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Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 12, 2006 on The CW

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  • The ones looking for blood...are not the vampires?

    This has truly been a treat of an episode. It opened up with the same premise as always, a person gets hunted, but then Sam and Dean find out the person that was hunted was actually...a vampire? Interesting twist, and then they meet the man responsible in Gordon Walker (what a badass name by the way). As fate would have it though, the episode didn't waste any time making Gordon the bad guy. Although "Bloodlust" has played out pretty much like every other Supernatural episode not concerning the demon and the colt, the way that it executes differently and really pulled out the twists had you on your feet. More importantly though Supernatural must be the only show that can have consistently great character development on only its two main characters. The way that the two brothers are dealing with their fathers death gets put on an interesting spin here in this episode and even has a scene with Dean decking Sam in the jaw.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show supernatural they are still looking for there mother killer and while on the way they come across this other hunter but he seems to only kill vampires and they think he is good and having a good time but the gets dean to start to enjoy killing and this was a good ep and they leave him behid after he tried to kill more vampires just for the sake of it and that is why i gave it a 9 becasue it was very interesting and it was intense and i think its a really good ep of the season 2
  • Best episode so far of Season 2, with plenty of role reversal and twists.

    You get so used to seeing Sam and Dean taking out evil things that it's very strange to see them actually helping. The episode, which revolves around Sam and Dean checking out a town with people dead from severed heads and mutilated cows, shakes things up and has them chasing after a vampire hunter who's obsessed with killing all supernatural things, whether or not they have malicious intent or not.

    From beginning to end, the writers kept us on our toes. The introduction of the episode shows someone chasing a girl and eventually decapitating her, but the second we learn she was a vampire, it becomes clear there's something fishy going on. Watching Dean and Sam fight to save the vampires wasn't out of character; if anything, it expanded on their characters, showing that there is a line they have drawn in the sand.

    Glad to see Ellen again too. They introduce a lot of interesting characters in this show and then leave them by the wayside. Last season, there was Meg that kept returning, but I'm glad to see Ellen will be a factor in the upcoming episodes.

    Overall, this was an excellent episode and my favorite so far.
  • Back In Black...The Impala is back baby!! And Sammy saves some good Vampires!

    Well this is another good episode! Everything isn't black and white anymore for Dean! Sam and Dean meet another hunter when they figure out that they are lookin for Vampires. Enter the crazy Gordon Walker who has a vendetta against all Vamps not just the one that turned his sister. Oh he killed that one and then went on to kill hes sister too. Crazy screwd up Gordon Walker! Sam rings Ellen to ask her if she knows Gordon and she basically tells him that if Gordon is in a hunt then let him do it and for him and Dean to leave. So Sam wants to tell Dean but Oh! Sam gets taken by the Vamps and then meets Eli and Lenore, good Vamps that don't kill humans. They drink animals blood, hence the cattle dying in the area and having been drained of blood.

    So Eli drops Sam back off at the hotel unharmed and unbitten! He tells Dean all this in private but Gordon listens in and then takes off to find them with the keys to Dean's Impala. Dean has to hotwire his own car and they take off after Gordon.

    When they arrive at the farmhouse Gordon is poisoning Lenore with dead man's blood so she will tell him where the others have gone. Dean points his gun at him and tells him to stop but Gordon invites the brothers to join in. They don't and Gordon stops..Sam is slowly walking to Lenore to untie her from the chair Gordon tird her up in. Gordon grabs Sam's arm and cuts it open, holds it up over Lenore's head so Sam's blood drips on her face, she reacts like any Vamp would but gains control of herself and tells them "NO!". Sam unties her and takes her to the others, Dean and Gordon have a fist fight and Gordon ends up tied in the chair when Sam gets back. They leave him there.

    Now Dean wonders if all the stuff he's killed needed killing, if he's like Gordon, and now he can see shades of grey!

    The episode was good, it showed another side to Dean, which I love! And we all know Sammy is good!
  • A thought-provoking, very intense episode.

    "Bloodlust" is the first episode of Season Two written by the always top-notch Sera Gamble, who was responsible for one of the most intense, thought-provoking and touching episodes of the first season, "Faith" (1x12). For her debut in Supernatural sophomore year, she chose to delve into vampire's mythology, with an intelligent, provocative script once again - as her usual - imbued with moral ambiguity and uncertainty. Exactly the kind of episodes I dig, the ones that can both scare and entertain me whilst challenging my brain.

    The idea of a vampire renouncing to human blood or, better, restraining himself from killing humans, dated back to 1976, when Anne Rice conceived Louis de Pont-du-Lac for her masterpiece, "Interview with the Vampire": Louis doesn't kill and often relies on rats, birds and dogs to sedate his bloodlust. In the following novels, we get a chance to see that he has adjusted to this life, he can drink from human without killing them and he's without a doubt the most human-like vampire of the entire saga: a vampire with human heart and desire, mind and soul. I always found his characters powerful and fascinating, mesmerizing and beguiling.

    So, I was thrilled to discover in this episode that Lenore's vampires don't kill, resort to cattle blood and only want to blend in. I was touched by their effort, and I always tend to sympathize with the minorities battling for their civil rights. This is why "Bloodlust" worked so well for me, because it gave me enough food for my brain, emotion for me to empathize with (Dean is coping with the loss of his father, is not handling the situation very well and, once again, he and Sammy discover how much they mean for each other, how much they need the other) and, finally, it gave me Gordon Walker: I character I absolutely, unconditionally hate. Because he is perfectly written and his racism, his supremacist hatred, even his bigoted fascism is so evident - and masterfully portrayed by Sterling Brown - that I found myself willing to enter the screen (if I weren't already there) and help Dean beat him.

    All in all, kudos to Sera Gamble, to always great Robert Singer and to the actors for one of the finest episodes of Season Two: a masterpiece.

    while gifting us with a clever script that's more about character development than it is about thrilling showdown with powerful Elders (see: "Dead Man's Blood", 1x20).
  • What happened this season? Another boring episode

    The episode was another boring one. It did make Sam and Dean question whether they had indeed been fighting the good fight all along. This episode did leave it open for Gordon to come after the Winchesters for revenge on another episode. I still cannot figure out why the episodes this season have been really boring. They really have not been all that scary either. Last season Supernatural was better than Smallville most Thursdays but this season that has not been the case. There is action but there are also a great deal of moments that drag. Don't get me wrong I am not just an action fan. I like character development and good stories but so far the stories this season have just been okay. Hopefully the stories will improve as the season goes on.
  • "Back in Black" … the Metallicar is back baby, that's enough reason to celebrate.

    "Listen to her purr" … the Metallicar is back baby, more glorious than ever, that was the highlight of the episode, since … well, I hated the plot, it was such a drag, and it didn't really make any sense, I mean "non-evil vampires"? Couldn't they have found another creature to claim virtue, something more credible?! However, the conflict arising from it was superb (did anyone else think the punch was HOT :D) I loved the bar scene, it's obvious our boys are not ok, but contrary to Sam I don't think Dean is substituting Gordon for John, I think he just found someone he could actually talk to, he could tell him things that he was too proud or too protective to share with Sam. It's obvious that he's got a huge load on his shoulders and it's taking a toll on him, he never looked so miserable!

    On the other hand Sam was calm and collective, he was the cooler head for once. This is the beginning of a big role reversal between the brothers, it'll be explained and will become more noticeable in later episodes.

    Gordon is bad news … seriously bad news, he'll go on to become one of the boys' most aggravating adversaries, after all he's human, they can't just "ventilate him".

    On a production-related note: that end scene outside the farm house was one of the best Jensen Ackles footage; the sunlight, the position, the look … it accentuated his eyes … beautiful green eyes *sigh*
  • Another episode about Vampires.

    At first I thought Supernatural was running out of ideas when they brought up the vampire plot again. But then it turned to something completely different. They meet a new guy who seems awesome at first but then he becomes obsessive of killing vampires then we find out that vampires are trying to be the good guys which was my favorite part when they captured Sam. Ellen gives Sam the heads up but Dean doesn't believe him, until they find out they are too late, the guy has already came to brutally kill the vampires. I love how Dean starts to brutally kill the vampires but saves him at the end. I love how Dean beats him up, ties him to a chair & punches him in the face. An amazing episode with multiple plots.
  • Another awesome episode of Supernatural!

    Sam and Dean meet Gordon, who is also a hunter. Gordon specializes in vampires. Sam gets taken by the vampires. They tell him to leave them alone and that they are not hurting anyone. Sam tells Dean what happened. Gordon takes off after the vampires and he wants to kill them. Sam and Dean show up. Eventually, Dean comes to realize that not everything supernatural is evil. This episode is great because it is a character development for Dean. I thought this episode was awesome. This season keeps getting better with each episode. Even the characters get better with each episode. Each week my love for this show keeps growing. Like I said before I can't wait to see what happens next.
  • Dean and Sam meet up with another hunter named Gordon, but things are not what they seem when they encounter a nest of vampires.

    It was extremely happy making to see the Impala chewing up road again. To the Tune of "Back in Black" no less, another brilliant music choice. Dean is in a chipper mood about the car and the prospect of the hunt in the opening of the episode.
    Sam: "You know if you two want to get a room just let me know, Dean?"
    Dean: "Don't listen to him, baby. He doesn't understand us."

    Through drinking together, Gordon and Dean bond. Dean talks about how he knew at 16 that this was the life for him. Dean admits to Gordon that he isn't handling his dad's death very well. His hero worship of his dad makes dealing with his death particularly difficult. The insight into Dean in this episode is handled very nicely.

    Sam is coming into his own. I like him telling Gordon that only Dean gets to call him "Sammy" because he said in a way that made you think he'd punch you if you did it again. Very nice. They really made him the younger brother in the first season, but in the first few episodes of season two he becomes more of man. He starts handling things really well, and is pretty impressive. His automatic suspicion of Gordon and his concern for Dean is much more mature than we would have seen in season 2, when he seemed to be a little on the whiny side (again with Star Wars allusions – kind of like Luke in episode 4).

    Sam being able to see through Dean's "game face" is simply great. The parking lot scene where he tells Dean that he knows how he feels and then goes on to describe how Dean feels using the same words that Dean used with Gordon really resonates. Dean is still trying to protect Sam, but Sam is having none of it. Which, you know, good for him. Dean's realization that he was raised to hate supernatural creatures without thinking twice about killing them, with enjoying killing them, makes for another great Sam moment. Dean admits he was wrong, in a totally Dean way, and Sam is good at telling him that things are ok. It is nice to see characters grow within a show as time passes and the growth of Sam and Dean both in this episode is wonderful.

    I know that they can't really kill another hunting, but they made a hard core enemy out of Gordon this episode. With a hunter as your enemy, you might be better off killing him so he doesn't kill you. However, they wouldn't be as "heroic" if they had killed Gordon – smart, but not heroic.
  • Good Vampire, Bad Vampire

    Okay, the chainsaw-blood splatter scene was really gory and it actually shows how tame Supernatural can be at times. In a series like this you'd expect far more blood and gore, but Supernatural relies on the idea of evil and horror rather than actually spelling it out for the audience. I don't know whether I just really identify with moody, emo Sam but I agree with his immediate distrust of Gordon Walker. I suppose it's just that he's a zealot and over time I've come to be wary extremists of all types, whether they think they're on the side of good or evil. Good vampires? I suppose that would be evolution. I mean, why not? I could train myself never to eat a bacon sandwich ever again and become a vegetarian, why couldn't vampires train themselves not to drink human blood? I suppose if they all land up being as gorgeous as Lenore, then maybe it isn't such a bad idea after all. Okay, the real world beckons.
  • Yay! I love vampires.

    So I think this episode was pretty good. I loved it how Dean revealed to Gordon that he wasn't handling his Dad's death very well. This was sweet. So I loved the fact that they brought some vampires back into the picture. I thought that the vampires in 'Dead man's Blood' were more fun though. I gotta say, I think I like the vampires that kill people more! These vamps were a little too nice. I still loved them though! So then there was Gordon... Evil Gordon! Some people will think I am a bit strange for this. But I actually love seeing Gordon! I think he is a great character, even though he is the bad guy. Overall, Bloodlust was a good episode with two very good features: Gordon and Vampires!
  • Dean and Sam meet a new hunter who is a jerk.

    LOVE the beginning of the episode. Not the gory part. I'm talking about the part with the car. PERFECT match for song. Especially when Dean first gets his car back. Love how Sam makes fun of Dean's love for the car. Funny how in the morgue...they are babies about checking the head. Well, Dean I have no idea how Sam and Dean knew Gordon was following them. Must be that good. Well they are that good. It's creepy how Gordon loves the way Dean killed that Vampire with the machine. Acting was good. Loved the way Padelecki acted in this one. Also love how in the end he grabs Gordon's head and runs it into a wall and goes..."Oops..sorry". Lol.The most hilarious moment is at the end when Dean is talking to Gordon.
  • Sam and Dean encounter a vampire hunter whose obsession may get them all killed.

    We finally get to see the Metallicar and wow she looks as good as ever. The intro of Gordon another Hunter who knew about the Winchester's legacy and also it's proof that the are other hunters out there. Sadly Dean decides to open up to him and this guy is all but buckets of crazy. I dislike him a lot because he needs's phych help but I absolutely enjoyed the freaking awesome punch Dean game him close to the end. I mean seeing that guy falling to the floor with the chair proves Deans has some strenght and who doesn't like to see that in Dean. The episode itself wasn't the greatest but it wasn't the worst one.
  • I was just hoping that this episode wouldn’t resemble an Anne Rice novel as much as my mental construct of it from the title.

    Thankfully, my wish was fulfilled. “Bloodlust” reminded me of the previous episode, “Everybody Loves a Clown,” in that I was much more impressed with the overarching character development with which the episode was infused than with the plot.

    There was just something that didn’t sit right with me about how the episode went. As I’ll elaborate further down, I really liked the theme of the episode, which translates into me liking the plot; the writing was also good, as always. Yet there was something – je ne sais quois – that was missing. It may have been from the directing, but I don’t quite know enough about the inner workings of film/tv production in order to critique. I just know that something didn’t allow me to suspend my disbelief at the beginning of the bar scene, when all three were present. There wasn’t the right amount of chemistry, or perhaps the pacing was off; once Sam left and Dean and Gordon were talking together about when they realized they were hunters, it was much easier to focus upon the scene.

    Speaking of Gordon’s name – while this isn’t a direct criticism, I noticed tonight an interesting correlation to the old theories on the grotesque by Wolfgang Kayser. To him, the grotesque can be something with a juxtaposition of organic and mechanic, disproportion, etc. One major component of something grotesque or truly horrifying, though, is that it remains nameless. That’s a reason Lovecraft is lauded – in many cases, his monster is never unveiled, which allows all of the sick and twisted inner workings of our subconscious full reign. Back on topic. It’s quite easy to see this phenomenon within Supernatural. Most often, we’ll find out the name of a species – it’s a wendigo, a Woman in White, a Yellow-Eyed Demon. But it’s only after investigation that The Boys find the true name of the Woman in White, and it’s the first step in finding out how to destroy her. In this episode, we learn Eli and Lenore’s names right off the bat; I don’t think Gordon’s name is even mentioned until Sam’s on the telephone with Ellen (his style of speaking on the telephone, by the way, eerily resembled that of my father’s – I don’t know if I liked that).

    Now for something completely different. Both Dean and Sam were portrayed excellently, but Ackles especially did well in really expressing what was going on in Dean’s head with a minimum of dialogue. The dialogue comes at the end of the episode to kind of hit over the head anyone who might have missed it, but there were some great close-ups throughout. I’m thinking specifically of the blood-splattered, exhilarated look at the wharf; I can’t quite remember the expression but I remember the camera angle gave a one-quarter profile while The Boys were driving out to the farm; and then the look of surprise when Lenore is able to control the bloodlust.

    While on the topic of Lenore bound at the table, I was struck by the large number of Hannibal quotes thrown throughout the episode. I wouldn’t be surprised by one or two scattered – that’s obviously typical of Supernatural – tonight’s episode had quite a bit more. I wouldn’t be surprised if the establishing shots of Lenore seated at the table are the same as those used when Hannibal has trepanned (for lack of a better word) the special agent in “Hannibal.” Perhaps it was fresh in the writers’ minds because of the ‘silence of the cows,’ perhaps it was to reflect on Gordon’s insanity, perhaps it was because like Starling the Boys sided with “evil.” No se.

    I liked the discussion of The Boys’ world view, because it is something that I too sometimes think about in terms of the series as a whole. There were whispers of it at the ending of season one (e.g. the vampires then also carping on how close to extinction they are, how to deal with demons possessing innocent humans), and I have the feeling there’ll be a lot more to come as season two develops.

    The thing is I think Gordon may have been right to kill his sister. She wasn’t inducted by Lenore or Eli, which means that she would feed by killing innocent people. Perhaps vampires are becoming extinct because they are being hunted, but they are hunted because they’re killing humans. While watching “Bloodlust,” the analogy that came into my head was if cows could hunt humans. Yes, humans can eat red meat, and some prefer to – but if cows would kill humans in order to protect their herds, I think some people would go down the same road as Lenore and her nest, and lay off the red meat. (A brief thought – I wonder if Lenore and her nest are inducting new members.) What was most important about Gordon admitting that, however, was the quick reaction shot of Dean and Sam, which were both of horror and repulsion. We already saw that Sam couldn’t shoot his father in order to kill YED; if something happened to either of the boys, the other wouldn’t be able to hunt him. Which is probably for the best, because otherwise I think we would be fair to say we have a pair of sociopaths for protagonists. It puts the lotion on its skin...
  • Cool.

    Sam and Dean meet up with this guy who hunts vampires named Gordon. He started because a vampire had changed his sister into one and he went and killed his sister and the vampire that turned her. Then they come across this harmless vampire who does not feed off of humans only on cows to keep peaceful who is played by the very talented Amber Benson. Gordon tortures and tries to kill her and Dean has to choose between Gordon and Sam. Gordon thinks that he and Dean are made for killing and Sam doesn't understand. This was such an exciting episode, one of my favorite from season two.
  • I was really nice, I lloved it!!

    Sam Wincheste r( Jared Padalecki ) and his brother Dean ( Jensen Ackles ) meet Gordon ( guest star Sterling K . Brown ), a fellow demon hunter who has been systematically killing vampires in a small town, and Dean immediately bonds with the older man.

    However, after Sam meets with the lead vampire (guest star Amber Benson) and discovers they are actually peaceful creatures who survive on cattle blood, he decides not all supernatural beings are evil and forces Dean to choose whether he will side with Sam or Gordon.

    Sera Gamble wrote the episode directed by Robert Singer.
  • Definitely my fav episode out of season two

    I've watched Bloodlust twice now, and I really can't get enough of it. There are a number of different internal and external conflicts going on this episode, and I must admit, I never expected Dean to actually punch Sam. It did kind of work, though.

    And the ending - where Dean tells Sam to punch him back - was really heartbreaking.

    I think that this episode did a good job in showing that just because something's supernatural doesn't mean that it's evil. In my opinion, Lenore worked extremely well as a character even despite being a vampire - and I really admired the strength she showed when she resisted the bloodlust. (No, I don't watch Supernatural just for the brothers - although they are the main reason. Heh).

    It did also make sense for Dean to admit to not being able to change his hatred of the supernatural beings, but at the same time - and in his own way - admit that he was wrong. And at least he made the right decision in saving Lenore despite every instinct telling him not to.

    All in all, this episode was... amazing.
  • It's great to see supernatural back on the box.Sad to see the loss of their father I loved the father son relationships. Of course this is supernatural so any thing can happen.

    This was another great story line.Not sure if I would allow a vampire to get away.The two boys are obviously dealing with their fathers loss in differant ways who writes this stuff well they are pretty good at it.I love the vampire stories with the special effects pretty nasty fangs and realistic enough to believe they are real.Hope to see some real supernatural episodes of course the uk is always behind but I'm sure there is more great stuff to come can't wait till next week.Didn't care much for the clowns episode it would have been better to see Sam a lot more scared of his dislike to them but some parts were a little funny.Well till next time catch you later.
  • Sam and Dean encounter a vampire hunter whose obsession may get them all killed

    Sam and Dean encounter a vampire hunter whose obsession may get them all killed.

    I said revealing because of the return of the metallicar!!yuppy that's what all of us were expecting! back in black by the ACDC is now one of my fav songs.ever! and dean!yummy, and the vampires also good! and gordon?!freakin nuts...he should see a psychiatrist!
  • A fascinating episode, for the first time creating a disturbing distinction between supernatural entities and evil ones.

    I have always assumed, perhaps naively, that the things the Winchesters hunt are evil. It’s a natural assumption given they usually track supernatural beings by newspaper articles which report crimes. But that’s how the boys hunt, not necessarily John – John maybe used other sources, other hunters etc. We’ve also been told on many occasions that, especially in the early years, that John was dangerously obsessed, even irrational. We also know he had a drinking problem. But the boys cannot be held accountable for John’s hypothetical actions, so let’s focus on the boys: it’s not something that should worry the boys too much, their hunting methods are sound. But Dean’s knee-jerk reaction to kill the vampires when the only dead were cattle and the vampires themselves is worrying, Dean never questioned that, never wondered why there were no dead humans. As we’ve seen before, Dean is far more influenced by John than Sam ever was and with Dean’s emotional instability right now, it makes Dean extremely dangerous – but he’s as much a danger to himself as to others.

    Notice how Ellen calmly tells Sam that Gordon’s a great hunter but her entire attitude changes when she realizes they’ve teamed up with him. When other hunters consider you a psychopath, maybe it’s time to take a long hard look at yourself. It’s a strange reversal of roles – used to be Dean who was the family protector, but for the first time, Sam’s got to watch out for Dean. And it is only going to get worse. Sammy’s really matured, he’s not the selfish brat he was when we first met him. I love seeing Sam worrying about Dean and he has reason to worry - Dean killing that vampire was just scary, and afterwards, so casual and joking about it. That was just terrifying. Shows how worried Sam is - they only met Ellen last week but now he immediately calls her to get a background on Gordon. I love Sammy so much, I'd adopt him if I could. How can two non-existent characters become so real you worry about them like they're family?

    What scares me most about Gordon isn’t Gordon at all – it’s Dean. I don’t give a rat’s ass about Gordon, as long as he doesn’t hurt the boys. Gordon is what Dean would become without Sam, it’s that simple. Even Dean acknowledged that at the end. Dean is staring into the abyss, carrying a burden John should *never* have put on his shoulders, and the abyss is seeming more and more attractive. Dean can’t talk to Sam because he’s always been the ‘big brother’, the rock, unshakeable, he has to protect Sam – that’s the way Dean thinks. But it’s not just John – Sam’s also partly the reason for Dean’s deterioration, but Dean never blames Sam for that. Gordon was once exactly where Dean is now and is frighteningly charismatic, knowing just what to say to Dean to seduce Dean to the dark side. Gordon's 'black and white' speech was just about exactly what Dean wanted to hear - means he doesn't have to think about consequences or morality. When Gordon finished the conversation where he told Dean about his sister, the look in Dean’s eyes terrified me – his eyes were filled with almost reverence, I’ve never seen that look on Dean’s face before, not even with John.

    Once fascinating thing did come out of talking with Gordon - a story about when Dean was 16. The writers tell us so little about their childhood that we grasp at every titbit they feed us. And for a while I actually warmed to Gordon - he praised John! That comment about how the boys fill John's shoes made me mushy! John wasn't a terribly pleasant person most of the time, the man had almost no friends! Even Bobby threatened to shoot him! But he was a good man and though not the best father, he loves those boys beyond reason. I still can't bear that he's gone. Dean's not the only one grieving.

    Supernatural has always has at least ten minutes in every episode that focuses completely on the boys and/or John. This season has been exceptional and these moments are what drive the show. For me, the best scene was the confrontation between Dean and Sam, where Sam tells him that adopting Gordon as some sort of John-replacement is an insult to John’s memory. I understand totally why Dean hit him, the writers set it up flawlessly and Jensen was just magnificent, that fake strained smile was just the cherry on top. You could actually see him hitting Sam before it even happened. Jared was equally excellent. It was a fantastic scene.

    I loved the whole vampire story, and not just because of the conflict it created. Lenore is eloquent – it *is* about survival, the only way they will survive is to not be a threat. They’ll never be safe though, there are too many hunters who think just like Gordon. She handled Sam perfectly – she knows they need an advocate for their cause and returning Sam unharmed was a huge act of faith, on both sides. The writers handled this beautifully.

    Gordon’s mistake at the end was obvious – he attacked Sam. Until then, Dean was still wavering, despite Sam’s arguments, but nobody attacks Sam and gets away with it. Dean’s protectiveness of Sam is extreme and overrides anything else, even the obsessiveness driving Dean on this case. That is part of what changed Dean’s perspective – if Gordon was so out of control as to attack Sam, he could also be wrong about the vampires. But Lenore had the most to do with it - actually fighting the blood craving and refusing to drink. Impressive. The end was adorable, Dean literally squirming, telling Sam to hit him. Sam just doesn’t hold a grudge.

    Speaking of Sam, I loved him correcting Gordon on the 'Sammy' thing - there was a time when he used to complain when Dean called him that too. I must admit it made me grin - it's Dean and Sam against the world.

    On a lighter note, the beginning with the newly-restored Impala was very cute, it’s good to see her back. It broke my heart when she got hit by the truck, but it was actually worse seeing the damage at Bobby’s. She’s as much a character as the boys, the series wouldn’t be the same without her. Seeing Dean so happy is great, even if it doesn’t last. “Aww, don't listen to him, baby. He just doesn't understand us.” Hysterical!

    This is a very layered episode, never failing to address building issues or existing ones and a great harbinger for coming episodes.
  • I didn't find this episode as good as all the rest..

    Because they have all ready done vampires i was thinking this ep would be not as good. And it wasn't really. It didn't have anything new, which is alright coz i still enjoyed this episode.. but didn't like it quite as much as all the rest. I wasn't relly jumping outta my seat or anything. And i don't like ellen and jo. I treally hope they don't stay in this series for good. ARgh and they parted sams hair in the middle. Not good. His got a great face but hair being parted in the middle does no favours for him.. still gorjuz though.
  • It's back to the good old hunt!

    While the conspiracies and life changing events that were in the past few episodes, since John Winchester came back, were very entertaining, it's also good to see an episode where Sam and Dean are back to just hunting things by pretending to be reporters or work in morgues aswell as a few great twists.

    The fact that Gordon killed his own sister because she'd turned vampire and that some evil creatures ignore their destiny were both very cool twists in the episode and while vampires have been dealt with in the show before, it also helps prove that most vampires are evil and some fight their fate.

    Overall, this is a great episode, as most Supernatural ones are, and also raises questions about the definition of evil.
  • This episode failed to bring much new to the table other than another internal conflict... which isn't all that exciting on screen... yet still managed to keep something pumping... never losing that Supernatural style.

    I fount that this episode was really just for plot or character building or something like that. We have seen vampires before; can't they find something new in the folklore of the world. I feel that this episode merely serves to intoduce the character of Gordon and to carry that messege of internal conflict at the end. This was what brought the ending of the first season down; all they were hunting was ALWAYS demons and there was always just plot that carries on. They just started early this season. I miss when it was just one big thing that they deal with in the episode without the minor stuff that never quite seems to stay in the background like it should. I also found Sam's reaction confusing... did he know they were not that bad when Dean killed the vampire?

    Anyway, all in all the humour was good at the beginning but the plot could have used something. Don't ask me what but there was something missing.

    BTW I'm in Australia and we are only getting the episodes now.
  • I like the bit where dean says to sam that he should check that chicks throat and he's like "get me a bucket!" and deans like "why, you find somehting?" "no, i think i'm gonna vomit."

    I think that it was a really good episode and that its good that Sam gets kidnapped by the vampires and he was blind folded when they drove home... and then he knew how to get to the vampires house... thats pretty amazing!
    In this episode the dads friend is really pathetic he doesn't give anyone a chance.

    Sam and Dean are cruising in the Impala and heading for Red Lodge with a case. Passing as reporters, they talk to the sheriff about the rash of decapitations, and the connection to recent cattle mutilations. He dismisses their concerns and tells them to get out. Posing as doctors, they get into the hospital morgue and check out the decapitated head, determining it was a vampire.

    Sam calls Ellen about Gordon and she says they should stay well away from him. Sam goes outside to get a can of pop, unaware someone’s watching him. Once he goes inside, a guy grabs Sam, knocks him out, and hauls him to a dock where he reveals he’s a vampire, Eli. He moves in on Sam but another vampire, Lenore calls him off and tells Sam they don’t feed on human blood, and just want to be left alone. She has her other vampires blindfold him and take him back to the hotel.

    Gordon grabs Sam, cuts him, and feeds some of his blood to Lenore, who reverts to her animal nature but manages to get back under control. Gordon backs down and Sam gets Lenore out while Dean holds the vampire hunter at gun point. Dean refuses to let him by so they fight and Gordon tries to convince Dean they’re both alike. Dean manages to take out Gordon and tie him up, then waits until morning when Sam returns and reveals the vampires escaped to safety. Dean promises to call someone to untie Gordon eventually, then slugs him.

    All together this is a great episode.
  • The begginning was really funny.

    I liked this episodes beginning with Dean started to be happy (well look he might not actually be happy). I also liked when the cop or sheriff or whatever he was was started to crack up a ton whe they said satanic and Dean and Sam didn't even do anything but keep a straight face. I also enjoyed when Dean said "John?" and the guy replied "Jeff" even though I'm guessing Dean probably didn't know the guys name at all. The vampire guy really creeped me out. And the fact that he knew so much about the Winchesters a little too much if you ask me ...
  • The second episode concerning vampires, Dean and Sam come upon 'good' vamps, that is, ones that have taken up drinking blood from animals instead of humans.

    The first episode about vampires concerned the entire Winchester family getting together and searching for the infmaous 'Colt', the gun supposedly able to kill any supernatural creature. Well, they have to steal the gun from a group (pod? gaggle? blood clot?) of vampires hwile the vamps are sleeping. They pulled it off good, although out of all the vampire lore I know, dead man's blood is not high in the mentioning. (Try books by P.N. Elrod. Great stuff). It worked well into the storyline, anyway.

    Now the brothers have encountered a hunter who goes mainly after vampires, and end up hunting with him. However, this new hunter is a little touched in the head, what with having to watch his sister be attacked and turned by the vamps. Oh, and he tracked and killed her.

    So, there the guys are, this crazy hunter torturing a vampire with the brothers Winchester looking on. And this vamp turns away from human blood! Turns out she and her buddies have tried to lay low and survive by killing only animals. It was working, too, until some crazy hunter came along with the 'the only good vamp is a dead vamp' attitude. How discriminatory.

    All ends well when Sam convinces Dean to let the vamp go, and they beat the crap out of Crazy there.
  • good or even close to perfect episode

    they re take the vampire story with a twiste. This time they have to try no have one of his own not kill a vampaire class that those not kill humans. The director male a good job of not leting you know until a quarter of the movies and the full storie and the end are perfectly done
  • Two episode of vampires. Cool with me. Good episode.

    Well I really like vampires so I thought it really cool to see vampires again, and I really glad for a change of pace these vampires were nice and not killing anyone becasue too much vampires can get boring. It was cool to find another hunter like the boys except this one specializes in vampires. Awesome. Cool plot where he knew the vamps weren't killing anyone but becasue they ahd convered his sister he is killing them all. He even killed his own sister after she had turned. So mean. Dean and the hunter getting into a huge fight at the end was really cool. Soooooo glad that Dean won. So cute how Dean had given Sam a chance to hit him after Dean had hit him before when he was angry. Sam was nice and said no saying "He looks like he had just gone 12 rounds with a block of cement" Very nice and brotherly. Good episode. Fun.
  • This hunt changes everything!

    The "SN"-world expands further with the introduction of a hunter named Gordon. Apparently every hunters favorite possession is a big muscle-car.
    Dean is still upset about John's death but he keeps his game-face on. Sometimes you catch a glimpse of his emotional state. The look Sam gives Dean after he saws the vampire's head off says a lot, Sam's terrified. Dean looking back at Sam with empty eyes going "What?" made me shudder. The grief is tearing him apart. What's interesting s that Gordon is exactly the kind of person Dean would become if it wasn't for Sam. He keeps Dean levelled. Gordon kills all the supernatural creatures to subdue the destructive emotions that have turned his soul into this dark hole. Having your sister turned into a vampire, that leaves a mark. Killing your vampire-sister is enough to turn anyone unsensitive. "It's not a crime to need your job!" The guy has some issues!
    The writers give the "SN"-universe another dimension. This episode introduces a grey-zone; everything isn't black and white anymore. It's brilliant to make the vampires harmless and Gordon the monster. Up until now the brothers have killed everything supernatural that has crossed their path.
    Dean: "If it's supernatural we kill it! End of story! That's our job."
    Sam: "No, Dean, that's not our job. Our job is to hunt evil."
    The new distinction between supernatural and evil that Sam and Dean are faced with is one of the many reasons I like this episode so much.

    Other reasons:

    -The vampires are back on the show.

    -The hilarious scene with Sam and Dean at the morgue;
    Dean: "Open it!"
    Sam: "You open it."
    Dean: "Wuss."

    -Amber Benson as a guest star. I'm a huge fan of BTVS.

    -The Impala is back!! I'm glad they kept it in the show. The car has become an important member of the cast. "SN" wouldn't be the same without it.
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