to Dean about his soul ('gutter soul'), turns out Dean was right: his soul is hot property. It's not like Sam to just execute someone (even a possessed someone) but I must say I cheered when he shot her. He was definitely a little creepy here… okay, a lot creepy. Is our Sammy slowly turning to the Dark Side?

    The encounter with the Crossroads demon does raise an alarming thought - we've assumed that Sam would have to turn evil in order to lead the demon army... but what if: Sam just proved he'll do anything (including murder) to save Dean. We know from 'Sin City' that there are demons who would follow Sam if he accepted the throne. (Of course, a problem there is that Sam apparently no longer has his powers - would the demon army follow a powerless Sam? His powers - like Ava's - would have let him control them.) Would Sam actually consider doing it to save Dean? (Who would argue with Sam if as warlord he said to break the deal?) He could also end the war. Sam's not that desperate yet but who knows what the rest of the season will bring? How far would Sam go?

    Last thoughts:
    - Sam's sketch was hysterical! Why didn't they just say the sketch artist was still on the way?!
    - Some great quotes and all Dean's: To Sam "You think about fairy tales often…?" ; "We have to do research now, don't we?" ; "You know fairy tales, I know movies…" ; "I'm going to stop the Big Bad Wolf…"

    Problems: While I enjoyed the fairy tales, the episode was a bit predictible. The stories could have been done better with a bit of work. Also, the writers seem to be having trouble finding stories that go with the Winchester stories, there's a noticeable lack of balance between the two. I know there's trouble with the writers strike but given the effort of getting a season 3, shouldn't they be trying harder to prove the show deserves to stay on? It would be an utter tragedy for the show to get cancelled because of a writers strike!

    This wasn't a flawless episode, there were a lot of gaps – like the doctor just accepting Sam's story without Sam actually telling him what was happening ; not explaining why the 'wicked stepmother' poisoned Callie. But this is one of those episodes where the little things that bug you aren't enough to distract from how good it is. The supernatural tale is very good but what makes it shine are (as always) the wonderful brother moments sprinkled in between.
  • This time Supernatural uses fairy tells.

    A young girl trapped in a coma by her wicked stepmother sets off a series of murders based on the fairy tales her father reads her. Meanwhile, Sam tries to get Dean out of his deal.

    This episode was sad and funny. I loved how they used the fairy tells in this episode. I think it's also great that they use the original stories from the Grimm brothers. I like the fact that Sam knew all this stuff about fairy tells and Dean just thought that it was weird. That's why I love this quote: Sam: Well, thinking about fairy tales.
    Dean: Oh, that's... that's nice. You think about fairy tales often?
    That was just one of the many funny things in this episode. And the brothers had one of their well known fights and I have to say, it's about time. Some people don't like the fact that Sam is changing, but I think that it is kind of logical all the things he does. He just feels guilty that Dean will die for him and he wants to make it right, but underneath all of that he is still the same Sam in my opinion. I thought it was sad though that de girl in the coma died in the end, I felt really sorry for the father. It was another amazing Supernatural episode, and I just can't get enough of them!
  • What an incredibly dark, incredibly disturbing and intensely sad episode. All tied together with a bright red ribbon of bizarre, gory fairytale scenarios.

    Thank god for the lighter moments and I loved the clever way the writers brought the fairytales into the present day and related them to everyday people and situations. Loved the recurring frog/toad. The look on Deans face when he said distastefully ' I'm not kissing no damn frog' was priceless.

    Loved Sams artistic efforts and the reaction of the surviving brother to it was fun. Please note shutter, drawing people is a lot different to drawing trees (Sam in Home), but yes the efforts looked like they were from two totally different people! They were perfect for their purposes in each case. Hehe I'm just imagining how ridiculous Sam would have looked showing Dean a cute little cartoon tree, trying to pass it off as their 'home tree'. Besides Dean was right his effort if 'Dead in the Water' is anything to go by would have been even more ridiculous!(Stick man anyone!)

    I didn't even get the three little pigs reference at first (uh..der) Very cute, clever idea. And of course it explains why the brother who wanted to use the cinder blocks or bricks and was actually hiding behind a pallet of bricks was the only one to survive. She was simply sticking to the story. Loved the choice of a potentially menacing man with a Wile Coyote tatt as the big bad wolf, pure genius. These clever little touches from the writers are always a joy.

    Plus we got a couple of classic rock aliases Detectives 'Page' and 'Plant'( from Led Zeppelin) and it was fun to see the brothers working together for most of the time in an 'almost' Season 1 type investigation. Although this season has had a mostly brighter look to it, I miss the darker more spooky look. But in the case of Bedtime stories the bright surreal look is very fitting considering its subject matter.

    Loved the entire 'Hansel and Gretel' scene. Bright and Light with the dark menace just out of sight. Then the old lady strikes! The crazy almost cartoon violence was so unreal but still so horrible. The look on the old ladys face as she kept stabbing 'Hansel' was so damn freaky! And we got our first look at poor sad 'Snow White' so pretty and so creepy. Loved the simple 'Cinderella' scenario and Deans reaction to Sams knowledge of fairytales was amusing. The tone in his voice when he said, 'Could you be anymore gay…don't answer that' was perfect very 'big brotherish'. Deans knowledge of fairytales is limited to the bare basics and porn adaptations, typical! It's not surprising he did not get into fairytales as a child. I can't exactly see John sitting him down and reading to him between showing him how to shot a gun or throw a knife! Dean didn't have much of a childhood and he had enough real monsters to deal with as he got older without reading about them as well! Dean protected Sams childhood as long as he possibly could which is probably why Sam had a chance to learn more about fairytales than he did.

    Also loved that the writers thought to emphasise Deans loathing of doing research. Every moment is precious to him and he hated having to waste….hours doing research which didn't even bring any answers (except to eliminate possibilities) Deanhas never beenmuch for research anyway, but now he has even more reason to get the most out of every last moment.

    Then we see 'Snow White' again, she must have been drawn to Dean and Sam, as you would expect a spirit to recognise something in people who are receptive to them and who may be able to understand and help them. All this 'childlike' cartoonish violence made a lot of sense when we learned it was being carried out by the spirit of a child. An angry, sad, twisted spirit fed gruesome fairytales. Unable to escape or move on, lashing out at the world trying to communicate in the only way she could think of.

    It is sad to imagine how badly hurt and lost this poor little girl would have felt. Knowing it was her own mother that had hurt her in the first place and that nobody knows the truth. And not being able to communicate with her Dad, who loved her so much he couldn't bear to let her go.

    The way Dean likened the fathers dilemma to Sams, telling him that sometimes you just have to let people go was heartbreaking to me. And then Dean walks off alone. Will he keep trying to distance himself from Sam? Thinking that somehow this will make it easier for Sam to accept his leaving in the end? It would only make everything harder and make Sam even more vulnerable to evil influences. It is incredibly sad to think that Dean may believe he has to do this, sacrifice the short time he has left with his brother to enable Sam to move on. I don't know if Dean would be able to stay away from Sam, he would worry about him too much. It would only make him realise that one day he won't be there to protect Sam at all! And from a viewers standpoint we would be losing one of, if not the, most appealing aspects of the show.

    Also the statement by the surviving brother at the beginning was very poignant. Both Sam and Dean would have to agree that there is nothing worse than losing a brother. Dean has lived it, knows the pain and couldn't bear it. Making the ultimate sacrifice for his brother.

    And Sam knows the feeling all to well. He had to face the possibility first in Faith and then even more dramatically in, In My Time of Dying (still one of my favourites - dramatic perfection), he knows how painful it is. That is why he is so desperate to find a way to save this time. He loves his brother so much and can't bear the thought of losing him. After everything Dean has done for him all through his life, sacrificing everything to always be there for Sam, now it is his turn and he doesn't want to fail Dean.

    The anger and frustration in both brothers was evident from the beginning argument. Jensen and Jared have both been amazing this season. You can feel the pain and desperation of both characters. Jensen is really capturing Deans denial, anger and fear, giving a brilliant, understated, moving, complex performance. And Jared has really stepped up to the plate, portraying all of Sams angst and confusion trying to deal with the changes he feels within himself and trying to deal with Deans denial as well, building his performance realistically and engrossingly week by week.

    The initial argument just kept going round and round, neither brother willing to give in. Dean even played the older brother card. The thought of Sam trying to break the deal and getting himself killed in the process is scaring the hell out of Dean. He is furious that after the extreme lengths he went to, Sam could negate his efforts. And Sam is furious that Dean is ready to give up his life for him, leaving him with the guilt and pain (the fact that Dean knows how painful it was when John did the same for him would make it even more frustrating for Sam)

    All this conflict and the actors brilliant performances is bringing a much darker edge to Season 3, which of course is totally necessary to make the storyline believable, but I just hope it is not dragged out the entire length of the season. Although I guess it does not mean we won't have some lighter episodes in the meantime. Both Dean and Sam are very good at denying their feelings, burying them in the back of their minds and carrying on as if nothings wrong, especially when working on a hunt, at least for a while. The we get the emotional explosions which are also very exciting to watch. The writers must have a ball thinking up all these different twists and turns.

    The moment Sam sneaks out to confront the Crossroad Demon was so poignant. Dean looked so peaceful and helpless, like a little boy sleeping and the look of determination on Sams face was very touching.

    Sams encounter with the RED was very upsetting, as she attacked Deans 'so called' weakness of character I felt like jumping through the TVand punching her head in! B@*ch! Of course demons can't understand the complexities of the human character and do not tolerate vulnerabilities, only exploit these and manipulate and twist the truth to suit their wicked plans. Sure Dean gets into a bit of trouble but it is the nature of the business he is in, and if he really was as weak as she made out,he would not have survived as long as he has. The only reason he is in danger now is because of a decision he himself has made. Not because he is weak or needy but because he has the strength to be so selfless and put his brother before himself.

    Dean has saved Sam many times over as well as looked after him and been there for him throughout his entire childhood. Sure the pressure and worry would be getting to Sam, and the RED wants to exploit that, but the strong bond between the brothers means he won't give up. The strength of their love means that neither brother wants to give up on the other! And I believe that it is this bond that will ultimately save them both, I am just a little afraid of what they will have to go through before this happens.

    I would have thought that the 'Devil (or Lucifer, Satan) was the REDs boss, but after 'demon Casey' told Dean that Lucifer was more of a legend that some demons worship. Perhaps the head demon is another one of the chief Grigori, a group of fallen angels, as was Azazel (the YED), or even the head of these whose name was Samyaza.(the Grigori are mentioned in the Bible, books of Enoch and Jubilees, also stories have been based on the Grigori including a trilogy of gothic horror stories which tell the story of the Grigori a race of fallen angels who are being rewoken in preparation for the new millennium, and their children by human women, the Nephilim.) I have included a couple of links about the Grigori which are very interesting and may have some relevance to Supernatural.




    Whoever is in charge I have a sneaking suspicion it may have taken the shape of a certain blonde beauty. It would make a lot of sense if Ruby was the Grand Poobah (or working for him) She obviously has plans for Sam and could be grooming him to take his place at the head of the demon army. We all know demons are masters of manipulation and taking Rubys shape would be a smart move to work its way into Sams affections. She is after all tall, blonde, beautiful and sassy, an evil version of Jessica as well as having similarities to Mary. It would explain how Ruby has possession of the previously unheard of weapon that can kill demons, how other demons have heard of her and why she is so powerful. She would have no qualms about killing other demons if she felt they were a threat to Sam and therefore her future plans for him. She probably can save Dean, with a catch of course. She will free Dean from his deal if Sam takes his place leading the demon army. She has a year or so to work on Sam, influencing him, manipulating him, driving a wedge between him and Dean. When the RED made the deal with Dean she may have been under instructions from the head demon to give Dean only a year. The demon would think it would be enough time for him to work on Sam, but to Sam it is hardly anytime at all, Dean is his weakness after all, and this would multiply Sams desperation and make his eventual acceptance of the demons offer more likely.

    Of course this is only one theory, and each week, something else pops into my head, but the Grigori link is very interesting.

    With the writers pushing the 'demons and humans are not all that different' line , it may turn out that Ruby is on the brothers side! But why would she revel in Sams increasingly ruthless behaviour, if she didn't want him to embrace the 'darkside'?

    I know Bela had nothing to do with this episode, but thinking of the above theories makes me wonder if maybe she isn't just meant to be a pleasant diversion for Dean and Sam. Her skills as a thief, her slight of hand may come in handy to steal something from the 'uber' demon in the final showdown, that could save Deans life as well as save Sam from having to succumb to the demons plans.

    Okay now I am way off the track and I'm sure we have a lot of fun and twists and turns to go through before all this is resolved, but it is fun to imagine different scenarios.

    Next weeks episode 'Red Sky at Morning' will bring us Bela again, being a pain in Deans…um neck! and some amusing liaisons for Sam, hope it's a spooky one too!
    Can't wait for Monday!! Woohoo!!
  • Sam: Well, thinking about fairy tales. Dean: Oh, that's... that's nice. You think about fairy tales often? Hehehe!

    Now, when i think Sam and Dean i dont think of them hunting fairytale stuff. But this episode was just brilliant. In supernatural fashion-humour (from Sam as well) and ass kicking! Im loving how they have funny Sam as well with his little lines and how he delivers them. But the best part of this episode was the ending from Dean saying it was good advice from the doctor about letting go. Perfect delivery on Jared and Jensens part. jareds eyes as he said his line and just looked at Jensen gave it more emotion. I was like awww poor Sam, poor Dean! The CRD-WOW!!!!! Jared was just so cool being all deanlike. Im loving the darker sam (i say that all the time, but he gets better every episode). When he was done asking the questions and lowered the gun i was kinda like poor you, nice try. Then BAM! he shoots her without even thinking about it-it was great. Made me jump and just go YES! Season 3 is just !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope thats self explanitory lol
  • Excellent episode that brings well known fantasy to life, a true credit to the series. The idea of bringing fairy tales to reality in a series like Supernatural was sheer brilliance. It gave the viewers a chance to take a guess and speculate. Fantastic...

    Definitely one of my favorites, any one who loves the series will love this episode. Fantasy made reality, bringing to life The Three Little Pigs, Cinderella, Hansel & Gretel etc etc. I think the Grimm Brothers would have been proud. It's inspired me to go out and buy a copy of the original Fairy Tales. It's good to see that more people believe the brothers (Sam & Dean) about the supernatural aspects to life. I look forward to the next episode. This was my first review so it's not that great (I don't think so anyway). Ja{M}iE
  • Planes crash, clowns kill, and apparently Fairy Tales are real, real deadly.

    The brothers investigate a case that involves three brothers being attached, and only one survives. Next they stumble upon a case of a man and lady being attached in the woods by an old lady, where a little girl is seen. And while on their third stop they finally put some of the pieces together, after Dean sees the girl. They aren't dealing with just any supernatural being, they are dealing with things fairy tales are made of, with a twist.

    It takes them a little while but they discover that the little girl was poisoned by her stepmother and had been in a coma for many years, and she was tired of it. Feeling that no one was listening to her, she sent her soul out to attach people. Dean goes off to save "little red riding hood" while Sam has to stay and try and convince the girl's father to let her go or she would keep killing people.

    After the case is done, he tries again to get Dean to care about the fact he is going to die, but again he gets rejected. So he sneaks out that night to make his own deal with the devil. He goes to the crossroads and summons the demon. When she refuses to tell Sam who really holds the contract he uses the Colt and kills her. Felt so sorry for Sam, because yet again he couldn't save Dean easily.

    All in all it was a good episode, there were a few points when it was like, why can't they connect the dots faster, but not to bad. Looking forward to next episode.
  • Ferocious Fairy Tales!

    This episode is terrific, with a creative twist on the story as Sam and Dean have to hunt down the Big Bad Wolf. With fantastic scenes such as the nice old lady that carves up Hansel, and Sam's disturbing knowledge on the background of fairy tales, the episode is quite good, with some funny lines aswell.

    The ending with Sam going, I expected him to leave so he wouldn't have to be guilted, and then along the way of separation, become a little evil, but the final scene was quite good with the crossroad ending, and the contract being rock solid. While I'm still waiting for more battles with demons the brothers unleashed, and Ruby, the episode is very entertaining, and a great episode of Supernatural.
  • Not a bad episode, though different.

    Well i didn't think that was too bad an episode. I was a different storyline to what had already been pursued.I think it was inventive. I actually didn't know that fairy tales originated from that sort of thing, though i have heard of the Brothers Grimm, i just never knew they wrote fairy tales. It reminds me in some grade we had to edit fairy tales and ad in some of our bits and act them out. During the episode i was half expecting Dean to make a wise crack and Shrek. Is the cross-roads demon dead? And so what happens if someone summons it? Will another demon take her place, or is that it for cross-road deals? I don't know. All in all i think it was an okay episode.
  • Dean and Sam investigate a strange town with a suspected werewolf being the killer but what they find is far from scarier.

    This was an amazing episode and I loved how fairy tales can kill people. First three brothers are arguing over how to build a building, aka The Three Little Pigs, when a wolf attacks them and only one brother survives. When Dean and Sam investigate and talk to the one brother left, they discover it is not a werewolf or d demon but a man with animal instincts. As Sam tries to draw the suspend, the man asks how would you feel about your brothers dieing and Sam with anent in his eyes says something about it being the worst thing in the world and Dean gives Sam a look. This was a very heartbreaking scene. The boys are back in the hospital investigating another murder a woman who survives an attack from an old woman. They have a new lead, a young girl watching from the window. After EMS readings they how know a ghost is involved and are turning people into murderers. Boy, ghosts are creepy instead. While discussing the case, the boys see a house with a pumpkin on the pouch with mice running around. Sam says it has to be Cinderella and Dean says can you be so gay As they enter the house Dean then says maybe you will find your fairy godmother. Dean is very funny and Sam pouts as he is being made fun of. The boys find a girl chained up and Dean sees the young girl and follows her. As Dean asks her questions she leaves and puts an apple on the floor. Snow White, the stepmother poisoned Casey and she is in a coma. The boys try to explain that Casey is causing the murders but the doctor can't and won't believe them when an old woman arrives in the hospital with animal bites on her. The wolf is again up to no good. Dean goes after the big bad wolf and Sam has to help the doctor let Casey go. The doctor finally learns the truth and Casey goes to heaven. Dean on the other hand was fighting with the wolf man and then suddenly the man is normal again and wants to know what is going on. The little girl is saved from the wolf and there are no more murders.

    As the brothers as leaving the hospital Dean says that it is good advice to just let go and Sam says Is that what you want me to do just let you go and Dean just walks away. This was by far the most heartbreaking scene and I was so sad seeing Sam tearing up as he was talking to Dean. Sam has a plan and takes off in the middle of the night and summons the CRD and demands she let Dean out of the contract. CRD is not the owner of the contract and her boss holds it. She is just a saleswoman and her boss is not a cuddly as her. Sam sees that there is a higher demon in the picture and has to figure out who he is. As you think Sam is going to walk away he lifts the colt and kills the CRD dead. Boy, I was so surprised and I couldn't believe he killed her but he did. Is Sam turning evil or does he see she has no use anymore and wants to rid the world of demons all together. On a special note, Jared's girlfriend is the CRD and she looked fabulous. It was nice to see her again.
  • Excellent!

    With it being the week of Halloween, which I love, I particully enjoyed this episode. With the fairy tales or bed time stories, turning into horror stories, it was great. But it was sad that the one who was effected from it the most (the Doctor) was the one who was causing it. The real person who caused it all (the stepmother) didn't get any revenge put upon her (maybe in hell, since she poisoned the girl). It was sad to see the girl die too, and the Doctor alone. And of course the boys were great as always, Happy Halloween.
  • I love it!

    One word: amazing epsisode! I always love it fairly tales when I was child, but the bedtime storys make me feel scary about this storys, I sure I nevermore eat apple in my life. That's a joke , but I really like this espisode.

    First: Sam and dean really great, and dean I'm really scarey for him he has to figth for his life, actually, sam not deserve to keep guilt for him.

    Second: I thougth that Azazel(EYD) said the truth sam is not 100% back, he's change everytime, so I think dean realizes too.

    Third: Who's the big boss deimond? Ruby? I don't think so but I a really curioses about the new mistrey.

    So, kiss cau!
  • Are they trying to go for fun and fresh episode themes this season? Because I'm liking it!

    This episode, a number of accidents occur and they all seem very much familiar to you and me. The Three Little Pigs? Cinderella? Little Red Riding Hood? Snow White? All very familiar and the thing is, Sam and Dean get to relive these stories, the thing is, they actually witness it.

    It was really nice how they came up with this theme, like all the past season 3 themes, they were all really hard to pull off, I'm actually really surprised on how they pulled this off, but they did it well and it was great! Keep it up Supernatural.

    Episode Quote (courtesy of Sam): Is that what you want me to do, Dean? Just let you go?
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