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Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 2005 on The CW

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  • Can you imagine coming onto set and seeing your whole crew in full bee suits. That's fine, untill they tell you to jump into a room FULL of stinging bees... without your bee suit.

    Bugs was interesting. We were given a few more details about Sam's relationship with John. We saw him connect with Matt who didn't exactly share the best relationship with his dad. I loved how Dean stood up for John. Just like a good little soldiar. How adorable is Dean?

    I liked how they described the legend. It was a curse, and you cannot fix or stop a curse, you can only get out of its way. And that's exactly what they did. They made sure that no one would disturb the burial grounds again at the same time a=making sure no one else would die. I really liked the tribe member at the restaurant. He made sure Dean knew that he felt disrespected by him lying. I loved Dean's reaction though. Then Sam's full honesty regaining his trust. It takes Sam to tell the truth.

    I couldn't stop laughign when i realized the abducted car with a bloody car seat and blood stained seats, the liscense plate was WTF then some numbers. :D
  • Sam and Dean investigate when people of a new develpped area begin to be killed by bugs. They met the realtor's son Matt who loves bugs...

    This episode was okay but i found that besides the fact that it was really funny because the realtor thought that Sam and Dean were gay nothing really happend. The brothers did not fix the problem it kind o just went away. They never really figured it out, like it was a great episode common its Supernatural but, they didnt do anything.

    Sneaking into that empty house and taking that steam shower.. nice Dean. I thought that they could of done more to this episode and had the brothers fix the problem and explain more at the end what really happend are the bugs coming back should they all leave and not developpe more on the land or are the bugs gone for good and the problem is fixed.

    I still thought that it was good but could of been even better. sorry
  • Dean&Sam arrive in a town checking up a report of a mysterious death, and stop at a realtor's open house barbecue. Sam meets the realtor's son , who is fascinated with bugs. Soon the town is invaded by swarms of deadly bugs, and there may be no way out.

    Dean and Sam arrive in a town checking up a report of a mysterious death, and stop at a realtor's open house barbecue. Sam meets the realtor's son Matt, who is fascinated with bugs. Soon the town is invaded by swarms of deadly bugs, and there may be no way out. Not my favourite episode..i actually could call it my least favourite! maybe cause i found insects rather discusting...however they scary part was there, comedy was also there and overall i could call it a pretty interesting episode!
  • eww bugs that is so gross. for once it wasn't a spirit they didn't evn kill. but it was still a cool eppy.

    Dean and sam and everyone else in that attic definitely got stung. poor them. and omg it was so gross when the boy had the tarantuala and Sam picked it up and then there was the spiders on the underside of the town in that womans house. it was weird how the cops hadn't found that yet and traditionally they would not put tape on the floor for it could ruin evidence but they did for the show but oh well. and then there was the roaches. now that was desguisting and im glad the boy learned his lesson and got away from bugs cause no one with any sense likes them . (Sry peeps who do but they are just disturbing). lol but it is cool how we got to see a curse with the lines, "how do we stop a curse"..."We dont we get out of its way" thats very cool. luved this eppy with all its grossness lol
  • Huge Supernatural fan think this is my least favorite episode. (SPOILERS INCLUDED)

    So far in Supernaturals rather young career this is my least favorit episode. The episode follows Sam and Dean as they try to discover the source of deaths in a start up community. The source is a curse which is apparently, as talented as the Winchester boys are, something that they cannot banish for good. The indian curse is revenge carried out by nature in the form of bugs (hence the title) I feel that this episode never really got going until the end when a giant swarm came to kill the remaining people in the town. It seemed like Sam and Dean defended them (with flamethrowers made of a lighter and aersol can) for a very short time and were bailed out by an early sunrise which ended the curse for that year. Maybe the other episodes in this series have built me up so much but I didn't much care for this episode.
  • This ep was painful to watch

    I love Supernatural. LOVE it. But this episode was just painful. I just couldn\'t focus on it at all, it took me three or four tries to actually sit and watch the whole thing, and even then it felt like a waste of time. The plot was very thin, the story moved really slowly, and it was just...uninteresting. I did, however, enjoy the Native American element of the episode. Too bad the writers didn\'t use it to its full potential. All in all, not a memorable episode for the series, I\'m sure I could have skipped this episode and waited for the next one without missing a thing.

    I love this series but, this was the worse episode I hever saw...

    Not to the fact that I don't like bugs. But to the fact that every single special efect in this episode was horrible. The plot wasn't bad but in other episodes the filming was good the special effects were good... this one the spiders that was just black spots, the bees that dind't sting any off them...

    really really really really the worst episode I've ever seen in this great show.

    but that's just my opinion. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • Curse that may not be ever stopped!

    The boys are brought to town in a small town
    Kind of setting and they eat at a bbq and find
    Out that an Indian curse has prey upon the town
    As people are getting killed and that they are trying to
    Run away from the town. But there may not be no Way to get out of the town! Due to a Indian curse!
  • Sam investigate a strange native indian curse.

    First of all, there BUGS.. excuse me if im being rude, but bugs arent that interesting. They could of did a good episode about killer zombies or somthing, not killer cockroaches! Even though this wasent my all time favourite, it was pretty fun to watch. The humor was there and the acting was absuloutly fablous (as usual). I just didint like were the story was going, and the idea of having killer bugs..lame.
  • How the hell did Dean use bugspray as a flamethrower!!!???

    Oh a fine episode. Through half the episode, the real estate dude though Dean and Sam were a gay couple, a lady got killed my spiders, Dean wore a towel on his head like a merry lady, and there was a flamethrower!!!

    A very fine episode indeed...

    That kid sure looked like a teen Sam though... hair n all..

    "Damn that shower's good!"
  • If you hate bugs, don't worry this one isn't that creepy! Believe me, I hate bugs and I liked it!

    I liked this episode and I hate bugs! It had a lot of great jokes but the whole curse thing to me wasn't that impressive and they barely even talked about it. It seemed a little rushed. But the graphics were great and the whole thing about Sam and Dean being gay was hilarious! I thought the acting was good but at times to me it didn't make any sense. But it gave a lot of information on how Sam feels about his dad and why he left for college and was trying to live a normal life and it also gives some info on their dad.
  • Possibly the worst episode so far.

    I'm not a big fan of this episode at all. Now don't get me wrong, it's not awful. It's worth watching simply for the banter between Sam and Dean, the witty remarks and learning a bit more about Sam's relationship with his Dad. But aside from that, the episode isn't exactly one of the best.

    All tv shows have at least one bad episode, and i feel that this is Supernatural's. I'm never a big fan of the killer insect type films, so this was never going to be one of my favourites. The opening scene was pretty good, but it went downhill from then.

    For starters, there are numerous things wrong with this episode. Firstly, the special effects aren't all that. Now i don't mean they should be up to the standard of those in Star Wars etc, but they could've done a lot better. The bees etc flying around the house didn't exactly look real, and they could've made the spiders in the shower a lot more convincing.

    Speaking of the shower scene, the glass fell inwards at first?! Do the laws of physics not even apply here?

    And finally, the big conclusion. It went from night to day in around 5 minutes, yet when Sam and Dean got to the house, it was just after midnight. I think that's what did it for me, that finally scene just pushed me over the edge.

    Like i said before, the worst episode so far. If you missed it, it's not the end of the world. I'm sure you'll survive.
  • I hate to say it but this is the worst episode so far.

    I usually hate critising a series I love as much as Supernatural, but this one was not good.

    The only saving grace was the scenes between Sam and Dean about their father where Sam finds out their dad used to check in on him. Those were some good scenes.

    There's the inexplicable ending where we go from midnight to dawn in five minutes, not to mention how they could have survived that long given how quick the bugs killed the other people.

    Another thing that bugged me, no pun intended, was that scene with the spiders. The spider walked across that woman's eye!! I would have been in hysterics, screaming my head off. She just brushes at it?! That just didn't gel.

    Jared and Jensen did well with what they had to work with but really, this was disappointing, especially given the standards of the rest of the episodes.
  • I really like watching Supernatural but this episode was definatley not one of my favorites.

    The episode started off ok but as it got closer to the end it left more and more to be desired. Everything in the storyline just seemed to fall into place a little to easily. At the end they show up at the realtor's home and they say that it is 12:00 am, then these huge swarms of bugs show up and everyone is locked in the house. Dean gets a can of bug srpay that seems to magically light itself on fire at will (I don't know about anyone else but I never once saw a lighter). Then the bugs get into the house with them and *poof* it's sunrise, quickest few hours i've ever seen, not to mention that nobody had even one bee sting?.....I found it a little hard to believe.
  • Bugs the first epiosde that was below average.

    Bugs had an interesting storyline with them facing a curse rather then a real monster, and it was interesting to see how there is something that can’t be destroyed, but besides that I wasn’t really interested in the episode.

    I think they spent the episode try to give people the creeps then to actually tell a story like they have in the past. I found this episode to be one were the writers were testing out different ideas, and just fell flat.

    I also had a problem with the time line; it seems to go from midnight to 6 in a minute. It was the first goof I found in the episode, but it was one that took away any interest I had.

    Even though this wasn’t that good of an episode, it was still better them some episodes on a different shows.
  • i liked this episode, due to sam finding out that even though he when to college and his dad did not want him to go he still checked you on him.

    this episode shows the relationship different between dean and his dad compared to sam and their dad, when they were growing up dean did as he was told a propper dadies boy were as sam wanted to be normally eg play soccer instead of going bow hunting.

    sam finds out that his dad kept checking up on him making sure that he was ok, that nothing had happened to him. this makes him feeling guilty about not phoning his dad and sorting things out this makes him wanna find his dad even more.

    dean relises that sam wants to be normal more than he though when they go down memory lane about how their father treated them. sam seemed to have it harder due to wanting to have a normal life and his father not allowing it. dean got treat better as he accepted his dads work and understood that this is what they should do.

  • Killer bugs...not the best plotline

    Every show has to have an episode that tanked, and this was Supernatural's, in my opinion. Witty banter aside (which is always great), "Bugs" didn't have a lot going for it.

    People are dying mysteriously from bugs - beetles, spiders, etc. So far, the medical examiner has gone with human mad cow disease, but Sam and Dean aren't buying it.

    Turns out, a housing development is being built on sacred Native American land. There is a curse that should any white man live there, a horrible death will befall him. Oops, hate it when that happens!

    There's also a major fault in the timeline for the conclusion. Somehow we make it from evening to daybreak in five minutes during the big conclusion...that was the deal breaker for me.

    So if you missed this one, don't worry - you didn't, not really.
  • Is it me or was this ep the lamested so far...

    To be quite honest i think that this was the worst ep that i have seen so far. i very much dout if i will be watching any future ep\\\\\\\'s (i know that at this point a few of you may be screaming at you screen saying \\\\\\\"you idiot\\\\\\\" along with \\\\\\\"what are you talking about\\\\\\\" but this is just my view. if it makes you feal any better i used to thing that it was amazing and the storyline was creative, but after a while i realised that it was incredably simmilar to other shows that are on at the moment. come on you have to admit that it is pretty similar to other shows that are on at the moment/have been on.

    i havent seen any more eps since this one was aired and from what my frieds have told me (if you dont know i sugest you stop reading) in the next ep they show Dean and Sam\\\\\\\'s dad in several scenes. i mean if that doesent just scream out with stupidity then what does. i mean i thought that the entire first series was about Sam and Dean finding their dad, with the audience knowing as much as the characters on this isue along with killing what ever evil creatures they came across on their quest to find their dad.

    it truly was a let down, and i dout if i will watch any more eps of this show.

    ow and one more thing, since when can spiders crawl through sollid concreat, i mean they wernt even crawling out of the shower head. pathetic, and then she falls throught the glass pannel. only one thing can sum this up.
  • I used to have a bug phobia, this episode didn't exactly cure that

    Wow, I didn’t expect this episode to be THAT good. I’ve always been very frightened of bugs for some reason, and this one didn’t really took my fear away. Every minute I was going all ‘ew, ew, ew, ew, ew’ but I’ve also always been interested in bug episodes. Those always leave something behind, they impress me. But this was unexpected, the episode was very wel written without a chick-of-the-week character (finally) and pretty original (something new for the show)

    It all begins with two guys who are making houses on new ground but suddenly one of the two falls in a hole filled with insects, when the other finally grabs some rope to take him out, he finds his buddy dead.

    Dean and Sam go to some party where people are going to buy new houses on that ground, and everyone thought that Dean and Sam were lovers. Ahahah! That made me laugh out loud, so wrong it’s almost hot.

    They soon meet the first main-guy role. A kid called Matthew who is very fond of bugs and he becomes a suspect immediately. He also tries to scare this woman that later on the episode gets killed in her shower by hundreds of spiders.

    Dean, Sam and Matthew later go in the woods and they find a huge place filled with worms, Dean grabs something that is buried in that place and it turns out to be a skull.

    Also something I really liked about the episode was Sam’s story and that his father always treated him like a freak because he always wanted to do normal stuff. Sam thought that his father was disappointed in him but Dean says that there is no such thing. This was a great add to the father storyline and the first reason so far that made me want to meet their dad.

    Anyway, Dean and Sam think that the skull they found was from a native American and they go to a village close to there and they find an old man who doesn’t like Dean’s lying, but he likes Sam because he’s honest. He tells that on the land where those new houses are coming, that years ago when the native Americans lived there that they were murdered in six days by white folks. So now the land is cursed and in six days the nature would kill all the whites.

    Dean and Sam call Matthew to get his family out of there but the father doesn’t believe them. Soon they figure out it’s too late so they hide in the house but the insects come inside and almost kills them until the light comes back and all the insects leave (I wasn’t happy with this conclusion because it wasn’t really an explanation why they survived) but oh well. The dad of the kid was now proud of him and Sam wants to find his dad now more than ever.

    I never expected this episode to be so good, the only minus was the conclusion of the episode.
    I’ve always had a bug phobia and this didn’t cure me!
  • well yous all said it sucked so i thought it would really suck but it was actually ok

    i really liked that we got to find out more about the sam - dean - dad relationship. the special effects were pretty kool except the shower scene they looked a bit.....transparent and fuzzy.

    well being in australia and being episodes behind everyone else i like reading oter reviews to see whether the next episode of some show is worth watching or cant make it but i gotta say....i neva thought they could find the hottest guys on the planet and put them on one show but they have proven me wrong.

    ok episode overall but still, sam and dean so HOT!!!
  • This episode was not as bad as i thought it was but it could have been better...I hate probably every bug i see especialy cockroaches they scare the crap out of me (with wings or without) lol

    'Bugs' could have been better but there was some good parts in the episode. I found the part were dean and sam go to that 'People buying a house BBQ' and when told the same thing by the guy who answered the door "We accept people of all races, color, and sexual orientation.", the same quote is said to sam and dean by the real estate agent

    Real Estate Agent: We accept people of all races, color, and sexual orientation.
    Dean: Hmm, right. Ah, I'm going to go talk to Larry. Okay, Honey? (smacks Sam on the butt).
    I found that part really funny :). But there were other parts in the episode that were funny and occasionally scary :)...Im hoping that the next few episodes are going to be just as good as the others:)

  • "I've heard of killer bees but killer beetles?"

    The previews for this episode made it seem like the episode wouldn't be as good as the previous ones and it wasn't but it was better than I thought it would be.

    All the real estate people assuming Dean and Sam were homosexuals was pretty funny and the killer bugs and curse was pretty cool for a plot though did lack in some places.

    The ending was a slap in the face because it became bright so quickly that it didn't seem believable but I guess the writers couldn't make everyone die and as stated in the episode, you can't kill a curse.

    Overall, the episode isn't as good as the seven before it but is worth watching.
  • This was the worst episode of the series so far in my opinion.

    I really like this show, but there is one thing that keeps bothering me and it is the extremely good luck that the brothers always have. They always are in the middle of some supernatural (duh) thing with almost no clue about what to do and manage to get off in one piece.

    This episode made me feel like the writers are playing with me. They enter in the house exactly at midnight, knowing that the indian curse is "no white man will live"... and suddenly, 10 minutes later is sunrise??? What the hell happened there? The brother didn't do anything, they just entered a house in panick and survived with no reason.

    I think that they've could have done it better. The great things that the show has were there as always, the relation between the brothers for example. The bugs were a nice touch, but the ending is really dissapointing.

    Also, there was no moving down the storyline, they are nowhere near to finding their dad and nothing happens in that sense. It feels like a filler episode, a bad one, but i still think that the show is great and has potential for even a lot more towards the end of the season.
  • 10 minutes = 5 Hours

    Well it was how can i say this...? Well since we have the scene in which 10 minutes become 5 hours and i am left wondering what happened that much sums up the whole episode. Oh and the story kind of sucked and it was full of goofs... I think the show is deteriorating
  • not a good pick of story line

    i stilll think that this is one of the replacment shows for the x-files but in this episode even if it was well written and directe it was not one of my favoraties. I think that the bug storiy is not a big seller among viewrs. The next episode has great expectations i will let you know next week
  • Bugs was a cute eposide i mean sam was soo hott in the eposide! and matt was kinda cute 2. but it was about the killer bugs who aatack them but as usual sam and dean kicked their asses.

    ok, Bugs was a great eposide I think in my opinion. it also has nothing 2 do wit the fact6 that im in luv wit the co-star Jared Padalecki who playes the part of sam in the show hes soo hott it was a great eposide i luved it! i dont really care what other ppl think. but.. the story lin3 on how the indians had bugs and stuff was a bit of a let down BUT I LUVED IT!!!
  • Oops. Repost.

    This has probably been my least favorite episode. The special effects were kind of disappointing after Skin (a torrent of spiders just suddenly seep out from behind the showerhead?), and it wasn\'t scary at all, unless you\'re creeped out by bugs.
    I was especially disappointed with the conclusion. It\'s barely midnight, the bugs are coming, the tension\'s building, and all of a sudden the sun comes out and everything\'s blooming daisies. Way too quick n\' easy - seemed like the writers just needed a solution.
    I still enjoyed watching it, though. There was good character development. You see some of the bitterness Sam harbors towards Dad, and the tension between the brothers. There\'s also the usual humor and banter between the brothers.
    Expecting a lot more from next week\'s episode!
  • 90% good 10% not

    I rate this episode in the middle of ok and more then good less then great. I LOVE how they usually take regular everyday legends and forklore and make them in a big battle. I think that it was pretty good because the attatchment between Sam and Matt and how Dean finds it offensive what Sam says. And I love how they had gay jokes about Sam and Dean when they're looking at the houses. Especially whan Dean pinches Sams butt.
  • look is it just me or is this episode a bit to goofy i mean when the 2 victem dies she crashes out of the shower and the glass falls in ??? and then a big pudle of blood just goes \"plop\" straight down. talk about lame special effects

    me and my bro got this off the emule and we were whaching the shower sean and we laghed our heads off come on the spiders loked like blobs\" the blobs are attacking\" and in the scene my bro and i nodiced 3 difrent goofs *1. she runs out of the shower and the glass falls inward????? *2. after the glass a big blob of blood just falls straghit down no splatter *3. when sam and dean our in they see the room and the glass fell out ward like it was soposed to but what did the glass just walk out its self i mean sheh
  • Bugs. It was alright. I mean it wasn't that freaky. They should of had some bees. Bees freak me out.

    This episode was alright. It was better when I thought this kid was controlling these bugs. But it turns out that it was only because they were building this residential area over a supposed ancient burial grown. Darn those ruly native Americans.

    Here's hoping that next weeks episode, when the boys return home, will make up for this eh episode. (Phew! I couldn't type episode for the life of me! Just trying to waste a few more words.)
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