Season 8 Episode 5

Blood Brother

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 31, 2012 on The CW

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  • The Lost Boys

    Benny got center stage this week as he looks to get revenge on his coven/nest of vamps that killed him for betraying them for the woman he loved and believes dead. The opening scene where he takes on three by himself was really satisfying and his call to Dean for help was really badass how he was all nonchalant about crawling into a freighter by dawn. Dean never leaves someone he cares about behind so he ditches Sam to himself to have flashbacks about Amelia and his year off. Dean also has flashbacks to Purgatory and Benny is insistent that they should leave Cass behind since he "shines like a beacon" particularly the Leviathans being able to float down in clouds of smoke was much cooler than they were last season and Benny's save of one about to devour Cass was pretty awesome, but where do you go when you die in Purgatory? And can you kill Leviathans without the special weapon in Purgatory? And why do Sam and Benny carry around those same Purgatory club/blades, are they magic? They never really explained if those blades are enhanced or just reliable tools for decapitation. Sam remembers Amelia and connecting with Amelia after fixing her sink, although why was she shoving limes down her sink? Was it to get Sam there? And Sam calling his dog "Dog" and telling Dog to not "bother the angry lady" was greatly funny. The Benny storyline and him wanting to kill "The Old Man" and having the kid be young was predictable vamp fare, but the vampirate thing was a really interesting way for them to cover up their killings. The reveal of Andrea still being alive and setting Benny free was a nice twist in the otherwise typical revenge story and her letting him go was good. And the second in command "where did you learn to fight like that?" when Benny kicked his ass was great. However, I would've like to have the "Old Man" developed a little more seeing as they didn't give him enough time beyond being malicious and saying he is evil it didn't seem fitting enough to simply give him an offscreen death seeing that Benny clearly made him suffer before cutting off his head I'm sure. Dean calling Sam for help was a nice bit especially when Sam is lecturing him about going in there alone. Dean's timing was great for when Benny basically broke up with Andrea. Also, Sam meeting Benny and Dean silently communicating that he was cool was a well executed moment. Clearly Benny can sense that Sam knows nothing about him. We can only guess what happened in Purgatory but my guess is that Cass couldn't get through the gate and Dean and Benny had to leave him behind somehow. I'm excited to see what happens and I'm pretty sure we'll know Castiel's fate by midseason time just in time for the holidays.