Season 8 Episode 4


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 24, 2012 on The CW

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  • Once bitten twice shite

    Definitely the worst Supernatural episode ever, almost as bad as those modern vidcam movies. Please dear producers, don't put us 80s people through something like that ever again.

  • More Than A Bit Not Good

    Generally, I'm not too hard to please when it comes to Supernatural, I love the show, and I tune in to be entertained for an hour--not too hard to do. But I've got to be honest, I absolutely hated this episode. I'm not opposed to taking a bit of a break from the Winchesters (although, it is their show, so they should be in it a bit more than five minutes), but I am not a fan of "found footage" anything. The pacing was seriously slow, and I just could not bring myself to care about the characters at all. I was bored through the entire episode, there was really no plot here. I understand that there are those that find this to be an innovative and creative way of telling a story, good for you; but the shaky cam gave me a headache. Please, do not ever attempt this again.
  • Not your typical episode

    I loved this episode! I tend to like art house type movies and the movie here is the type I would like to watch.

    The ending was great with Sam and Dean having to do some reframing in what really is a monster. We know from past experience Dean would just see monster but after watching the movie he had to do some deeper thinking on that.

    Not much of Sam and Dean in the episode so I can see why some did not like it but it gave Sam and Dean some of the best opportunities for growth in the least amount of time.
  • Scary Movie

    This episode reminded me of a really bad scary movie - the horrible acting, the actors "filming" the action as it happens around them, and the one actor living at the end with the knowledge of what happened.

    The episode looks just like a youtube video. A really bad youtube video that I turned off after five minutes because it was so boring, and horribly put together. It was just like a Ghostfacers ripoff, but at least we had the prank war and actual scenes with Sam and Dean.

    It had so little to do with anything that I should have just skipped it.

    Basically, I've seen much better episodes of Supernatural.
  • Bad, bad Ghostfacers ripoff

    I'm not a big fan of the season so far, but I can say that this is by far the worst episode. It basically involves a love triangle between three aspiring documentary flmmakers, one of whom gets bitten by a werewolf. It's shot in 1st person camera just like the Ghostfacers episode, but Sam and Dean only have about 5 minutes of screentime in this ep and the whole episode focuses on three young adults whining about things. The pacing is super slow, the characters are one dimensional , and an idea which might have been awesome if shot normally (a werewolf elder that can change at will without the need of the moon) is just wasted. And the main filmmaker is just annoying. He doesn't have the charm that the Ghostfacers had. Definitely an episode to skip.
  • ....

    its not a great episode, maybe its one of those episode when it just descended down to but its not that bad, its really crafty though, like that one episode where Sam and Dean met the Ghostfacers the one is I guess, I liked the part where they almost all die and the blood splashing thing and everything in a "mehh' episode....
  • A SuperNatural not about Sam and Dean.... Oh no! No Wincest this episode....

    So, just like every other decent Sci-Fi Fantasy show, Supernatural experiments with certain episodes (still waiting for that musical episode to come . The series decides to do a 'found footage' episode.

    Someone commented that it was the love child of Blair Witch and Chronicle (which was meant to be However Blair Witch is one of the top grossing independent movies of all time, and Chronicle was smart and gets about 85% on Rotten Tomatoes....

    This episode was (I hate to say it) a little refreshing. Taking a break from Sam and Dean isn't bad. And if the reason you are watching this series (after 8 seasons) is to still hear the 'Dammit Sam, just leave!", "Fine, I will "Good!", "There I did", "Come back now", "Sorry I left, but I had to!" story.... well, I'm sorry your brain is mush, and you just want the same garbage recycled over and over.

    This episode wasn't good. But few have been for a while. Hopefully with Amanda Tapping in the picture things should become very interesting.

    Was this the worst episode of the season? Only if you hate found footage stories. Which, after being beaten over the head with them.... most people should.

    However this found footage episode was pretty good compared to some of the... stuff... out there.

    Not Good, Not Bad. Had to be done, and now that its done..... never do it again.

    Now about that Musical Episode.... if this show is going to be 10 seasons... you know it's coming....
  • Utterly disappointed.

    I can't express how disappointed I was in this week's episode of Supernatural. I can't help but wonder if this is what happens when series creator Eric K. isn't involved like he should be. Last week's episode wasn't that good either, but it was a damn sight better than this pitiful excuse for an episode that was thrown as us this week.

    Get it straight, Powers That Be. Supernatural is all about Sam and Dean. Their relationship, trials and tribulations, intelligence, personalities, courage and bravery is what has sustained this show for seven wonderful and highly entertaining years. Don't take that away from the loyal fan-base. Don't give us some half-concocted, embarrassingly predictable and boring plot like this one again. It lacked everything Supernatural stands for. It lacked creativity, characterization, originality, humor, wit, edge-of-your-seat action and horror.

    I couldn't believe I made it through the episode and the only reason I did was to see if Sam and Dean were actually going to become an integral part of their own damn show! They never did. So, not only did I have to watch an hour of shaky camera (which I loathed), but I had to watch a show with characters I could care less about and the ending was just lame and completely anti-climactic.

    Who wrote this crap? I could have written a better episode than this, really, I could have. If you ever find yourself in a bind like this again, feel free to contact me. I'll do it for free if it spares us fans from having to watch another uninspired episode like this starring characters with personalities and histories too big for such an elementary platform.

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  • Well watched this one all the way through

    While I won't go as low as some here but this definitely was the worst episode of the season so far and likely the entire season. As I recall they've done this type episode a couple of time previously. It is a take off on the Blair Witch Project which I hated after only 5 minutes and stopped watching. I really dislike these home made video episodes and this one was pretty bad. This first person perspective thing really doesn't work and the production values are miserable. Finally on the bad side, as others have stated, we didn't get the Winchesters in this episode much at all. They could have been guest stars with a minimal appearance. The only good part was some of the back story. I did like the relationships between the three werewolf people but that was about it. As far as I'm concerned they would be better off if they never do one of these first person videos again.
  • where was our boys

    Who came up with the idea of following a group of unsuspecting college groupies around for this episode. Hated it! don't get me started on the hand held camera formula. Its in every other modern film and i am sick of it! Ten years ago this episode would have wowed us but now its just looks like the supernatural team has either given up or gone off the rails a little. I appreciate the writers coming up with innovative ideas but they get a thumbs down overall from me. I must admit having your professor as a werwolf sounds pretty incredible, but i wanted the winchesters to be on the screen 80% of the time not the actors they came up with. The stylisation of the episode created problems then it solved. for instance the scene where the professor gets confronted by the boy. There are moments where he is holding the camera for the purpose of the audience at the same time trying to control his interrogation it does not work its unnatural.
  • Worst Episode Ever!

    I have watched every episode of Supernatural and I absolutely hate this one. Only 15 minutes in and I am so annoyed. Where the hell are Sam and Dean? DON'T TRY THIS AGAIN!!!!

    Okay, 20 minutes in and I just cannot watch any more. I guess this willl be the only episode I do not watch!
  • zombie honeymoon anybody?

    not a bad movie,. wife sticks by her newly zombied hubby even as he eats their friends in front of her...and the rationalizations fly because it's new love or love conquers all or ??? but as already stated the video is a a new addition to this story,...i really enjoyed this episode,and if you get the chance check out the movie. got to love the rutt in the end. i kept thinking about two rams charging at each other,or the bull seals fighting to the death for that seasonal ***k...and will we see our female werewolf in another ep? will dean let her live her life? will she start her very own pack? will the two men (boys)who love her rise as zombies on another network? or will she end up on prozac hiding in the woods,sending out vids to a cruel world who will never understand her?//////////?
  • Brilliant

    As a longtime fan of the series, I love Sam and Dean Winchester, but it's nice to take a step back and see the story through someone else's eyes. And an outside look of the brothers is refreshing and pretty funny at times.

    To those who criticize the "found footage" trope, I think that it speaks to the larger universe that Sam and Dean occupy and makes this episode an important addition to the series. In today's technological world where everything is recorded, posted, and tweeted, I absolutely believe that the supernatural would (and should) end up on some self-absorbed teenager's camera. How long until hunters and the people they saved aren't the only ones aware of the things that go bump in the night? Before Sam and Dean run into a real government agent on the hunt for vampires?
  • A new try

    To me, this episode is a Supernatural style of the movie "Chronicle"

    I think the episode is nice as the integration of two different style of stories was well made

    However, I admit that this episode is not very "Supernatural"

    Not that exciting and suspicious but more human nature and thinking

    So, some of you would not like it or even hate it

    However, you guys may treat it as a contrast or a resting episode of usual Supernatural style

    in order to keep you more excited on Supernatural

    I am the one that admire the movie "Chronicle" without feeling it boring

    So, I like this episode too, and it is actually more funny than the movie already.

    If you do not agree with me, don't "bite" me. haha

    What happen to this show? It is season 8 and it shows I can't say I like any of the new shows and is it me but at one point Sam and Dean really love each other now they can't even stand being around each other what happen to the brotherly love. I wish this show would have ended last season. Now I think it's becoming a another X files that did go on two seasons to long.

    Well this show was just bad I hated the camera I don't like it when they do it in the Movies and I hated it for this show. The acting was also bad I know they was going for something different but this failed all around.

    (Kids take note this is what happens when you don't have any new ideas.)

    I really don't see this season getting any better any time soon.


    This was the worst episode. I hate the hand held camera. this could have been better. This show is going downhill without Bobby. They need more characters than just the two of them. BRING BACK BOBBY.
  • Surprisingly Enjoyable

    Despite what everyone here says I really enjoyed this episode. Sure it's been done before, but in this episode the camcorder style actually worked. The acting was good and so was the suspense. I've seen worse episodes. I'd give this one a 8.
  • Good episode.

    The episode has very sad story. In common it was interesting.I liked the moment that Dean said: "Let's kill her" even when Sam was against. More Kills any monsters. :)

    We need more action and i don't like the hand held camera formula.
  • What's going on?

    Is it just me or this is like the worst start of a season? its been 4 episodes and all of them have been bad, I don't see where this season is going and let's be honest, the show is not the same without Bobby and Castiel, hope this changes soon or they will ruin a great show !

    First of all as loyal fans the last thing we need to do is to "Trash talk our show". That being said, I agree that season 8's opener didn't have that pop that the last 7 seasons first episodes had, However....if you didn't get it "LOYAL FANS" the episode is revealing and underlying story that is slowly unfolding with Dean's moments of flash backs. If anyone of you think you can do better at writing an episode then PROVE IT!! I think it would be very interesting if the writers wrote a few episodes based on the FAN'S creative input. So if any of the shows producers, writers, actors, stage hands are reading fan based bout it??? Think you would be interested in hearing from your fans on adventures they'd like to see their heros go on? Let us know.
  • Worst Ever!

    I have been watching Supernatural since it first began and I love it! BUT this episode was so bad I would have shut it off but my husband kept thinking it HAD to get better... it didn't. How bad was it? I have never written a review before but I had to say something about this. Come on WRITERS... get with it.
  • Other Side of the Spectrum

    A lot of hate for this week's Episode, but I would have to disagree. I understand people were upset because it didn't primarily focus on the show's stars. I think it was good however, Supernatural continues to grow with it's creativity and inventive techniques. They don't always stick to same old thing, you often see episodes like this, done a complete different style. This was likely a pick at Paranormal Activity, with the 4th one hitting Theaters last weekend. What I liked most about this episode is how it took on the opposite side of the spectrum. We knew Sam and Dean was doing their digging and how they was going about doing that, we didn't even need to see them do it to know. So it went off well that we seen just enough of them to know that. While on the other hand, we got a first person view of the Victims for once. Hence the opposite side of the spectrum. I liked that very much, it was a nice change of pace seeing how they are handling it without Sam and Dean there to tell them everything, but rather them stalking Sam and Dean to get the best answers they can. For the hate in the end of the episode, I get it. Yes Dean Killed an old girlfriend of Sam's just to let this girl go. Here's the thing though folks, this girl has yet to hurt a single human, so why not give her the chance? With The chick in Season 7, she had hurt people already, yes to save her kid, still fact remains, it's a different situation, so I don't know how you can compare. All in all, a risky episode, but inventive and I liked it.
  • Disappointed!!!

    As much as I love watching Supernatural ever since its pilot episode from Season 1, this was definitely one of the WORST! I'm not hating on the three new actors' performances, I'm just hating on the ending. *SPOILER ALERT* When Sam and Dean let Kate go I was a bit disappointed and confused. I mean, Dean killed Sam's longtime girlfriend in one of the older seasons and Sam killed Dean's 'monster-daughter'- in the episode where the girl sleeps with Dean and has a daughter who matures really fast and becomes part of the all-girl-monster cult. Anyways after all that, they LET HER GO! I'll be extra frikn disappointed if she reappears in another episode. Supernatural was 'awesome' for so many seasons, but now it's just sucking!!!
  • Awesome

    This season start it slow but this episode so far is the best i dont know why people complain about it cause supernatural it suppose make a tribute of those old good horror movies and this episode catch that essence the feeling of this episode was really good and i like it this episode reminds some flashbacks when i was kid when i start to watch horror movies thats the reason my score is 9.5
  • As terrible as the episode summary sounded!

    Argh, this episode was the bastard love child of Chronicle and the Blairwitch.

    It was just awful, absolutely awful :(
  • Disappointing episode ... nad nauseous !

    I was sea-sick watching this episode, so I switched the major part of it to go straight to the end ... the scenario is surprisingly bad and low end.

    A huge disappointment as the previous episodes of this season were awesome :-/
  • The Blair Werewolf Pureblood Project

    This week's episode featured a departure from the typical Supernatural formula. Seeing an investigation from the found footage aspect was a nice change of pace. Some might say that the Ghostfacers episode was much like this but that wasn't found and I don't get a kick out of watching those characters. At least this episode had enough Sam and Dean to follow and the monster-of-the-week. Further expanding the werewolf mythos and one of the college kids describing the hunger of the werewolf experience. The awkward one, Brian, putting together that his English professor (who is a royal tool) and blackmailing him into giving him the powers that his friend has so that he can impress his best friend's girlfriend was next level screwed up. However, that being said the relationships between the trio was believable and tragic the way that Kate was bitten by Brian after he killed Mike in sort of self-defense and tells her he loves her. She kills Brian and takes his heart, a motif from the past two episodes. The expanding mythos of the pure-blood or fourth generation werewolf being able to partially transform even not during the full moon was creepy and the unconventional way that the story unfolded with Sam and Dean finding the aftermath and being too late to do anything about it was a nice reversal from normal as well. But the best part of the episode was the college kids shadowing Sam and Dean and saying that there is a "work place romance" between them and commenting how Dean says awesome so much really showed Supernatural being able to still flex its meta-muscles and jab fun at itself. What transpired was tragic and messed up, but I read Lord of the Flies in high school not college and the parallels with the book and the episode were subtle and effective with Brian no longer wanting to be his milquetoast self and he got his wish. That being said, Kate's confession that she hasn't nor will she hurt anybody and her not choosing to be a werewolf was sad but Sam and Dean should still have ganked her despite that as a motif in this show is that a monster that goes free will come back to bite you. Very different straying from the typical formula and Supernatural's ability to try to experiment new ways of the monster-of-the-week I hope can continue to develop.
  • I'm all for them trying new things, but everything in this episode has been done before on Supernatural, and done 100 times better.

    They did the found footage style with Ghostfacers, 5 years ago before found footage had been overdone by every Cloverfield, Chronicle and Paranormal Activity out there. And it was done a lot better: the Ghostfacers were semi-professional, they had top-of-the-line equipment and they knew how to use it. So even though we had the immediacy and free movement of found footage, the results were watchable; people were in frame, the action was clear, and the motions were nowhere near as shaky or jolty. It was also much more believable: they were a camera crew, they were there to film, they had fixed cameras mounted everywhere, including headcams. They even explained why they kept filming after the spirit hit the fan: because it made them feel better to look through the lens, giving them some sense of control and distance. Whereas I just couldn't believe those three college students would have multiple video cameras running everywhere at all times, including when their best mate is shagging in the next room. The Ghostfacers was also a much more engaging story, which unlike Bitten didn't take itself too seriously.

    They have told the story of what it's like for a human to transform into a non-human, and whether or not that makes them a monster, so many times I'm not sure I can even list them all. It's a theme that runs through the whole series. In Bitten, they couldn't even be arsed to come up with a new creature, as we already followed Madison as she dealt with becoming a werewolfand I cared about her a great deal more than I cared about these three students. Aside from Heart, we've had Bloodlust, Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things, Croatoan, Roadkill, Fresh Blood, Metamorphosis, Live Free or Twihard, All Dogs Go To Heaven, Of Grave Importance, etc. (I didn't even count becoming a psychic kid or a witch.) And you can't even say, yeah, well we never got it entirely from the transformees' point of view. We saw Dean transform into a vampire, Bobby transform into a ghost, Cas transform into a mutated soul-powered God-like creature, and Sammy has had whole seasons of being affected by psychic powers and demon blood. I felt absolutely no need to see random strangers deal with becoming a werewolf. This was well-covered territory.

    They've even tried an episode with very little Sam and Dean in it before: Weekend at Bobby's, and it was a fabulous episode. I didn't even miss Sam and Dean for a second. In Bitten we didn't even get an outsider point of view of Sam and Dean. We only got an outsider point of view of the outsiders. They were only interested in themselves, and Sam and Dean were basically just a source of information to find out what was happening to themselves.

    I'm all for them trying new things, but this was not a new thing, and it wasn't a good thing either. The whole thing was rather tiresome, frankly. I couldn't wait for it to be over.