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  • Once bitten twice shite

    Definitely the worst Supernatural episode ever, almost as bad as those modern vidcam movies. Please dear producers, don't put us 80s people through something like that ever again.

  • Utterly disappointed.

    I can't express how disappointed I was in this week's episode of Supernatural. I can't help but wonder if this is what happens when series creator Eric K. isn't involved like he should be. Last week's episode wasn't that good either, but it was a damn sight better than this pitiful excuse for an episode that was thrown as us this week.

    Get it straight, Powers That Be. Supernatural is all about Sam and Dean. Their relationship, trials and tribulations, intelligence, personalities, courage and bravery is what has sustained this show for seven wonderful and highly entertaining years. Don't take that away from the loyal fan-base. Don't give us some half-concocted, embarrassingly predictable and boring plot like this one again. It lacked everything Supernatural stands for. It lacked creativity, characterization, originality, humor, wit, edge-of-your-seat action and horror.

    I couldn't believe I made it through the episode and the only reason I did was to see if Sam and Dean were actually going to become an integral part of their own damn show! They never did. So, not only did I have to watch an hour of shaky camera (which I loathed), but I had to watch a show with characters I could care less about and the ending was just lame and completely anti-climactic.

    Who wrote this crap? I could have written a better episode than this, really, I could have. If you ever find yourself in a bind like this again, feel free to contact me. I'll do it for free if it spares us fans from having to watch another uninspired episode like this starring characters with personalities and histories too big for such an elementary platform.

  • Worst Episode Ever!

    I have watched every episode of Supernatural and I absolutely hate this one. Only 15 minutes in and I am so annoyed. Where the hell are Sam and Dean? DON'T TRY THIS AGAIN!!!!

    Okay, 20 minutes in and I just cannot watch any more. I guess this willl be the only episode I do not watch!

    This was the worst episode. I hate the hand held camera. this could have been better. This show is going downhill without Bobby. They need more characters than just the two of them. BRING BACK BOBBY.
  • Worst Ever!

    I have been watching Supernatural since it first began and I love it! BUT this episode was so bad I would have shut it off but my husband kept thinking it HAD to get better... it didn't. How bad was it? I have never written a review before but I had to say something about this. Come on WRITERS... get with it.
  • Disappointed!!!

    As much as I love watching Supernatural ever since its pilot episode from Season 1, this was definitely one of the WORST! I'm not hating on the three new actors' performances, I'm just hating on the ending. *SPOILER ALERT* When Sam and Dean let Kate go I was a bit disappointed and confused. I mean, Dean killed Sam's longtime girlfriend in one of the older seasons and Sam killed Dean's 'monster-daughter'- in the episode where the girl sleeps with Dean and has a daughter who matures really fast and becomes part of the all-girl-monster cult. Anyways after all that, they LET HER GO! I'll be extra frikn disappointed if she reappears in another episode. Supernatural was 'awesome' for so many seasons, but now it's just sucking!!!
  • As terrible as the episode summary sounded!

    Argh, this episode was the bastard love child of Chronicle and the Blairwitch.

    It was just awful, absolutely awful :(
  • Disappointing episode ... nad nauseous !

    I was sea-sick watching this episode, so I switched the major part of it to go straight to the end ... the scenario is surprisingly bad and low end.

    A huge disappointment as the previous episodes of this season were awesome :-/
  • Utter Rubbish

    Shocking!! I have never felt the need to write a review of any show on TV until today. I am a big fan of Supernatural. I'm not a spotter and I can't tell you the names of writers nor do I read any of that bizarre fan-fiction nonsense BUT its a good solid show with amusing writing and a good mixture of back-story and weekly episodic adventure.

    Watching 'Bitten' was the first time I have been tempted to switch it off. The kid with the camera was an annoying little ***. The girl looked like she had failed her first year of acting school and was trying to make up for it with massive over-performance and the taller guy was just a typical boring run-of-the-mill average Joe. Not only did we have to endure these three morons for the hour, we also had to endure the shaky camera thing. Did no-one watch Blair Witch Project??? Didn't anyone learn that this format isn't for the masses. If I wanted to watch video camera footage, I'd send my wife, son and dog out into the garden for an hour to put together a skit for me.......and would no doubt be more entertained than I was last night by 'Bitten'

    I watch Supernatural for Sam and Dean, for the one-liners, for Cas, because I want to see how Crowley is going to end up getting it, because I want to know what happened in Purgatory and because usually, the story-lines are inventive and original. A Werewolf..........? Please? What is this? True Blood???

    I see from this website that we have a new show runner, Mr Carver. Can I say one thing to you Mr Carver........ Get it back on track. One more show like this I will strike Supernatural from my memory forever, pull my TV off the wall and go back to colouring-in books....

    Here's ever hopeful for the usual show again next week...
  • More Than A Bit Not Good

    Generally, I'm not too hard to please when it comes to Supernatural, I love the show, and I tune in to be entertained for an hour--not too hard to do. But I've got to be honest, I absolutely hated this episode. I'm not opposed to taking a bit of a break from the Winchesters (although, it is their show, so they should be in it a bit more than five minutes), but I am not a fan of "found footage" anything. The pacing was seriously slow, and I just could not bring myself to care about the characters at all. I was bored through the entire episode, there was really no plot here. I understand that there are those that find this to be an innovative and creative way of telling a story, good for you; but the shaky cam gave me a headache. Please, do not ever attempt this again.
  • Scary Movie

    This episode reminded me of a really bad scary movie - the horrible acting, the actors "filming" the action as it happens around them, and the one actor living at the end with the knowledge of what happened.

    The episode looks just like a youtube video. A really bad youtube video that I turned off after five minutes because it was so boring, and horribly put together. It was just like a Ghostfacers ripoff, but at least we had the prank war and actual scenes with Sam and Dean.

    It had so little to do with anything that I should have just skipped it.

    Basically, I've seen much better episodes of Supernatural.
  • Bad, bad Ghostfacers ripoff

    I'm not a big fan of the season so far, but I can say that this is by far the worst episode. It basically involves a love triangle between three aspiring documentary flmmakers, one of whom gets bitten by a werewolf. It's shot in 1st person camera just like the Ghostfacers episode, but Sam and Dean only have about 5 minutes of screentime in this ep and the whole episode focuses on three young adults whining about things. The pacing is super slow, the characters are one dimensional , and an idea which might have been awesome if shot normally (a werewolf elder that can change at will without the need of the moon) is just wasted. And the main filmmaker is just annoying. He doesn't have the charm that the Ghostfacers had. Definitely an episode to skip.
  • A painfully plodding and predictable episode

    Found footage is a tired old trope, it's very rarely done well- this episode exemplifies just how bad it can be. One dimensional characters, badly acted- though how much depth anyone could give them is highly questionable. The whole thing felt like misguided fan fiction. Utterly uninspired, devoid of tension and shamefully dull.

    One point for the Sam and Dean cameos, one point for the transforming in the mirror FX. The whole episode could've been saved if the last five minutes had been dedicated to a shaky cam rendition of Sam and Dean hunting down and dispatching the detestable female lead, preferably ending with her filming her own prolonged and extravagantly gruesome death.

  • Complete waste of time

    in the words of comic book guy "worst episode ever"

    they have tried these things before in other tv shows and it hasnt worked so why try

    mr Thompson mr Wright mr Carver shame shame on you all

    the title got me psyched: Bitten i knew it had to be either werewolves or vampires so i was game

    but then came the crapola that ruined everything.

    the episode wasnt worth further review

  • Worst Supernatural Episode Ever!

    Worst Supernatural episode ever!! I was bored to death. I kept opening new tabs on my pc to do other things while watching Supernatural.So far this season is so disappointing and to think I thought Sara was a mess as show runner. Mr. Carter isn't showing any good signs so far. Where is the show that we all loved? Where did the humor go? So many great things could have happened at Purgatory but no..everybody had to die. I'm so frustrated.
  • HORRIBLE!!!!!!!

    If i see another Cas-less episode i swear i will find out a way to turn into a warewolf and attach the producers and directors of this show.
  • really??

    This was THE worst episode I have ever wasted my time watching.
  • What's going on?

    Is it just me or this is like the worst start of a season? its been 4 episodes and all of them have been bad, I don't see where this season is going and let's be honest, the show is not the same without Bobby and Castiel, hope this changes soon or they will ruin a great show !
  • A clever title goes here!

    wow what a wasted episode! can season 8 get started already..
  • I'm all for them trying new things, but everything in this episode has been done before on Supernatural, and done 100 times better.

    They did the found footage style with Ghostfacers, 5 years ago before found footage had been overdone by every Cloverfield, Chronicle and Paranormal Activity out there. And it was done a lot better: the Ghostfacers were semi-professional, they had top-of-the-line equipment and they knew how to use it. So even though we had the immediacy and free movement of found footage, the results were watchable; people were in frame, the action was clear, and the motions were nowhere near as shaky or jolty. It was also much more believable: they were a camera crew, they were there to film, they had fixed cameras mounted everywhere, including headcams. They even explained why they kept filming after the spirit hit the fan: because it made them feel better to look through the lens, giving them some sense of control and distance. Whereas I just couldn't believe those three college students would have multiple video cameras running everywhere at all times, including when their best mate is shagging in the next room. The Ghostfacers was also a much more engaging story, which unlike Bitten didn't take itself too seriously.

    They have told the story of what it's like for a human to transform into a non-human, and whether or not that makes them a monster, so many times I'm not sure I can even list them all. It's a theme that runs through the whole series. In Bitten, they couldn't even be arsed to come up with a new creature, as we already followed Madison as she dealt with becoming a werewolfand I cared about her a great deal more than I cared about these three students. Aside from Heart, we've had Bloodlust, Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things, Croatoan, Roadkill, Fresh Blood, Metamorphosis, Live Free or Twihard, All Dogs Go To Heaven, Of Grave Importance, etc. (I didn't even count becoming a psychic kid or a witch.) And you can't even say, yeah, well we never got it entirely from the transformees' point of view. We saw Dean transform into a vampire, Bobby transform into a ghost, Cas transform into a mutated soul-powered God-like creature, and Sammy has had whole seasons of being affected by psychic powers and demon blood. I felt absolutely no need to see random strangers deal with becoming a werewolf. This was well-covered territory.

    They've even tried an episode with very little Sam and Dean in it before: Weekend at Bobby's, and it was a fabulous episode. I didn't even miss Sam and Dean for a second. In Bitten we didn't even get an outsider point of view of Sam and Dean. We only got an outsider point of view of the outsiders. They were only interested in themselves, and Sam and Dean were basically just a source of information to find out what was happening to themselves.

    I'm all for them trying new things, but this was not a new thing, and it wasn't a good thing either. The whole thing was rather tiresome, frankly. I couldn't wait for it to be over.

  • where was our boys

    Who came up with the idea of following a group of unsuspecting college groupies around for this episode. Hated it! don't get me started on the hand held camera formula. Its in every other modern film and i am sick of it! Ten years ago this episode would have wowed us but now its just looks like the supernatural team has either given up or gone off the rails a little. I appreciate the writers coming up with innovative ideas but they get a thumbs down overall from me. I must admit having your professor as a werwolf sounds pretty incredible, but i wanted the winchesters to be on the screen 80% of the time not the actors they came up with. The stylisation of the episode created problems then it solved. for instance the scene where the professor gets confronted by the boy. There are moments where he is holding the camera for the purpose of the audience at the same time trying to control his interrogation it does not work its unnatural.

    We need more action and i don't like the hand held camera formula.
  • Well watched this one all the way through

    While I won't go as low as some here but this definitely was the worst episode of the season so far and likely the entire season. As I recall they've done this type episode a couple of time previously. It is a take off on the Blair Witch Project which I hated after only 5 minutes and stopped watching. I really dislike these home made video episodes and this one was pretty bad. This first person perspective thing really doesn't work and the production values are miserable. Finally on the bad side, as others have stated, we didn't get the Winchesters in this episode much at all. They could have been guest stars with a minimal appearance. The only good part was some of the back story. I did like the relationships between the three werewolf people but that was about it. As far as I'm concerned they would be better off if they never do one of these first person videos again.

    What happen to this show? It is season 8 and it shows I can't say I like any of the new shows and is it me but at one point Sam and Dean really love each other now they can't even stand being around each other what happen to the brotherly love. I wish this show would have ended last season. Now I think it's becoming a another X files that did go on two seasons to long.

    Well this show was just bad I hated the camera I don't like it when they do it in the Movies and I hated it for this show. The acting was also bad I know they was going for something different but this failed all around.

    (Kids take note this is what happens when you don't have any new ideas.)

    I really don't see this season getting any better any time soon.

  • umm...

    It was an alright episode, I applaud them for trying something different but it did remind me a bit of Chronicle with the geeky kid going all crazy and evil. I didn't like that it had almost no Winchester time in it...but oh well, I know Benny's showing up next episode so we should get some answers then. It was an ok stand-alone ep, but I've seen better.
  • A SuperNatural not about Sam and Dean.... Oh no! No Wincest this episode....

    So, just like every other decent Sci-Fi Fantasy show, Supernatural experiments with certain episodes (still waiting for that musical episode to come . The series decides to do a 'found footage' episode.

    Someone commented that it was the love child of Blair Witch and Chronicle (which was meant to be However Blair Witch is one of the top grossing independent movies of all time, and Chronicle was smart and gets about 85% on Rotten Tomatoes....

    This episode was (I hate to say it) a little refreshing. Taking a break from Sam and Dean isn't bad. And if the reason you are watching this series (after 8 seasons) is to still hear the 'Dammit Sam, just leave!", "Fine, I will "Good!", "There I did", "Come back now", "Sorry I left, but I had to!" story.... well, I'm sorry your brain is mush, and you just want the same garbage recycled over and over.

    This episode wasn't good. But few have been for a while. Hopefully with Amanda Tapping in the picture things should become very interesting.

    Was this the worst episode of the season? Only if you hate found footage stories. Which, after being beaten over the head with them.... most people should.

    However this found footage episode was pretty good compared to some of the... stuff... out there.

    Not Good, Not Bad. Had to be done, and now that its done..... never do it again.

    Now about that Musical Episode.... if this show is going to be 10 seasons... you know it's coming....
  • Dear Mr. Carver: No more jerky camera episodes, kay? Or at least provide the airsick bags next time.

    (The List of Awesome is on hiatus until Show is awesome again.)

    I have never rated a single episode of Supernatural below a 10 until today. I always focus on the awesome stuff, and there has always been lots of awesome stuff to focus on. Actually, my drop to a 7 exactly mirrors the real-life ratings drop from 1.0 last week to 0.7 this week. And sadly, there's good reason for that drop. Found footage is a very polarizing format because half of us find the (deliberately) bad and jerky camera work irritating and distracting, it even makes a lot of people feel seasick.

    I find it to be an impenetrable barrier between me and the story and characters. I'm spending so much effort just trying to see and hear what's going on, and so much time being annoyed and distracted, I can't get into the story nor care about the characters.

    I had never met an episode of Supernatural I didn't like until last night. Honestly, I had to change the channel a couple of times because I couldn't stand it, it was getting on my nerves so much. I had a hard time sitting through it to the end. And I wasn't the only one. The half-hour ratings for Bitten were 2.06/1.76, so some people actually did tune out mid-episode.

    It was a really bad decision on the part of showrunner Jeremy Carver to pair such a divisive and difficult format with an episode in which Sam and Dean barely appear, and none of the other recurring characters show up at all. It was going to be a tough sell even without giving half of us motion sickness.

    Those who are not bothered by the found footage style enjoyed the episode. Those who were bothered by it did not enjoy the episode. But more people would've been willing to sit through that freakin' horrible camera work if it meant seeing a good story with Sam and Dean. But why put up with something that irritates, distracts and nauseates you to see characters who are complete strangers to you and you don't care about? Conversely, I probably would've connected with Brian, Michael and Kate had they not been on the other side of that really annoying found footage barrier.

    As much as I want the show to do well, I am glad Carver got a bad rating. I was worried the high ratings so far would give him the impression he's going in the right direction and doing a great job. The Sam storyline is turning a lot of people off, to say the least. And after giving the poor Cas fans some much-needed good news he would be in at least 8 episodes, he then announces Cas is dead again right off the bat and so far it looks like his appearance in those 8 episodes will be restricted to cameos in flashbacks. Fans are even worried Dean's bromance with Benny will just be a mirror copy of Sam's romance with Ruby.

    So Carver can take his lumps. He doesn't seem to care what the fans like and don't like, maybe he'll care about the ratings. It's too bad, because I loved the episodes he'd written in the past and I had such high hopes for him as showrunner. Goes to show a good episode writer does not always make for a good showrunner, and making bad decisions like pairing found footage with an episode without any of the regular characters is a case in point.

    Hey Carver, if you need to give Jensen and Jared some time off, do a Weekend at Bobby's type episode where a beloved secondary character takes centre stage. Also, stop killing off all our beloved secondary characters, for the love of Chuck.

  • Well, at least there wasn't any crap about Sam bailing on Dean in this episode. That's about the only good thing I can say about it.

    I have always greatly admired Supernatural's willingness to take risks and film outside the box and they have always pulled it off with flying colours. But this one just didn't work for me. Here's what they could've done to make this episode more appealing to me.

    First of all, if you're going to do a "Doctor-Light" episode, then you need to make it something as engrossing and compelling as the Weeping Angels. That is one of my favourite Doctor Who episodes in spite of the fact the Doctor only makes a cameo appearance. But this story was not engrossing or compelling. It was run-of-the-mill werewolf, and the addition of the pure-blood angle was nowhere near enough to make it interesting. Heart, with Madison having to deal with turning into a werewolf, was compelling and heartbreaking stuff. This was not.

    Secondly, they should've cut down on the irrelevant non-supernatural stuff. Taking 10 minutes to set up the characters through shots of mundane boring college life was way too long. The tall guy and the girl should've already been in a relationship so we don't have to sit through them meeting and hooking up. And it should start with them helping the short guy with his film project and immediately stumbling on the crime scene and Sam and Dean. We could've gotten to know them as the story unfolded. For example they could've easily shown the short guy's feelings of inadequacy while they're shadowing Sam and Dean, like the tall guy easily jumping a fence and the short guy having a hard time getting over it.

    Thirdly, there was way too much teen angst, it was really getting on my nerves. I think this concept would've worked a lot better with some humour rather than wall-to-wall over-the-top emo drama. One part I did like is when they are at first treating the tall guy's new-found strength as an alien-induced superpower.

    Fourthly, they should've maximized the presence of Sam and Dean for what little time they were there. Almost every time we did see them, they were far away and their voices were often distant as well. They practically could've just used their body doubles for those. For what time Jared and Jensen were on set, they should've been interacting with the students a lot more, like catching them spying on them and things like that, so we're actually getting some Sam and Dean up close and personal instead of just glimpsing them in the distance. They also could've been doing much more interesting things than just sitting around eating and looking at papers, or asking routine questions. They at least could've been breaking into the morgue or stalking in the woods at night. This could've lent to some entertaining encounters with the college students.

    Fifthly, I think a golden opportunity to see Sam and Dean through outsider POV was completely lost here. Other than a funny reference to a "workplace romance" (which was way off the mark anyway) the students don't actually discover anything about the boys other than that they're hunters posing as FBI agents. The short guy is a hacker. They could've done research on the boys and found out all kinds of interesting things about them, as well as spying on them, and we could've found out what a hunter's life looks like through their eyes. And this could've made us feel like the episode still contained Sam and Dean, because even if they weren't there on screen they would've been discussed and analyzed. Instead, it was all about these three characters who are total strangers to me, all about their angsty issues, and I just never grew to care about them at all. In spite of all the time used to set them up, I didn't even retain their names.

    Finally, though the amateur camera work was part of the concept, it got to be too amateurish. They were cutting off heads (and not in the good way, with spraying blood and all) and jerking around to the point where it got distracting. It's natural when they're in the middle of some violent action, but they were even doing it when they were just talking. Okay, we know these are amateurs using hand-held cameras, we get it. Now make them better amateurs. This guy is supposed to be able to make a movie for Chuck's sake, and the girl is supposed to be all camera-savvy.

    Ghostfacers had a very similar concept to this, but it succeeded where this one failed (for me anyway.) Although I also felt Ghostfacers took a little too long to set up the characters in the beginning, it was done in an amusing way, and once the action started it was highly entertaining. It was funny, scary, dramatic and jam-packed with non-stop action. And I cared about the characters, they were colourful and endearing. And I enjoyed seeing Sam and Dean through their eyes.

    I have loved all of Robbie Thompson's scripts up until this one, and I'm sure I will love his work again in the future. They can't all be winners. This is obviously a love-it-or-hate-it script, so at least it was a winner for half the people.
  • Chill out guys!

    Look. This is the EIGHTH season of the show. We've seen ghosts a plenty. We've seen monsters, gods, demons, angels.... in fact to be honest the only thing Supernatural hasn't tackled is aliens (Trickster tricks not withstanding). I'll be honest: for me I figured it was going to be harder for Supernatural to bring in monsters now we've met Eve, the creator of them all. An intriguing character completely shoved aside, I thought it was very anti-climatic for them to go hunting monsters without looking into just what the hell she was in more detail. How much power did she have? Why could she create any monster she so chose? Where did she come from?

    However, in a season of 23 episodes, the show does have to bring back some sort of monster. Which is cool... if they can find new and interesting ways to do it. And that is exactly what we see here!

    Yes, it's very Paranormal Activity. But there are two ways you can look at this episode, as you can the one last week. You can hate it straight away for barley featuring the boys, for focusing on three characters we've never met, for not (AGAIN!!) addressing the arc.... or you can appreciate it for what it is.

    Which is what I'm going to do.

    On it's own, this was a very solid episode that fell in the wrong place in the season. It's obviously been slotted in there to give Jenson and Jared a break... but guys we're only 4 episodes in! Not only that, but you've spent the last three episodes building up a story arc around what the guys have been getting up to in the past year. And, 4 episodes into the new season, you take a massive U-Turn and choose to place an episode that barley features them in instead! This episode would have done much better a little further into the season... maybe around the episode 14 mark. As it is, we've only just got the boys back on our screens, and I understand why some people would be miffed we are taking a week away from them.

    However, that is not to say this wasn't a very solid episode. The shaky cam filmed horror movie genre is kind of growing on me, I'll admit. It's interesting to see the boys from an outsider's perspective, as well as the crazy world they inhabit. With every movie like this, it stretches credibility that when all hell is breaking loose they still manage to carry a camera around (clearly they went to the same College as Bear Grylls' camera crew) but that's a common cliche for this type of movie, and it's forgiveable.

    The characters were likable, if a little cliche. You have the nerd who's living in his best friend's shadow. You have the confident alpha male. You have the hot chick who falls for said alpha male. But in true Supernatural style, there is a nice twist worked into it. I had no idea how it was going to end; in fact I find that's true with pretty much every Supernatural episode. It was also a nice new twist on monster mythology, introducing us to Pure-Blood werewolves closely related to the Alpha. One of the things I loved about Season 6 was the introduction of Alphas, even if it didn't really go anywhere (a lot of things in season 6 didn't really go anywhere...)

    So. In my opinion we can moan that this really wasn't what we wanted to see in episode 4 of what's shaping up to be a promising season, and in truth we could do that. I was frustrated at the start of the episode to find it was another filler, and a filler not featuring the Winchesters. Or, we can appreciate it for what it was; a fun, cleverly written twist on a movie genre with some likeable characters and a fresh look at monsters.
  • try something new

    a new angle is good, trying new stuff is cool but not when it doesnt work afterwards. waiting ep05
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