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Season 9 Episode 16

Blade Runners

Aired Tuesday Mar 18, 2014 on The CW
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Crowley starts taking human blood again and Abaddon learns of his search for the First Blade. To find the Blade before the Knight of Hell does, Sam and Dean enlist the help of a former Man of Letters.

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  • Hilarious episode

    Hilarious episode where Crowley becomes a junkie (on human blood) and needs the brothers help to rehab him!
  • finally!! an episode clear of brother's angst!!

    the episode stars with a blood-addict Crowley who gets an intervention from the winchester brothers. together they search for the first blade. they find it with an ex MOL, a spell- proficient person who lives in a spell-bound invisible mansion. sam and dean appeal to him as fellow MOL to get entry. there Magnus, this ex MOL wants to add Dean to his zoo of supernatural beings. a combination of MOC and the blade brings out the primal in Dean, the hint of something we got in Purgatory. Finally, Magnus is decapitated and the blade ends up in Crowley's safekeeping till Abaddon is found.

    The story dragged in the beginning, specially with Crowley's addiction and Lola's betrayal.

    however, once the initial hiccups are done with and the blade reaches its present owner, the scenes are mesmerising , to say the least. Jensen as Dean has given an amazing performance. his reaction has been captured beautifully by the camera - a power in his hand which is overtaking him completely , he seems to have no control over himself. the way he looks from Crowley to Sam - he was capable of anything that time.

    the first step towards the transition of Dean to Dark Dean is what marks this episode as special.

    Dean's last scene with his keyed car - his reaction and subsequent trying to rub the marks off with his saliva - outstanding. it is as if his last connection with humanity has been tainted.

    all in all a way better episode than the previous one. no brothers angst. in fact, both of them work together without any hint of ill-feeling between them. how long can writers stretch that is still to be seen. in this episode we even see a worried Sam - first when Magnus holds Dean captive and later when dean seems to be getting out of control with the blade in his hand.

    we also and the standard silliness of Sam - talking to Dean about killing Crowley when Crowley is within the earshot!! But then thats Sam.

    not a bad episode. hope the writers can keep it up.moreless
  • At least it's better than last time...

    So in this episode we really dig into the main plot of the season, which was needed. We revisit the mark of Cain, find out what that's all about, and see Crowley again. Now he's on the bad side, which was a very good move on the writers' part, in my opinion. Hello, King of Hell?

    Sam is still a jerk face, and I'm beginning to wonder if he ever did get his soul back. But that may be important- after experiencing Hell for how long, Sam is a changed man. Do I wish it were this way? Of course not. But am I glad the path was followed? Absolutely. Good sad stories are much better than bad happy ones.

    I'm still extremely confused as to what's been up with the angels since season eight, so another episode with that crew is needed soon. I'd like an explanation of who's who and what's going on, but not in the episode- I missed the point, and it's probably my fault. I can't exactly say much about them because of that. Just show more of Misha's face! I like.

    Overall, this episode was one of the better of season nine. It was important, but not boring. It had some humor, but not enough to distract from the seriousness of the episode. It showed character development, it was well acted (though I thought some extras were a bit cheesy), and I was interested the whole time (which sadly is not common this season). Let's keep this going for a while and see if the writers can continue to follow the trail they've set up for themselves. I'll be sticking around...moreless
  • Now we're getting somewhere

    The last few episodes I realize I was nitpicking on a lot of stuff, in particular the cases, but I found that I liked this episode which is a really good feeling. There was a ton going on.

    One thing I didn't like so much was the 'Snooki' part. I'm sure if you've already seen the episode, you'll understand. I'll just leave it at that.

    I'm thoroughly enjoying the exploration of the Mark of Cain. It's really showing that Dean was affected by it and starting to go dark side. The 'bad guy' of the episode that happened to be an ex-Man of Letter was rightly creepy and I liked the bit with Sam and Crowley hanging out together trying to figure out the spell to find his hideout. And I know some people are probably tired of Crowley's crap by now but I'm glad they aren't cutting him loose just yet. I've always thought Crowley was a more interesting character than Metatron anyway. If anyone has to be set loose, it's that angel.

    The only disappointing thing in this episode was the lack of Castiel. I'd really like to see what the angels are up to now (they've left that at such a cliffhanger). I read the synopsis to the next episode and that one looks just as promising. I'll see you next week then, Supernatural!moreless
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