Season 8 Episode 5

Blood Brother

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 31, 2012 on The CW

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  • Very good episode with a good backstory

    I liked this episode quite a bit and a big part of that was the Benny back story. It was interesting to see a "good vampire" and the way Benny became this way was realistic whether vampires are a myth only or not. I like Dean's working with Benny and how they took on Benny's god's lair. It was also realistic to see how things ended up for Benny and Andrea. Dean's experiences with Benny and Castiel in purgatory helped to see what was going on better and I keep holding out hope for the return of Castiel. Now that said we once again get more of Sam's year off and his relationship with the woman. I'm not sure where this is heading but I am afraid it might ultimately lead, as I said in another review, to the ending of the series after this season. I've really enjoyed the show although not as much when it was on the grand arc series as much as when they do the monster of the week, particularly the monsters rooted in actual mythology, and if it ends I will miss watching it. I'm a bit surprised it has lasted this long but that is a testament to how good it is and it keeps its edge up even after 8 seasons.