Season 9 Episode 20


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 29, 2014 on The CW
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In Chicago, Sam and Dean encounter five clans of monsters that run the city's underground... and Ennis, a young would-be hunter who seeks revenge on one of the clans.

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  • Did my DVR tape the wrong show?

    It's not that this was a bad it was not a comfortable fit for Supernatural at this point in the series.. It simply did not have the feel of a Supernatural episode. For a good 10-15 minutes into it I thought maybe my DVR had recorded some other show that had run overtime. ... but wait... i saw the Supernatural angel wings flash across the screen didn't I? I fast-forwarded and I kept expecting whatever I was watching to end but then I saw the Winchesters. The entire episode felt like I was watching some different type of monster vampire werewolf human young adult drama that centers more around starcrossed love and all the tragedy that ensues. Pretty faces, dramatic make up and attire.. i didnt know if this was some vampire diaries/twilight mash up/rip off. The episodes was simply hard to get into because everything about it, the storyline, cinematography, potrayal of each character. . it just felt off. Almost to the point of parody, though seemingly not intended. I believe that we will revisit some of these characters in the future and it will make me appreciate this episode more. (like they did with ghostfacers, or chuck and Becky in previous seasons) but as for now, this was not a good Supernatural episode. It left me feeling like i had changed channels and half heartedly watched a different series because my show wasnt on. it left me wanting for more Sam & Dean and wanting a little more of the plot line id been following thus far.moreless
  • This was the backdoor pilot for Bloodlines

    This was the backdoor pilot for Bloodlines, which failed to be picked up. The whole episode lacked the quality of the usual supernatural and also The Originals (from which it was ripped) However, with a little polishing this could have worked for a great new series, the pilot was just a little too B rated to go anywhere.
  • Awful and I don't mean filled with Awe

    What a terrible pilot for a spin off. I am not against launching a spin off but some piece of improbable crap filled with pretty people. In case CW didn't notice True Blood and Vampire Diaries occupy this space already.
  • Seriously?

    With all the many possible spin off ideas that could come from Supernatural, THIS is what they came up with?? Supernatural Mafia? And the hunter, with a father who is missing, but making cryptic calls to his son...... so original! Not to mention, the Hunter starting to hunt because his love get killed by something supernatural, because she was in the way...... hmmmm.
  • As fun as diarrhea

    I've been watching Supernatural since the very beginning and I absolutely loved the Kripke years. Sarah Gamble took over and the quality decreased considerably. Jeremy Carver took over after Sarah Gamble was canned from killing off fan favorite characters like Bobby. Carver has even further crapped on the show.

    Anyways I keep watching and eventually hear that they are doing a spinoff series. Sure I was down for it, why not? When I heard the first details about Bloodlines I thought to myself, well this sounds terrible but surely it won't be THAT bad.

    The backdoor pilot episode aired and I'm not exaggerating when I say that it was one of the worse pilots I have ever seen. Andrew Dabb wrote the episode and I'm left confused as to how he went from writing some rather decent Supernatural episodes to a super generic CW 101 pilot episode with a reject feeling script. Did he just stop caring? Did he have a stroke or something?

    They could have given us a Men of Letters spinoff or a cool Samuel Colt Supernatural western spinoff or something and instead they gave us Bloodlines. I can't even fathom what they were thinking. Nobody can!

    I stayed up late into the AM just to hear my friends witty comments about how terrible Bloodlines was. His comments were priceless.

    Bloodlines offered up cringe worth Sam and Dean lines, terrible acting, bland characters, boring tired out plots and even ripped off the, "missing dad" storyline from season one of Supernatural. The episode felt completely like a Vampire Diaries spinoff idea and nothing at all like a Supernatural spinoff and this made the least sense to me. Oh and forget the Supernatural canon mythology because they threw it all out the window and the lore no longer matters. Then again this is happening in the main show more then ever now as well.

    The CW wants to attempt another spinoff idea. As of now I'm not interested unless the CW actually gives us something good that feels like Supernatural and NOT a reject Vampire Diaries script.

    I rate this episode 1.0 out of 10 because they wouldn't let me go any lower.moreless

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