Season 8 Episode 4


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 24, 2012 on The CW

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  • The Blair Werewolf Pureblood Project

    This week's episode featured a departure from the typical Supernatural formula. Seeing an investigation from the found footage aspect was a nice change of pace. Some might say that the Ghostfacers episode was much like this but that wasn't found and I don't get a kick out of watching those characters. At least this episode had enough Sam and Dean to follow and the monster-of-the-week. Further expanding the werewolf mythos and one of the college kids describing the hunger of the werewolf experience. The awkward one, Brian, putting together that his English professor (who is a royal tool) and blackmailing him into giving him the powers that his friend has so that he can impress his best friend's girlfriend was next level screwed up. However, that being said the relationships between the trio was believable and tragic the way that Kate was bitten by Brian after he killed Mike in sort of self-defense and tells her he loves her. She kills Brian and takes his heart, a motif from the past two episodes. The expanding mythos of the pure-blood or fourth generation werewolf being able to partially transform even not during the full moon was creepy and the unconventional way that the story unfolded with Sam and Dean finding the aftermath and being too late to do anything about it was a nice reversal from normal as well. But the best part of the episode was the college kids shadowing Sam and Dean and saying that there is a "work place romance" between them and commenting how Dean says awesome so much really showed Supernatural being able to still flex its meta-muscles and jab fun at itself. What transpired was tragic and messed up, but I read Lord of the Flies in high school not college and the parallels with the book and the episode were subtle and effective with Brian no longer wanting to be his milquetoast self and he got his wish. That being said, Kate's confession that she hasn't nor will she hurt anybody and her not choosing to be a werewolf was sad but Sam and Dean should still have ganked her despite that as a motif in this show is that a monster that goes free will come back to bite you. Very different straying from the typical formula and Supernatural's ability to try to experiment new ways of the monster-of-the-week I hope can continue to develop.
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