Season 2 Episode 14

Born Under a Bad Sign

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 08, 2007 on The CW

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  • Great performance from Jared in this one

    I really think Jared's acting makes this episode one of the best, he is brilliant as the Meg infested Sam. So sexy, dangerous and tortured all at the same time!
  • All I can say is I hate Meg.

    Sam goes missing for over a week and when he calls Dean he says he can't remember anyhting that happened. They go and try to get clues from a car he has been driving and the hotel room.

    It looks like Sam may have killed a hunter in the area. Jo is also in this episode. Sam tells her (or rather Meg) that Dean will never like her the way she likes him (I tend to agree).

    Dean finds him and they fight. I think by now he knows that it isn't Sam anymore, that he's being posessed.

    Jo helps Dean with Sam and then she is all hopeful that he will be all happy with her for it. I like this episode but I don't like Meg or Jo.
  • The return of Meg!

    Meg Masters (played by the awesome Nicky Aycox) is one of my favorite characters: she was sassy and sarcastic, biting and dangerously sensual. Seeing Meg!Demon back inside of Sam was a guilty pleasure and I must say that Jared Padalecki delivered one of his best performances so far while he was playing the subtle ways the demon perverted Sam's psyche. "Born Under a Bad Sign" is one of my Top Five episodes of Season Two, and it is thanks both to a spectacular script and a masterful direction (by J. Miller Tobin). Plus, it featured Bobby Singer - always a pleasure! - and a newly conceived, more mature version of Jo Harvelle: I think it's really a pity that the writers haven't used her more often, and since this is her final appearance I can't help but wish to see her again for the upcoming Season Five.

    A pivotal episode, both concerning the overarching mythology of the show and the story arc of Season Two (involving Sam "going dark side" and Azazel's plans for the Special Children), "Born Under a Bad Sign" is also a powerful tale about love (the things Dean would do for Sam) and vengeance (Meg's description of Hell always sent a shiver down my spine). All in all, a masterpiece of an episode!
  • A frantic Dean searches the country for a missing Sam. However, when Sam finally contacts him a week later, Dean may not like what he finds. A thrilling episode and certainly one of my favourites.

    This episode from start to finish is a powerhouse. It begins with a frantic Dean searching high and low for Sam for a full week before Sam finally contacts him with no memories, a blood stained shirt and a string of bloody clues which leads them to one conclusion; Sam's dark side is finally emerging.

    This is certainly one of my favourite episodes, although that could be because I absolutely adore when my favourite characters go evil... which may be more of the reason I'm a Sam girl but, I digress!

    Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles were perfect as "Sam" and Dean respectively in this episode. "Sam" in this story, was deliciously dark. From the beginning, there is a few subtle hints he is off key which could be buried down due to the trauma he had undergone. But the moment Dean refused to shoot him, the dark Sam took over. This complete 180 was such a shock but also incredibly initiated. Padalecki's easy jump from an overwhelmed and broken young man to a fierce and twisted one shows his complete acting prowess. "Sam" is so clearly not Sam in this episode and that's what makes it so interesting.

    Dean's long battle with his conscience upon the possible awakening of his brother's inner darkness is incredible and his dedication to his brother is apparent in every scene, particularly the failed exorcism when a helpless Dean watches as his little brother his manipulated by this demon and there's nothing he can do to stop it. Every wince and gape tells a story.

    Ultimately though, "Born Under a Bad Sign" does not move the "Yellow Eyed Demon plot" along much but it does give a key glimpse into Sam's fears and Dean's inner workings. Despite the order from his father, it is clear that if Sam does go "darkside", Dean will not be able to pull the trigger. The bond between the brothers remains too strong.

    Whether this will change in times to come remains to be seen...
  • Look at what all the abuse in Family Guy has done to Meg; made her into a demented demon in a new show!

    Supernatural is one of the finest television shows out there, though there's always going to be a speed bump here and there, such as this episode which isn't too bad in general, it just speaks wonders about how excellent the show has been so far. The biggest bright spot of Supernatural is it's two man show between Sam and Dean handing out great acting display episode after episode, though it's no surprise that the slight decline in quality is related to its acting from its main two characters. It's not that they were lacking, just that the nature of the episode, where Sam is possessed and is mostly off doing his own thing else where, just by default made it a weaker episode. The case of the demon that possessed Meg returning didn't feel too compellingly exciting either. Not a bad episode, it's just that being compared to the rest of the series, it looks average.
  • Great ep, but a little disapointing

    After being missing for a week, Sam appears all covered with blood. It turns out Sam has a demon inside him (not only a demon, a really familiar one too: Meg) and Dean doesnt know what to do.

    Supernatural Season 2 is my fave season, so full of amazing eps and is amazing. I was rlly expecting this episode to bbe on of the best, and I gotta say that the story is one of the best and the episode is awesome, but I felt a little disapointed after I watched. It isnt bad or anything, in fact it is great, but is just that I expected much more from an Evil Sam episode. The episode was rlly good, but not as good as I expected it to be.
  • Sam is possessed in one of the season's better episodes

    It's been a long wait, but the demons have finaly gotten to Sam. We knew from previous episodes that Sam wasn't going to be able to stay good forever, and that Dean would either have to kill him or save him somehow. Well that episode has arrived and it's just about everything I was thinking it would be.

    Watching Sam act completely opposite of what he normally does was great. We're used to seeing Sam be the sentimental one, the "J. Love Hewitt," in the words of his brother. Seeing him torture and kill hunters, the same kind of people that him and Dean are, was chilling and very well done.

    Seeing Jo come back was interesting. They didn't give her a huge plot like they did in the serial killer episode, but they did reveal some interesting facts: John Winchester actually literally killed Jo's father out of wanting to put him out of his misery.. we also learned that John is probably in Hell, suffering with all of the demons.

    By the end of the episode, I was left wishing every episode could include some of the season long arc, but I suppose this is what makes Supernatural a good show. They can put that plot on the backburner for a little while so they can focus on more character development. I just hope we meet the Yellow Eyed Demon again soon.
  • Meg returns.

    This episode was surprising, fantastic & riveting. This would have to be one of the best episodes of Supernatural ever. First of all, Sam finds Jo, I really missed that character, her ending was perfect. "No you wont" when Dean left. Looks like Sam was telling the truth. And the part when Sam is going to kill Jo, perfect scene. Jared was a really good actor in this episode. Sam & Dean find Bobby. Another character returning. Sam shoots Dean, it is crazy. Then at the end you find out that Sam is possessed by Meg! That was another surprising part but Bobby eventually saved the day. I feel sorry for Jo. Anyways, a great episode!
  • By all means an epic episode, Sam vs. Dean … downright eerie!

    The return of Meg … or the more correctly the demon that possessed her, gotta say though, I preferred the previous meat-suit, I mean sure evil!Sam was freaky but still Nicki Lynn Aycox gave the character far more pizzazz, just my opinion. Nonetheless, the idea of pitting the brothers against each other was riveting, and it looked downright scary. It seems the show is heading down that road anyway, so Born Under a Bad Sign was an early taste of extreme conflict between our boys, whether it'll ever reach full-blown animosity remains to be seen. It's a very interesting concept to explore, no matter how much us fans would hate a Cain-Able scenario, it does make for great drama.

    It was really painful seeing Dean struggling with all of this, the idea that something is happening to his brother, NOW, and he couldn't help him or protect him, he was shattered. But even after seeing what his brother has done, his first priority was to protect him at any cost, he was willing to cover up what Sam did to Wandell, on the hope that he can buy himself some time to figure things out and maybe, just maybe, he can still save Sam.

    It was great seeing Bobby again, he makes a wonderful father figure for the boys, add to that how smart and experienced he is, he could be of great value to the boys in their quest.

    Last but not least, the final scene was … I can't describe it … I can't imagine Sam's feeling knowing he killed that hunter, let alone witnessing the whole thing, watching himself kill a human being with his own hands! I wonder if he saw himself shooting Dean? And Dean's promise "now if it's the last thing I do I'm gonna save you", that sent a chill down my spine …

    The only reason this didn't get a 9.5 is because I think jared could've done better ... I've seen him doing better.
  • Sam goes missing, and Dean is beginning that Sam might turn. Starring: Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles

    The plot for this episode was one of the best that the writers came up with for the second season. The acting for the episode was great as usual, no one ever giving an indecent performance. This episode was cleverly plotted and i love it when Supernatural brings in recurring characters in the form of Bobby (guest star Jim Beaver) and Jo Harvelle (guest star Alona Tal). The climax between Sam (Jared Padalecki) holding Jo hostage, and that as the stepping stone to get Dean (Jensen Ackles) to come to the location, where Sam needed him to be, showed the future relationship between the two, at least for me. The fear that Jo had when Dean was shot, and the whole episode was and is one of the best episodes of the series.
  • Sam desapear and when dean find him together they find anwers for what sam do in last days

    I Really Love this episode!!I Watch million times without get boring!on the begining to the end is awsome!I Really get surprise when we find out that sam ispossessed by Meg and she did this because of what dean and sam do to her in last season!
    Dean is really worried and piss out on this episode.The Whole thing that he promise sam that dean have to kill him is really one problem in dean´s head!
    The jo/sam scenes are really intense and very exciting i love to wacth alona and jared in this episode,finnally we know the really truth about what happen tojo´sfatherBilland jo is really angry about sam telling her that things!
    thejo/Dean scenes are great!Alona and jensen have absalutelly chimestry we see that in their scenes!
    Really sad that jo is gone!!hope she came back!!
  • Effortlessly the best episode of the series.

    I thought the series couldn't get any better, I was wrong. Do I have to go back to the episodes I've already scored a 10 and fix them?! Jared completely steals the show here! He must have had a ball playing this!

    Loved the opening scene – Dean's terror for Sam is all over his face, no tough guy routine, no macho posturing, when Sam's in danger, nothing else matters. Interesting that he confides in Ellen. Is she becoming the mother he never had? Then when Sam phones, Ellen gets left on hold! I'm sure she understands.

    Immediately recognized the road with Twin Lakes on the sign – it's the exact same road used in 'Phantom Traveler' but the sign said 'Nazareth'.

    To avoid confusion, I'm going to refer to the demon as Meg, even when she's Sam so… Meg even leads Dean on an Easter-egg-hunt – leading him to the garage and the bloody knife, the store clerk – Sam smoking?! (and smoking menthols? That should have tipped us it was a girl!), the dead hunter, the video tape – all building up to the payoff – Dean killing Sam. But Dean won't play, so Meg goes to plan B. Even the summary showed the scene from 'Simon Said' where Sam talked about the demon 'pushing' the kids to kill – that's exactly what Meg's doing here.

    The scene between Sam and Dean, where 'Sam' tries to get Dean to shoot him is heartbreaking. "You promised him, you promised *me*." ; "I don't want to hurt anyone else – I don't want to hurt *you*." (Meg's so eloquent here!) The defeated look on Dean's face - "I've tried so hard to keep you safe." Then that resolve – "I can't – I'd rather die." I'm becoming increasingly convinced Dean couldn't kill Sam even if he really did turn evil, and if he could do it, it would destroy him. He's either kill himself or deliberately get himself killed. And the "No… you'll live." If Meg can't push Dean to kill Sam, then Dean must live with the crimes she'll commit in Sam's body. This really is about revenge. How she would have laughed if Dean pulled the trigger. It's so freaky! She knows *exactly* what to say and how to say it – she must be tapping into Sam's personality or something because you would swear this was Sam!

    Wow, Meg acts Sam to perfection – she looks, acts and talks exactly like Sam! Even the expressions, tone of voice and the little hitch he gets in his voice when he's upset. She obviously has access to his memories or how would she have known of Dean's promise? Note how when Meg ties up Jo, she's acting herself but the second Dean bursts in, she switches effortlessly back to Sam. Meg who witnessed the change can't warn Dean as she's gagged at the time.

    Loved Dean's call to the cellphone company – a Justin Timberlake concert?! That's just so wrong! And Meg took the Impala! It horrifies me to think what she might have done to her in the name of revenge on Dean!

    The major scene of this episode for me was when Meg attacked Jo. It was awesome! Notice how even though Meg's acting nothing like Sam – the expressions, voice, body language, smiles are *completely* off!! - Jo doesn't realize anything's wrong till it's too late. She's only been with Sam on a handful of occasions and just doesn't know him well enough to realize it's not him. Had Dean seen 'Sam' like this, he would have known instantly. "Dean's more like my father than I am…" and that realization about Jo's feelings for Dean, Sam's face lights up and his eyes absolutely sparkle with joy, he's practically rubbing his hands together in glee. "I could be more to you…" That was just creepy, that expression! Gotta say – the way he looked at her right before he stood to leave – if someone ever looked at me that way, I would have immediately called the police. I have never seen such an expression of malice like that before – I didn't think Sam's face could even *make* that expression. On a practical note though - Jo's worked in a bar all her life, shouldn't she have better instincts, especially when alone with a man she barely knows and who is acting distinctly threatening? She turned her back on him! Sam/Meg really enjoyed it when Jo was fighting, and the most disturbing thing in this episode was the way Meg grabbed Jo then when Jo was unconscious, how she was touching her. Meg's a girl and it was just so masculine I'm starting to wonder if being female means the same thing to demons it means to us. We're pretty sure she's really a female, her father referred to her as his 'daughter'. If you can't trust a demon, who can you trust?

    Last comment on that scene – Jared and Alona played it magnificently! It was so realistic, perfectly acted and the timing of the whole sequence was exact – where Jared shoves her against the bar, if she hadn't moved her head right, he would have hit her in the face! When he first attacks her, the entire thing definitely makes you think of rape, thankfully that wasn't the intention, but as a woman, it was the first thing that crossed my mind.

    Enjoyed the scene between Jo and Sam about her dad – Meg could have been lying about her father but her reaction when Jo told her version was too genuine. Meg mentioned 'hellspawn' – could it have been Meg?! Then again, 'claws'? Now if it's true, it explains why Ellen's version didn't make sense – John getting someone killed? – he took the blame when things went wrong. Now *that's* the John Winchester we knew. Could have been mind games but I'm inclined to believe Meg's version. Dean's move with the holy water was just desperation but it worked. I still find it fascinating that holy water works on Meg but not on her father – 'Devil's Trap'! Either he's a different kind of demon (maybe Meg's a half-breed!) or it's maybe an acquired skill or comes with age. Meg shooting Dean was cool – that little smile when she checks the water – on Sam's face, it's just disturbing! Gotta give Jo that – that girl can move! The way she climbs down to Dean. Dean's ringtone hasn't changed from when we heard it in 'No Exit'. Nice continuity.

    The Jo-haters must have loved that when Meg's threatening to kill her, Dean lowers the gun. I'm sure that made Jo feel all warm and fuzzy about how much Dean cares for her! He won't even shoot Sam who's about to kill her, lowers the gun and turns his back. Even better, he gambled her life on a theory that this really wasn't Sam – what if the holy water didn't work?! Ouch! I don't hate Jo (she's actually an interesting character) but I don't want her involved with Dean either, but I actually liked the forbidden love thing they had here – those looks between them, oh, it is *so* requited! That has potential but I only don't mind if it stays *way* in the background.

    Where Dean tells Jo she can't come – did anyone else sense the presence of JW here – Dean is actually turning into his father, even the tone's the same! Bobby is awesome! The holy water in the beer! That was inspired! Meg really doesn't know these boys at all if she thinks Bobby will actually believe that absurd story she told about Dean – a girl and a twelve-pack?!

    We've seen Meg play games before but never mind games of this magnitude – but I guess she's really motivated. She really is her father's daughter as these games remind me so strongly of the demon in 'Devil's Trap' when it pretended to be John, flickering the lights and everything, and only admits the truth when exposed – it admitted how much fun it was having. Meg's the same here, even twisting truth to her own ends – see her comments to Dean at the end. The games she plays here are warped, even by her father's standards – trying to get Dean to kill Sam; pretending to be Sam with Jo – it was completely unnecessary, but she was loving it, look at her vicious teasing about Jo's love for Dean; pretending to be Sam with Bobby right down to the almost-teary toast to John; Meg's nasty (if partly true) comments about Dean's relationship with John and Sam! Meg is one twisted puppy!

    Dean never falters when it comes to Sam, even Sam pointed out that no matter what he does, Dean won't give up on him. Sam has apparently committed murder and Dean's willing to leave town and forget about it. Sam tortures Jo, Dean still won't shoot. Dean's love for Sam is amazing and it's the key to saving Sam.

    Final notes:
    - Exorcising Meg in the same room where she was the last time, under the exact same Key of Solomon! Poetic!
    - "My daddy shot your daddy in the head!" That sing-song thing she did was just creepy.

    This was a perfect episode and Jared was absolutely outstanding – he actually manages to top Jensen's consistent exceptional acting! The entire episode put together beautifully and this was just so delicious to watch. How can they top this for the finale?!!
  • This has one of the best opening of an episode. Dean, in the rain, on the phone. The directing is simply great here, and the acting top notch.


    Sam has been missing for a week and Dean has been frantic to find him. When He finially does find him, or rather, when Sam allows himself to be found, things go from bad to worse as hunters have been killed. Meanwhile, Sam has no recollection of what he did during his missing week.

    This is a chilling episode as we wonder what Sam did, and if he has gone dark side. Dean starts off the episode frantic and upset, but once he gets back with Sam, he has his calm back in place. Dean is able to handle anything – even the possibility of Sam going dark side – as long as he is with Sam. Dean's ability to compartmentalized and hyper focus on the task at hand is impressive. Also, Dean's certainty that Sammy didn't do this – even in the face of daunting proof comes off as blind, but in reality Dean is just smarter than the ultimate bad guy in this episode.

    Jared Padalecki did an impressive job being evil. He looked like he was really enjoying being evil – he played the part with such relish. His singing to Jo "my daddy killed your daddy" is just hilarious. Maybe partly because I thought Jo was stupid for blaming the boys for something they didn't even know their father did.

    Dean ditching Jo was particularly well written, because after their last interaction he wouldn't bring her along for anything. Him saying that he would call her and then her saying "No, you won't" once he was out of ear shot really made me like her more.

    I wonder if Bobby puts holy water in all of his guests drinks or if this was a special occasion. I really like bobby. Sam's "Did I miss anything" followed by Dean punching him was awesome. Just brilliant.
  • another awesome episode.

    This episode is one of the best episodes in season two. It is filled with lots of mystery and suspense. There is also amazing acting done by Jarad Padalecki, who had to act completely out of character for this episode. This episode keeps the viewer wondering if Dean really will have to kill Sam because he is finally turning bad, or if something else is going on. It is an excellent episode all the way around, and deffinately worth a watch...or two....or three. You also get to learn a little more about what happened between John Winchester and Jo's father. This episode is ceratainly a must-watch, just like every other episode of Supernatural.
  • Sammy goes missing and Dean is at a loss. When Sam turns up at a fleabag motel (are there any other kind in Supernatural-land?) Dean and Sam struggle to discover what happened during that missing week.

    Sam goes missing and Dean fears the worst. When Sam turns up in a fleabag motel, Dean arrives only to learn Sam has a case of amnesia. Fearing the worst, the brothers begin to investigate only to discover things are just not what they seem.

    The acting in this episode was stellar. Jared's acting as the demon Meg/Possessing Sam was really good. Jensen was excellent as the confused but lovably loyal Dean. There wa a brief bit with Jo but it didn't bother me since there was no real mushy stuff. I was surprised to see Dean up and about at the end of the episode. After all the damage he suffered he should've been confined to bed for at least a few days. This was a great episode which tested the bonds of brotherly concern, and the limits of Jared's acting. Excellent.
  • Sammy goes AWOL and comes back as “el que no es humano.” Hunters become hunted, brother turns against brother, and all sorts of fun stuff happens.

    Just thinking about my last review, where I decided the overarching moral of the show is apparently that Supernatural = Evil, Good = Human, leaving out all sorts of Things that Are Groovy and only believing in the Things that Go Bump, I think “el que no es humano” is going to have to become the new “...Go Bump.” I know, I know, it’s just the Spanish for “not human,” but you’re talking to the guy who still says “a por que?” My brother yells at me every time I say it. Well. Maybe he’s the who that is not human, eh?

    Sam did a great job as el que. I, sadly, was spoiled to the fact that he was being possessed and not being a Child of the Corn in this episode, so I was wondering through the first half why he couldn’t remember anything about the time of possession; I remembered the interrogation of Meg after the demon left her (obviously now I understand that he was still being possessed). I need to rewatch season 1, ahora. This time around I won’t be able to go for my marathon three or four episodes at a time, but I bet I could get through the whole season, review it all, keep reviewing season two, and have a wee bit of time to shop for all of the nephews whose birthdays are falling while I’m in the Motherland. Break.

    Speaking of possession. Hunters on this show need to have a little bit more cooperation, I say. I’m not going to classify this as a plot hole but it is too close in my mind for comfort. At the end of the episode [Ricky] Bobby (get the reference? Hehe) gives the Boys charms against protection. This comes not only after years of friendship, but also after they square off against Meg within Bobby’s own home! (Imagine those last four are italicized, I want them to be but I forget if html works in this or not.) He is obviously a demonologist by trade, whereas the Boys and John are far more liberal arts/integrated/kill everything that Bumps. Maybe a charm like this wouldn’t have stopped Yellow-Eyes, like Holy Water couldn’t, but…c’mon. Throw the Boys a bone.

    Now we know for certain that Dean cannot kill Sam. He may posture behind phrases of only being able to kill Sam if he knows he can’t heal him – no. Bull. If we’re talking healing here, Sam could be sitting on one side of the room while his brain, heart, and lungs are placed in nice little boxes on the other and Dean would still say that he could try to save him. He’s too much his brother’s keeper.

    Speaking of people’s relationships, I didn’t find Jo that detestable in this episode (but I don’t think the demon was lying about the little sister thing). I actually felt really bad for her because I was having a headache and then Sam smacked her head into the counter and that whole sympathy pain thing (I know people say that is a bunch of mumbo-jumbo, but those people have obviously never seen the more recent Casino Royale. I’ve even heard women saying that they felt sympathy pains in that movie – you know the scene I’m talking about) kicked in. While on the topic of that sequence, it’s interesting to note not only that demons think Hell is...well, Hell, to be frank, but also that they all appear quite lustful. I would have chalked it down to just this particular demon reveling in that particular sin, especially as it tied Jo up almost the same way Meg tied up the Boys before the Shadow Demons came to town (just thinking about that makes me want to watch season one even more), but then I remembered the deal-making demon from “Crossroad Blues.” I’m trying to come up with an intelligent conclusion about demons and lust and it being a Most Important Sin but…it’s just not there. El que no es humano apparently still needs some sweet, tender love-making.

    Finally, I saw in some of the reviews down below that people weren’t thrilled with the camera work. While I was watching, I thought for a moment that it was cut like that so Dean could have the conversation with Ellen, revealing to the audience the fact that Sam’s been gone, but that there wasn’t money to employ Ellen for that brief a scene. Obviously that theory was debunked as soon as he got Sam’s call, then walking in the hallway of the motel, and the camera work continued. It was a neat trick, reminding me of Requiem for a Dream, or vaguely of Memento; I’m not really skilled in cinematography [at all] so I can’t reference other projects that used the exact same technique. I just wish that the same thing had gone for more than just the teaser. It’s a great way to impart to the audience a sense of rushing and confusion – why not use it anytime a shot is from Dean’s perspective while trying to figure out what’s affecting Sam? I don’t see how it’s any different than using a lower camera angle to emphasize the “towering stature” of something’s importance, or a bird’s eye view to make something seem smaller. I hope future episodes of Supernatural take the elements of style with which they are toying in the teaser scenes and extend them to the rest of the episode (just...hopefully not the way that they used the nausea-inducing cuts in “Croatoan”).
  • Sam is posessed with a demon--the one that was in Meg.

    As always, Great Acting! And I mean it everytime. The possessing acting was REALLY good Jared. The whole episode was laid out really well and played to the fullest. Everything made sense and seemed to fit together. I was SOOOOO scared when Sam shot Dean. I thought he actually did damage--but he only got his shoulder which is GREAT! The way Sam looked at Dean when he got water thrown on him was ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! I think so far, everyone who is on SFU has one display pic or more with that look on there and some great caption. Well done you guys! Great Job!
  • Sam is possesed but we don't know this until halfway through the episode. Apparently he's killed another hunter and he wants Dean to kill him because he's going darkside. But of course Dean can't hurt his baby brother.

    Omg I loved this episode. It has to be one of my favorites, close to the pilot episode. Evil!Sam is hot! I hope there are more episodes like this where the actors really get to go somewhere else with their characters. I really liked when Sam bashed Jo's head into the bar. I was cheering then! And I love the ling, 'My daddy shot your daddy in the head.' Best line ever! And Jo was so stupid when she was like, 'He was possessed?' duh! But anyway, the storyling was great. Because Sam was so guilty but Dean still will do anything to save him.

    Dude you like full on had a girl inside you for like a whole week... that's pretty naughty!
  • Out of character! Xd How they hell do they do so good episodes? It was just plain great to the fan! But anyway the episode is not perfect because...

    Whoa! That was fantastic! I'm sorry but I started with the bad part ok? the good one is in the end of the review!! Xd

    I think that the episode is not a 10 one but I think that it almost get it! The problem of the episode was in the camera job. All along the episode we can see a bad camera work: The scenes are not well filmed, the camera keeps moving in scene where there camera should stay freeze in one spot (I mean some scenes have cameras in movement in the same spot but it is a way to make the audience don't be relax, but in this one it was inapropiate) for exemple the scene in the bedroom at the begining has camera in movement. The worst filming was, no doubt, the one of the scene in the begining when Dean is talking and then gets in the car. That scene was horrible! They should have film it another way... And we even see a water spon in the camera!!! Please, clean the camera before shoting!

    The whole begining (till Dean is punched) is kinda unoriginal. Makes us think is the episode is gonna be like that all... because it's like nothing happens! That and the camera makes the episode not be a ten one but... the episode is a cool one despite this!!

    The story is great, is perfect! The whole possesion thing...
    The final scene when sam/demon is in the cage... COOL! I loved when he started to talk weird and then broke the ceiling! And makes both of the guys fly! Xd Great scene

    And the acting was awesome. The Demon Sam was great! Jared do great as a bad one! Xd ANyway the scene when he is punching Dean before the demon is gone is cool! and the scene with the girl in the bar is aswell!

    So all the great acting and the great story makes this episode a 8.5 one! Xd
  • I didn't know Sammy could do manical, psychotic laughter...

    What do all great episodes of Supernatural have in common? You got it right!!! Plenty of brotherly angst and of course shooting your brother with a) shotgun filled with rock salt or b) a bullet in the sexy shoulder of Dean Winchester. This was one of my personal favorite episdoes, though I might be a litle biased with my infatuation with older bad boys. I love the action and how all of the situations seemed to flow together. It was emotionally stirring, I screamed when Dean fell off the the dock, crazily suspenseful, Sam with black Demon eyes, and slightly confusing for us non-supernatural fighting humans. I was a little lost when Sam pistol-whipped Dean but I knew something was off. This was a friggin' fantastic episode. It's definitly one of my favorites.
  • Sam gets possessed by a demon. The same one that was possessing Meg in the first season. This is such a killer episode! One of the best ones of the season! Loved it.

    Sam finally decides to contact Dean after being missing for a week. Dean finds Sam in a hotel room miles away covered in blood. But the twist is, it isn't Sam's blood. Sam has no recollection of what has happened, and Dean is starting to worry about what his Dad had told him about Sam. Soon after, Sam runs away and finds Jo in a bar. He ties her up and starts talking about her father and how John killed him. Then Dean busts down the door and threatens to shoot Sam. Sam tells him that he can't fight the thing that is inside him, and tells Dean to shoot him. Without the strength to do so, Dean lowers the gun and then starts to splash holy water on Sam, only to find out that Sam is being possessed by a demon. After shooting Dean and leaving him for dead, Sam makes his way around to Bobby's. With Bobby knowing exactly what's going on, he manages to tie Sam down to a chair, and places him under the Devil's Trap. A few seconds later a patched up Dean wanders through the door. It turns out Sam only shot him in the shoulder, and Dean is absolutely fine. Dean and Bobby then start to begin an exorcism on Sam, but nothing seems to be happening. Sam just throws his head back and laughs. He then mutters some latin to himself and manages to crack the Devil's Trap and he breaks free. With Dean getting beaten up by a very evil Sam in the corner of the room, Bobby discovers that there is a lock on Sams arm, and that the demon has locked itself inside Sam. When Dean is almost unconcious, and Sam is about to throw the last killer punch, Bobby grabs Sam's arm, burns the lock with a burning hot rod and releases the demon out of Sam. With Dean in extreme pain, and Sam sitting on the ground wondering what the hell is going on, Dean manages to throw a punch at Sam. The look on Sam's face is priceless!

    This is such a great episode! Definitely one of the best ones of the season! I loved every moment of it.
  • OMG I absolutely love this episode. It is definitely my favourite Sammy episode. I've already seen it like 6 or so times & the DVD's aren't even released yet. :)

    Right from the beginning of the episode it draws you in. Brilliant acting from both Jensen Ackles & in particular Jared Padalecki. This episode definitely belonged to Jared.
    It was nice seeing Jo in a different light & it was more the kind of character I would like to see from her. I hope this is not the last of her.
    Bobby is always fantastic to see. There is no doubt about that. Poor Dean took quite a beating both Mentally & Physically as possessed Sam got stuck into him. Trying to beat him down but to his credit he stayed strong (just).
    This is definitely a must see episode for all Supernatural fans.
  • And the twists keep coming...

    Now that the Winchester boys are fugitives and have to look out for feds, the yellow eyed demon, "Meg", fellow demon hunters and even Sam, their supernatural road trip is getting quite complicated and even more entertaining.

    The mytery of Sam's possession is quite an interesting start to the episode and it gets much deeper as it goes, with Dean not wanting to hurt Sam and in turn Sam shooting him and beating the crap out of him. Jo was an interesting addition to the episode though I do wonder how much more backstory will be revealed and there still seems to be another mystery there.

    Overall, this episode is fantastic and Supernatural is better than ever.
  • Excellent

    Wow, this was a great episode. It had me hooked from start to finish.

    Sam has gone missing only to contact Dean who finds him covered in blood and with no memory of what has happened. After a bit of hunting they find out that Sam has murdered another hunter.

    It turns out that Sam has been possessed by a demon, the same one that possessed Meg last season and after knocking Dean unconscious, he finds Jo working in a bar. Anyway, long story short; he ties up Jo, then Dean arrives who is then shot by Sam and falls in the water. After being patched up by Jo, Dean goes to Bobby's because he is the nearest hunter and possessed Sam is after him.

    This episode was really great. Jared padalecki was really creepy as evil Sam, I was quite scared at how evil he was. I also loved Dean's determination to save his little brother.

    A great episode. 10 out of 10
  • Really liked it.

    So in this episode Sam gets possessed by the deamon which once took over Meg last season. The deamon makes Sam believe that he killed a man in cold blood. Eventually Dean works out he has to be possessed and uses holy water on Sam and the deamon reacts. Anyway finally after from help from another hunter Dean gets the deamon out of Sam but it will be back. Overall this was a really enjoyable episode. I really liked how the writers wrote the episode to make Sam look guilty, but at the end of the day his still murdered that fellow hunter. Can't wait till next week.
  • It was nice to see Sam be the bad boy,even though it wasn't realy him, it was refreshing! Finaly Jared gets some bad boy play.

    Then also Dean got what was coming to him. Dont get me wrong i love Dean but he had that punch coming since the Blood Lust episode. Anyways Sam had me fooled for half the episode, i just kept thinking that this was part of Sam going evil (dark side)
  • Oh no I thought she was gone for good best one yet except for ten minutes.

    The ten minutes of course is Jo I don't like
    her never have plus she's ugly and she can't
    act. anywho enough about her this was the best
    i've seen it kept me interested from start to
    finish Jared and Jensen are the best don't you
    agree and loved seening bobby he's cool.
    Iloved when they had to get the demon out of
    sam that was so exciting you actually see the
    thing come out his neck that was neat can't wait for more.
  • One of the most exciting episodes so far. Sammy goes evil, like it! Hopefully we'll get to see more of that later on this season.

    This episode was very well plotted. I liked the fact that Sam got possessed, and we learned some new things about the characters, for instance about Jo and what happened to her father (if we're to believe whatever possessed Sammy that is), and we also saw that when it came down to it, Dean couldn't go through with killing Sam. Which was good, since he was just possessed.

    I wonder when Sammy turns evil, for real I mean. That'll be nerve-wracking! And we'll Dean be able to finish him off, if it comes to that? Hopefully we won't have to get an answer on that question...
  • Don't U just love this show??? But tell me... why he didn't killed him????

    Ok, i like this show a lot. To be honest, because i have a tiny crush on Jensen (Dean). But this ep show me the other brother i didn't even notice.

    Jared (Sam) performance were really good. But i got a question..

    Why the hell Dean didn't killed Sam??? No offense to Sam's fanatics but Dean promised his dad... But i know why... because besides everything, they're family!

    Afterall, with u and your brother/sister is like that right? No one talk S**T about my sis except me!

    Anyway, very good ep, but nothing tops BLODDY MARY! That one was creepy!
  • OMG is this a great show or what???

    One of the best so far in this season.... apart from the first ones!!!! Sam killing someone!!!! Incredible, I was gobsmacked with that!!!! And then ditching Dean like that!!!! For a moment I wanted to shoot Sam myself.... I couldn't think of anything better thamn Sam being posessed.... by Meg nevertheless!!!!! Great thinking!!!
    This episode was briliant..... totaly awesome.....Jared and Jensen were great.... all those emotional scenes between them, one better than the other... I don't understand how can they even think about not doing a third season!!!! This show deserves more, this show deserves a third and even a fourth season!!!!!
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